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Beth Sestanovich resigns as LA Weekly publisher

Sestanovich announced to the LA Weekly staff that she will leave after assisting in the transition. Sounds as if Bob Dea, the associate publisher, is getting more responsibility. Here is the email.

KPCC has more staff photographers than Chicago Sun-Times

kpcc-photo-grab.jpg While the Sun-Times cuts all its shooters, the NPR station has three staffers who mainly take pictures. There is also a new visual blog they like to call "public radio for the eyes."
garcetti-transition-screenshot.jpg Rich Llewellyn, currently the chief of staff to City Councilman Paul Kortez, was the first chief of staff for Eric Garcetti when he joined the City Council in 2001. Llewellyn moved over to City Hall East as chief deputy to City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo.

Morning short stack: 5.31.13

It's Friday at the end of a long week. Just a few items, including a new hire on the desk at the Daily News and Westchester opponents of the LAX runway move now want Garcetti to deliver.

Above the inversion layer on Mt. Wilson (video)

above-inversion-mt-wilson.jpg While the Mount Wilson web cam is out of service, you can get your fix of local mountain scenery with this video, "Above the Inversion Layer."

30 things only drivers in LA understand

parking-meter-buzzfeed.jpg BuzzFeed listicle gets it right about Los Angeles driving and parking. The reality is even more scary.

Student paper dispute, round 3: Taranto disputes the facts

csun-matador.jpg James Taranto, the editor of OpinionJournal, does not agree with the version of his suspension from the Daily Sundial 20+ years ago offered by the former publisher.

Urban ambition and the future of LA at the Getty

water_and_power-shulman-getty.jpg On Thursday morning I moderated a panel on the future of Los Angeles at the Getty Research Institute's symposium, Urban Ambition: Assessing the Evolution of L.A. The participants included Christopher Hawthorne, the LA Times architecture critic.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 5.30.13

grumpy-cat-wsj.jpg Plenty of blame to go around on 405 work. Delta plan in Northern California will cost a ton. Jewish mayors 'unremarkable.' Dan Brown the SoCal bestseller of the moment. Temecula loses its newspaper. Grumpy Cat gets a movie deal and a WSJ profile. Plus the Galaxy to play soccer at Dodger Stadium. Plus more.

Madeleine Brand guest-hosts 'Which Way, LA'

brandcrop.jpg Radio chairs: Brand sits in for Warren Olney for the second time in a week, while Tess Vigeland is doing more for KPCC.

Don Oliver, NBC correspondent was 76

don-oliver-grab.jpg Don Oliver covered the Vietnam War, the civil rights era and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King before coming to the NBC bureau in Burbank. He was with the network for 25 years. Video inside: Brian Williams pays tribute.

Kings will play the Chicago Blackhawks next *

kings-camp-kids-11312-lao.jpg The first two games of the Kings-Blackhawks series will be in Chicago — on Saturday and Sunday. Play returns to Staples Center for Game 3 on Tuesday, June 4. Game 4 would be on Thursday, June 6. NBC or NBCSN will televise all the games.
cynthia-rawitch-sundial.jpg Back in the 1980s, James Taranto — today the editor of at the Wall Street Journal — was a news editor at the Daily Sundial, the student newspaper at Cal State University Northridge. He was a conservative even then and published a cartoon about affirmative action that led to his suspension. Two decades and 7,300 words later, the two sides still disagree.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 5.29.13

jenny-price-gma-grab.jpg Some media moves, another Koch brothers protest today, LA's business climate, the LA Review of Books in print, Toontown briefly evacuated, Jenny Price and her Malbu beaches app are everywhere, plus water fears on the Colorado River and the search for Dwight Howard. And more.

How Jeffrey Katzenberg became the Democrats' bell cow

Katzenberg_illo-mj.jpg A long piece called Access Hollywood in the current Mother Jones examines Jeffrey Katzenberg as the latest deep-pockets kingmaker in American politics. The story starts with Katzenberg being wooed by Paul Begala and three other Democratic operatives in a private dining room in Beverly Hills. He goes on to give or raise $30 million for President Obama's reelection.

Vandenberg AFB and Santa Barbara coast (photo)

vandenberg-afb-satellite-nasa.jpg The newest orbiting Landsat satellite was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the Central Coast on Feb. 11. It flew back over home base in March and took this photo. The resolution is so good you can zoom in on the Santa Barbara coast, kelp beds and the Pismo Dunes.

Kings win and advance to 3rd round of Stanley Cup playoffs

lakings-sharks-handshake-lak.jpg They now have eight of the 16 wins that it takes to hold the Stanley Cup again. Next the Kings will play an original six NHL franchise: either Chicago or Detroit.
Thumbnail image for BobHertzberg.jpg Former Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg finished out of the money when he ran for mayor in 2005, and until now has resisted the urge to run again. He announced at a reception up in Sacramento tonight and posted to Facebook.

