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BuzzFeed walks away from Arts District move

ford-factory-shorenstein.jpg The web operation is still looking for the right LA headquarters, but for now BuzzFeed Motion Pictures is moving to Siren Studios.

California Lawyer shutting down, report says

cal-lawyer-grab.jpg Jim Romenesko reports the staff was told this morning that the magazine is closing effective immediately.

It's the Mojave, Jake

bent-palms-mojave.jpg Bad day yesterday for stereotypes about the Mojave Desert cities being a hotbed of unsavory news.

How immigration in U.S. has shifted through times

immigration-years-pew-2013.jpg Really informative interactive map from the Pew Research Center charting where America's immigrants came from.

LA Times hires again, this time in Washington bureau

sarahdwire-twitter.jpg Sarah D. Wire, now the Washington presence of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, will cover the California delegation online.

For one night only, the return of Camp O.J.

oj-at-verdict.jpg Radio reporter Steve Futterman is organizing a 20-year reunion of the media folks who covered the people versus Orenthal J. Simpson this Saturday. Videos inside.

In advance of buyouts, LA Times still hiring

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for latimes-sign-sideview.jpg The Times added a new business writer, grabbing the managing editor of the LA Business Journal. Read the memo.

LA Times buyout offer delayed

latimes-bldg-from-corner.jpg It's a companywide initiative to cut costs at Tribune Publishing and might now be a few weeks off. Meaning exits during the holidays.

Wrong way to hype an investigative story

nuclear-secret-grafic.jpg There's nothing secret about KNBC's Santa Susana nuclear accident package -- the station broke the story for TV in 1979 with Warren Olney reporting.

Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards: our last Rose Parade

bob-eubanks-edwards.jpg They take to KTLA this morning to announce they are hanging up their microphones -- voluntarily. They go way back in LA broadcasting.

'Angeleno' new LA series coming from PBS SoCal

angeleno-phoenix-pbs.jpg Producer Peter Jones wants the show to feel inpired by Ralph Story and Huell Howser, "who taught me the best quality to have as a journalist: listening."

John Myers named Sacramento bureau chief for LA Times*

john-myers-twitter.jpg Read the memo: Myers is the California political and government editor at KQED in the Bay Area and a longtime Sacramento media hand.

Carla Marinucci to Politico from SF Chronicle

carla-marinucci-twitter.jpg She will launch the California Playbook, Politico's west coast edition of Mike Allen's Playbook. "Within weeks," Politico says.

Deputy managing editor shifts to digital at LA Times

latimes-com-front-grab.jpg Scott Kraft, a former foreign correspondent and national editor, will "identify, shepherd and polish the top stories of the day" for the Times website.

WGN marks Yom Kippur with Nazi emblem

wgn-star-of-david.jpg Chicago station says it "failed to recognize that the image was an offensive Nazi symbol."

Soon-Shiong also now interested in buying LA Times

soon-shiong-forbes.jpg Report is that LA's richest person is "seriously considering" a bid but has not contacted Tribune. Not that the Times is even for sale.

Dockweiler Beach closed by Hyperion sewage and debris

hyperion outfall_0.jpg Elevated bacteria counts plus the discovery of hypodermic needles and tampon applicators are tied to Hyperion's switch this week to a pipe dumping treated sewage just a mile offshore.

Journo tries to visit his mom at Clifton's soiree

welcome-to-cliftons.jpg The ashes of Ray Richmond's mom may have been upstairs in the VIP area. But the family felt her presence.

LA Times editor: We must 'accelerate our evolution,' drop some news*

davan-maharaj.jpg Davan Maharaj memo declares it's a new, more digital era. Those considering the upcoming buyout will read it closely.

Union Rescue Mission CEO loses use of legs to infections

andy-bales-aron.jpg Andy Bales caught the trifecta of Skid Row infections — E. coli, strep and staph — and now uses a wheelchair. "Conditions on Skid Row are worse than they have ever been…"

She hated life as a young female editor at the LA Times

jezebel-lat-graphic.jpg Devon Maloney was pop music editor for four months, then quit to freelance. "My colleagues gave me no enthusiasm or positivity."

34 years at Playboy: that's enough, right?

stephen-randall-fb.jpg Stephen Randall, longtime deputy editor in Los Angeles for Playboy and overseer of the Playboy Interview, will transition to an editor-at-large role as change roils the magazine.

From Ramona Gardens to Fenway Park

now-ramirez.jpg Noe Ramirez is the 18,548th player to appear in a major league baseball game, but he's almost certainly the first from the Ramona Gardens projects.

LA Times turmoil: the view from New York and Chicago*

latimes-bldg-from-corner.jpg Tribune Publishing chief Jack Griffin talks to the NYT and his own Chicago Tribune. Beutner blamed for poor financial performance.

Clifton's was closed all weekend

cliftons-sign.jpg The new Clifton's opened last week but was unexpectedly closed all weekend "due to some unforeseen circumstances," a sign taped to the door said.

Friday desk clearing

hennessey-ingalls-sm.jpg A whole lot of news, politics, media and place for the week.

