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Mass evacuation below Oroville Dam

oroville-dam-warning.jpg An estimated 188,000 people fled areas downstream from Lake Oroville after a hole was spotted Sunday in the giant dam's emergency spillway. LA swift-water rescue teams are headed north.

The Mighty Los Angeles (River) was roaring on Sunday

LARiver-Lindley-withwater.jpg Two views of the river: Sunday's rain-swollen racetrack and the big concrete ditch we usually see.

Time for some weather geeking

science-of-atmos-rivers.jpg A line of storms is coming toward California — just like they used to before the drought.

Video: It's a bear's life

bear-bradbury-pool-kabctv.jpg Bear playing in the swimming pool in Bradbury during Sunday's heat.

Mark Thompson returns to Fox 11 weather desk

mark-thompson-fox11-grab.jpg Channel 11's longtime weathercaster and host showed up over the weekend and will be around for awhile.

El Niño is doing its job nicely — up north

total-accum-moisturejan172016.jpg Rivers are high, snow pack is deep and new storms are coming. Los Angeles, however, remains one of the driest places in the state.

Mt. Waterman to open for first time in 5 years

mt-waterman-lift-2010.jpg LA's closest ski area doesn't make snow so it's all about the weather.

Sierra snowpack is more than double last year at this time

mammoth-snow-122215.jpg The first media op of the season was today. Water content across the range is at 108 percent of normal.

LA's year really has been warm

malibu-heat.jpg This weekend's unseasonably high temperatures cinched a new record for 2015, breaking a mark that had stood for awhile.

Mammoth gets 3 feet of snow, plans to open Thursday

mammoth-snow-11215.jpg Looks like California will have a ski season and maybe even a winter snowpack.

Hurricane Patricia approaches Mexico at 'incredible' strength

hurr-patricia-early.jpg Potentially catastrophic storm heading for Puerto Vallarta "now very close to the theoretical maximum strength for a tropical cyclone on planet Earth."

Venomous sea snakes arrive with El Niño*

sea-snake-warning.jpg If you see a yellow-bellied sea snake, take pictures and report the sighting but do not handle this highly venomous creature. OK?

Scary video from debris flow near Tehachapi

hiway58-mud-cbsla.jpg Interstate 5 is bad, but there are A LOT of trucks trapped in the debris flow that covered Highway 58 last night. Intense video inside.

Los Angeles River with water in it

lariver-rain-91515.jpg The drought has gone on so long there may be new Angelenos who have never seen the concrete Los Angeles River raging. Hola, El Niño.

Sierra snowpack was probably the worst in 500 years

yosemite-no-snow-nws.jpg A new study looks at blue oak tree rings in the Sierra Nevada. "The 2015 low is unprecedented in the context of the past 500 years," says a journal report.

Bad, bad night in Middletown (video)

anderson-springs-grab1.jpg Hundreds of homes were lost on Saturday night. For generations of hot springs soakers and New Age followers, there is more bad news.

Watch El Ninos build side by side: 1997 and 2015

el-ninos-compared.jpg "I was a little shocked just how closely 2015 resembles 1997 visually," says the visualization creator at UCAR.

Garth Kemp out as KABC Channel 7 weather guy

garth-kemp-dog-fb.jpg Station announces resignation on his official social media accounts. Later in the day his bio dropped off the ABC 7 site.

Is the drought killing the giant Sequoias? (video)

giant-sequoia-vpr-romero.jpg For the first time anyone has noticed, the giant trees in Sequoia National Park are showing signs of drought distress. Scientists go for a climb.

Kaj Goldberg moves to KTLA's green screen

kaj-goldberg-ktla.jpg KCBS and KCAL weatherman has left the duopoly for rival Channel 5.

Scenes of DTLA in the rain

rain-angies-wieners.jpg During one stretch on Saturday, it rained steadily for two hours and lightning flashed across downtown. So why not some pics.

Going to the Sierras? Carry chains!

yosemite-snow-july-ct.jpg It snowed yesterday in Tioga Pass, Sonora Pass and other higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada.

As Mono Lake drops, land bridge is emerging again

monolake-southtufa-jg.jpg An echo from the recent past at the scenic brine lake on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada range.

Actually unusual weather: 'Reverse spring' in LA

gray-over-bay-vdt.jpg March was warmer than April or May. Last time that happened: 1921.

Amazing visual tornado explainer

tornado-genesis-grab.jpg Tornado genesis from Jim Cantore at the Weather Channel.

Rain and snow coming this week

nws-rain-4-6-15.jpg Expect a day of rain on Tuesday with snow above 4,500 feet. NWS expects about up to an inch of rain.

California snowpack hits 'terrifying new record low'

04-01-15-Snow_Survey_5.jpg Gov. Brown orders the state's first-ever 25% cut in water use as the winter ends with essentially no snowpack. "This is the new normal,” Brown says. “We will learn how to cope with this.”

Atmospheric rivers she has known

atmos-rivers-peng.jpg Scientist Grace Peng reminds us there was a time when the Pacific inundated California with rivers of free water from the sky.

SoCal offering to pay its highest price ever for water

calif-aqueduct-sign-lao.jpg With this drought year starting to look like the worst yet, the Metropolitan Water District is offering rich deals and Northern California rice farmers are selling.