Shallman and Carrick on 'Which Way, LA?' tonight

shallman-hacopian-carrick.jpg The consultants for Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti talk to Warren Olney about what went right and what went wrong in the just-concluded race for mayor of Los Angeles — and John Shallman repeats his complaint that the LA Times coverage didn't help.

Greuel consultant blames the LA Times

Thumbnail image for north-last-day-shallman.jpg John Shallman, the Valley-based lead consultant for Wendy Greuel's campaign for mayor, didn't care for Times columnist Jim Newton's analysis of what went wrong. He also suggests the Times cheerled for Eric Garcetti, saying in a piece for the LAT website that "The Times was to Eric Garcetti what Fox News was to Mitt Romney."

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 5.28.13

Thumbnail image for wendy-greuel-podium-signs.jpg What happened to the Wendy Greuel campaign. Mona Ratliff's school board upset. James Fallows on Jerry Brown. Questions about Tutor-Perini (again.) The LAPD is better off after 12 years of federal oversight. KNX veteran Harry Birrell dies. The paps at LAX and more.

Go have fun on the LA River (no really!)

lariver-elysian-valley.jpg You may have never thought you would see this. As of Monday, a 2.5-mile stretch of the Los Angeles River was officially opened to recreation: kayaking, fishing, or just walking along and checking out the blue herons and the floating trash. Here's where.

Garcetti is an officer and reportedly a gentleman

garcetti-in-whites.jpg Los Angeles mayor-elect Eric Garcetti wore his Navy whites to a Memorial Day ceremony Monday in Boyle Heights. Garcetti, as you should know by now, is a lieutenant in the Navy Reserve. Also: a rabbi remembers Garcetti doing a good deed at Oxford.

How Joel Wachs built a pop art empire

joel-wachs-artinfo.jpg I don't think any politician who moved on from Los Angeles City Hall in recent times has invented a new life for himself (or herself) more successfully than Joel Wachs. The former city councilman from the Valley has been the president of the Andy Warhol Foundation in New York for more than a decade now — and his moves have made him a transformative figure in the art world.

Time ticking for Jenny Price's Malibu beaches app

malibu-trespass-sign.jpg The Kickstarter campaign to support the hidden beach access app that grew out of an LA Observed series runs only until May 30 — that's Thursday. The LA Times featured Jenny Price in today's Column One feature.

Galaxy fans cheer Robbie Rogers, first gay player

robbie-rogers-first-game-galaxy.jpg Robbie Rogers became the first openly gay male athlete to play in a U.S. pro league when he made his Galaxy debut Sunday at the Home Depot Center. He received loud cheers, per ESPN.

James Turrell sky room on South La Brea

turrell-vert-iris.jpg The Kayne Griffin Corcoran gallery on South La Brea opened with an inaugural exhibition of work by artist James Turrell, including e Skyspace room where visitors sit in reclining chairs and observe subtle light and color changes from a dome in the ceiling.

Weekend politics: Garcetti and Wakeland

Thumbnail image for garcetti-wakeland-doting-gary.jpg You would be hard-pressed to find a more complimentary opinion piece about Eric Garcetti as the future mayor than Harold Meyerson's op-ed column in the Washington Post. Plus the LA Times looks at Amy Wakeland's role in Garcetti's political life.

Steve Greenberg moves on

greenbergcaricature.jpg Just over four years ago, Steve Greenberg began to contribute cartoons to LA Observed. His LA Sketchbook archive grew to more than 275 cartoons — and made a huge impact on the site. Now it's time for Steve to focus on other projects with my thanks and gratitude.

'Tis the season: LA's jacarandas are in bloom

jacaranda-inglewoodav-2013.jpg If you are not here and are wondering what season it is in Los Angeles, it's jacaranda season. The streets are flush with purple, and soon the sidewalks will be too.

Morning Buzz: Friday 5.24.13

lapd-choppers-kpcc.jpg Morning mess on the 405 in Westwood. Labor's losing bet on Wendy Greuel. How City Hall powers will test Garcetti. Are independent PAC's now toxic to LA candidates? Ex-LAT publisher now in at SF Chronicle. Orange County of 'Arrested Development.' Plus KPCC looks atLAPD's helicopters. And more inside.

Lee Melville, founding editor of LA Stage Times, dies at 74

Lee-Melville-lastagetimes.jpg "Melville was the most extraordinary advocate Los Angeles theater has known," says the CEO of LA Stage Alliance.
Thumbnail image for leimert-park-sign.jpg You'll remember that Metro's position on the Crenshaw rail line station at Leimert Park was that it was desirable, but not fundable. Today the agency's board decided to find the money, with $40 million coming from the Los Angeles City Council.
mavillaraigosa-dc-msnbc.jpg A story with more anecdote and commentary than actual data or on the record sources argues that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will struggle to keep up his "one percent" lifestyle.

