Dorothy Lucey blogs about exit of the boss who axed her

dorothy_lucey_ftvlive.jpgThe consensus among the TV news people I've seen reacting online is that Kingsley Smith was pushed out as news director of KTTV Fox 11 after just over two years. (The PR spin by the station is that he resigned to pursue other opportunities.) The reaction that many insiders seemed to be waiting for was that of Dorothy Lucey, the former co-host of "Good Day LA" who confirmed that Smith is the Fox 11 executive who fired her last year but not before informing Lucey that her voice made his eyes bleed.

All in all, she's pretty gracious on her blog (hat tip to Scott Jones at FTVLive.) She calls her post When you don't have anything nice to say--blog. I'll guess that's a good clue as to how she really feels.

I’m joking (mostly).

I (mostly) take the high road. I have taken the high road for so long I have a nose bleed. Which I guess is better than your eyes bleeding.

People ask if I’m thrilled that the guy who fired me “resigned”. I get my thrills elsewhere.
I (mostly) don’t wish ill on anyone. I am so damn evolved. Or at least evolving.

And to those of you who tell, Tweet or Facebook me everyday that you miss the old Good Day LA I say… thank you. It was (mostly) fun while it lasted. And it lasted a good long time.

[Skipping long bit about buying a stunt butt and going to Halloween as Kourtney Kardashian]

And remember when you dont have anything nice to say…blog about your butt.

On Facebook, former KTTV news chief Pete Noyes (and one of the architects of The Big News at Channel 2, revered by many here as the best news operation ever on Los Angeles television) also had a few words for his former station. "So long to the news director who cut the news operation to the bone asnd brutalized good employees along the way," Noyes posted. "It reminds me of the days at KNXT when there were 9 news directors in 10 years, most of them equally brutal, especially to senior employees." (Typos cleaned up.)

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