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Jue Joe Ranch in the middle of the Valley (photos)

jue-joe-barn-side.jpg An old barn and packing shed remain from an asparagus ranch where a Chinese immigrant family thrived before the San Fernando Valley became the suburbs.

Bob Schieffer's sign-off from 'Face the Nation' (video)

schieffer-signs-off.jpg He brought out the staff to take a bow on camera. Nice touch.

Ex-blogger Ken Layne has a desert magazine

desert-oracle.jpg The original Los Angeles media and politics blogger is featured in today's Column One in the LA Times.

Park Service now tracks lions in the Verdugo Mountains too

p-41-sly-nps.jpg P-41, an adult male weighing 130 pounds, was tagged and released on May 7 in the mountain range above Burbank and Glendale.

Santa Monica names Rick Cole its new city manager

rick-cole-twitter.jpg Eric Garcetti's deputy mayor for budget and innovation is a veteran local city official who formerly was mayor of Pasadena and the top staffer in Ventura.
jessica-alba-forbes.jpg Take that, haters. Alba really is more than a pretty face and the Internet's favorite bikini body.

Mid-week news and notes

westwood-leconte-bike-lane.jpg I've been storing up for a few days.

KTLA news copter test run in 1958 (video)

ktla-copter-grab.jpg Channel 5 was the first Los Angeles television station to deploy a news helicopter. Watch.
solis-el-paso-grab.jpg Henry Solis was arrested in Ciudad Juarez and handed over to the FBI at the border.

Hyperloop hoop

hyperloop-hoop.jpg Looks as if the Hyperloop engineers have made themselves at home in the Arts District.

Lucy Jones watches 'San Andreas' so you don't have to

san-andreas-film-grab.jpg LA's favorite earthquake expert tweets her review of the latest impossible movie disaster to destroy Los Angeles.
police-van-fifa.jpg Sepp Blatter, longtime president of the soccer federation, was not among those charged. The U.S. will seek extradition from Zurich.

Dodgers say so long to Juan Uribe*

uribe-kiss-kemp-nlds-grab.jpg There were some good times, but he's 36 and heading to free agency, while the younger guys have to play. Uribe "choked up when asked what he would miss about the Dodgers and walked away."

Mary Ellen Mark, photographer, was 75

mary-ellen-mark.jpg The renowned photojournalist of topics as varied as Seattle runaways, Bombay prostitutes, high school proms, twins and film sets died on Monday in New York.

Charter to add Dodgers channel before TWC takeover

dodger-stadium-fans.jpg The CEO of Charter Communications says the company will start to offer Sports Net LA within a few weeks, while its $56 billion deal for Time Warner Cable proceeds.

Seven new red-light cameras coming to Beverly Hills

wilshire_whittier_google.jpg The city plans to turn on its old cameras and add new intersections in June, bringing the total in Beverly Hills to 15.

Anne Meara, 85*, and John Nash, 86

anne-meara-nyt.jpg Meara, the actress and comedian, died in Manhattan. Nash, the mathematician portrayed in "A Beautiful Mind," was killed with his wife Alicia in a New Jersey taxi crash.

First grave in the LA veterans cemetery

lanc-flags-long-52415.jpg My post for Memorial Day includes a book excerpt and a visit to Los Angeles National Cemetery.

Sign of the times: Dodgers job openings

dodger-stadium-fans.jpg The team is hiring a "data scientist" and a senior developer for the research and development team.

Irish become first nation to vote in same-sex marriage

dublin-couples-mark-condren.jpg The participation by voters was the largest in the history of the Irish republic. The yes side got 62 percent.

Saturday egg sluts

egg-slutsters.jpg These lucky few slutsters got seats at the counter.of Egg Slut in Grand Central Market.

Linda Deutsch roast is tonight

linda-deutsch-fb.jpg It's a fundraiser for the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Check out San Francisco's new subway tunnel

sf-subway-tunnel-chron.jpg San Francisco completed digging two Central Subway tunnels last week.

Thursday news and notes

norms-alan-hess.jpg Santa Barbara oil spill. Norms gets status. Reaction to David Ryu's election and David Letterman's farewell. Plus much more.
kimmel-re-letterman.jpg Jimmy Kimmel will air a re-run of his show tonight so that his fans can switch over to CBS and watch Letterman's final show.

Amazing visual tornado explainer

tornado-genesis-grab.jpg Tornado genesis from Jim Cantore at the Weather Channel.
nyt-screen-grab-gay-study.jpg Columbia co-author questions data provided in last year's news-making study by a UCLA co-author.

