What Eva Georgia cost KPFK

The Pacifica radio station paid former general manager the equivalent of nine months’ salary, or $63,268, to part ways, former KPFK hand Marc Cooper reports in the LA Weekly.

The L.A. Weekly had heard rumors that Georgia, who left her post recently after being exposed for riding in limos and bunking in luxury hotels during previous fund drives, had been given a cool hundred grand to quietly go away....Throw in Social Security taxes, other employer fees and the simultaneous extension of her benefits, and we’re right back near that $100K mark. Give or take a few bucks, the astounding rumors were true.

Astounding because for a radio station that makes its nut by ritualistically pleading poverty and politically correct austerity, a hundred-grand golden parachute is rather grotesque under any conditions. (In this digital age, there are still some KPFK programmers who try to raise money by pleading with the audience that the station needs to buy razor blades to edit tape — even though tape is no longer used.) The severance is even more astounding because her staff forced out former manager Georgia by near-unanimous repudiation, and, more importantly, because of the sizable financial and legal liability she leaves behind.

As we reported here a few weeks ago, two ominous lawsuits are still pending against the station, resulting from claims of sexual harassment and discrimination lodged directly against Georgia. KPFK insiders say the station’s chances of beating them are slim to none. News reporter Molly Paige, for example, was reportedly willing to drop her sex-harassment suit in exchange for Georgia’s departure and a public apology. But when her lawyers learned that Georgia had been packed off with a suitcase full of severance payola, they darn well changed their minds.

Veronique was all over it back in August. And here's a previous take by Cooper, with a great if exaggerated quip that KPFK is where "North Korea meets North Hollywood."

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