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Atmospheric rivers she has known

atmos-rivers-peng.jpg Scientist Grace Peng reminds us there was a time when the Pacific inundated California with rivers of free water from the sky.

SoCal offering to pay its highest price ever for water

calif-aqueduct-sign-lao.jpg With this drought year starting to look like the worst yet, the Metropolitan Water District is offering rich deals and Northern California rice farmers are selling.

Uh oh: Yosemite. 8,000 feet. February. No snow

yosemite-no-snow-nws.jpg Not only is there not much snowpack in the Sierra Nevada, we're setting winter records for warmth -- again -- and the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge has returned.

San Francisco got zero January rain, but here comes some water

driest-jan-norcal-nws.jpg A very wet "atmospheric river event" is pointed at Northern California with an estimated arrival of later this week. Hey, we'll take it.

Proof that Angeleno drivers crash more when it rains

rain-crashes-graphic.jpg In good weather the region has about 10 reported crashes an hour, peaking in the morning. On rainy days, the rate soars to 15 an hour and is worst in the afternoon. Go figure.

Snowy vines, a dust devil and a brief history of LA cold weather

temecula-vineyard-snow.jpg It's going to be more chilly than usual for folks staying out overnight in Pasadena for the Rose Parade. Kind of ironic for a parade that has functioned throughout its history as a promotional piece for balmy Southern California cities to sell their mid-winter allure to frigid Easterners and Midwesterners.

Harbor Patrol officer on Catalina killed in windstorm*

catalina-scene-web.jpg The officer was killed last night when he was trapped between a loose boat and rocks near the Green Pleasure Pier.

An always entrancing interactive weather map

wx-map-windyty.jpg Windyty is one of those websites where you can lose a lot of time just staring and trying new views.

Sun has come out over LA

camarillo-springs-slide-es.jpg Is that it? Blue skies outside right now. The rain that blew in overnight was intense and caused the usual problems.

Photo: Grand Canyon cloud inversion

grand-canyon-inversion-nps.jpg A total cloud inversion on Thursday obscured visitors' view of the Grand Canyon. It's a phenomenon that happens every few years when warm air traps a layer of cold air below the canyon walls.

Doozy of a storm up north, now headed our way (video)

An old-fashioned Pacific winter storm that slammed into Northern California has flooded streets and highways, registered some astonishing wind speeds and forced some schools to close. Surfing on Lake Tahoe!

Finally, an atmospheric river flows toward California

pineapple-express-dec2014.jpg Heavy rain and snowfall, blizzards above 6,000 feet and more are expected this week -- in Northern California. But that's good enough for us in the south. The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge has moved out of the way for now.

'Yuck! Look what the storm dragged in.'

BeachAtPicoKenterStormDrain.jpg Our first major rain of the year was a mixed blessing. For most Angelenos, the rain brought a sense of renewal and a reminder that inexorable desiccation isn't the only state of our Mediterranean climate. For Mark Gold, the first major rain of the season will always be "the first flush."

California mega-drought is the worst in 1,200 years

CA-drought-12042014.jpg As the drought deepens, a new study finds, the year 2014 has been the worst single year since 800 AD — and rising temperatures mean it could yet get worse.

Yosemite Falls roars back to life

yosemite-falls-nps.jpg Three of the iconic Yosemite waterfalls have awakened from the drought — enjoy. Also, the rainfall totals from three nice days of cleansing rain in the Los Angeles area.

Rain is falling and should continue into the week

rain-clouds-malibu-vdt.jpg The big rain should arrive Tuesday. In the meantime, Northern California is getting a reminder of what "normal" looks like.

Water the grass less -- but don't forget the trees

jacaranda-mar-vista.jpg Drought gardener and blogger Emily Green wants people to remember that they need to deep-water their trees or the drought can have a worse effect than necessary.

Petrichor: The scent of rain on a dry land

rainshadow3.jpg It's good to celebrate rain in a land of little, particularly before the inevitable onslaught of reminders that this doesn't mean our drought is over, and reports of accidents on the freeways, and floods and mudslides unleashed when Pacific storms crash against the steep mountains that hem in the Los Angeles basin and cast a rain shadow over the desert to the east.
noaa-grab-drought-101614.jpg It's still a crapshoot, but NOAA's seasonal outlook sees a good chance of at least a normal precipitation winter in California.

How hot is it?

Baker thermometer1 10-2-14 - Copy.JPG Los Angeles baked, but Baker was balmy.

Water chief's drought report: Dry days ahead

bill-300.jpg Jeffrey Kightlinger, general manager of the Metropolitan Water District, knows how to deliver bad news in a positive manner.
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