One short lane to open on 405 freeway

Thumbnail image for 405-wilshire-wood-ramp-fed.jpg While the 405 widening project slogs along late and over budget, one nugget of good news if you drive that stretch of freeway. As of Friday, a northbound lane will open for 1.7 miles between the 10 Freeway and Santa Monica Boulevard.

Campaign 2013 photo gallery by Gary Leonard

greuel-clinton-langers-gary.jpg Gary took photos throughout the runoff campaign for mayor between Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel. Here is a selection of our favorites.

Election post-mortem in quotes (some very pointed)

garcetti-elect-over-gary.jpg Quotes often tell the story. These are from a variety of sources, all uttered today as far as I can tell. "One of the worst run campaigns I've ever seen in my life," a veteran LA political strategist says of the Greuel campaign.

Losers in the mayoral race: Latino leaders?

Thumbnail image for ciudad-cover-new-angelenos.jpg It's not just labor. Elected officials such as Gloria Molina and Jose Huizar backed Wendy Greuel, but Eric Garcetti "represents the 2.0 model of Latinos in LA," argues the former editor of Ciudad magazine.

Yaroslavsky: No regrets and some advice for the next mayor

Zev-and-Barbara-zevweb.jpg Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky welcomes the election of Eric Garcetti, Mike Feuer and Ron Galperin as "a new generation of leadership for the city." He says he's comfortable with his decision last year not to run.
garcetti-elect-speech.jpg Eric Garcetti chose a playground in Echo Park for his debut as the mayor-elect of Los Angeles. He thanked Wendy Greuel for a good campaign and says they will always be friends.

Let's stop this '19 percent turnout' meme right now

garcetti-kids-gary.jpg The voter turnout in Tuesday's Los Angeles city election will be shamefully low by the time the ballots are all counted. But it won't be the 19 percent that some in the media are using.

Greuel did not win women, the Valley or Republicans

greuel-hq-closer.jpg In order to become the first woman mayor of Los Angeles, analysts believed that Controller Wendy Greuel needed to win a majority of female voters and pick up a solid majority in her home turf in the Valley and, as the somewhat less liberal of the candidates, win the niche of Republicans who vote in LA. Kevin James' endorsement was crucial in the end.

10 green room things you didn't know about Eric Garcetti

gil-eric-garcetti.jpg Today seems like a good day to bring back out the cute photo that Eric Garcetti posted to Facebook a few years ago, of him and his father Gil. "Nice mustache, Dad!," Garcetti wrote.

Eric Garcetti is the next mayor of Los Angeles

garcetti-wakeland-returns.jpg Eric Garcetti is 42 years old, the youngest mayor of Los Angeles in more than a century, and he will be the city's first Jewish mayor. He won with 53.9 percent of the vote to 46 percent for Wendy Greuel.

Exit poll says Garcetti by 8 points, but who knows

garcetti-crowd-gary.jpg The Loyola Marymount exit poll conducted by students under the Center for the Study of Los Angeles forecasts Eric Garcetti will win the mayoral election with 54 percent of the vote. In actual votes counted so far, Wendy Greuel is slightly ahead.

Morning Buzz: Election Day 5.21.13

garcetti-crowd-gary.jpg Greuel and Garcetti vote. Both will hit the Apple Pan this morning — at almost the same time. A ton of Campaign 2013 links from across the US. More phone numbers for me to call from Greuel. Plus: Tanaka slams Baca again. Fox 11 promotes Pablo Pereira. KCET promotes Juan Devis. Sherwood Forest gets postal recognition. And SoCal firefighters head for OKC.

When The Doors played LA high schools and clubs

doors-at-birmingham.jpg If you lived in Los Angeles in the 1960s and were inclined toward rock and roll, you might have seen Ray Manzarek and The Doors play at Sunset Strip clubs, at Ports O'Call in San Pedro — or at your high school. Memories are flowing on social media.

Tweet o' the day: Matt Kemp to OKC

The Dodgers' Matt Kemp is from Oklahoma City. He homered in tonight's Dodgers win in Milwaukee and after the game he represented.

Headline o' the day

lat-jam-hed.gif Nice headline from this morning's traffic... jam... attributed to the Los Angeles Times' Joseph Serna.

Video: Emerging from the tornado shelter in Moore *

woman-tornado-oklahoman.jpg After the tornado passed today in Moore, Oklahoma, one family opened its shelter and looked onto a vanished neighborhood. Whoever is holding the camera seems stunned into silence, at first.

Ray Manzarek, co-founder of The Doors was 74 *

manzarek-morrison-boing.jpg Ray Manzarek, the Doors keyboardist, died at a clinic in Germany. Manzarek had cancer of the bile ducts. Sunset Strip clubs dimmed the lights Monday night in his honor. Video and photos inside.

