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Boom magazine goes impressively deep on LA water *

owens-river-nr-manzanar.jpg The quarterly magazine from UC Press devotes its entire fall issue to water, the aqueduct from the Sierra Nevada and the Mulholland legacy. The issue will be a keeper for anyone with an ounce of water geekdom in them, and for many others who just like LA's layered backstories.

U.S. government begins to shut down

"Due to a lapse in government funding, this account will not be active until further notice."

Hometown honors Davey Moore, boxer killed in Dodger Stadium match

Fifty years ago, the death of boxer Davey Moore after a match at Dodger Stadium was a big story in Los Angeles. His opponent, Sugar Ramos, traveled from Mexico City to Ohio for a statue unveiling recently.

Morley Builders says CEO and son were in SMO crash

Mark Benjamin and his son Luke were on board the Cessna Citation that crashed and burned Sunday evening at Santa Monica Airport, according to Morley Builders, the longtime Southern California construction company.

Morning Buzz: Monday 9.30.13

Thumbnail image for rock-roll-billboards.jpg County workers to rally downtown. Grand Avenue project teetering. Garcetti petition pushes an LA River alternative. The mayor admits voting for stuff he didn't understand. Tom LaBonge to turn 60. Is LA a bike town? LAPD's Special Order 7. SoCal book awards and more.

Dodgers lose Kemp for the post-season

todd-helton-jonsoohoo.jpg The Dodgers don't look like the best team in the National League playoffs, but they did reel off a 42-8 record and have shown they can get hot and romp.

Deaths in jet crash at Santa Monica airport

smo-jet-fire-grab.jpg Fire officials called the crash and fire "unsurvivable" for people on the plane, but they have not said how many crew and passengers, if any, were on board. The Cessna Citation business jet came from Hailey, Idaho, near Sun Valley, and can carry eight.

Photo: Venice Beach [not] in 1947 *

venice-beach-1947-mb.jpg Historian Michael Beschloss posted this image to Twitter and said it was Venice in 1947. It looks to actually be in Santa Monica. Inside: UCLA under construction around 1928.

Cabazon stop beside dinosaurs closes

cabazon-dino-lao.jpg The Wheel Inn truck stop beside Interstate 10 has abruptly closed. The giant dinosaurs remain, though their future might be uncertain.

Brian Rooney will send you the news for $10 a year

brian-rooney-pic.jpg Brian Rooney, the former Los Angeles correspondent for ABC News (for 23 years), is now doing The Rooney Report, a daily news digest he will email you. Just ten bucks a year.

A couple of journalist health reports

andrew-youssef-ocw.jpg John Kissell writes about his heart stopping at work, and Andrew Youssef discloses that his colon cancer has worsened.

Morning Buzz: Friday 9.27.13

el-mandril.jpg Lobbyist joins City Hall staff. Tribune cuts coming to LAT. Science writer moves to government desk. Variety editor jumps to NYT. El Mandril is #1 in LA. Book on Rhino Records. SF murder is no Brian Stow incident. Zagat names Bestia best LA newcomer. And much more.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 9.26.13

baboon-cops-feel.jpg Garcetti's plan to modernize. DWP non-profits were in the news in 2005. Hitler in Hollywood questioned. Dodgers fan killed after game in SF. Reporter groped by baboon. Curbed LA is hiring. Bottega Louie doing well. Banksy returning? And more inside.

Ex-Marine sniper recalls seduction by OC serial killer

jay-roberts-ocm.jpg Jay Roberts describes for the first time his motel room encounter with Randy Kraft, who is now on Death Row. But is is true? Orange Coast Magazine's editor took steps to find out.

On this day in 1939, a tropical storm hit LA

tropical-storm-long-beach-noaa.jpg The cyclone out of the Pacific is the only recorded tropical storm to make landfall in the Los Angeles area. It came ashore in Long Beach.

