Reporter's hate mail

Reporters will recognize the email that L.A. Times staffer and dog owner Samantha Bonar received from an unhappy—some might say deranged—reader. He objected to her Sunday Current piece calling for limits on Rottweilers like the one that severely mauled her Newfoundland. Before email, toxic newsroom greetings typically came scrawled in pencil, often around the edges of an envelope. (My personal favorite featured text that curled across both sides of a postcard and ranted at my coverage of social issues and gay rights: "You must be a Jew -- or a Catholic!!!") I've hidden most of Bonar's mail after the jump (don't click if f-words offend) and left in the spelling and typos. Notice how the writer's bilious spew builds to a predictable climax.

Lady you are an idiot. Why don't you write about something useful? The media is the worst thing this country has simply because you portray all the bad and none of the good...
How about the lady thatw as SAVED by a pit bull? Or maybe the fact you have a better chance of dying by lightning strike than you do by a pit bull bite. Do some damn research before you print articles like that. That's why everyone is turning on the pit bulls is from repeated, retarded articles like that. What are you gonna keep going until every large breed gets banned? It's people like you that fuck up this world. This is supposed to be a free fucking country where I can own any dog I please and I choose to own a pit bull. So why don't you report about Bush and what a fuck up he is or somethun useful? I'm glad your life has so much meaning you have to write pointless articles about dogs, get a real fucking job lady. Do us all a favor and kill yourself.

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