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Tennis, anyone?

Monica Seles likes me best

Anyone can use the tennis court here in the Cove, whether you can play an actual game or merely enjoy raising your blood pressure while slamming little green balls into a net. All you have to do is sign for the key.

The group of tennis regulars who play a few times a week always remember to lock up when they're done. Casual players, kids and visitors pretty much never do lock the court, and that's Jake and Maisie's favorite time. They see the open gate and dash right in.

There's something about the gritty clay surface that they love. The ball, when thrown, is utterly predicable. Unlike on the beach road, where it's easy to spin out on a hard curve, their feet have perfect purchase. The games are quick and hard and the rules are fast and loose. And the score? Always the same -- love, love.

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