Morning Buzz: Monday 5.20.13

marissa_mayer_david_karp.png Villaraigosa was in Dubai, but quietly. Jackie Goldberg makes no endorsement in her old council district. Yahoo-Tumblr CEOs make their case. AP boss says phone record seizures unconstitutional. News-Press employees drop union. What's behind those Village Voice layoffs. Under the radar LA rental 'hoods and more.

Stamina, baby: Campaign 2013 nears the end

greucetti-jj.jpg After two full weekend days of campaigning, Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel were back at it before sunrise this morning. Here's a snapshot of the day, the weekend and the final hours of Campaign 2013.

It begins: LAX to name prominent hall for Villaraigosa

laxtombradley-lawa.jpg The Board of Airport Commissioners is expected on Tuesday to name the Antonio R. Villaraigosa Pavilion after the mayor who appointed them. I guess it's worth a chuckle that the pavilion is late and over budget.

California Watch drops catchy name, goes geo-ambiguous

welcome-to-calif.jpg As the Center for Investigative Reporting, the newsroom in Berkeley will take a more national focus and cut back on the number of stories it undertakes. California Watch has been one of the most successful nonprofit journalism startups in the country.

Swedish family saved from LA by sheriff's deputies

swedish-family-lasd.jpg Parents and five girls from Sweden was found walking on Sepulveda Boulevard near LAX at 4:30 a.m. on Friday. They were out of money after changing their return flight itineraries due to a health emergency at home.

Ink for Internet talk station Radio Titans

radio-titans-star-news.jpg Radio Titans is an Internet outlet for podcasts that was started by Carl Kozlowski (arts writer for the Pasadena Weekly), Jake Belcher and Brant Thoman. They do Grand Theft Audio ten hours a week and other shows that have guests including Richard Linklater and Burt Bacharach.

A horticultural update from Rancho Park

century-plant-update-megsullivan.jpg Remember our report in April on the twin agave century plants just starting to sprout in Meg Sullivan and Steve Roe's front yard? Well you better look again.

What a PBS station in New York did to placate David Koch

david-koch.jpg Before airing a documentary about the Park Avenue building where Koch and a lot of other rich people live, the president of WNET gave the mogul a call and offered to water things down. It didn't help: Koch still resigned from the station's board.

Times-USC version of race tightens to Garcetti by 7

greucetti-jj.jpg The ten-point Garcetti lead over Greuel that only the USC-LAT poll found last month has shrunk a bit. But it's better for Garcetti than the dead heat that the last major poll in the race found.

Morning Buzz: Friday 5.17.13

beckham-hair-panel.jpg Mayoral votes could take weeks to count despite low turnout. (Only in LA...) Why Angelenos don't vote. Villaraigosa versus the ads. Greuel's job at DreamWorks gave her a Rolodex. Some Garcetti endorsements. Plus the LAPD consent decree, subway noise and Disney Hall, and David Beckham's retirement is a big story in Europe. Kings win 4-3.
office-location-grab.jpg A little taste of Scranton (and Dunder Mifflin) on Saticoy Street.

Los Angeles Magazine snags Carlos Slim for new video series*

giselle-carlos.jpg Former news anchor Giselle Fernandez kicks off "Big Shots" on the magazine's CityThink website with the Mexican mogul. The series will feature influential business people and leaders.

Anne Knudsen, Herald Examiner photographer dies

Anne Knudsen, one of the Herald photogs to come out of the Cal State Long Beach photojournalism program, quipped at the reunion we covered in March about being in chemotherapy — she was bald at the time. Now comes word that Knudsen died on Sunday, leaving a teenaged daughter.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 5.16.13

george-lopez-hpl.jpg Final Thursday of Campaign 2013: Attack ads. Newsy tweets. Obama's Axelrod jumps in. George Lopez wants to run. Follow the money. Look at the billboards. Two million can vote, but 1.6 million won't. And was the LAPD consent decree dismissed yesterday?

Tribune CEO responds to Koch brothers 'noise'

Thumbnail image for latimes-building-from-above.jpg Nothing has changed, Tribune Company CEO Peter Liguori says in an email to staffers today: "No decision to sell our publishing assets is imminent." All the speculation about this or that potential buyer of the Los Angeles Times and the other papers "has been and is premature."
nbc4-i-team.jpg CBS 2 sifts the data for the most notorious places for LAPD traffic cops to nab speeders, while Joel Grover and NBC 4 turn their hidden cameras back on Jiffy Lube. May is always a busy month for local TV's investigative teams.

Sonenshein: How voters view the LA city election

greucetti-jj.jpg As Latinos’ numbers and influence continue to rise, they are feeling optimistic. African-Americans see their hard-earned political gains jeopardized by a declining population share. Whites are the most satisfied with how things are going in their neighborhoods.

