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Hey Mom - don't read this

gopher snakeMy very proper French mother is so scared of snakes, she'd delete my blog from her bookmarks if she ever saw this post. To be honest, snakes make me a little edgy, too. I was up here at the barn yesterday morning, about to prop open the tack room door when the stick I was reaching for moved. And then it looked at me.

You know how one minute you're standing in one place and a second later, you're 20 feet away and you don't know how you got there? Add a bit of screaming and moaning and that was me. (That was I?) I was the one making noise, that's for sure. My friend, Ken, is still laughing at the voice mail I left in which all I could say was "Snake. Snake? Snake!" But my new neighbor (who, by the way, is close to four feet long and lives in the lavender) turns out to be a Pacific gopher snake. Eats the little varmints who tunnel through my garden, so I'm happy to follow the Prime Directive and let it be. Ken's happy to have a good snake. And a good laugh.

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