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tbt: Winter morning in Paradise Cove

morning beach

Throwback Thursday: Shot on on January 14, 2013

May gray

May gray

So, two things have been making this blog so spotty. First, LAO is finished as a site and being the only one posting here is pretty depressing. Yes, Word Press is a real possibility but omg, no matter what the ad copy says, it's not intuitive and it's not easy. So I dither.

And here's part two. I'm thinking of leaving Malibu. Hard to believe considering this month marks 25 (whut?) years of living here. But fires and traffic are worse every year and the pandemic real estate market has put even mobile homes here out of reach. So the posts come in fits and starts, even though I'm out hiking and walking every day, taking tons of photos, and can't imagine where else I could ever live.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of Solstice Canyon on the first of May. We're in the May gray/June gloom part of the year, but with climate change, that hasn't really held up lately. To all of the issues in this post -- we shall see.

mailed 12/29/2020, arrived 4/7/2021

Mailed at the end of December, arrived the first week of April. Just three months to go three miles.

Spring in the burn zone

the burn zone in spring

This is in Solstice Canyon, where every hike is a reminder of fire.

OK, it's Puppy Thursday too

She is such a goofball.


It's Puppy Wednesday!

baby Teddy

she's growing so fast

Same toy, same wild puppy. She's growing so fast.

Who let the dogs out?

high alert

There's a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains that skirts the edge of some rural properties, and at certain times of day, you have a vocal audience.

Signs of Saturday: Come home, little Pikachu

poor Pikachu

lost bird in solstice canyon

this is a first

This sign went up in Solstice Canyon the other day, and while there were plenty of crows and parrots, no trace of poor little Pikachu.

Shadow puppets puppies

shadow dogs

shadow puppy

I keep forgetting to post this hawk

hawk in bluffs park

watchful hawk

Happy to have had the chance to be dismissed (foolish human) by another glorious raptor. This was in Bluffs Park, where this hawk recently has been spending his mornings.

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