LA Weekly's people issue: Janice Min and more

janice-min-laweekly-scanlon.jpg The annual people issue of LA Weekly hits the stands this week and is already on the web. The selection of interesting Angelenos this time includes Janice Min of the Hollywood Reporter.
greuel-glamour.jpg The women's magazine thinks that Greuel's first politics mentor was Tom Brady, but gets to the bottom of her preferred "go-to look."

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 5.15.13

glendalewaterandpower-thumb-200x136.jpg Juice still rules in the state Assembly. A City Hall run entirely by men? Glendale stands up to DWP union chief Brain D'Arcy. Streetsblog writers split on Greucetti. John le Carre is LA's new bestseller. Metro rail ridership is up. Five hottest rental neighborhoods and hot quote of the day.

Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre fund new music academy at USC

dre-and-jimmy-iovine.jpg They are donating $70 million for USC to create a new academy for students "who challenge conventional views of art and industry." The unveiling will officially be tomorrow at Interscope Geffen A&M Records in Santa Monica, but USC put out the release tonight.

Injured botanist rescued by copter from San Clemente Island

san-clemente-island-ge.jpg A Los Angeles County sheriff's helicopter crew flew 60 miles off the coast on Monday to rescue a scientist with a serious leg injury. A crew member taped the aerial rescue on a helmet camera.

LAT's Matea Gold jumps to the Washington Post

matea-gold-twitter.jpg Gold will cover the money and politics beat for the WashPost. Before she started covering national politics and government, Gold covered the 2001 and 2005 races for mayor of Los Angeles between Antonio Villaraigosa and James Hahn and the City Hall beat.

LA Times reporter discusses her preventive mastectomy

With today's news about Angelina Jolie, Los Angeles Times reporter Anna Gorman revisits on the Times website her 2007 surgery.

Bill Hader leaving 'SNL' for LA

hader-californians.jpg Hader is the next "Saturday Night Live" cast member to leave. He wants to do movies and TV in Los Angeles. We'll say this — he knows his way around the city (video.)

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 5.14.13

greucetti-kcal-grab.jpg Final Greucetti debate. DA to join Feuer. Why would anyone want to be mayor? Outrage over the feds exploring AP phone records. JPL told to stop discipline over emails. Another bear in the foothills. Plus another state backs gay marriage and the Kings and Sharks begin tonight.

Angelina Jolie discloses preventive double mastectomy

angelina-jolie-screenshot.jpg The actress and director chose the preventive procedures after learning that she carries a defective gene, BRCA1, and that her doctors estimated an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer. The procedures began in February and were completed with breast reconstruction in April.

Five ways the LA mayoral candidates are not really alike

Thumbnail image for garcetti-greuel-facing-zoca.jpg As a user's guide for voters, the LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus summarizes some areas where there is daylight between Garcetti and Greuel. Such as on education, development, the DWP — minor issues like that.

O.J. Simpson looks older, thicker, grayer

ojsimpson-lvcourt-grab.jpg Simpson appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom today hoping to win a new trial in his 2008 conviction for sports memorabilia robbery and kidnapping. Simpson, now 65, walked in shackled and in a blue prison outfit. He exchanged looks with family members in the audience.

Rupert Murdoch buys Bel-Air vineyard and estate

moraga-vineyard.jpg The media mogul and possible buyer of the LA Times announced via Twitter that he has bought the Moraga estate on the Bel-Air ridge that faces across the 405 freeway at the Getty Center. Check out his tweet.

Morning Buzz: Monday 5.13.13

commerce-casino-cars.jpg Garcetti backer switches over Kevin James. LAT weighs in on City Attorney race. 9th district as focus of special interests. Planning director Michael LoGrande on merging with Building and Safety. Mellowing of Maxine Waters. "Marketplace" parts with Robert Reich. Variety's dealings with Commerce Casino. Plus no Kings-Ducks series.

Campaign Monday: Moms, a daughter and a Republican

doug-mcintrye-seated.jpg Doug McIntrye of KABC and the Daily News comes out for Greuel, but after all her husband is his agent. Plus: The candidates fan out for Mother's Day and the Garcetti daughter makes a video appearance. And a roundup of media coverage.

London in color in 1927 (video)

london-1927-grab.jpg Check out street scenes of London in 1927, in a nice soft color reminiscent of an old postcard, but in five minutes of moving images. The footage was shot by British film pioneer Claude Friese-Greene.
hollywood-park-casino-front.jpg The news last week was apparently not unexpected to those around horse racing. Hollywood Park's acreage is more valuable developed into homes and shops. LA Times columnist Bill Dwyre understands the economics, while lamenting them.

Free tix: Burt Bacharach and Mitch Albom

Bacharach-ltla.jpg It has been awhile since we offered up free tickets. On Tuesday evening at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, Live Talks Los Angeles will present Burt Bacharach discussing his memoir, "Anyone Who Had a Heart: My Life and Music," in conversation with author Mitch Albom.