Uh oh: Yosemite. 8,000 feet. February. No snow

yosemite-no-snow-nws.jpg Not only is there not much snowpack in the Sierra Nevada, we're setting winter records for warmth -- again -- and the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge has returned.

San Francisco got zero January rain, but here comes some water

driest-jan-norcal-nws.jpg A very wet "atmospheric river event" is pointed at Northern California with an estimated arrival of later this week. Hey, we'll take it.

Proof that Angeleno drivers crash more when it rains

rain-crashes-graphic.jpg In good weather the region has about 10 reported crashes an hour, peaking in the morning. On rainy days, the rate soars to 15 an hour and is worst in the afternoon. Go figure.

Snowy vines, a dust devil and a brief history of LA cold weather

temecula-vineyard-snow.jpg It's going to be more chilly than usual for folks staying out overnight in Pasadena for the Rose Parade. Kind of ironic for a parade that has functioned throughout its history as a promotional piece for balmy Southern California cities to sell their mid-winter allure to frigid Easterners and Midwesterners.

Harbor Patrol officer on Catalina killed in windstorm*

catalina-scene-web.jpg The officer was killed last night when he was trapped between a loose boat and rocks near the Green Pleasure Pier.

An always entrancing interactive weather map

wx-map-windyty.jpg Windyty is one of those websites where you can lose a lot of time just staring and trying new views.

Sun has come out over LA

camarillo-springs-slide-es.jpg Is that it? Blue skies outside right now. The rain that blew in overnight was intense and caused the usual problems.

Photo: Grand Canyon cloud inversion

grand-canyon-inversion-nps.jpg A total cloud inversion on Thursday obscured visitors' view of the Grand Canyon. It's a phenomenon that happens every few years when warm air traps a layer of cold air below the canyon walls.

Doozy of a storm up north, now headed our way (video)

An old-fashioned Pacific winter storm that slammed into Northern California has flooded streets and highways, registered some astonishing wind speeds and forced some schools to close. Surfing on Lake Tahoe!

Finally, an atmospheric river flows toward California

pineapple-express-dec2014.jpg Heavy rain and snowfall, blizzards above 6,000 feet and more are expected this week -- in Northern California. But that's good enough for us in the south. The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge has moved out of the way for now.

California mega-drought is the worst in 1,200 years

CA-drought-12042014.jpg As the drought deepens, a new study finds, the year 2014 has been the worst single year since 800 AD — and rising temperatures mean it could yet get worse.

Yosemite Falls roars back to life

yosemite-falls-nps.jpg Three of the iconic Yosemite waterfalls have awakened from the drought — enjoy. Also, the rainfall totals from three nice days of cleansing rain in the Los Angeles area.

Rain is falling and should continue into the week

rain-clouds-malibu-vdt.jpg The big rain should arrive Tuesday. In the meantime, Northern California is getting a reminder of what "normal" looks like.

Water the grass less -- but don't forget the trees

jacaranda-mar-vista.jpg Drought gardener and blogger Emily Green wants people to remember that they need to deep-water their trees or the drought can have a worse effect than necessary.
noaa-grab-drought-101614.jpg It's still a crapshoot, but NOAA's seasonal outlook sees a good chance of at least a normal precipitation winter in California.

90 degrees in Palm Springs at 1 a.m.

palm-springs-weather-shot.jpg The high on Tuesday is only expected to be 102 -- 12 degrees more than right now. Could be worse, I guess.

How hot is it? Bear in the pool hot (video)

bear-in-pool-monrovia.jpg Fifteen minutes in a Sierra Madre swimming pool then back to the forest. Watch the video.

Hurricane Norbert weakens, won't send us much weather

hurr-norbert-track.jpg The former hurricane Norbert heading into Baja California is now a tropical storm with winds down around 50 miles an hour. Expect big swells to continue on our beaches.

This drought's impact on the West is already big

ca-drought-monitor-82114.jpg So much water is missing that the tectonic plate on which the West sits is rising. And that's not the worst news.

Animated Pacific hurricane winds as art

wind-grafic-grab.jpg This screen grab barely does justice to the beauty of the animated graphic. Click to enjoy.

Tweet of the day: Hawaii Red Cross

hilo-red-cross-truck.jpg "The Hawaii Red Cross disaster truck in Hilo was stolen last night. Please call 9-1-1 if seen."

Iselle will be first hurricane to hit Hawaii in 22 years

iselle-satellite.jpg Hurricane Iselle is expected to slam into the east coast of the Big Island of Hawaii on Thursday night, with winds of 60 to 95 miles an hour and a storm surge of 1-2 feet. Forecasters predict five to eight inches of rain to fall on the Big Island.

Two hurricanes are approaching Hawaii

iselle-julio-grab-twc.jpg Hurricane Iselle will arrive first, over Hilo as early as Thursday. A tropical storm watch is in effect across the islands.

A little rain, a little flooding, but still drought

county-precip-48hrs-8314.jpg It was very nice having a couple of episodes of soft rain fall on my head (and my yard) over the weekend. But despite the isolated newsworthy pummeling over and just below the San Gabriels, this was not much of a rain event.

Lightning strikes at Venice Beach kill 1, injure several

venice-lightnining-nbc4.jpg Lightning strikes at the water line are very rare here. Which is fortunate, because they are scary.

