New stunt from "John and Ken"


KFI's "John and Ken Show" is holding five local Republican members of Congress hostage in a fashion over illegal immigration. The talk show hosts are mobilizing their large-for-radio audience to choose a Republican to target for defeat in November to protest immigration policy — then demanding that each potential "political human sacrifice" (their term) come on the show to defend themselves before the final victim is chosen. "Fulfilling their obligation" to John and Ken, as the team's website puts it. So far, Reps. Mary Bono, Darrell Issa, Chris Cox, and Dana Rohrabacher have done the hosts' bidding, but John and Ken seem unhappy that David Dreier hasn't and urge their listeners to persuade him:

Be sure to let Congressman David Dreier know that coming on the show and addressing illegal immigration is more important than planning “Apple Martini and Bowling” parties.

The Washington Times, covering the spectacle today, says that Dreier is "negotiating" to come on the show. In the story, John and Ken say they are trying to deliver a "wake-up call to Republican leaders who ignore their constituents' pleas for stronger border enforcement."

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