Busch objects to LAT and Pellicano

Anita Busch, the journalist who was famously threatened by associates of jailed Hollywood snoop Anthony Pellicano while reporting for the L.A. Times, has a letter in Saturday's LAT co-signed by ex-New York Times correspondent Bernie Weinraub. They object to a flippant Pellicano reference by Calendar reporter Rachel Abramowitz, and also pick up Busch's ongoing complaint that the Times has sided with Pellicano over her. Excerpt:

We were among those targeted by Anthony Pellicano. We have read numerous stories during the coverage of this case in the Los Angeles Times that were slanted against the U.S. prosecutors and the FBI trying to put this man in prison, written by a reporter who admitted to having a long relationship to Pellicano as a news source.

Now, a story regarding Rob Lowe's nanny accusations ["The Price of Celebrity Privacy," by Rachel Abramowitz, June 4], asking, "Where is Anthony Pellicano when you need him?" A story that notes the private investigator's "cool efficiency" in making problems go away.

That "cool efficiency" entailed bribes, illegally wiretapping phones, harassing family members -- including an elderly mother who was blind and confined to a wheelchair -- breaking into homes, slashing tires, leveling death threats, trying to run people off the road, using the press to smear victims and other "efficient" forms of domestic terrorism. Pellicano didn't care if someone was right or wrong, he was paid to ruin lives . . . and that he did. And if it involved breaking the law, then so be it.

To those of us who were victimized by the "cool efficiency" of Mr. Pellicano and to our families who were likewise terrorized, the comments in your story were offensive and insensitive and represents a complete lack of understanding of what Pellicano did and why he was found guilty on 76 counts.

Also signing were Pellicano spying targets Jude Green and Pamela Miller.

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