What to expect when you’re expecting El Niño

jetstream-elnino-hcn.jpg Credit for the headline to the High Country News, which notes that "with each passing day it seems more certain: 2014 is going to be an El Niño year, and probably a big one."

Talk of a 'super' El Niño out in the Pacific

el-nino-visualization.jpg Based on recent developments, some scientists think this event may rival the record El Niño event of 1997-1998. If that does happen, 2015 would almost be guaranteed to set a record for the warmest year on Earth, says a report.
rainfall-map-county-3114.jpg The 48-hour rainfall map shows less than four inches at most stations around the county, but that's a lot more than we are used to getting. Video of the wave inside.

Gotta love the Pacific Ocean

noaa-wx-map-calif-22714.jpg Awesome weather map. The free water will be here Friday morning.

Los Angeles TV stations go on Sprinkle Watch

nws-rain-map22614.jpg Taking all of the night's news shows together, I figure there were about 30 minutes of coverage for each tenth of an inch of rain to actually fall. But it's still early in the predicted storm cycle.

Law of averages brings a wet storm this week

nws-rainfall-fcast-map.jpg The blocking ridge of high pressure over the Pacific Ocean off North America couldn't last forever. It just seemed that way. An explanation.

Red tells the story: California drought still big and bad

Even after last week's heavy rainfall up north, the drought maps are still a dry sea of red. And oh by the way, it looks as if the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge may be re-forming out in the Pacific.

Weather to vote aye, that is the question

weather-or-not.jpg The LA City Council wants action on the Weather Channel-DirecTV dispute — weather or not you agree.

Reservoirs rise a little after week of rain, but so what?

water-grafic-bang.jpg Folsom Lake is six feet higher, but that only means the reservoir is at 19% of capacity instead of 17%. Nice graphic shows how water use differs around the state.

'Atmospheric river' of rain pointed at Northern California

atmospheric-river-grab.jpg As much as 6-7 inches of rain could fall as the ridiculously resilient ridge retreats. SoCal won't be part of the big event, at least so far.

Breaking: LA Stage Times suspends publication*

la-stage-time-grab.jpg LA Stage Times is going on hiatus, effective immediately. Longtime theater writer Don Shirley will now post regularly at LA Observed.

We had raindrops in Santa Monica

raindrops-sunday.jpg It felt very weird to have a few splatters on the car windshield. Ten minutes later, a few more drops hit our breakfast table. Alert the networks!

Sacramento breaks 130-year record for lack of rain

sacto-radar-grab.jpg In the annals of weather records, this is one nobody wanted to break, says the Bee. Not since 1884 has Sacramento gone this many winter days without rain or snow.

Drought makes it better at Mavericks (video)

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 6.01.33 PM.png The high pressure ridge keeping us dry also left Mavericks with the ideal combination of big swells and no wind or weather.

Oahu's Pipeline observed by drone (video)

pipeline-grab-sterman.jpg This might be the most beautiful surfing video you have seen (and heard.) Meanwhile, the National Weather Service warns of very big waves on all of Hawaii's islands this week.

At least three more dry months now expected in California

us-drought-map-11714.jpg Weather models show California's historically dry weather is expected to continue. Gov. Brown today declared a drought emergency. The Obama Administration named 27 counties as disaster areas.

Still believe the California drought isn't real?

jacobellis-b&w.jpg Check out to the NOAA satellite pictures and a release from Mono County. Plus: Olympic hopefuls like Lindsey Jacobellis (video) are in Mammoth this weekend.

Dear NYC: Come on in, the water's fine

bonus-pool-days-annenberg.jpg The Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica has declared "Bonus Pool Days!" because the weather here is so nice.

Yolanda strikes central Philippines with 195 MPH winds

haiyan-nasa.jpg With maximum sustained winds of 195 mph, Super Typhoon Haiyan (as it is known elsewhere) "is thought to be the strongest storm to ever make landfall anywhere in the world in modern records." President Aquino of the Philippines urged the nation to prepare.
rain-deficit-2013-nws.jpg Conditions out in the Pacific add up to a third straight off year for rainfall. But you never know — normal is such a squishy concept here.

Just when you were loving the heat — rain on the way

creason-wind-art-girl.jpg I like Santa Ana conditions, especially these kind with little wind, but I recognize that many don't. For you, the National Weather Service warns breathlessly that it's going to cool to the 70s — maybe even the 60s — with less than half an inch of rain on the way by midweek.

On this day in 1939, a tropical storm hit LA

tropical-storm-long-beach-noaa.jpg The cyclone out of the Pacific is the only recorded tropical storm to make landfall in the Los Angeles area. It came ashore in Long Beach.

New weather talent coming to LA: Crystal Egger

crystal-egger-knbc.jpg Egger arrives in October from The Weather Channel to take over as the meteorologist on "Today in LA" on NBC 4. She's a UC Santa Barbara grad from Grand Terrace in the Inland Empire.

No, really: Let's talk about the weather

afternoon-clouds-over-hill.jpg Just because LA is not a desert doesn't mean it's not getting hotter. Tim Rutten surveys the climate picture in his weekend column.

Rim Fire a feature of California landscape

rim-fire-nasa-82213.jpg Anyone making the flights up and down California this morning could not fail to be impressed and awed by the monster smoke cloud being sent up over the Sierra from the Rim Fire. Check out the view inside.