Proud Bird at LAX to close in a rent dispute

proud-bird-breeze.jpg The long-time restaurant at the end of runways 25R and 25L plans to close by the end of the year, the Daily Breeze reports.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 9.25.13

berry-garner.jpg Brown signs anti-paparazzi law. Hundreds of pro athletes file worker's comp claims in California. LA County to send some inmates to Kern County. Pressure mounts on DWP non-profits. The city ignored an earthquake fault under a Century City tower too. "Bleeding Edge" is the new local bestseller. And more.

Five Californians are new MacArthur Foundation fellows

baran_2013.jpg This year's 24 MacArthur Fellows receive $625,000 strings-free over five years. That's more than in the past.

Linda Ronstadt talks music, Mexico and Parkinson's*

ronstadt-writersbloc-twitter.jpg I haven't been to enough Writers Bloc events to know if a standing ovation is usual when the author simply comes on stage, but that's what happened tonight in Santa Monica.

NPR at home with Yasiel Puig

puig-firsthomers-dodgers.jpg Shereen Marisol Meraji gets inside the furnished corporate apartment in downtown that Puig shares with his cousin. They play a lot of Play Station.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 9.24.13

Thumbnail image for garcetti-elect-yusef.jpg Garcetti's slow commission appointments. Illegal immigration rising again. Oliver Stone to present at PEN. A judge's memoir. Truthdig adds a columnist. Plus more for a short stack Tuesday.

First flyover ramp opens at Wilshire and the 405

405-flyover-ramp-metro.jpg The Westside is starting to slowly wake up from its long traffic nightmare around the 405 freeway construction, known officially as the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project.

Morning Buzz: Monday 9.23.13

Claire-Danes-emmys.jpg Working for Rep. Brad Sherman pays off. Two councilmen junket to Armenia. Mayor Gacetti's "worst" appointments. Weekend violence claims ten lives. Luxury condos two blocks from MacArthur Park. The trouble with big box stores. Cliff's Books to close Thursday. Plus Emmy winners and more.

Erin Aubry Kaplan on USC's place in South LA

Thumbnail image for usc-sign-600.jpg When she was growing up in South Central, no one she knew attended or worked at USC. That has changed, but the students still don't know the South Central she does.

'Weekend All Things Considered' adds life to NPR West

npr-west-front-room.jpg NPR debuted its newly envisioned afternoon show this weekend from Culver City. It means more LA content for the network and less quiet around the studios, underused since the demise of "Day to Day."

For Dodgers playoffs, we only get Vinnie on radio

dodgers-mowing-the-grass.jpg Vin Scully doesn't get to do national TV any more, and every game will be on Fox or TBS. He will do the first three and last three innings on radio, per ESPN.

Bob Hope estate in Toluca Lake listed for $27.5 million

bob-hope-pool-people.jpg The five-acre estate on Moorpark Street where Bob and Dolores Hope first moved in 1939 is officially on the market. It's the last big intact Valleywood estate. With pictures.

True story: Sen. John McCain calls Dodgers 'overpaid...spoiled brats'

gonzalez-kemp-in-pool-lad.jpg McCain plays the sore loser again...

Cliff's Books situation looks serious

cliffs-books-sign.jpg It feels like the Pasadena bookseller Cliff's Books has been in liquidation mode all year. But Steve Barkan noticed a new level of signage today.

Morning Buzz: Friday 9.20.13

Thumbnail image for sheriff-car-lao.jpg DWP can't explain $40 million to two internal nonprofits. One LASD deputy involved in seven shootings. Campaigns will have to report paid blog posts. Garcetti takes to the curb. More on Swisher and Mossberg. No pants at Fox News. LAT looking at standards after GTA ads. Plus behind the scenes at LA Opera and more.

Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher split with WSJ

walt-mossberg-twitter.jpg Mossberg and Swisher say they will continue writing about tech after the contract for AllThingsD runs out at the end of the year. No details, however.