Seth Meyers gets the 'Late Night' desk

seth-meyers-nbc.jpg The head writer of “Saturday Night Live” and host of the show's “Weekend Update” segment will be the fourth host of NBC’s “Late Night,” following David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon.

Kings advance on quirky goal, Ducks face game 7

kings-blues-handshake-jg.jpg The Kings are the first Stanley Cup champion to reach the second round of the NHL playoffs in three years. Get this: if the Ducks win on Sunday, LA and Anaheim will finally meet in the playoffs for the first time.

One way or another, next LA mayor to have Valley roots

Thumbnail image for Vannuys-victory-sky.jpg There has never been an LA mayor who grew up on the San Fernando Valley side of the city's geographic and cultural divide. Good story in the Times on Greuel and Garcetti — but look what Austin Beutner says.

She rides 22 miles to work at UCLA (video)

rugg-map-ucla.jpg UCLA staffer Annelie Rugg bicycles to her job from West Hills, over the Santa Monica Mountains via Sepulveda Pass. Her route takes her two and a half hours -- or three minutes on video. Check it out.

Controller candidates gab on KCRW

galperin-kcrw.jpg City Controller hopefuls Dennis Zine and Ron Galperin sat down with Warren Olney on "Which Way, LA?" to debate issues in the race. They are both trying to persuade voters they will continue the role of controller as watchdog of city spending, even though that is kind of an exaggerated image.

So-called independent spending now looks huge for Greuel

garcetti-greuel-facing-zoca.jpg In the latest financial reports filed by the mayoral candidates, Eric Garcetti has a big edge in cash left to finish the final eleven days of campaigning. But in the end, more money may be spent on Greuel's behalf.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 5.9.13

Muerto-Mouse-Web.jpg 405 overruns. New SEIU ad for Greuel. Trutanich endorsed by Delgadillo. Why so few women or Asians get elected to the City Council. Bud Ovrom to run the Convention Center. Village Voice editors quit rather than cut. LACMA officials move into Variety tower. An editorial on Meghan O'Rourke. Plus Muerto Mouse from Lalo Alcaraz.
latimes-building-from-above.jpg The New York Times weighs in today on the fear and loathing among some in Southern California over the possibility that the libertarian Koch brothers might buy the Tribune company's newspapers, gaining control of the Los Angeles Times. "No formal bids have been submitted," the story notes.

Ride along in an LAPD chopper (audio)

lapd-chopper-kcrw.jpg KCRW producer Matt Holzman embedded with cops in the LAPD Air Support unit to see what it's like in the helicopters that patrol Los Angeles skies. Listen inside.

Tioga Pass set to open Saturday

tioga-road-plowing-ynp.jpg A milestone of spring in California — the opening of the Tioga Pass road through the backcountry of Yosemite National Park — will take place on the fourth earliest date since 1980.

Battle of the French Dip sandwiches (video)

philippe-sign-lit-lao.jpg Dutch journalist and maker of LA-centric videos Joris Debeij has posted a four-minute exploration of the rivalry between Philippe and Cole's over the origin story of the French Dip sandwich. Animation included.

Greuel goes back on the air, but only to slam Garcetti

if you were hoping for an uplifting message about why you should vote for Wendy Greuel to be your mayor, you will be disappointed. At least she is on TV again. Clip inside.
Thumbnail image for greuel_vs_garcetti-THR.jpg In making my choice, says publisher David Abel, "I hope to prod many of my friends, who, like me, have remained uncommitted to date, to again engage in electoral politics and to vote."

Dean Jeffries, car customizer was 80

dean-jeffries-book-cover.jpg Jeffries was one of Los Angeles car culture's "preeminent automotive sculptors and engineers." He began pinstriping with Von Dutch in the early 1950s and settled into the Valley.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 5.8.13

elevated-train-ad.jpg Greuel suspends TV ads. DWP coughs up the salary data and it's revealing. City Council blinks on LAFD staffing. Dorner reward goes four ways. Hillary Clinton in town. Possible ambassadorships for Hollywood Obama backers. Disney drops bid to trademark Dia de los Muertos. And yes, you did see an elevated train over DTLA in a TV ad.

Last-place Dodgers turn to the past for help

hahn-omalley-wyman.jpg Rosalind Wyman will throw out the first pitch before tonight's game with the Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium. Roz Wyman was the youngest member of the Los Angeles City Council in 1957 when she joined with Brooklyn Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley and county Supervisor Kenneth Hahn to bring the team to LA.

