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A little housekeeping

Catching up on some business:

  • If you saw today's L.A. Times story on the city's Historical Resources Survey Project, this will make more sense. I'm one of the advisers retained to help prepare a "historic context statement" for the upcoming survey, based on my research on the Wilshire Boulevard corridor and San Fernando Valley. My deal is with the planning and management firm of Jones & Stokes.
  • The UCLA consulting gig I mentioned in March has turned into a staff appointment. Add director of the UCLA Newsroom website (which relaunches soon) to this blogger's professional pursuits, along with author, freelance journalist, radio commentator and occasional pundit (and historic resources consultant.) LA Observed will continue to stay away from UCLA stories or issues where I'm privy to inside information.
  • LAO is quoted in the lede of a media piece in Monday's New York Times Business section, about my breaking the story of that Patrick Goldstein column being killed by the Los Angeles Times for talking about the paper. Money quote: "Itís very hard to keep secrets in a newsroom anymore."
  • With interest high in the spiked Goldstein column, Antonio and Mirthala's affair and our coverage of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, July has already shattered all previous highs for visitor traffic at LA Observed. Thanks to Romenesko, BoingBoing, Slate, Instapundit, Hugh Hewitt, the Huffington Post, Gawker and LAist, among others, for the links.

Since it's high summer and July has been such a busy month, posting will be light Monday. Look for a new sports contributor this week, and some design refinements and other changes coming up in August.

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