Dodgers go for a swim in the D-backs pool

gonzalez-kemp-in-pool-lad.jpg The Dodgers clinched first place in the National League West and a spot in the postseason by beating Arizona 7-6 today. Some Diamondbacks were unhappy about what happened next.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 9.19.13

spring-street-bike-lane-lao.jpg New state senator from LA. Spring Street's green bike lane going away. Nikki Finke is talking. HIV-positive porn performer vs. Sheriff Baca in Sherman Oaks. NFL teams talking to Hollywood Park. Why a writer is leaving Venice. Artist Cecil Fergerson, RIP. Plus the Dodgers lose again and cockroaches in City Hall.

Notice the difference in Grand Theft Auto ad treatment

nyt-gtav-grab.jpg The New York Times keeps its web ads in the usual ad places and still looks like the NYT. Compare to what the LA Times lets its ad execs get away with.

New weather talent coming to LA: Crystal Egger

crystal-egger-knbc.jpg Egger arrives in October from The Weather Channel to take over as the meteorologist on "Today in LA" on NBC 4. She's a UC Santa Barbara grad from Grand Terrace in the Inland Empire.

Boobies of the blue-footed kind are all over LA now

blue-footed-booby-in-la.jpg It has been a big week for the blue-footed booby since last week's sighting. "A bevy of boobies," quips the website SoCal Wild.

Register puts first Simers column outside the paywall

simers-register-pic.jpg Actually, for a limited time all the sports columnists are free. Simers aims a couple of zings at the LA Times in his OC debut.

Kudos for headline on LAT's Column One

lat-grab-riveter.jpg Loved the headline on this morning's Los Angeles Times story about Elinor Otto, who began working as a wartime Rosie the Riveter in 1942. The kicker of the story is that, at age 93, she's still working in an aircraft plant.

Turn it up: Jimi Hendrix @ Monterey in 1967 (video)

jimi-marshall-tny.jpg "Hey Joe" at the Monterey Pop Festival. Hendrix died Sept. 18, 1970.

Frank McCourt gives $100 million to Georgetown University

mannyfrank.jpg The largest gift ever to Georgetown, his alma mater, will establish the McCourt School of Public Policy.

San Fernando Valley Relics museum to open

white-horse-inn-sign.jpg Tommy Gelinas, the prolific collector of memorabilia, photos, signage and documents related to the San Fernando Valley, plans to put some of his collection on display in Chatsworth on October 12.

Les Plesko, Venice novelist was 59

plesko-twitter.jpg Plesko, the Budapest-born author "known for Beat Generation-inspired novels," died on Monday morning after jumping from the roof of the building where he lived in Venice, the authorities said.

LAT editors praise 'A Soldier's Wife' *

soldiers-story-grafic.jpg This is from last week: Los Angeles Times editor Davan Maharaj and his number two, Marc Duvoisin, lavishing their praise on the emotional Sunday piece by Christopher Goffard and Rick Loomis.

Writer describes his black widow bite (and hospital stay)

milking bw venom-Chuck Kristensen-Spider Pharm.jpg Nature writer Jackson Landers had his encounter with a black widow spider in Virginia, but since we are lousy with black widows here too and his story is kind of gripping, it's worth a read.

Eric Garcetti rated one of America's most dateable mayors

Thumbnail image for garcetti-wakeland-doting-gary.jpg Insipid web listicle omits the inconvenient truths that Garcetti is married and a father.

LA Times goes for a new demographic *

LAT-homepage-grab-91713.jpg All big newspapers face financial challenges, but only one turned the top of its page over to a video game bikini babe — on the same day the reporters are busy filling in details on a mass murderer who was obsessed with video games.

The Broad will open as a free museum

gracetti-broad-on-site.jpg The Broad opened its doors to the media today for a hard-hat tour of the still under-construction museum and made some news.