Ray Harryhausen, special effects pioneer was 92 *

Ray-Harryhausen-cyclops.jpg In an era before CGI, Harryhausen used clay monsters and mythical creatures to bring life to live-action adventure films like 'Clash of the Titans,' 'Valley of the Gwangi' and 'Jason and the Argonauts. He was one of the sci-fi club members who patronized Clifton's with Ray Bradbury in the 1930s.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 5.7.13

Thumbnail image for mav-in-china-2011.jpg Villaraigosa going back to China. LAPD vs USC students. California Supremes uphold cities on pot dispensaries. Greucetti to debate on KCRW. Joe Mathews rooting for the Koch brothers to get LA Times. Twitter hiring a head of news. And more, including the LAT says Spanish pronunciations are making a comeback.
garcetti-crowd-tapia-bros.jpg The weekly's editorial hopes that Garcetti "would grow in the job," and says it's "a pity" that Greuel is too close to unions. It's the LABJ's first endorsement for mayor.

Joe Francis guilty of LA charges, could face jail again

joe-francis-thr.jpg Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis has been in trouble with the law before, but this time could hurt. An LA jury convicted Francis of false imprisonment, dissuading a witness from reporting and assault causing great bodily injury — involving an encounter with three women in 2011.
tropical-ice-gardens-village.jpg The National Hockey League made it official and announced that Dodger Stadium will host an outdoor, night game between the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks next January 25. But in the 1940s, there was hockey at the Tropical Ice Gardens in Westwood Village — including at least two matches involving the Montreal Canadiens.

Morning Buzz: Monday 5.6.13

Thumbnail image for melton-mav.jpg Subway turnstiles. LA's rough streets. Rick Caruso on 10,000 cops. Mary Melton of Los Angeles finally gets that Emmis promotion. Get ready for YouTube subscriptions. Howard Kurtz does the mea culpa. The movie academy opens up voting. Magic Johnson swatted, converting the LA River and more. Links inside.

Campaign weekend: 15 days and counting

james-garcetti-on-phones.jpg After Sunday, there are only two more weekends before the next mayor is chosen. I still don't detect much bubbling interest among the populace, but Garcetti did get about 150 people to come out to the Tapia Brothers farm in Encino on Sunday. Inside: The latest news and coverage.

Our Malibu beaches series becomes an app

malibu-trespass-sign.jpg Jenny Price's posts revealing the secrets of how to get onto Malibu beaches despite the efforts of residents to keep you out have been some of the most popular entries ever at LA Observed's Native Intelligence blog. Now she's turning Malibu's hidden beaches into an iPhone app.
san-mateo-limo-bang.jpg "This is one of the most horrific things I've seen in 21 years with this office," San Mateo County's medical examiner said Sunday.

Eaton Canyon death toll is five in two years

eaton-canyon-rocks-zevweb.jpg The easy trail hike to Eaton Canyon's lower falls above Pasadena isn't the problem. It's the climb off-trail up to the upper falls where people slip and fall.

Fire is a river that runs uphill

camarillo-fire-alcorn-reuters.jpg Since it looks as if the SoCal fire season is going to be long and mean, scientist-blogger Grace Peng offers a primer on the physics of flames and wind here. Plus: Reuters photographer Jonathan Alcorn on an eerie night at the Camarillo Springs fire.

Mario Machado, newscaster and voice of soccer was 78

mario-machado2.jpg Mario Machado was a familiar presence on Los Angeles TV and radio for a few decades starting in 1967, when he joined Channel 9 (then KHJ-TV) as the city's first Chinese-American TV news reporter. He was a soccer booster in LA before the sport was cool and a founder of AYSO. Girls play soccer today because of Mario Machado, a friend posted on Facebook.

Ventura County fire could be slowed by cooler weather

fire-sunset-sprinklers-gf.jpg The wildfire that began near Camarillo Springs Road and U.S. 101 spread to 28,000 acres on Friday, but firefighters kept the flames from engulfing any homes for a second day. Residents fled several neighborhoods, however, as the fire jumped ridges and moved toward communities such as Hidden Valley.

Clippers eliminate themselves, season is over

clippers-espn-screen-crop.jpg After winning the first two games of their NBA playoff series, the Clippers dropped four straight — including an immature loss tonight that ended their NBA season. The Memphis Grizzlies won 118-105 with the Clippers taking a bunch of bad late fouls, committing goaltending repeatedly and just generally fumbling.

Abandoned waterpark in Mojave Desert

water-park-sign-egreen.jpg Emily Green, the water journalist and gardening writer who blogs at Chance of Rain, took some pictures this week at the defunct “Rock-a-Hoola Waterpark“ at Newberry Springs in the eastern Mojave. The derelict park, which used groundwater from the Mojave Aquifer, has also operated as Lake Dolores and the Discovery Waterpark.

Canter's Deli as a rite of LA politics

canters-gil-garcetti-jj.jpg A group of Jewish real estate men that migrated over from Nibbler's in the 1990s sits down every Sunday morning and receives politicians — including Greuel and a Garcetti — and has welcomed both Yitzhak Rabin and Vicente Fox.

