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Inside L.A.'s newest cult: 'The Order'

City HallOops, The Order isn't a cult. It's "a gateway to ultimate enlightenment and fulfillment," as our Lexus-driving, subway-craving, ladies-loving mayor Russell Napolitano learns in this week's pages for "Right of Way." Our noir thriller needed a little direction, and got it from David Benullo, the latest writer added to the credits on the LA Observed Script Project. "A busy, working screenwriter, Dave checked out our project and saw an opportunity to help straighten things out," producer Eric Estrin says in his Script Notes. "The key for him was to combine some of the loose story threads, beginning with the one involving the mystery-shrouded, cult-like group, The Order, which may be tied to a rash of murders." Eric also talks about this week's runners-up, including submissions from Indiana and north of the border.

Check out the new script pages and keep the story going by sending in a few well-crafted pages of your own by Sunday night.

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