#Mayor_of_Instagram opening at Gary Leonard's gallery

airforceone-by-garcetti.jpg A show of Eric Garcetti's social media photos opens downtown on Saturday and runs through Oct. 31.

Pet camel killed by driver looking at phone

camel-on-truck.jpg The camel would probably have been in Saturday's Agua Dulce parade and some of the locals are pretty upset.

Trib's top shareholder drawn into fight over LA Times

latimes-mirror-bldg.jpg Bruce Karsh has held discussions with Eli Broad and others, says Crain's Chicago. Also a new examination of the LA Times' not-good situation by Newsonomics' Ken Doctor.

Future of Cities event coming in October

bojarsky-event-alcornpan.jpg That June gathering of power players and civic activists at Tony Pritzker's home is going public with a discussion event at LACMA.

'Weekend All Things Considered' leaving LA so soon

npr-west-weekened-atc-room.jpg Two years after all the NPR chatter about being on the West Coast, Arun Rath and the staff are packing up in Culver City and the show returns to Washington.

Tribune Publishing to LAT buyers: Drop dead

trib-statement-grab.jpg Board issues an unusual statement saying Los Angeles is important to the company's future and giving the CEO a vote of confidence.

Son of Rick Caruso wins the Republican debate

Gregory-Caruso-cnn.jpg Gregory Caruso was the unflinching young guy sitting just left of Jake Tapper and creating a lot of social media buzz.

Tale of two LA museums

broad-judy-gallery.jpg The Broad on Bunker Hill looks to be a hit. The Petersen, on the other hand, looks like something...

Nicco Mele lands at USC Annenberg center after LA Times

nicco-mele-usc.jpg He was the LAT's big digital hope but followed Austin Beutner out the door. Also: LA's Board of Supes and a new online petition call for local leadership of the Times.

Los Angeles River with water in it

lariver-rain-91515.jpg The drought has gone on so long there may be new Angelenos who have never seen the concrete Los Angeles River raging. Hola, El Niño.

Chicago imposing deep new cuts on LA Times, report says

Tribune Pubishing wants to reduce editorial expenses by about $10 million and 80 positions. That's a big hit.

Marketplace bumper shows some Love (audio)

forever-changes.jpg A clip from Arthur Lee's revered 1967 album "Forever Changes" helps enliven a story on mortgages. Join me in "A House is Not a Motel."

LA Times tries a daily politics newsletter

sign-up-page-lat.jpg Essential Politics so far looks as if it will aggregate Times coverage of the presidential campaign and other politics news, with some narrative and analysis tying items together.

Sierra snowpack was probably the worst in 500 years

yosemite-no-snow-nws.jpg A new study looks at blue oak tree rings in the Sierra Nevada. "The 2015 low is unprecedented in the context of the past 500 years," says a journal report.

LA Times battle: now a stare-down between Broad and Tribune?

broad-at-museum-site-gl-dtn.jpg Analyst Ken Doctor says the fight for Times control is still on and has some intriguing wrinkles.

Erin Aubry Kaplan on love, race and death of a spouse

alan-kaplan-kcet.jpg "Our hugely improbable, racially romantic story did not mean that we'd solved the problems of the color line. Far from it."

Bad, bad night in Middletown (video)

anderson-springs-grab1.jpg Hundreds of homes were lost on Saturday night. For generations of hot springs soakers and New Age followers, there is more bad news.

Former LA Times publisher calls Beutner firing 'tragic, reprehensible'

latimes-sign-sideview.jpg Tom Johnson says in email to Austin Beutner that 'Your strategy was exactly what The Times needs in this rapidly changing media world.'

Orcas come to town and frolic for the cameras

orcas-oc.jpg The pod appeared off San Onofre in Orange County this week and provided a show.

Friday news and notes: End-of-week desk clearing

nike-store-the-grove-we-are-la-mural_native_1600.jpg Garcetti and Hillary Clinton. Villaraigosa on Clinton. New Times publisher's salary and, wow, that housing allowance. Hyperion to discharge closer to shore.

Los Angeles Times of 1999 compared to 2015

repoters-notebook.jpg Look what the newspaper boasted about 16 years ago — and look at what's gone.

Fine Arts to be a Laemmle theater again

fine-arts-large.jpg The Fine Arts movie house on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, dark for five years, reopens Sept. 18. Opened in 1937 as the Wilshire Regina.

Broad, Villaraigosa, Riordan sign protest letter to Tribune

open-letter.jpg More echoes of the early Tribune years in LA: open letter signed by 60 leaders backs Austin Beutner.

Next out: LA Times senior VP and chief of staff

simril-lmu.jpg "I believe that this world class city deserves a world class paper," Renata Simril says in her exit email. Nicco Mele is said to be next.

Hennessey + Ingalls to move to DTLA Arts District

hennessey+ingalls.jpg The 52-year-old bookstore is leaving Santa Monica for a new 5,000-foot bookstore space at One Santa Fe.

LA Times loses White House reporter and VP of communications

Thumbnail image for latimes-building-aerial-tig.jpg Also: Ken Doctor writes this may not be the end of Austin Beutner's and Eli Broad's efforts to acquire the Times.