Vaux's Swifts are back on Broadway *

swifts-broadway.jpg The annual southbound migration of traveling Vaux's Swifts is underway — they are not using the chimney of the Chester Williams building at 5th and Broadway, but the nearby Spring Arts Tower. The first Audubon watch party is Saturday.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 9.17.13

herbalifevillaraigosa-law.jpg Herbalife's formidable foe. Delaying the merger of Planning and Building and Safety. Sheriff's brass allowed to fade into retirement. The LAPD's after-hours ghost hunter. DiCaprio picks up Scott Berg's Woodrow Wilson book. More blue-footed booby news. Plus Jackie Lomax, Philip Berg and more.

Streisand, Tom Cruise take in Anne Frank preview

streisand-anne-frank-jj.jpg Cruise was the first to arrive when the Museum of Tolerance invited two dozen Hollywood VIPs to preview the upcoming Anne Frank exhibit.

Morning Buzz: Monday 9.16.13

cecily-strong-snl.jpg Garcetti muzzles City Hall's taxi official. And he lunches with Maria Elena Durazo. Koretz's family at City Hall. Times can keep Coliseum Commission emails. Cecily Strong moves up at SNL. Music industry veteran hurt in machete attack. Critiquing Pacific Standard Time Presents. Sitting next to women. And more.

Dodgers in a definite slump - and hurting

After losing three straight at home to the (no longer) last-place Giants this weekend, the Dodgers have now lost 8 of their last 11 games. And the big stars are nursing injuries.

63 inmates sign letter praising deputy who saved choking woman

century-regional-jail-desk.jpg An unusual piece of heartwarming news out of the Los Angeles County jails.

Hidden Clifton's Cafeteria sign

cliftons-sign-7th-street.jpg On the back of a classic Los Angeles address on 7th Street, visible only across a parking lot, is a reminder of the once popular Clifton's cafeteria empire.

Tioga Road fully reopened across the Sierra

tenaya-lake-airstream-lao.jpg For the first time since the Rim fire was at its peak, travelers can drive between the Eastern Sierra and the heart of Yosemite National Park.

FLOTUS will sub for POTUS at LA fundraiser next month

flotus-screen-grab.jpg Democrats who were disappointed they didn't get to see President Obama in Hancock Park last week will get the chance to open the checkbook for First Lady Michelle Obama.

The Register officially announces (for free) T.J. Simers' arrival

simers-register-pic.jpg The Orange County Register put the story about T.J. Simers jumping from the LA Times on the front page of this morning's sports section — and outside the website paywall. No word on whether the columns themselves will disappear behind the wall.

LA Times loses health writer to Kaiser

Los Angeles Times staff writer Anna Gorman posted her job change on Twitter.

Morning Buzz: Friday 9.13.13 Blood tests in Vernon. Villaraigosa and Herbalife made for each other? Final C-17 delivered in Long Beach. Speedreading Samantha Geimer’s memoir. Hitler in Hollywood. SoCal bestselling books. LA's love-hate relationship with helicopters. Patt Morrison on Cal Worthington. And more.

Vin Scully video of the night: 'It Takes Two' opening

scully-it-takes-two-grab.jpg In 1969 and '70, Vin Scully hosted a short-lived game show on NBC called "It Takes Two." The Dodgers were pretty mediocre in those years. This looks worse.

Five years later: The Chatsworth Metrolink disaster

metrolink-chatsworth-crash-scene.jpg From a long night of posting on September 12, 2008: "Channel 5 just wisely advised parents to keep the children of possible victims away from the television for awhile."

Bills pass for $10 minimum wage, licenses for non-resident drivers

Thumbnail image for state-capitol.jpg The Legislature's flurry of last-minute approvals includes measures to raise the California minimum wage to $10 an hour, let undocumented immigrants obtain a legal driver's license and allow immigrant lawyers to practice law.

Ray Dolby, sound pioneer was 80 (video)

ray-dolby-graphic.jpg Dolby revolutionized the recording industry with his noise-reduction system in the 1960s and transformed the way we hear movies starting in the 1970s.

