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The Shuttle cacophony

Chicken Corner simply must join the online clucking and cooing over Endeavour's carrier strutting the skies of Los Angeles this afternoon. Talk about noise and excitement!

First there was the rumbling sound of the sky beast itself, and my husband calling out, "That's it!" We run outside, in plenty of time to see the aircrafts turning a wide circle to the west of our house. Down the hill there are the shrieks of hundreds of children on the playground of Elysian Heights Elementary.

A short time later, I am driving to an appointment and find upper Alvarado filled with people, in the street. It's bringing people together, which is exciting in itself. They're pointing binoculars and talking loud: The Shuttle is flying by!

On the 2 Freeway folks are driving slow....there's the Shuttle again!

On the 134 westbound, motorists have turned the shoulder into a parking lane as they stop to watch ... the Shuttle again!

Meanwhile, in Altadena, children have been waiting on a field for two hours to see the sight. One has fainted from the heat -- they pour water on him, another has been sick. Finally, the Shuttle comes and all the children start screaming, I am told by a young student named Eliza.

"Was it thrilling to see the Shuttle?" Chicken Corner asks.

"When all the kids started screaming, that was exciting."

But was it worth the screaming of chain saws killing 400 trees?

Ask the residents of Inglewood and South Los Angeles.

Update: It's 8:42 p.m., and a helicopter flies overhead. My daughter, Madeleine, asks, "What is that noise? Is it the Space Shuttle again?" Over and out, from Echo Park.

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