Breeze reporter on '48 Hours' this weekend

larry-altman-cbs-grab.jpg Larry Altman, who covers crime for the South Bay Daily Breeze, contributes to a piece on CBS' "48 Hours: Over the Edge" airing on Saturday night. The story is about the case of Dawn Viens, who disappeared in 2009 from her Lomita home.

Los Angeles Magazine wins Ellie

lamag-plasticsurgery.jpg The National Magazine Award for Los Angeles last night came in the personal service category. The Naked Truth About the Future of Your Face and Body, a package on plastic surgery and the industry, was edited by Nancy Miller and ran in the October 2012 issue.

Morning Buzz: Friday 5.3.13

springs-fire-noaa.jpg Springs fire holds at 10,000 acres and 10% contained. LA lifts red flag status. Villaraigosa spokesman moves on. Greucetti blames him/herself for high DWP salaries. Daily News re-endorses Greuel. Jackie Goldberg vs. Gil Cedillo. Kobe Bryant vs his mom. Rosendahl says cancer in remission. New dean at Southwestern and new giraffe at the zoo. Plus more.
fouronbed-sandstone.jpg Sandstone Retreat was a clothing-optional refuge in Topanga Canyon that began in the late 1960s, became famous during the sexual revolution, and survived efforts by the county to shut it down. John Williamson opened the retreat with his wife, Barbara, after being inspired by Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" to quit his aerospace job at Lockheed.

Fire season off to racing start

vcstar-fire-haskell.jpg Brush conditions around Camarillo are like October, fire officials say — and it's only May. More than 6,500 acres have scorched, forcing evacuations, but no homes have been destroyed. Burned agricultural buildings in the strawberry fields near Cal State Channel Islands have raised concerns about toxic smoke.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 5.2.13

hahn-omalley-wyman.jpg DWP salaries and the union's role for Greuel. Mike Woo endorses. Gov. Brown will go after handguns. LA Times latest to drop "illegal immigrant" from style guide. Register's lack of diversity. Slate vs. Joel Kotkin. Press Club to fete Carl Reiner. And Vin Scully to honor Roz Wyman at lunch today.

Greuel and Garcetti share at least one Facebook page

garcetti-mayday-2013-an.jpg When I was on Facebook tonight, this invitation popped up for a Wendy Greuel fundraising reception in Venice scheduled for Friday. Notice the ad next to the invite.

Gen. David Petraeus joins faculty at USC

petraeus-usc.jpg USC announced tonight that Gen. David Petraeus will be a Judge Widney Professor, "a title reserved for eminent individuals from the arts, sciences, professions, business and community and national leadership." In March Petraeus picked a USC event as the venue for his speech apologizing for the affair that cost him the top job at CIA.

Attention canyons: Red flag status as of 8 a.m.

flag_status_red-lafd.gif When the Los Angeles Fire Department puts up its red flag, thousands who live in the city's hillsides and canyons are affected. Move your car off the streets in posted areas, or risk an expensive ticket and possibly get towed.

David Sedaris sings the Oscar Mayer song - as Billie Holiday

billie-holiday-thumb.jpg "This American Life" last weekend re-aired a classic episode from 1998 in which David Sedaris sings the Oscar Mayer advertising ditty in his best Billie Holiday voice. Luckily, someone has harvested just that 0:51 fragment and put it on YouTube. Listen inside.

Kareem: 20 things I wish I'd known when I was 30

Kareem-lakers-uni.jpg Basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a few regrets and what sounds like genuine awareness of flaws in his game — the game of life. Some are about being aloof when he was younger, some are about being bad with money and tools, some are from the dating wars.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 5.1.13

motorcycle_bike_crash.jpg May Day and Wyvernwood rallies downtown. Wendy Greuel's text messages to Kevin James. Endorsements in the Valley. The Koch brothers make more political plans. LACMA's new buildings plans and a scary motorcycle vs bike accident caught on video. Plus much more.

Ducks win, Kings and Clippers lose, Psy sings

psy-dodgers.jpg The Clippers have lost three straight to Memphis and could be out of the NBA playoffs by the weekend. The Ducks got off to a good start in the NHL, but the Kings did not look like Stanley Cup contenders.
Clinton fundraises in LA
kermit-la-brea-closer.jpg Jim Henson Studios on La Brea became a presidential campaign stop on Thursday.
Brown declares disaster area
porter-ranch-sign.jpgThe natural gas leak above Porter Ranch now qualifies for various government actions. Story
Wet coyote
wet-coyote-vdt.jpgSpotted between the storms at Here in Malibu.
Performing arts with cheer
guys-dolls-kevin-parry.jpgDonna Perlmutter closes out 2015 with productions downtown and on the Westside.
Junkyard down
upick-firetruck-560.jpgAfter 53 years, Sun Valley's Aadlen Brothers and U-Pick Parts cleans out. Photos