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Where the wild things may be and how many

Photo: Ross's goose, by Martin Cox.

Echo Park Lake: Judy Raskin led a bird count Sunday morning for the Audubon Society. Twenty-six species were spotted. Make that seen. (No word yet on how many were spotted.) That's about half the number of species counted on the Christmas walk on January 2. This could be due to migration: Most of the wild ducks, for one, do not summer in Echo Park. Some of them go to a nifty resort called Canada. But, as you can see in the list below, at least one Canada goose didn't budge.

Chicken Corner is glad to see the Ross's goose on the list. He/she has been here about six years now.

And June's birds were:

Ross's goose

Canada goose


Ruddy duck

Pied-billed grebe

Double-crested cormorant

Black-crowned night heron

Red-shouldered hawk

Red-tailed hawk

American coot

Western gull

Rock Pigeon

Mourning Dove

Yellow-chevroned parakeet

White-throated swift

Allen's hummingbird


American robin

Northern mockingbird

European starling

Brewer's blackbird

Great-tailed grackle

Hooded oriole

House finch

House sparrow

Kingbird - uncertain if western or Cassin's

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