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Soon-Shiong moving LA Times home to El Segundo

possible-lat-elsegundo-hq-twitter.jpg It doesn't much matter where a newsroom is located — unless you work there. Then it matters a lot. Times retention and hiring may be impacted.

Artist Ana Serrano creates an unusual garden in Pasadena

ana-serrano-iris-schneider.jpg Known for "Cartonlandia," Serrano's new room-sized piece recalls her family's traditions in LA and Mexico.

Where in LA Kristen Stewart drives in 'Ride Em on Down' video

kristen-stewart-dtla.jpg Every location, in order, researched by reader Don Bentley and his brother.

Appreciating LA's ghost streets and shapes

la-ghost-streets.jpg Writer Geoff Manaugh has posted at BLDGBLOG his observation that from above, the shapes of blocks, yards and even specific homes reveal the existence of old streets we can't see anymore. And more.

Seven new red-light cameras coming to Beverly Hills

wilshire_whittier_google.jpg The city plans to turn on its old cameras and add new intersections in June, bringing the total in Beverly Hills to 15.

In praise of the Thomas Guide

thomas-guide-2009.jpg Driving in LA is an art that requires intuition, patience and a sense of the topography, Meghan Daum writes.

Desert ghost town where Hollywood got fake snow

midland-bldgblog.jpg Out near Blythe in the lower desert, the abandoned industrial settlement of Midland has been empty for nearly half a century.

Google Street View, before and after

street-view-before.jpg In just seven years, some streets in downtown LA have changed quite a bit. Check it out.

Ernest L. Allen Sr., LAPD detective was 52

Allen was killed by a runaway truck on the same Beverly Hills street where officer Nick Lee also was killed by a truck. The city has ordered a halt to truck activity and put in radar to catch speeders.

Don Draper's childhood home is in Angelino Heights

drapers-home-real.jpg TV Guide's Michael Schneider says at his blog Franklin Avenue that he has figured out the location of the run-down former Pennsylvania whorehouse depicted in the season's final scene. It's an 1887 home that is often filmed on Carroll Avenue.

Early word on Google Glass: Promising... and clunky

googleglass.jpg Is it useful technology or more of a gimmick? Can it take the place of a smart phone or will it prove too distracting when I need to avoid that pile of dog poop that's in front of me?

Internet helps Silver Lake man recover stolen '73 VW Beetle

jalopnik-stoplen-vw.jpg Jason Torchinsky, now 41, bought his 1973 Volkswagen Beetle when he was 18. So it kind of sucked when the car was stolen last week.

Army Corps clears Valley wildlife area used for sex

la-river-burbank-blvd-lao.jpg A portion of the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve was cleared of trees and brush in an abrupt move by the Army Corps of Engineers that caught the area's birdwatchers and volunteer caretakers by surprise. Reacting to an outrcy, the Army Corps halted work for more discussion.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 12.13.12

laweekly-baca-tanaka.jpg Why the West could run out of water, Rocketdyne site still radioactive, Bee cuts off comments on Jerry Brown cancer, Baca-Tanaka cover story in LA Weekly, Google Maps for iPhones and Golden Globe nominations. Plusmuch more.

Hope compound in Toluca Lake coming on the market *

bob-hope-estate-google.jpg The 1.3-acre estate on Moorpark Street, built for Bob and Dolores Hope in 1939, has never changed hands. We're calling it the most celebrity-infused property left in the San Fernando Valley.

Google's Marissa Mayer to become Yahoo CEO

marissa.jpg This will be considered a coup for the search giant, which has been struggling to stay relevant amid cost-cutting and advertising struggles.

Google Maps deems 'Tehrangeles' a (very specific) place

googlemap-tehrangeles-bldg.jpg Ask Google Maps to find you Tehrangeles, and it places the community on the upper floor of an apartment building in the 10600 block of Kinnard Avenue, between Westholme and Hilts avenues. That's in Westwood, about eight blocks east of Westwood Boulevard, the shopping street sometimes referred to as Little Tehran. Street view is even more specific.

LA Times geography throws USC a curve

lat-grab-usc-violence.jpg Shooting the Times places "near USC" is actually five miles away in Baldwin Hills. The LA Times building itself is closer to the campus. For whatever reasons, grokking the inner map of Los Angeles is just not an LAT strength.

Google Maps slowly clearing non-real LA neighborhoods

sandford-map.jpg We've written here quite a bit about the antiquated, or in some cases simply unsubstantiated, names that Google Maps insists on using for some areas of Los Angeles. Two of...

In appreciation of the Thomas Guide

thomas-guide-2009.jpg Before there was Google Maps — and still today, if an Angeleno really wants to know where something is located — there was the Thomas Bros. street atlas, aka the Thomas Guide.

