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Veronique de Turenne

They grow up so fast

We visited the hawk family again:

the hawk's nest

hawks nesting

And everyone seems to be well.

hello, hawks

Unlike last time, when all we could see of the baby was his mottled little head, the entire bird was visible this time. He seems to have doubled in size.

not that happy to see us

There appear to be at least two hawk chicks, actually, though the second one is just showing us his butt.

hawk and her chicks

And like all hawks, the mama was not pleased to have company. She flew to a branch above her nestlings and stood guard.

on guard

mama hawk says go away

I love how the baby can't take his eyes off of her.

hello baby hawks

And just fyi, here's the territory where they live and hunt.

where the hawks hunt

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They grow up so fast

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