Weather story map in LAT goes with wrong Lancaster

lat-lancaster-map-oops.jpg There was a bunch of hail out in the Mojave Desert this afternoon — those were some mighty pretty thunderheads over the San Gabriels visible from the basin. But it's a long way from the Antelope Valley to the Susquehanna River.

Unhired weatherman sues another LA station

bri-winkler-twitter.jpg Kyle Hunter sued KCBS and KCAL last year. This time he alleges that KABC did not consider him for the job due to illegal sex and age discrimination. The job went to Bri Winkler.

135 degrees in Death Valley: 'Eyeballs were burning'

death-valley-135-degrees.jpg Kevin Martin, the blogging weatherman who took his mother (and her car) to Death Valley on Sunday, said he found temperatures a few degrees higher than the official reading of 129 degrees recognized by the National Weather Service. His thermometer read 135.5 degrees at Badwater Basin, the low point of North America. But there's no official NWS station there.

Is Death Valley going for the heat record this weekend?

badwater-basin-dvnp-gm.png A Corona meteorologist and blogger is heading into Death Valley National Park for this weekend's heat siege, betting on the come that the temperature will set a new world record. The old record is 134 degrees.

Video: Emerging from the tornado shelter in Moore *

woman-tornado-oklahoman.jpg After the tornado passed today in Moore, Oklahoma, one family opened its shelter and looked onto a vanished neighborhood. Whoever is holding the camera seems stunned into silence, at first.

Tioga Pass set to open Saturday

tioga-road-plowing-ynp.jpg A milestone of spring in California — the opening of the Tioga Pass road through the backcountry of Yosemite National Park — will take place on the fourth earliest date since 1980.

Fire is a river that runs uphill

camarillo-fire-alcorn-reuters.jpg Since it looks as if the SoCal fire season is going to be long and mean, scientist-blogger Grace Peng offers a primer on the physics of flames and wind here. Plus: Reuters photographer Jonathan Alcorn on an eerie night at the Camarillo Springs fire.

Ventura County fire could be slowed by cooler weather

fire-sunset-sprinklers-gf.jpg The wildfire that began near Camarillo Springs Road and U.S. 101 spread to 28,000 acres on Friday, but firefighters kept the flames from engulfing any homes for a second day. Residents fled several neighborhoods, however, as the fire jumped ridges and moved toward communities such as Hidden Valley.

Fire season off to racing start

vcstar-fire-haskell.jpg Brush conditions around Camarillo are like October, fire officials say — and it's only May. More than 6,500 acres have scorched, forcing evacuations, but no homes have been destroyed. Burned agricultural buildings in the strawberry fields near Cal State Channel Islands have raised concerns about toxic smoke.

Attention canyons: Red flag status as of 8 a.m.

flag_status_red-lafd.gif When the Los Angeles Fire Department puts up its red flag, thousands who live in the city's hillsides and canyons are affected. Move your car off the streets in posted areas, or risk an expensive ticket and possibly get towed.

Explaining the Catalina eddy

catalina-eddy-nasa.jpg It has been more foggy than not along the beaches for the past week or so. Blame the recurring Southern California weather phenomenon known as the Catalina eddy, shown here. NASA explains how it works.

Guess which other big catastrophe awaits California (again)

sacramento-flood-1862.jpg We know about the deal we make with earthquakes, but the biggest catastrophes through time in California have actually been storms. There's only been one on the epic scale since statehood, but a story in the new Scientific American says the next time will be worse for us.

Celebrate January and MLK Day with a swim

annenberg-pool-jan2013.jpg Remember how the big news in Los Angeles just last weekend was the cold? This winter weekend, the swimming pool at the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica is adding extra hours for Martin Luther King Day.

Kimmel calls on America to pray for freezing LA (video)

Temperatures have plunged into the 40s and the local news is freaking out.

Trying to save the citrus with old technology

smudge-pots-patch.jpg Citrus growers in the Inland Empire fired up seldom-used smudge pots, ran water in the orchards and tried to create wind between the trees in desperate moves on Saturday night and this morning to protect the fruit from freezing temperatures. Smoke could be seen rising this morning from burners in citrus areas such as Redlands and Mentone.

Earth Observatory: Hurricane Sandy spinning off the coast

hurricane-sandy-nasa1028.jpg NASA posted this image of Hurricane Sandy taken at noon Eastern time on Sunday.

Going to be hot on Monday

burned-tree-anf.jpg The National Weather Service has put out a special weather statement and declared a red flag alert in inland areas of Los Angeles County.

After extensive review, Death Valley is now hottest place on Earth

sand-dunes-dvnp.jpg For a long time the keepers of the weather stats believed the hottest temperature recorded on Earth to be 136 degrees at El Azizia, Libya, exactly 90 years ago today — September 13, 1922. Doubts were raised, studies were done, and now scientists say the distinction belongs to Death Valley.

Summer storm fun

storm-ie-83012.jpg Today's usual afternoon thundershowers over the San Gabriels and the high desert smushed down into the basin this time, drenching places like Altadena and Studio City in some pretty heavy rain. Then it lifted and many rainbows were had, including one over Dodger Stadium. Fun diversion for many, judging by social media, unless you were caught in the places where summer t-storms turn into flash floods.

