KCRW changes up midnight lineup

Bunch of new talent is being unveiled at KCRW 89.9 FM and, some of them with station connections. Leaving are longtime KCRW figure Tricia Halloran, whose "Brave New World" is being dropped, plus Scott Silva, Kevin Ponthier and Greg DaPonte. "Looking for fresh voices," the station says. From the flackage:

Metropolis host Jason Bentley suggested Jeremy Sole, the co-founder and resident DJ of Afrofunke (Thursdays at Zanzibar) and a longtime DJ, music producer. His show Branches will focus on the future of roots music. Chocolate City’s Garth Trinidad suggested both Morgan Rhodes, who will experiment with dance music and everything on the cusp from a female perspective on Playground, and Aaron Byrd, a 22-year old who favors a global mix for Pangea. Both were volunteers on his show, and Garth’s co-host for his Sunday night residency, “One Way” at Zanzibar, Mathieu Schreyer, will also stay On The Corner on Friday nights.

Current Swingshift host and a Music Supervisor for Warner Brothers and MTV, Jason Eldredge will cherry pick the best dance music tracks for Accidental Rhythm, showcasing beats on the edge, musical risks and songs that set themselves apart from the crowd. He joins Thomas Golubic, a well-known music supervisor who recently made the jump from Swingshift to his own midnight slot with The Great Escape, offering a new twist to KCRW’s eclectic line-up with a unique cinematic sensibility.

The A-Track’s Anne Litt watched her longtime volunteer, and television commercial music supervisor, Dan Wilcox helm the Saturday night with Digging For Fire. KCRW Music Librarian Eric J. Lawrence will also stay put on Monday nights with Dragnet, a musical line-up of criminally overlooked tunes, hidden gems, guilty pleasures and standout selections from the latest releases.

Here's the lineup beginning at midnight tonight:

Monday: Eric J Lawrence, Dragnet
Tuesday: Thomas Golubic, The Great Escape
Wednesday: Jeremy Sole, Branches
Thursday: Jason Eldredge, Accidental Rhythm
Friday: Mathieu Schreyer, On the Corner
Saturday: Dan Wilcox, Digging for Fire
Sunday: Aaron Byrd, Pangea
Sunday (3am - 6am): Swingshift becomes THE LAB. With revolving hosts - Andrea Canter, Jason Kramer and introducing Morgan Rhodes

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