Could Donaldo Trumpez make Mexico great again?

donaldo-trumpez-grab.jpg First he wants to build a wall to keep out the Americans with their problems.

Vin Scully literature: Koufax perfect game 50 years ago today

koufax-pg.jpg "There’s 29,000 people in the ballpark and a million butterflies...All the boys in the bullpen straining to get a better look as they look through the wire fence in left field..."

Watch El Ninos build side by side: 1997 and 2015

el-ninos-compared.jpg "I was a little shocked just how closely 2015 resembles 1997 visually," says the visualization creator at UCAR.

Beutner's email access blocked, so he exits on Facebook

beutner-thoughts.jpg "I am not departing by choice...Tribune Publishing has decided to fire me. I will continue to root for you to succeed."

Austin Beutner out as LA Times publisher in Chicago power play*

austin-beutner-almeida-nyt.jpg Tribune Publishing's chief is headed to Los Angeles this morning to replace Beutner with a more Chicago-friendly publisher. The move, I'm told, follows a failed bid by Eli Broad to buy the Times away from Tribune.

Ancient DNA cracks old mystery of the Basques

pottok-and-euskera.jpg California and the lore of LA are rife with Basque immigrants. A new study thinks it can finally answer: who are these people with their odd language?

A Los Angeles poet's 'revolution of everyday life'

sesshu-foster-aljz.jpg Al Jazeera America goes for an Eastside tour with Sesshu Foster, "the poet laureate of a vanishing neighborhood."

Martin Milner, 83, actor and iconic TV cop

henrys-reed-malloy.jpg LAPD Chief Charlie Beck credits Milner's Pete Malloy with inspiring him to join the force.

Friday news and notes: End-of-week desk clearing

biker-guardian.jpg Media moves, crime politics, fires, LA bike gangs observed and much more.

Dodgers go young and tall at shortstop tonight

seager-meets-the-media.jpg Corey Seager, the system's top prospect, will wear number 5 and start over Jimmy Rollins at San Diego.

LA Times explains why it ran photo of drowned Syrian toddler

syria-toddler.jpg Assistant managing editor Kim Murphy says, given everything, "publishing the photo felt less like a gamble and more like an imperative."

Battle of the LA squirrels rages on

GraySquirrel_EasternSquirrel.jpg The contest for dominance between LA's two main squirrel species is one of my favorite local wildlife situations.

LA Times loses investigative reporter to CNN, girds for buyouts

scott-glover-fb.jpg Scott Glover will be a justice reporter based in Los Angeles. Everybody at the LAT seems to expect a new round of buyouts soon.

LA's last real estate trophy?

Last_Real_Estate_Trophy_thr.jpg "This is as good as it gets," says real estate broker Jeff Hyland: 157 acres on the ridge line above Beverly Hills.

Downtown crime spike not good for gentrification

dtla-alley-bars.jpg The suddenly rising crime rate threatens to undo a lot of good trends in Los Angeles.

KCRW launches series on Skid Row

KCRW_Stephanie.jpg For some, "the area can be a way station to a better place. For others, it’s a place where survival means community, drugs, and a regular spot on the street."

Dylan Byers, Politico's man in LA, jumps to CNN

dylan-byers-twitter.jpg Byers will be the senior reporter for media and politics at CNNMoney and CNN Politics.

RV encampment on Tujunga Avenue in North Hollywood

rv-nh-12.jpg The blogger at Here in Van Nuys visited with some of the homeless parked in 15 vans, campers and RVs at North Hollywood Park.

Herald Examiner building to go mixed-use

herex-bldg-1915-lapl.jpg The jail cells and other TV sets finally have to move out of the former home of the Los Angeles Examiner (and HerEx) at Broadway and 11th St.

Los Angeles becomes the official U.S. bid for 2024 games

garcetti-beach-house.jpg The U.S. Olympic Committee designates LA after the City Council takes a 15-0 vote in support.

LA News Group covers retiring editor

carolina-garcia-retires.jpg Carolina Garcia is the former editor of the Daily News and has been a managing editor for the LANG chain.

Cops and prosecutors oppose parole for Voltaire Williams

voltaire-williams-cdc.jpg In early August we published a blogger piece about Williams, convicted in the murder of Los Angeles police officer Thomas Williams in 1985.

Nice day for a City Hall media op -- at the beach

annenberg-beach-pool2.jpg Mayor Garcetti and Council President Wesson will talk about the City Council's Olympics vote way out in Santa Monica.
Clinton fundraises in LA
kermit-la-brea-closer.jpg Jim Henson Studios on La Brea became a presidential campaign stop on Thursday.
Brown declares disaster area
porter-ranch-sign.jpgThe natural gas leak above Porter Ranch now qualifies for various government actions. Story
Wet coyote
wet-coyote-vdt.jpgSpotted between the storms at Here in Malibu.
Performing arts with cheer
guys-dolls-kevin-parry.jpgDonna Perlmutter closes out 2015 with productions downtown and on the Westside.
Junkyard down
upick-firetruck-560.jpgAfter 53 years, Sun Valley's Aadlen Brothers and U-Pick Parts cleans out. Photos