Not hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk

egg-no-cook.jpg John Rabe of KPCC enticed me out to Northridge on Wednesday for an "Off-Ramp" story, and since it was midday in the West Valley, in the middle of a heat wave, and Rabe's an intrepid reporter slash radio host, he brought along the makings of a classic journalism experiment. The temperature was a few notches over 100, but was it hot enough to cook an egg? Find out inside.
sand-dunes-dvnp.jpg The National Weather Service says the combination of hot temperatures (over 100 in many areas) and higher than usual humidity for the summer "will create a prolonged period of well above normal and possibly dangerous heat." Some of the desert temperatures could take your breath away.

Photo o' the day, New York edition

new-york-tstorm-buzzfeed.jpg BuzzFeed says this photo of Wednesday's thunderstorm over New York was taken out the window of an airliner at 10,000 feet by former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones.

Tobar signs off A2 with nice ode to LA summer

malibu-sky-vdt.jpg Hector Tobar loves this LA summer so far, and I agree. The news is that this is Tobar's last A2 column in the Times. He's going to the books desk to write about literary LA.

Everything you want to know about June gloom

june-gloom-vdt.jpg It's been pretty dang nice along the beaches so far in these final days of official spring. But as anyone with very many summers in Los Angeles knows, a marine layer could blanket us in a deep, gray, soul-sucking June gloom at any moment. A good read on how the marine layer works and why.

LA temperature snapshot right now: from 64 to 100

weather-snapshot53112.jpg I was just consulting the LA Observed weather page. The range of temperatures at 6 p.m. made me laugh. Check out the screen grab.

Snow weekend in the Sierra Nevada

bodie-snow3-512-vargo.jpg Here are pictures of snow last night in historic Bodie, the preserved mining town in the Eastern Sierra near Bridgeport. The Tioga Road into Yosemite National Park reopened today after a weather closure.

Notice the weather widgets this afternoon?

Eighteen-degree gradient between the beach and the Valley. The fog is definitely in.

Hey, it's going to be cold and windy

nws+gale+winds+3612.jpg The National Weather Service advises that a cold weather system will be sliding in Tuesday. If you were thinking of going sailing, take a look at the map.

Chinese dust brings better snow to the Sierra

sierra+chopper+mav+lao.jpg China's dust seems to create more snow than California dust. Though the data is still incomplete.

Guess what? It's time to water the garden

precip-map-feb2012.jpg -feb2012.jpg" class="mt-image-left" style="float: left; margin: 0 20px 5px 0;" />Water watcher and dry gardener Emily Green is advising her fellow Los Angeles-area gardeners that despite the tease of rain this week, it's time to irrigate the soil.

Video: Kind of windy this afternoon on Venice Beach

Just 17 seconds, uploaded to You Tube by Jonathan Alcorn.

Sean Collins, founder of Surfline was 59

Sean Collins, a self-taught wave forecaster who changed the way that surfers find out where to take their boards, died yesterday after collapsing of a heart attack while playing tennis in Orange County.

Mountain roads closed by snow

sandberg-sign.jpg Lots of roads in the higher elevations of Los Angeles County are having snow closures after Monday's storm.

Altadena will turn on its Christmas lights Saturday

altadena-treedown-patch.jpg Volunteers have restrung most of the the wind-damaged lights on Altadena's traditional Christrmas Tree Lane and say they will flip the switch on Saturday at 6 p.m. — as scheduled before last week's freak wind event.

County arboretum left in a real mess

arboretum-damage-3.jpg Over half the specimens at the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden suffered some kind of wind damage. Sobering pictures.

Sustained winds at Mammoth: 150+ miles an hour

The National Weather Service update for Mammoth Mountain contained a startling fact.

Almost 300,000 customers still without power *

pasadena-tree-down-cbs.jpg What's that, half a million people in the Los Angeles metropolitan area bedding down for a second night without electricity?

How windy was it? Surf's up at Tahoe

tahoe-surfing.jpg A couple of hardy surfers hit the waves today on Lake Tahoe — at 6,225 feet above sea level.

L.A. winds: visuals tell the story

los-feliz-deodars.jpg DWP's map of outages is impressive. Plus: historic Los Feliz deodars down.

Pasadena red tags 42 buildings due to wind damage

Pasadena really took the brunt of last night's wind storm.

How all this wind got started

pressure-map-cliffmass.jpg The air over the Pacific Northwest has been at his highest barometric pressure in a long time. Instant wind down here.

Wind tweet o' the night

So windy in LA that twice the usual amount of sad tumbleweeds made of broken dreams just blew down my street.

LAX returning to normal after power outage

lax-powerout-113011.jpg All passenger terminals and runway 25R were affected by an hour-long power outage tonight at Los Angeles International Airport.

City orders red flag parking rules due to winds

station-fire-tree.jpg The red flag restrictions that limit parking on many streets in the hills and canyons kick in at 8 a.m. Thursday. I'm kind of surprised they are not in force tonight.

Red flag conditions defined *

weather-grab-11211.jpg What do you think of the bizarro temps this afternoon?

We're in for a drier winter, probably

winter-outlook-201112.jpg NOAA's forecast for the coming winter expects a drier than average wet season in Southern California and a higher risk of wildfire.

