KCRW distances itself from host's remarks

Claude Brodesser-Akner, host of The Business on Mondays on KCRW, took a stand on the show against the resignation of Rich Raddon from the L.A. Film Festival over his support of Proposition 8. Apparently, Brodesser-Akner's comparing Raddon's exit under pressure to the Hollywood blacklist ticked off a bunch of listeners. So KCRW general manager Ruth Seymour is taking the unusual step of publicly disavowing the remarks. According to KCRW, she plans to read this on next week's show:

Dear KCRW Listener:

Although I am recording this statement for broadcast on The Business next Monday, I wanted to respond to your letter personally. Here's what I am planning to say on the air:

"Last week listeners to this program heard an announcement by host Claude Brodesser-Akner purporting to be a (quote) ‘rant on behalf of the entire editorial staff of The Business.’

Well, a ‘rant’ is certainly what it was, in all the pejorative meanings of that term.

The management of KCRW takes editorial positions on very rare occasions. Management alone has that prerogative. In this instance, management was neither consulted nor informed.

Here's the background to this incident.

Two weeks ago Rich Raddon, Director of the LA Film Festival, resigned his position after his donation of $1500 to California's Proposition 8 anti-gay marriage campaign was publicly revealed. The Business compared his resignation to the Hollywood Blacklist days when members of the film industry lost their jobs because of alleged Communist sympathies. The actors, directors, writers and producers who were targeted in the Blacklist never resigned their positions. The Business never offered those who disagreed with the producers the opportunity to answer. KCRW regrets airing this out-of-the-blue opinion and has made it clear to those involved that it is unacceptable. On behalf of the station and its commitment to fairness and accuracy, please accept our apologies and regrets.” I want to thank you for writing us. We share your concern and are deeply troubled by this incident, which transgresses the very ideas that inform the station and its commitment to the community. Sincerely, Ruth Seymour General Manager

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