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Walt got a pair of...well, you'll see

walter got a pair of doggles!

The handsome border collie loves to stick his head out of the window when we're driving and after several different people talked up the idea of dog goggles -- yes, they're referred to as 'doggles', and yes, it's hard to bring yourself to say that out loud -- I finally ordered a pair.

Because he's incredibly polite, Walt sat still as we fiddled around and figured out the fit. And because it's also kind of absurd, he put up with a lot of laughing. BUT the joke turns out to be on the humans in his life. On our first drive he stuck his head out of the window and you could just see the light bulb go off. No dry eyes!

After that first trip, when the goggles came off, they were covered in grit and (dead bugs) goo. All in all, as with his raincoat, a very good investment. Also apparently entertaining to fellow drivers, who point and laugh and take his picture.

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