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They hate me, they really hate me

Well, they hate what I said. I've been hearing from cyclists who, to put it mildly, are irked by my "Share the Road" post. (And more than a few who agree, and who said so in very nice language, with good spelling and punctuation and without calling me names and for that I am grateful.)

The truth is, the law is, cyclists have the same rights as cars on the road. If they drift into your lane, it's up to you to avoid them. If they run a stop sign or red light, they can get a ticket. If they run afoul of a car, though, a different set of laws comes into play - Newton's Laws. And when it's car versus bicycle, the object acted upon most violently is the bicyclist.

I'm not advocating the vehicular mayhem on PCH, just reporting it. I see it every day. So if you're driving a car, share the road. And if you're riding a bike, share the road. And if you're the guy who hit-and-run my bicyclist neighbor John last year, left him on the pavement, put him into the ICU for weeks, left him unsure if he'll ever work again, please know another set of laws applies. Karma, baby. It's real and it's gonna get you.

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