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9A reversals of fortune

I thought it probably was all over, but yesterday a court handed down writ of supersedeas (or is that a writ of superserious) turning things around -- once again -- for 9A.

(Long story if you're not already familiar: there are better, feasible sites for the elementary school the LAUSD wants to build, but the district has refused to consider them because it's easier to go with the going plan than reconsider. The impact reviews they have conducted so far -- when forced by the court -- have been sloppy, a joke, really.)

According to one member of the Right Site Coalition,* which has been fighting to preserve the 50+ houses the LAUSD hopes to raze, the group is pleased by the writ but isn't sure exactly what it is or what it means beyond that the appellate court can now take its time examining an appeal to overrule a judge's previous negative (to the Right Site) ruling.

Chicken Corner wanted to know: supersedeas? and took a quick Google stroll, finding that, in an entry about peerages and monarchy, Wikipedia (which is so often wrong) uses the term this way:

The writ of supersedeas has not been used in recent times; in the words of the late Lord Williams of Mostyn, "it certainly has not been translated into modern English". If the writ of supersedeas is not issued, and the recipient of the writ does take his seat in the House of Lords, the creation of the peerage cannot be reversed. It is, however, extremely doubtful whether any new peerages could be created in this manner since the adoption of the House of Lords Act 1999.

Okay, so that's not an answer, Wikipedia. Maybe I should try ... So..which way, 9A? At this point, nothing would surprise me.

*(Interested party disclosure: I am affiliated with the Right Site Coalition through the Echo Park Historical Society.)

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