Current temperature in Downtown: 99 degrees

weather-oct12.jpg Coming up on 4 p.m. on October 12, the LA Observed weather center reports a Downtown temperature of 99 degrees. 97 in the Valley, 88 along the KOST (sorry, couldn't...

Mid-morning thunderheads

mt-wilson-thunderheads.jpg The thunderstorm towers are soaring high over the San Gabriels.

La Niña conditions are back, says NOAA

drought_300-noaa.jpg La Niña typically means a drier-than-usual wet season in Southern California and across the Southwest, but wetter months for our friends in the Pacific Northwest.

NYT drops pay wall on storm related news

The New York Times tweets, "As a public service, @nytimes will allow free access to storm-related coverage on and its mobile apps."

Evacuation map of NYC: Irene is a big deal

nyc-hurricane-map-bkly.jpg If you think the predicted inundation in Manhattan is sobering, wait until you see Brooklyn.

Hurricane Irene from space

irene-nasa-826.jpg The view from NASA's Terra satellite at 12:30 eastern time. Also, video on Thursday from the International Space Station.

NWS calls 'excessive heat watch' for Saturday

The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat watch for the Los Angeles area from Saturday afternoon through the evening.

Beauty of the swirling winds

gfs_1000_4panel1.gif The weather geek who sent me this photo loves the wind vortices evident in the clouds off the Southern California coast this week. I just see a nice image.

Beach day in L.A.: bikinis and burkas

venice-beach-alcorn-33111.jpg Jonathan Alcorn went to Venice Beach for the first warm day of spring in Los Angeles.

Yosemite reopens under blanket of new snow

Yosemite National Park was cut off to road traffic by snow and downed trees on Monday, but highways 120 and 140 reopened into the park this morning.

Mammoth Mountain about to hit record for snow

mammoth-storm-dec2010.jpg In all the decades that Mammoth Mountain has been a destination for SoCal skiers, this looks to be the winter with the most snowfall. At least since they began keeping records in 1969.

Winter doesn't want to leave SoCal *

rainfall-map-3202011-826pm.jpg The last day of official winter has been having some fun with us in and around Los Angeles.

Snow level not so dramatic *

mt-wilson-cam-snow-2262011.jpg There's lots of visible snow this afternoon on the mountain slopes lining the Los Angeles basin, but the predictions of snow below 1,000 feet proved to be overly enthusiastic.

It could be really, really cold* for the Oscars

Storm that's coming could bring snow to areas that rarely see it.

Much better snow view

alcorn-bikes-snow-22011.jpg And now from a real photographer: Jonathan Alcorn, out early Sunday at Marina del Rey.

La Nina fades to black yellow

la-nina-mom.png The scientist who watches the weather at Bad Mom, Good Mom says the evidence is in. The La Nina phenomenon that was supposed to be keeping us relatively dry this winter has abated in the eastern Pacific.

Dear NYC: don't worry baby

nyc-snow-cunningham.jpg Really, snow in January? That's so unfair. To our New York friends, here's an early valentine from the Coast.

TIghten the gradients, Marge

The National Weather Service is warning of a "strong Santa Ana event" starting tonight across Los Angeles and Ventura counties, lasting into Thursday afternoon.

Scientists pushing threat of California 'superstorm'

usgs-arkstorm.jpg On the 17th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake, it seems like a good time to point out the new research that says a theoretical Pacific-spawned superstorm is now believed likely to do much more damage in California than a major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault.

Grapevine and Cajon Pass open to traffic

The CHP is letting drivers cross in and out of Southern California again on Interstate 5 through the Tehachapis and on I-15 in Cajon Pass.

Cajon Pass closed too *

The CHP closed I-15 through Cajon Pass after 10 p.m. due to the snow, ice and sliding cars.

Coming home? The Grapevine is closed

santa-clarita-snow.jpg It figures that on the last day to get back in town for many Angelenos, Interstate 5 is closed by snow over The Grapevine.

Big day for KTLA's Elizabeth Espinosa

elizabeth-espinosa.jpg Channel 5 reporter Elizabeth Espinosa began the day standing beside I-5 in the shivering Grapevine area talking about — and tweeting about — the cold weather. Then she popped out some other news.

Nice gallery of storm photos

calif_storm_09.jpg The Sacramento Bee website posts — very big — 38 photos of the past week's rain and flooding from newspapers around state, plus AP and Getty Images.

After the rain: toadstools

mushrooms-river-center-rabe.jpg Overnight growth at the River Center on San Fernando Road in Cypress Park, by John Rabe.

Couple more nice rain photos

rainbow-alcorn-122210.jpg Here's two more: Olvera Street in the rain, by photographer Kevin McCollister, and this evening on the Glendale Freeway, by photographer Jonathan Alcorn.

Rainbow over City Hall (and more *)

rainbow-mdr-12210.jpg Is this when we make a joke about pots of special interest gold at the end of the rainbow?

Flooding at 7th and Alvarado

langers-flood.jpg The view is from the window at Langer's deli. I'm guessing lunchtime.

Why this La Niña is wet, not dry

Pineapple3_crop.jpg Blame the "blocking anticyclone." Skies should clear on Thursday.

Storm preparations for tonight

The city has activated the Emergency Operations Center and gone to level 2 until morning, Council President Eric Garcetti says.

