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Two weeks ago today I joined the vast (and ever-growing) legions of Americans who have been laid off. It started with a phone call while I was in the midst of writing my first blog post of the day for LA Now. So instead of "Good morning", I wrote "Goodbye". Being a Web 2.0 kinda gal, I also Tweeted and updated on Facebook.

Just 24 hours later, the separation packet landed on my front steps. It's the most efficient thing the Tribune Co. does, this jettisoning of journalists. And now, as you can see from the photo, I'm wrestling with paperwork. Trying (no luck yet) to decipher the language in the packet which, in places, somewhat approximates English. Trying (no luck yet) to get a call back from HR. It's hard and disheartening but that's just the way it is.

I want to clear up a few things: I didn't lose my job because I linked to Tell Zell or LAO or other items critical of Sam Zell, or because of my Zell Hell bumper sticker. And I didn't lost my job because I linked out to other blogs and newspapers on LA Now. That was always part of the vision, part of the plan. I know LA Now isn't linking as much right now, but when they regroup, absorb this latest blow to the workforce (75 people left the building for good, after all, added to the 150 in July) I bet they'll start linking again.

I'm not angry and I'm not bitter and I'll never trash the LA Times. I know too well how hard things are for the journalists who are left behind. They're among the smartest and most dedicated people I've ever worked with, and they never asked for a vulgar vulture to buy their newspaper and bleed it dry.

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