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Water the grass less -- but don't forget the trees

jacaranda-mar-vista.jpg Drought gardener and blogger Emily Green wants people to remember that they need to deep-water their trees or the drought can have a worse effect than necessary.

Petrichor: The scent of rain on a dry land

rainshadow3.jpg It's good to celebrate rain in a land of little, particularly before the inevitable onslaught of reminders that this doesn't mean our drought is over, and reports of accidents on the freeways, and floods and mudslides unleashed when Pacific storms crash against the steep mountains that hem in the Los Angeles basin and cast a rain shadow over the desert to the east.
noaa-grab-drought-101614.jpg It's still a crapshoot, but NOAA's seasonal outlook sees a good chance of at least a normal precipitation winter in California.

How hot is it?

Baker thermometer1 10-2-14 - Copy.JPG Los Angeles baked, but Baker was balmy.

Water chief's drought report: Dry days ahead

bill-300.jpg Jeffrey Kightlinger, general manager of the Metropolitan Water District, knows how to deliver bad news in a positive manner.

90 degrees in Palm Springs at 1 a.m.

palm-springs-weather-shot.jpg The high on Tuesday is only expected to be 102 -- 12 degrees more than right now. Could be worse, I guess.

How hot is it? Bear in the pool hot (video)

bear-in-pool-monrovia.jpg Fifteen minutes in a Sierra Madre swimming pool then back to the forest. Watch the video.

Hurricane Norbert weakens, won't send us much weather

hurr-norbert-track.jpg The former hurricane Norbert heading into Baja California is now a tropical storm with winds down around 50 miles an hour. Expect big swells to continue on our beaches.

Surf's up. Sort of

SM Beach lifeguard high surf1 8-14 - Copy.JPG Unlike the south-facing beaches, the sand at Santa Monica was relatively undisturbed by the high-wave action courtesy Hurricane Marie. But lifeguards were on high alert.

Big Wednesday

huge-surf-at-the-malibu-pier-vdt.jpg Hello, Hurricane Marie -- after a long, flat summer you brought big waves (and a circus) to the Malibu Pier and Surfrider Beach today. The surfers of SoCal say "thank you."

This drought's impact on the West is already big

ca-drought-monitor-82114.jpg So much water is missing that the tectonic plate on which the West sits is rising. And that's not the worst news.

Animated Pacific hurricane winds as art

wind-grafic-grab.jpg This screen grab barely does justice to the beauty of the animated graphic. Click to enjoy.

Tweet of the day: Hawaii Red Cross

hilo-red-cross-truck.jpg "The Hawaii Red Cross disaster truck in Hilo was stolen last night. Please call 9-1-1 if seen."

Iselle will be first hurricane to hit Hawaii in 22 years

iselle-satellite.jpg Hurricane Iselle is expected to slam into the east coast of the Big Island of Hawaii on Thursday night, with winds of 60 to 95 miles an hour and a storm surge of 1-2 feet. Forecasters predict five to eight inches of rain to fall on the Big Island.

Two hurricanes are approaching Hawaii

iselle-julio-grab-twc.jpg Hurricane Iselle will arrive first, over Hilo as early as Thursday. A tropical storm watch is in effect across the islands.

A little rain, a little flooding, but still drought

county-precip-48hrs-8314.jpg It was very nice having a couple of episodes of soft rain fall on my head (and my yard) over the weekend. But despite the isolated newsworthy pummeling over and just below the San Gabriels, this was not much of a rain event.

Lightning strikes at Venice Beach kill 1, injure several

venice-lightnining-nbc4.jpg Lightning strikes at the water line are very rare here. Which is fortunate, because they are scary.

What to expect when you’re expecting El Niño

jetstream-elnino-hcn.jpg Credit for the headline to the High Country News, which notes that "with each passing day it seems more certain: 2014 is going to be an El Niño year, and probably a big one."

Santana scorcher

santana-winds-in-malibu-vdt.jpg Hotter at the beach today than in the hills -- already 81 at 8 a.m.

Talk of a 'super' El Niño out in the Pacific

el-nino-visualization.jpg Based on recent developments, some scientists think this event may rival the record El Niño event of 1997-1998. If that does happen, 2015 would almost be guaranteed to set a record for the warmest year on Earth, says a report.

The reckoning after the storm

Surf300.jpg What are we doing with our dishes turned upside down when it's raining money in LA? And note to surfers: you may want to forego those awesome storm-driven waves this week if you don't want to end up with a nasty stomach bug from the crap the rain washed into the ocean.
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