Banned by O'Reilly and loving it

creditWe told you last week that radio personality April Winchell had blown Bill O'Reilly's cover as a man of the people by exposing his rant about croissants that were not fresh enough and his demands for a helicopter. Winchell now posts that O'Reilly, whose radio show airs locally on KABC 790, got her banned for life from the station where she used to do guest stints with Marc Germain, the former Mr. KABC.

Boy, you really know how to hurt a girl.

You got me fired from a job I didn't have, at a station that wasn't paying me.

Now what am I going to do? I thought a had a real future there! I mean, okay, maybe I guested twice a month for something like 5 years and never got any compensation. But it's not like I had to pay to park!

And maybe they did edit out parts of shows I did and turn them into commercials for Make It Work without paying me, but they're busy over there! Bill's pastry isn't going to bake itself.

I guess this means I won't be the 5th Satellite Sister now. That's a real blow, because I wanted to add another 8 listeners to my fan base.

We at LA Observed have had our own revelations over this story. First, there are a lot of O'Reilly haters out there. Interest in my original post back on the 17th has helped push LAO to our highest traffic month ever for unique visitors (with almost a week still to go.) Also, we learned that Winchell's blog has a lot of readers. She has jumped up to be the month's sixth-ranked referrer of visitors, behind Andrew Sullivan and Romenesko and just ahead of Instapundit and John Amato's Crooks and Liars. (I especially like the ideological range of those top referrers...) Still, Winchell was edged out in our traffic logs by what I gather is the mother of anti-Bill sites:

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