Just dancin' and singin' in the rain

Gene Kelly on the backlot at MGM. Hat tip to Eric Spillman.

How's that La Niña going for you?

rainfall-totals-122110.jpg Here's the rain totals map I always prefer, from the county's public works website, with rain gauge measurements for the past 72 hours.

Large plume of rain headed our way

This morning's flash flood watch from the National Weather Service advises that a lot of water will be coming down, with the usual potential consequences.

Video: Hail pummels backyard in Georgia

Here's video Mark Frauenfelder posted at BoingBoing of an impressive hailstorm last week in Georgia.

Overcast and cooler right now, but it will be hot again

Temps are supposed to reach 100 again in some parts of Los Angeles today. If these clouds mean the humidity will be higher than yesterday's approximately bone-dry conditions, this afternoon might be more unpleasant than Monday.

It was so hot...the thermometer broke

National Weather Service officials at the regional base in Oxnard monitored the official Downtown reading on Monday as it reached, then passed the old record of 112 degrees — then saw the meter had broken down.

Hot enough for you?

car-temp-92710.jpg My car thermometer (pictured) registered 116 degrees at about 2:30 p.m. while on the 405 freeway at Wilshire, near Westwood. Today's official high of 113 is the highest ever recorded in downtown Los Angeles.

Lazy (and foggy) Sunday afternoon by the coast

reel-inn-neon.jpg I spotted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver pedaling their bikes northbound on Main Street in Santa Monica.

El Niño on the move, more intense

A new study out of JPL concludes that the El Niño readings in the western Pacific have become more intense and moved westward — over time, not currently.

So, what has happened to summer?

There's so much talk about the cooler-than-usual temperatures that the National Weather Service put out a statement yesterday titled What has happened to summer in Southern California. The explanation is...

Um, it's raining on the Westside

And for the first time all day, the sun is out too. Nice, if weird. The rain stopped after about five minutes....

Summer might finally be coming

This was the 23rd straight day with the official temperature reading in Los Angeles below average, Mark Thompson just said on Fox 11.

You say El Niño, but they say La Niña

The National Weather Service officially flipped the switch today on expectations of our future rain, declaring the "demise" of our recent El Niño conditions.

Why it's cold

It's that jet stream sitting right over us and sweeping in a Siberian air mass, Bad Mom, Good Mom explains, tracing the cold air all the way back to the old country.

Why the rain is likely done and June gloom happens

ecliptic.gif We can probably close the books on this year's local rain season, JPL meteorologist Bill Patzert says in an email exchange picked up by Emily Green, the ace water blogger at Chance of

Rainbows galore

wilshire-rainbow.jpg Twitter has erupted with rainbow images from across Los Angeles.

New evacuation orders for foothills

Once again, residents of about 500 homes in La Cañada Flintridge, La Crescenta and Acton have been told to leave due to an approaching "very cold and vigorous storm system."

Video: Boulders tumbling down street

From this morning in La Cañada Flintridge, via Channel 7.

Rain triggers slides and flow in foothills

rain-totals-map-262010.jpg The heavier-than-expected rain that fell overnight has challenged debris basis and runoff channels across the front of the San Gabriels, especially in drainages where the Station Fire burned.

Snow on the way, but no chance of meatballs?

lat-page-grab-2310.jpg For some reason the weather forecast on the Los Angeles Times home page right now is calling for snow and says the temperature is 37 degrees.

Southwest cancels flights at Burbank, Ontario and OC

The airline is canceling most arrivals and departures this afternoon at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, and in Ontario, Orange County, San Diego, Phoenix and Tucson, because of high wind conditions.

Strongest storm of the week arriving as we speak

The strongest flood warnings from the National Weather Service are for the Orange County canyons. The morning update on the Los Angeles situation from Mayor Villaraigosa's office follows.

Does the rain seem kind of intense?

cbs2-weather-map-2pm.jpg is the current radar map on Channel 9. That's Los Angeles buried under the orange.

Foothill homes evacuated, mudslide threat real

rain-photo-cbs2.jpg More than 1,000 homes beneath the Station Fire burn areas are now under mandatory evacuation orders, per media reports.

Video: Tornado touches down in Riverside County

A Channel 7 viewer sent the station this clip of a tornado funnel touching down near Riverside

Mayor sticking around due to storms

Mayor Villaraigosa won't be heading to Washington for the U.S. Conference of Mayors this week after all. "Out of an abundance of caution," spokeswoman Sarah Hamilton says, he'll be staying...

Tornado warning in South Los Angeles, OC

There's no evidence of tornadoes forming, but the storm coming through is apparently capable of spinning them off.

Storm gate is open...just ask the foothills

'Rocks the size of frozen turkeys' tumbled down Canyonside Road in La Crescenta during Monday's storm, says the father of Dashel Dupuy, the 13-year-old who shot this amazing video. It's...

Bad storm news for the foothill communities

Thumbnail image for debrisflowmap1009.jpg Three or four storms that could drop as much as 20 inches of rain on the San Gabriels and the adjacent foothills are expected to start rolling in this weekend.

Big winds explained

jetstream_pac_init_01.jpg Scientist-blogger Grace Peng sent along this map of a jet stream slamming into Southern California, offering it as an explainer of what happened around the area today. Click it to...

