John Ziegler fires at 'John & Ken'

Real KFI logoJohn Ziegler didn't just go away at KFI. He went away mad. Ziegler has put up a website called The Real KFI "dedicated to telling the totally true story of John Ziegler's experience at KFI in Los Angeles." He says this probably means he'll never work in this town again, or in talk radio, but feels "there are certain truths that are worth the risk to tell." He especially goes after shouters "John & Ken" and asserts some things about the pair's shtick that I've always just assumed:

In my opinion, John & Ken don't give a damn about stopping illegal immigration (frankly, they don't care about much of anything except their paycheck, and the fact that they often record segments and go home early seems to prove that). In fact, they would be miserable if that problem was ever solved. The reality that it never will be resolved is one of the reasons they strategically chose illegal immigration as their signature issue. Illegal immigration is simply a good “fall back” topic when nothing sexier is going on. They routinely abandon their fake fight (even during critical battles) when other “news” is more interesting. If O.J. Simpson ever killed Paris Hilton because she was having an affair with Scott Peterson, I can assure you that they would never talk about illegal immigration again until a terrorist brought a nuclear bomb through the southern border and exploded it in Southern California...

He also calls John (Kobylt) a racist. There's a lot more over there, including audio clips. Here's the summary:

This website is devoted to one of those truths. Specifically, that the talk radio industry (and particularly KFI) is dominated by freaks, fakes, frauds and phonies who tend to make crack whores seem respectable and reputable by comparison.

On this website you read and hear compelling and exclusive evidence that:

* The John & Ken Show is fundamentally fraudulent and makes professional wrestling seem credible in comparison
* John Kobylt is the main reason that John Ziegler is no longer at KFI
* John Kobylt made one of the most racist statements ever made by a person in his position and, in the opinion of John Ziegler, is a racist.
* Ken Chiampou is presumed to be a homosexual by nearly everyone at KFI and why that should matter to KFI listeners.
* There is a lot that John & Ken don't want you to know about how they do their show and determine what they are going to say
* Bill Handel is a fair-weathered “friend” who hates John & Ken but who committed one of the most massive acts of hypocrisy imaginable after strangely going out of his way to defend John Kobylt
* KFI management is utterly incompetent and corrupt
* John Ziegler is hardly perfect and not talented enough to be a success doing KFI's brand of deceptive talk.
* At the end of John Ziegler's tenure at KFI things got so absurd that they were absolutely comical

He ends with: "Now the truth about KFI and John & Ken is out finally out there. It is up you to act on it and, should you so choose, spread the word." I'll note this: the readers of voted John & Ken the top Outstanding Personalities of the year.

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