David Ryu wins City Council runoff

david-ryu-campaigns.jpg He become the first Korean-American elected to the Los Angeles City Council. The race wasn't that close.

City Council gets ball rolling on $15 minimum wage

city-hall-over-bldgs.jpg The council votes 14-1 to tell the city attorney to draft an ordinance that would make $15-an-hour the minimum wage in the city of Los Angeles by 2020. Mayor Garcetti signed on to the final deal.

Just one copyright per movie, 9th Circuit court rules

cindy-lee-garcia-bfield.jpg Individual actors or set designers can't copyright their small contributions to a film, as the actress argued who was tricked into appearing in "Innocence of Muslims."

'Mad Men' finale ratings just third-best for the show

don-draper-esalen.jpg Previous season openers did better in the ratings than the series finale, according to first-night numbers from Nielsen.

'Mad Men' jerk is just as bad to BuzzFeed journalist

ferg-donnelly-buzzfeed.jpg This is what Hollywood's acceptance of sexism looks like in real life, writes BuzzFeed LA's Susan Cheng -- despite a lawyer letter trying to dissuade her.
sports-arena-render-becket-lapl.jpg Partner Magic Johnson calls the 22,000-seat, $250 million home for an MLS expansion team a jobs plus for South LA.

Monday news and notes

chris-pratt-gq-june-2015.jpg Clippers lose. Clinton Foundation donations. Loretta Sanchez war whoops. Fassbender as Steve Jobs. Much more.

Nikki Finke returns with Hollywood fiction site -- and photo

nikki-finke-2015.jpg Her will feature short stories, novellas and novel excerpts written by Hollywood insiders "like myself."

LA firefighters and dogs return from Nepal (video)

taskforce2-returns.grab.jpg Task Force 2 reunited with families Sunday at the base in Pacoima.

Another film critic down: Claudia Puig

claudia-puig-usat.jpg After 15 years at USA Today, she took a buyout that saw 55 staffers leave the paper last week.

Friday news and notes

fresno-bee-drought-pic.jpg Marines die in Nepal. The City Council's new secretive ways. LANG parent no longer for sale. Another jab at LAT from Jeff Gottlibeb. Plus more politics, media and place.

Memo: Film critic Betsy Sharkey 'heading home to Texas'

besty-sharkey.jpg Friday is Sharkey's last day at the Los Angeles Times after 17 years, the last seven as film critic.

Thursday politics notes

sanchez-xmas-card.jpg Sanchez is running. Brown and Napolitano make up. A good point about almonds and water. Another LATimesman leaves for political PR. And more.

Former undersheriff Tanaka surrenders to feds

paul-tanaka-vidgrab.jpg The federal grand jury is investigating corruption in the LA County jails and the attempt by sheriff's officials to hide a federal informant from the FBI.
Santa-Monica-Pier-tourists.jpg Units that are really just vacation rental businesses will no longer be allowed to take in paying guests unless the resident is there too.

Beutner 'a regional news leader to be watched nationally'

austin-beutner-coastalcc.jpg News industry analyst Ken Doctor likes the moves Austin Beutner has made at the Los Angeles Times, including the acquisition of U-T San Diego.

'Sunken City' in San Pedro may reopen to the public

sunkencity-ktla.jpg The 1920s landslide zone apparently is safe enough to let people in during the day.

Mormon temple finally embraces the brown

mormon-temple-brown-grass.jpg My post last week on the Mormon lawn in Westwood had a weird, short life as a media drought nugget. After hedging, the landmark temple now says, yes, the lawn is going dry to help out.

LA Times Pulitzer winner exits an unhappy camper

gottlieb-vives-esquivel.jpg Jeff Gottlieb, who shared in the 2011 Pulitzer for Bell coverage, warns in his exit email to Times staffers about "these treacherous waters"
naomi-seligman-fb.jpg Seligman says she "has helped end the careers of some of the most corrupt members of Congress, targeted the NRA and its allies, exposed front groups covering for corporate interests, and rooted out misinformation in the media."

Monday morning news and notes: May 11

kodak-tri-x-wired.jpg Chock full of politics, media, place and an appreciation of Kodak's Tri-X film.

Los Angeles artist Chris Burden dies at 69

urban-light-burden.jpg Burden's "Urban Light" outside LACMA has become one of the most admired and photographed works of art in Los Angeles.

Found video: Downtown LA in color in 1946

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.23.42 PM.jpg Fun stock footage posted on the Internet Archive. Clifton's, the Golden Gopher, the Rialto and other theaters make appearances.

