First thing Tuesday, 9/13

Kinsley• Expect an announcement today from Times publisher Jeff Johnson that Michael Kinsley has been formally replaced as Editorial and Opinion Editor. The editorial page, Op-Ed and Current will report to Andrés Martinez, who currently oversees just editorials. Kinsley signaled in July (via leak to the New York Times) that a change was coming. (*Update: Kinsley's email and LAT announcement. 11:15 a.m.)
• The Times was slow to put a story on its website about Monday's blackout, but had its own power problems. The first wire story had to be posted from Chicago, and reporters who live outside the dark zone were sent home to cobble together the eventual staff story. Of course, the Business Journal also was blacked out and beat the LAT wire story to the web by 25 minutes.
• Drinking Liberally launches its Hollywood chapter with a Katrina fundraiser and party Thursday night at Cinespace.
• Burbank Confidential is a new blog from and about the hillside neighborhoods of Burbank by local homeowner (and LAT television reporter) Scott Collins.
• Author Deanne Stillman has a piece in the new Rolling Stone about the Great Mojave Manhunt of 2003 that led to the death of Donald Kueck, the killer of L.A. County sheriff's deputy Stephen Sorensen.
• Henry Sheehan is posting daily web reports from the Toronto Film Festival.
• Weatherman Byron Miranda has been dropped by Channel 2, reports.
• Villaraigosa's first budget hint: "new sources of revenue" will be needed. The mayor jets to Washington, D.C. today on city business.

And a name out of the past...

Buried in Monday's Times feature about the 32-acre Not a Cornfield art project along the river north of downtown, a name popped out. Quoted briefly during a visit to the installation is 82-year-old Nobe Kawano, described as living "near Dodger Stadium." Many fans will probably remember that he was the team's longtime clubhouse and equipment manager, and a recurring figure in Sandy Koufax lore. Now retired, he apparently has a lifetime pass from major league baseball that comes with free stadium parking.

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