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I really miss the blog

It's more than six months since the last post on Here in Malibu. Seriously, yikes. I miss sharing the things I see in my little corner of California. Even more than that, I miss the community that Kevin had amassed. I stopped because writing in the silence of a shuttered web site was beyond eerie. And yet not writing has been even more strange.

I've been shopping around at the various hosting platforms and honestly, it's a mess out there. Plug-and-play options don't make it easy for you to use html, which is what I'm used to here at LAO. And the more tech-y platforms are, well, too tech-y for me. I've been taking photos every day, writing blog posts in my head, visiting and re-visiting the usual suspects like wordpress and squarespace and medium, and...pfft. I put a toe into instagram and it's fine. I'm not a fan of likes and comments and knowing how many followers you have. SEO, not something I want to chase. Sacrilege, I know.

So I'll keep shopping and trying and hoping that something clicks. Blogs are dinosaurs of the online world, I know that, but I'd still like this one to continue. Meanwhile, here's Teddy, who is 1 year old now, and madly in love with a certain creek in the Santa Monica Mountains. She even got Walt to dip his toes.

Teddy loves Solstice Canyon

Next entry: Ladybugs in the canyon

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