Native Intelligence
SoCalEd outage map 7-13-20 - Copy.JPG

If you can't stand the heat...

What you need in the desert on the hottest day of the year during a stay-home pandemic is not a power outage.
Native Intelligence
Sunset2 6-25-20 - Copy.jpg

Fired up

Smoky air + plus southeast winds = a brilliant desert sunset
Native Intelligence

Talk to me

One enemy of social justice is our inability to discuss race with each other.
Don Shirley

'The Present'...and the fuzzy future of L.A. theater

The essence of theater is that we leave home and enter that intersection between live performers and live spectators -- in a public, physical locale. How is that going to happen until most audience members and artists are vaccinated?
Ellen Alperstein
Slab City2 5-14-20 - Copy.JPG

The sea is dying, the art lives

Creative communities thrive hard by the moribund Salton Sea.
Ellen Alperstein
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The company of one

1 might be the loneliest number, but also the most salubrious.
Native Intelligence
Jewish Rye St. Patrick3 3-8-20 - Copy.jpg

Closing the social distance

A holiday celebration for everybody who loves corned beef.