Rare blue-footed booby spotted in the Palisades

Blue-footed_Booby_flckr.jpg In the bird world, I guess this is exciting news. The species rarely seen around here was spotted in the ocean off Gladstone's in Pacific Palisades.
eliz-montgomery.jpg Vin Scully will be the grand marshal of this coming Rose Parade, but it won't be his first brush with getting up early on January 1.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 9.12.13

Thumbnail image for der-w-wilmington.jpg Garcetti and labor. NYT bungles Greuel. Cultural Heritage Commission visits Der Wienerschnitzel. Yahoo's CEO says releasing classified information is treason. John Hambrick RIP. Prosecutor blows case by talking to juror Tom Hanks. And more.

Los Angeles Magazine fetes Roz Wyman

lamag-wyman-guerrero.jpg With the Dodgers heading to the playoffs, the former City Council member who helped get them to LA gets an award. Garcetti chief of staff Ana Guerrero is also dubbed one of ten LA women of the year. Here's the list.

Author buys a billboard in the desert

billboard-in-the-desert.jpg Marty McMorrow is an independent author who took a different tack to market his memoir of life in the 1960s and beyond. He bought space on a billboard along Interstate 10 outside Blythe.

When freelancing dried up, food writer discovered the soil

MyOC-PersonalGrowth.jpg Kelly von Hemert wrote about food and restaurants in Orange County for more than 14 years before the assignments stopped coming.

Help track brown pelicans on our coast

pelican-exam.jpg Photographers are asked to report when they see a blue-banded pelican who was released by International Bird Rescue in San Pedro. There's even a contest.

Batman and Captain America save a cat (video)

With a headline like that, you have to watch.

From the files: Kings bring Stanley Cup to Ground Zero

bavis-bailey-memorial-nhl.jpg After the Kings won in 2012, the organization took care of a special piece of business. Despite the presence of the most famous trophy in sports, onlookers kept a respectful distance. "Everybody understood why they were there," the Kings' Dean Lombardi said.

Soboroff elected to head the police commission

Thumbnail image for lapd-car-protect-serve.jpg From his initial comments, it sounds as if Soboroff intends to be heard from in the post.

LAX screener who 'shamed' teenage girl arrested for threats*

daughter-outfit-boingboing.jpg Nna Alpha Onuoha, arrested for allegedly making threats after being suspended from his TSA job, is the screener who shamed the 15-year-old daughter of LA journalists in June.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 9.11.13

rapoport-cover.jpg No new power for Coastal commission. City Hall vs. Venice treehouse. New AP film writers. More LA Times earthquake robo "news." Some media and casting news. And Rapoport returns to Chicago and the Billy Goat Tavern. Plus more.

Heal the Bay names a new CEO

ruskin-hartley-400x400.jpg A national search led the Heal the Bay board to Ruskin Hartley, a veteran environmentalist who most recently headed the Save the Redwoods League. He’s a Cambridge-educated geographer by training.

LA Times staff told (tersely) that T.J. Simers is leaving

This morning's memo to the staff from the top editors of the Los Angeles Times explains nothing about the past three months of official silence regarding the T.J. Simers situation. It's noted that the sports editor is not one of the editors to sign the memo.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 9.10.13

twerk-miley-banner-law.jpg Brown signs rape bill. Garcetti does jury duty. Huizar's DTLA streetcar gets expensive. Amy Ephron profiles Compton's Aja Brown. Bill Plaschke roots for Uribe. Jill Soloway on her "Afternoon Delight." Selling off more of Bob Hope's stuff and a new group for SoCal historians and architects. Plus more.

Simers explains why he's going to the Register

simers-usa-today.jpg According to USA Today, the acerbic sports columnist said he had an offer to stay at the Los Angeles Times, but likes better what he's hearing from the Register in Orange County.

Soon as the 405 is done, more work planned for Wilshire

bus-lane-va-zevweb.jpg Soon after work wraps up in January on the new freeway ramps where the 405 crosses over Wilshire Boulevard, crews will begin tearing up Wilshire all over again — this time to add a dedicated bus rapid transit lane west of the freeway.

