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We have a wonderful new dog in our family. Chyla came to us in October from a rescue agency. She is a pure-bred dog -- a little of this, a little of that, and she can prove it by just standing there. But we do have papers from the agency, Ace of Hearts, though I am sure some of the "information" in them may be fuzzy math. Chyla was advertised as shepherd-lab, but there's some pit bull too. It shows in her stance. Like so many rescued pets, she's a love hog; all she wants to do is cuddle. She is licensed, microchipped, tag-ID-ed, cross-referenced, alphabetized and named. She is in the system.

Chyla's official existence makes me think of one of my favorite children's books, Elizabeth Swados' The Animal Rescue Store.

For your pleasure, here is the chapter "Puffy Prince Poodle":

Puffy Prince Poodle is a champion./His proper name is Lord Cottonbatton Alfred Schmitz Runs Like a Reindeer Lord Prince Cottonbatton Alfred Schmitzy the 3rd.
Puffy Prince Poodle won't say a word./Comes from a famous line of hoity-toity show dogs.
Father's name was Lord King Yellow Escalator Goes Down Heartbeating Stethoscope Sam (These hoity-toity show dogs have long names: Don't know why).
Puffy Prince Poodle's mother's name was Her Lady Archduchess Ring-Around-the-Rosy Parking Meter Susan Louise Conch Shell It's a Great Day O'Hara.
And finally Puffy Proper Prince Poodle's grandma's name was Mrs. Cohen. Mrs. Cohen?

Chicken Corner hears Mrs. Cohen was not just Mrs. Cohen. She was Mrs. Cohen founder of the now-legendary Poodles for the Dignified Treatment of Poodles. Or PODTOP, as you probably know it.

Meantime, we are working on an addendum to Chyla's show name. Something Swados-like, along the lines of Chyla Princess of Tails Buries a Bone Boogie Boogie Hedgehog Eating on a Carrot Dog. It needs work, I know. And we're not going to rush it. One paw at a time.

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