That was some wind

treedownricogagliano.jpg Rico Gagliano, a reporter for "Marketplace" and co-host of "The Dinner Party Download" podcast, sent along this photo of a tree that blew down during this morning's wind gusts. No...

City Hall in the rain, with beacon

cityhallmccollister.jpg The so-called Lindbergh beacon was shining atop Los Angeles City Hall when Kevin McCollister captured the view during Saturday's storm. Click to biggify....

Snow news is good news

angelesnf121009.jpg This week's snowfall covered some of the ash from the Station Fire that has given the San Gabriel Mountains a sickly appearance. Snow is also better than rain when it...

Dry spots in the rain

rainmap12709.jpg The county's official rainfall map for the past 24 hours shows 0.00 for two high profile measuring stations: the ones at USC (presumably the gauge formerly known as Civic Center)...

Snowy sunrise

snowysunrise.jpg This morning's view of the San Gabriels and Cucamonga Peak from Riverside, by Guy McCarthy of Watershed News. More Sunday snow pictures in his Flickr stream. Coordinates fixed...

Radio traffic reports fading away

Cellphones, GPS and the struggling economy are conspiring to begin the die-off phase for regular traffic reports on your car radio, says Daisy Nguyen at AP. (She could have cited...

See from Malibu to Downtown

malibutodowntown.jpg This is how nice a day we had for Thanksgiving: Veronique de Turenne could see Downtown Los Angeles from the cove that Here in Malibu calls home. Multiple, larger views...

Freak out and run — it's raining

Posted in May, but apt today. What happens in L.A. when it rains, the spoof — with some good lines and extensive UCLA scenery....

LA Sketchbook: Living in the foothills

qqxsgMudslides.jpg More from Steve Greenberg in the LA Sketchbook archive...

America clouds over

noaanatlmap101209.jpg Nice image of the national weather picture — clouds almost everywhere but the Southwest — at the Chance of Rain blog. The blog also has a take on Gov. Schwarzenegger's...

Now comes the 'rock porridge'

debrisflowmap1009.jpg Over the weekend, La Crescenta author Bernadette Murphy had a nice opinion piece in the L.A. Times invoking John McPhee and his seminal writing on debris flows out of the...

Woman vs. Fritz Coleman *

fritzcolemanrectangle.JPG Weird story. Melanie Patton Renfrew, a geography professor at Harbor College, has pleaded no contest to violating a judge's order to stop harassing KNBC weather caster Fritz Coleman. That, as...

What power looks like

redondomokecloud.jpg John Stodder grabbed this image of the smoke that belched from the Redondo Beach power plant near King Harbor as generators cranked up to meet today's demand for air conditioning....

Good thing they moved the marathon

This stormy President's Day is when the 2009 Los Angeles Marathon would have been run under one of Frank McCourt's schedules. The race was postponed until Memorial Day, and at...

Snow in Sylmar

David Garza of Los Angeles Mission College grabbed this photo of snow dusting the hills behind Sylmar this afternoon....

Water spouts in San Pedro Channel

The reader who sent this photo into said it was the last of three water spouts seen descending offshore before 9 a.m. Story there....

It's not cold here

Friends in Washington keep messaging about how frigid it is there. So just for the record, the giant thermometer outside LA Observed Tower reads 84 degrees. Golden sunshine, as David...

2-minute video: December afternoon in Los Angeles

Snow-capped peaks, sailboats and sea lions: just another winter day in L.A. The video features the Marina Peninsula and Marina del Rey, Ballona Lagoon, Santa Monica Bay and Santa Catalina...

Snow day in L.A.

Just about every news photographer I know has a favorite spot to go grab the obligatory snowy peaks behind downtown Los Angeles shot that news desks want every year or...

Today's L.A. weather, from David Lynch

The director's daily weather report on camera from his home in Los Angeles. Because I hadn't linked to it before. Lynch's website...

Red flag warnings issued throughout SoCal

Here we go again -- more hot and windy weather on the way. Guy McCarthy at Watershed News gathers the details: Just a few days after a cold front contributed...

Scorcher (or typical October)

Veronique's sunrise photo over the cove at Malibu captures the day in Southern California. It's 93 in downtown Los Angeles right now, with 5% humidity. Here in Malibu...

Woodland Hills cooking with gas

Today's high of 109 degrees set the local record for a June 19. AP...

Stay out of the water today

High waves are pounding the coast and rip currents are making the sea more treacherous than usual. Piers at Manhattan Beach and Seal Beach were closed yesterday due to the...

L.A. River, before and after

Jay Babcock at Nature Trumps: An L.A. River Blog posts this scene from November, looking upstream from the footbridge toward Los Feliz Boulevard and the burned Griffith Park hills. Click...

Closures in Griffith Park, 'debris flows'

Mayor Villaraigosa announced some road closures in the park as the rains continue. "The park has experienced some minor to moderate debris flows and flooding on several of its main...

Downtown pic o' the day

Spotted in the Daily Breeze, by staff photographer Robert Casillas....

Los Angeles is not a desert

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Professor emeritus Ralph Shaffer has been trying without success to get Times writers to stop referring to Los Angeles as a desert, climate-wise. Simply put, he says it rains too much for the coastal plain to qualify as a desert.
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