Juan Uribe clubs three homers for Dodgers

uribe-crowd-homers-lad.jpg The Dodgers' chunky journeyman third baseman had himself a career game tonight. He slugged three home runs off the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium — and when he came up with a chance for his fourth homer and the home crowd roaring, Uribe beat out a grounder to third for an infield single.

Cal Worthington, SoCal TV ad icon was 92

cal-worthington-bee.jpg Cal Worthington might arguably have been the most recognized Southern California car dealer from his decades on television pitching his Worthington Ford dealership. Worthington "and his dog Spot" —which could have been an elephant or tiger or hippo — sold cars here starting in 1950 in Huntington Park.

Morning Buzz: Monday 9.9.13

river-elysian-valley-zevweb.jpg More jail troubles for Baca. Change coming to Board of Supes. Is there a cheesier job for Villaraigosa? Vanity Fair chafes Hollywood. Plus Kathleen Brown, Bill Bratton, Tina Fey and Miley Cyrus, Jon Wiener, PBS NewsHour, Denise Hamilton, Serena Williams and more.

No, really: Let's talk about the weather

afternoon-clouds-over-hill.jpg Just because LA is not a desert doesn't mean it's not getting hotter. Tim Rutten surveys the climate picture in his weekend column.

Tiler Peck gets into Vanity Fair (and engaged)

tiler-peck-robert-iris.jpg Peck is the New York City Ballet principal dancer who LA Observed featured in two posts last year. She has had a busy several months since.

Hear about the LAPL Ansel Adams photos

ansel-ocean-park-pier.jpg Event at 2 p.m. at Central Library goes into the Adams photos of 1940 Los Angeles and environs that were donated to the library.

Reports: Absent LA Times columnist TJ Simers is Register bound

Thumbnail image for simers-howard-grab.jpg Sources have erupted with gossip that Simers has been seen at the Orange County Register and will become a columnist there. He hasn't written at the Times since June, without explanation to readers.
fukushima-detector-healthebay.jpg Heal the Bay has been hearing from so many people concerned about reports of radioactive contamination in the ocean here that it posted some questions and answers.

Ex-mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will be an advisor to Herbalife

mav-dnc-220.jpg The company has been battling allegations that it operates an illegal pyramid scheme and criticism from a national Latino group.

Sarah Silverman's touching obituary for her beloved Duck

sarah-silverman-duck.jpg Sarah Silverman met Duck at a Van Nuys no-kill shelter 14 years ago. They became best friends.

Isolated Beatles vocal tracks: 'Words don't do justice'

beatles-bw-grab.jpg LA Times pop music critic Randall Roberts is blown away by some isolated tracks making the rounds on Facebook and YouTube. Before you click, he warns, "it will be virtually impossible to abandon it once you start listening."

Patrick Range McDonald to depart LA Weekly

McDonald, the LA Weekly staff writer who recently co-authored a book with former mayor Richard Riordan, is leaving to write a book about AIDS.

Finke goes on the record about wanting divorce from Penske *

Thumbnail image for hollywood-sign-oh-vdt.jpg "One of the most noble things Jay Penske could ever do would be to give me back Deadline," Nikki Finke says in an interview with the WSJ's Ben Fritz. Plus: Finke notes still no correction by Sharon Waxman.

OC Weekly staff discovers who's stealing their whiskey

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 1.48.56 PM.jpg The reporters and editors at the OC Weekly are old school: they keep booze in the desks. After some unexplained drainage, they set up a video camera to catch the culprit.

Obama cancels next week's LA fundraiser and speech

Thumbnail image for obama-leno-grab.jpg The president was to speak at the AFL-CIO national convention here and appear at yet another Hollywood fundraiser. Discussions over Syria take precedence, apparently.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 9.5.13

lb-police-beating-grab.jpg USC gets the Coliseum and its revenue. Long Beach police video controversy. BuzzFeed's plans for video in LA. Business tax amnesty. An update on Zoey Tur. More women working in TV — and what are those pink blobs at Echo Park Lake?

