Jamie Kennedy sorta explains the worst New Year's Eve show

The New Year's Eve live show from Hollywood Boulevard watched by almost nobody on KDOC, but which then went viral on the Internet, kinda sorta went according to plan, says host Jamie Kennedy. Except for the unbleeped f-bombs, technical glitches and unplanned brawl at the end of the show. He tells the New York Times:

The more stuff I do, the more polarizing I become. Sometimes I’m like the Kardashian of comedy. People seem to hate me but they can’t stop watching. I’m fine. We wanted to make a stink. Did we know it was going to make this much of a stink? No. But if I had done this correctly, would I be talking to you right now? No. How many people are talking about a New Year’s special on the 4th? Carson Daly, Ryan Seacrest – no. They’re talking about me. Some people really go after you, and I don’t know where the hate comes from. Here’s what I say: I didn’t stab nobody, I didn’t shoot nobody. I just made a New Year’s Eve special. Is that so bad?

With the Internet, you can’t fail anymore. Everything has to be perfect. How come you can’t fail anymore, or trying something? O.K., so maybe it didn’t work. But I tried, and you’re talking about it.

More of Kennedy's Q&A with the paper's Arts Beat blog. KDOC is claiming copyright on YouTube videos of the highlights, but you can probably find some.

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