More fun with L.A. geography and Google maps

blue-sign-belair.jpg Writing today at The Awl, Eric Spiegelman is amused by the cacophony of Los Angeles place names — some more valid than others.

A little Papaya King, a little Wahoo

papayaking-kpcc.jpg They had a really good lineup of stories on Saturday's "Off-Ramp" on KPCC, plus a search for Wahoo, Calif.

Where is the Eastside: the conversation continues *

whittier-blvd-sign.jpg Jenny Burman excerpts at Chicken Corner a lively online discussion on the identity and history of the term Eastside, as a descriptor of place in Los Angeles. Plus some past posts on the subject.

Foreclosures up close

Here's both a cool and sobering look at the nation's housing woes, courtesy of Google Maps.

Funky geography redux

smfwy-screengrab.jpg Let's hope Steve Lopez didn't really mean to say "west of the 10 freeway."

NYT does L.A. on a bike and a budget

A week in the area Los Angeles, with no car and about $100 a day — staying in a youth hostel. Seth Kugel, the New York Times' Frugal Traveler: Seven...

Oops, Google Maps robot drinking again

wahoo-to-louisvuitton.jpg More fun with Google Maps and its perplexing take on the geography of Los Angeles. I will say, this one seems more like a technical glitch than a failure of...

Another Google Maps snafu

google-maps-pasadena.jpg Fun as it has been around here to pick out archaic references and just plain mistakes on Google Maps' Los Angeles pages, there are too many to keep going to that well. But this one is new and strange, affecting Pasadena.

Google defeated by complexity of L.A. geography

My KCRW column this week talked about the border settlement between Koreatown and Little Bangladesh, and got into the fun we've been having with Google Maps over "Sandford" and other...

More fun with Google Maps fails

achoi-googlemap.jpg Achois was the name that Europeans and, later, Americans thought more or less reflected the pronunciation that the local Tongva used for their settlement at the north end of the...

Hey Google Maps, it's Sanford *

sandford-map.jpg Google Maps' label on a section of the Wilshire district as Sandford is a typo, but a bigger mystery remains.

Koreatown & Little Bangladesh: peace in our time *

sandford-map.jpg At a City Council committee gathering today, leaders from Koreatown and the newly nascent Little Bangladesh agreed on official boundaries of their respective communities.

Salma Hayek's snake freakout *

I'm not sure how this stunt helps flack their movie, but Salma Hayek's reaction on the set out in Malibou Lake is memorable. "Somebody do something!" could be a pop...

Pup 'n' Taco sighting *

pup-n-fries.jpg In the new TV spot for "The Runaways" film, the relatively short-lived but fondly recalled SoCal fast-food chain shows up as "Pup 'n' Fries."

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 8.26.09

News and notes are tucked away after the jump. Mark remains away at LA Biz Observed; follow LAO on Twitter through the day....

Envisioning a post-print L.A. Times

Rick Wartzman is not some Twitter-happy newbie who naively pimps New Media and technology. He's the former Business Editor at the Los Angeles Times, and was the editor of the...

That's a big nest *

Author John Shannon says he smelled something burning while driving home today. Under the hood of his car he found this bird's nest smoldering atop the engine. His ride had...

Friday desk-clearing

Sharon Waxman's Hollywood news site The Wrap will make its official debut on Monday, and Eric Estrin of LAO (and the LAO Script Project) will be on board as...

Go Detroit Lakers!

Just like the Lakers, the Pistons don't play in Detroit either.

Kent Twitchell settles in Ruscha mural case *

Artist Kent Twitchell settled his lawsuit against the U.S. government and 12 other defendants for painting over his 70-foot tall landmark mural of Ed Ruscha at Olympic and Hill downtown...

Trib talking to Bob Dylan

Let's assume that the Times forgetting to print the top part of the shark-kills-man story on Saturday — necessitating a reprint in Sunday papers — is not the kind of...

Google responds

I'm told by Alex Fay, legislative deputy to Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, that Google will be fixing its maps listing Van Nuys as "Van NY." When I saw...

Google Maps doesn't get Van Nuys *

A few readers have sent this to me. (Thanks.) Google Maps has the Van Nuys community name just right, but the airport, boulevard and golf course are all reduced to...

Nosy neighbor Kravitz would've loved a wired LA

Internet maps reveal the kind of neighborhood news that doesn't fit in the newspaper, like the robbery last night, or the selling price of the neighbors' house. But, in some cases, old-fashioned snooping was just as unreliable.

Fellowship Parkway, part II

I have received a pair of notes concerning Fellowship Parkway. The first is from Richard Cromelin, pop music writer from...