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David Davis is the author of "Play by Play: Los Angeles Sports Photography 1889-1989" (Angel City Press). He is a contributing writer at Los Angeles Magazine and a contributing editor for the Amateur Athletic Foundation's SportLetter. His writing has appeared in Sports Illustrated, the Los Angeles Business Journal and other publications. He lives in Highland Park. Email
The dean of high-school sports journalists talks shop.
Tom Hoffarth is doing the dirty work so that you and I don't have to. Last Sunday, he started an...
An interview with Times-man John Scheibe, author of On the Road with Jim Murray
AEG sells another MLS franchise
Interviews with director Michael Apted and historian Jeff Wiltse
Looking for a Lakers championship banner for your office?
The Dodgers first baseman is named to Rawlings' all-time Golden Glove team.
Who remembers "Spinout"?
...Arizona, that is, as the Dodgers' spring-training ballpark deal is okayed by the state's Sports and Tourism Authority.
The former Times sports columnist lands at the Mothership.
L.A.'s Major League Lacrosse team makes the playoffs.
The Beijing Olympics are a year away -- and the Tournament of Roses might have some explaining to do.
The Sporting News ranks the top sports cities in the U.S. -- and L.A. doesn't medal.
Charlie Weis poaches on Pete Carroll's turf -- again.
Wen Roberts, who passed away earlier this week, was one of L.A.'s ground-breaking sports photographers. He was the Lakers' team...
The pitcher-author will be inducted into the Baseball Reliquary's Shrine of the Eternals this weekend.
Plus, Bill James and the Baseball Reliquary's upcoming Shrine of the Eternals induction ceremony
The author of Welcome to the Terrordome makes two SoCal appearances this weekend.
An interview with Dennis D'Agostino, co-author of Through a Blue Lens, and more.
Fortune Magazine weighs in.
Palmdale's venerable drag-racing facility is scheduled for closure.
The HBO boxing analyst talks about Oscar De La Hoya and his new contract with the network.
MVP is James Boice's debut novel.
Are you ready for the Pirates of Las Vegas?
Author of "The Southpaw" and "Bang the Drum Slowly"
From UCLA to Broadcom
The LA Times' award-winning columnist teams with Tommy Lasorda.
...And Joel Kotkin on AEG's LA Live.
And, that's why they call De La Hoya the Golden Boy.
A financial bonanza to be sure, but the sport needs the fight to be exciting.
A new documentary about Oscar Robertson's ground-breaking high school team
…But the Cubs (owned by Tribune Co.) are shaky
Finally, a West Coast voice -- besides Bill Simmons -- for the "Worldwide Leader"
The logo is leaving Memphis.
Making the bid all about business, and not emotion, proved misguided.
The Trib's Phil Hersh also notes the SoCal connections of the USOC board members.
Will Los Angeles get the U.S. Olympic nod over Chicago?
Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Terence Moore on the hypocrisy of the moment.
The Daily News' Tom Hoffarth examines the new HBO Sports documentary about the UCLA basketball dynasty.
Is L.A. ready for O.J. Mayo?
The Pittsburgh Penguins won't be moving to AEG's Sprint Center in Kansas City.
Quentin Tarantino is the executive producer of a documentary about water polo? True.
On the eve of the USOC's inspection visit to Los Angeles, LA Observed spoke with Barry Sanders.
PW forecasts spring sports books
Ashley Force and Kenny Bernstein will bring excitement to NHRA drag racing.
The book on Zamboni . . .and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's newest book
Kings' center Anze Kopitar, the NHL's second-leading rookie scorer and one of the last-place team's few bright spots thus far,...
The Beckham deal, 2016 Olympics, sports films
Pioneer female fighter Lilly Rodriguez has passed away.
Local sports teams have unclaimed money with the state.
L.A., Chicago in the running to represent U.S. in 2016 Olympic bid
The latest news from Kansas City and its search for an NHL franchise is that the Pittsburgh Penguins' ownership group,...
The MGM Grand will host next year's super-bout, according to Golden Boy Promotions.
Kevin Love: Rock star or high-school basketball player?'s Tommy Craggs played Scrooge last week, writing perhaps the only known hit-job on UCLA's legendary coach John Wooden.
AEG and ManU owner Malcolm Glazer are reported to be in talks about the sale of the L.A. Galaxy.
The Tribune, er, Chicago Cubs' spending spree: it's home runs and stolen bases over reporters and editors.
The Tribune, er, Chicago Cubs have reportedly signed Alfonso Soriano for $136 million.
A documentary on L.A. tennis great Pancho Gonzalez airs on PBS.
Let the bidding begin. The blockbuster fight of 2007 figures to be Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.,...
As Tribune Co. mulls a sale of its assets, it goes without saying that the Chicago Cubs may be in play.
The San Francisco 49ers' announcement that the team will move out of S.F. has Olympic implications.
Former football star Christian Okoye has formed the California Sports Hall of Fame.
Local journalist Randy Williams has a new book out on sports films, while columnist Bob Keisser dissects LA's sports talk radio.
Sometimes it feels like rooting for John Force — the king of drag racing — is like rooting for the New York Yankees.
The last time the Tigers and Cardinals met in the World Series, the true hero was not Mickey Lolich, Bob Gibson or Lou Brock but singer Jose Feliciano. His rendition of the National Anthem before Game 5 changed everything.
Chivas USA has approached Cal Poly Pomona about building a satellite center near the campus, a project that would bring Major League Soccer a step closer to the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire.
Former Rams great Ollie Matson, suffering from dementia and other ailments, lives in a nursing home here -- no thanks to the NFL.
The "flip-flop mafia" of autograph forgers and counterfeit sports memorabilia dealers became bolder as the big money rolled in. How's about a baseball signed by Mother Teresa? Presto.
Bob Miller, the L.A. Kings' venerable play-by-play announcer and, with Vin and Chick, part of the Big Mic Trio, gets...
Some good news and not-so-good news regarding ticket sales for local teams. In the heat of the pennant race, the...
From Jackie Robinson to Jimmy Clausen, southern California's high school football programs have long produced top talent. Now, the sport...
Leave it to Disney to make a feel-good film about a special-teams player who lasts all of three seasons in...
Reporters who cover Anschutz Entertainment Group know that the privately-held company is, well, private. The boss himself, Phil Anschutz, hasn't...
Bill Plaschke, the Times' "A" columnist, must have choked on his morning coffee when he read this headline in today's...
Curious about Los Angeles' chances to host the 2016 Olympics? I sure am, and so I turned to the source...
My girlfriend and I (and Orly the dog) are heading to the mountains this weekend, which means I'll miss the...
Over a decade ago I published a long story about Jerry Quarry, the former heavyweight contender from Bellflower who had...
Lacrosse, North America's oldest indigenous sport, has had a tough year. First, the scandal at Duke University brought negative publicity...
I've been on jury duty the past three weeks, so I'm catching up on a few things. Please excuse any...
Those of us rooting for soccer to make it in the States have had a mixed year. Obviously, the US...
On Saturday, we survived the 5 Freeway to get to The National in Anaheim. This is the Super Bowl of...
With the Times' sports hole shrinking faster than the Dodgers' pennant hopes, it was nice to see Lonnie White given...
In 1981, when Fernando Valenzuela started the season 8-0, Fernandomania spontaneously broke out. This year, after his call-up from the...
Earlier this year, the U.S. Postal Service issued a 39-cent stamp honoring Sugar Ray Robinson (who spent most of his...
For those keeping score at home, it's been a banner year for Terry Cannon's Baseball Reliquary. In February, Cannon...
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