Tsunami scenario comes with major warnings for SoCal

long_beach-inundation.jpg The good news about the latest new tsunami study, says Lucy Jones of USGS, is that three quarters of the California coastline is cliffs. The not so good news is that the remaining, low-lying coast is home to a lot of people and some of the most valuable land in the state.

Disney Hall turns 10 years old this fall

disney-hall-with-poster-lao.jpg Let the reviews begin. Mark Swed says the acoustics are great and "tourists take pleasure in merely touching the building's shiny surfaces. Yet Disney Hall is not what it could be."

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 9.4.13

claire-danes-tny.jpg Garcetti listens in Van Nuys. Republicans do well at local level in California. CBS beats Time Warner Cable. Bezos era begins at the Post. KBIG widens ratings lead. Hugh Hewitt remembers Martin Burns. Patt Morrison and Allred talk Filner. Greg Packer video-profiled. Mexico's Diana, huntress of bad bus drivers. And The New Yorker profiles Claire Danes but gives away Homeland spoilers. Plus more.

Mayor Garcetti - on kayak - congratulates Diana Nyad (video)

garcetti-kayak-nyad.jpg Garcetti was taped for YouTube while floating in a kayak on the Los Angeles River.

Doug Frantz, former #2 at LAT, to become State Dept. spokesman

doug-frantz-pbs-grab.jpg Frantz was the Los Angeles Times managing editor who served as the top deputy when Dean Baquet was the paper's editor. Frantz followed Baquet out the door after a public dust-up with staff writer Mark Arax over the handling of a story on Turkey's genocide of Armenians.

BuzzFeed puts neon on storefront office in LA

buzzfeed-la-neon.jpg The new BuzzFeed office is on Beverly Boulevard at Fuller Avenue. That's in the El Coyote neighborhood.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 9.3.13

diana-nyad-cnn-grab.jpg Diana Nyad talks about her swim. Handcuffed woman who fell out of LAPD car sues. LA to give up parking pay stations in favor of meters. Villaraigosa aide runs for City Council. Plus more.

Hmm: LA Times now calls neighborhood council members 'officials'

Thumbnail image for city-hall-with-palms.jpg It's not clear in Monday's LA Times story about the controversy over Airbnb rentals in Silver Lake that the editors realize that the neighborhood isn't a legal entity and doesn't have its own "officials."

Diana Nyad may finish Cuba-Fla swim this morning *

diana-nyad-in-water-9213.jpg Nyad addressed her crew before entering Key West waters. "I am about to swim my last two miles in the ocean. This is a lifelong dream of mine..."

Another LA-area lion drags away a deer on camera (video)*

lion-looks-at-cam-martinez.jpg Forget P-23. Robert Martinez's trail camera caught a lion stashing a newly killed deer just minutes before he got there. His cams have caught local cougars, bears, foxes and more — but this time, he says, "I'm almost certain I was being watched."

Rim fire now 60 percent contained, plus more fire facts *

thanks-firefighters-sign-lao.jpg Here's the latest fact sheet from the incident command post, posted about 20 minutes ago.
Clinton fundraises in LA
kermit-la-brea-closer.jpg Jim Henson Studios on La Brea became a presidential campaign stop on Thursday.
Brown declares disaster area
porter-ranch-sign.jpgThe natural gas leak above Porter Ranch now qualifies for various government actions. Story
Wet coyote
wet-coyote-vdt.jpgSpotted between the storms at Here in Malibu.
Performing arts with cheer
guys-dolls-kevin-parry.jpgDonna Perlmutter closes out 2015 with productions downtown and on the Westside.
Junkyard down
upick-firetruck-560.jpgAfter 53 years, Sun Valley's Aadlen Brothers and U-Pick Parts cleans out. Photos