Friday news and notes: Police, politics, water and more

kristannaloken-villaraigosa.jpg Plus Antonio Villaraigosa's new actress-girlfriend, restaurants come and go and a big day for a Dodger.

Mormon temple lawn goes brown

mormon-temple-brown-grass.jpg I don't know if this a drought measure or what, but the big expanse of green grass on Santa Monica Boulevard in Westwood is mostly brown.

Hillary Clinton leaves LA with $3 million and a super PAC

hillary-clinton-campaign.jpg Nice one-day haul for the Democratic candidate, but she's also in the spotlight for agreeing to take money from even bigger donors.

LA Times finally gets hold of San Diego

latimes-building-aerial-tig.jpg Tribune Publishing buys U-T San Diego and installs Times publisher Austin Beutner as publisher there too. Otis Chandler's dream realized?
venice-boardwalk-stalls.jpg Chief Beck has already said he's concerned about this shooting after seeing video footage.

Inside the LA Times Valley edition in 1993 (video)

jeff-klein-latvideo-grab.jpg An 11-minute promotional film on MySpace shows the newsroom and printing plant (and the hairstyles) when the Times had an entire newspaper operation in Chatsworth.

Lauter to run LA Times' 2016 campaign coverage

david-lauter-twitter.jpg The LA Times has tapped Washington bureau chief David Lauter to run the presidential campaign coverage. Read the memo.
cheevers-typewriter-soboroff.jpg Plus Steve Soboroff acquires another famous person's typewriter. And what it was like to play for the bad old Clippers.

Welcome to the show, Carlos Perez

carlos-perez-alex-curry.jpg In his first game in major league baseball, the new Angels catcher won the game with a walk-off home run.

Greatest jokes that never made it on Letterman

obama-on-letterman-2015.jpg With David Letterman's TV run coming near the end, his writers of the past reveal the jokes they wish they had been allowed to put on the air.
fiorina-didnt-register.jpg So somebody else did. Screen grab from

Secrets of the LA mountain lions

p-32-as-kitten.jpg How long P-22 was under the house in Los Feliz, the lion cubs who crossed the 101 freeway and how many pets have been found at lion kills in the Santa Monica Mountains.
twitchell-mural-valley-coil.jpg Our occasional but often-on-Mondays roundup of politics, media and place.
nyt-reviews-alissa-walker.jpg Tim Egan, Dana Goodyear, Mark Arax, Grace Peng and others weigh in on the drought and California's future, while the New York Times style editors again give Angelenos something to wag their tongues about.

Dave Goldberg's legacy in the music business

dave-goldberg.jpg The Survey Monkey chief executive who reportedly died outside the U.S. while on vacation with his wife -- no details have been released -- was a pioneer in bringing digital music to the Internet.

Personal OC media stories 40 years after Saigon

tracy-wood-1973.jpg Tracy Wood, now at Voice of OC, learned lessons about official corruption covering the Vietnam War that keep coming into play in her coverage of government.

Suzanne Marques shames on-camera crasher

suzanne-marques-live-spoile.jpg Good for Marques. After a dude invaded her shot and began talking dirty, she put his pic on Facebook. "Do you know this face?"

Artist and writer Ed Fuentes gets ink in Las Vegas

ed-fuentes-baskow.jpg Far from DTLA, Fuentes has been chronicling street art in the desert and has some ideas on what's missing.

Malibu wedding crashed by helicopter rescue (video)

malibu-couple-wedding-chopp.jpg A Missouri couple received apologies from a climber rescued off a cliff at Point Dume.

Ben E. King tribute by 'Rhapsody in Black' (videos)

bill-gardner-fb.jpg Bill Gardner soared with his on-air set devoted to the late Ben E. King on Saturday afternoon on KPFK.

Friday news and notes: A lotta news, from all over

baltimoreDA.jpg Baltimore cops charged, more reax to LAPD body cameras, a crooked local chief of police, DWP audits and more.
Clinton fundraises in LA
kermit-la-brea-closer.jpg Jim Henson Studios on La Brea became a presidential campaign stop on Thursday.
Brown declares disaster area
porter-ranch-sign.jpgThe natural gas leak above Porter Ranch now qualifies for various government actions. Story
Wet coyote
wet-coyote-vdt.jpgSpotted between the storms at Here in Malibu.
Performing arts with cheer
guys-dolls-kevin-parry.jpgDonna Perlmutter closes out 2015 with productions downtown and on the Westside.
Junkyard down
upick-firetruck-560.jpgAfter 53 years, Sun Valley's Aadlen Brothers and U-Pick Parts cleans out. Photos