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la-register-first-nicolosi.jpg The editorial in the first issue of the new Los Angeles print newspaper, out today, says the Register's opinion page "aims to infuse a new perspective into the political and public policy debate in our community and lead the charge for a new generation of liberty-minded, free-market intellectuals."

Register arrives as Tribune undercuts the Times

la-register-staff-lortiz.jpg The LA Register debuts Wednesday: staff of 40, available in 5,500 stores and newsracks. Still waiting for evidence that it will make a ripple in the LA news cycle, let alone thrive as a business. Meanwhile, things don't look so great at the Times again.

LA Register called an audacious move for these times*

laregister-facebook-grab.jpg Longtime media watcher Rem Rieder talks to Aaron Kushner about next week's launch of the Los Angeles Register and observes that starting up a new newspaper on the turf of an existing paper (or papers) was a bold statement in the best of times. The LA Register lands on Wednesday.

Paper doesn't know beans about Chile

bh-courier-chili.jpg The Beverly Hills Courier emails a keeper headline to its readers about the huge earthquake on the coast of Chile.

Let's call Kushner charming, confident but guarded (video)

zocalo-newspapers-kushner.jpg The Register's Aaron Kushner sat for a Zocalo panel on the future of LA newspapers and explained his bet on print. But details have to wait for the April 16 launch of his new LA Register.

LA Register sets a date for its 'unique' coverage: April 16

Thumbnail image for laregister-prototype.jpg Freedom Communications "also will roll out more than a dozen community newspapers across Los Angeles County in coming weeks," the Register announces.

Register parent launching Spanish-language weekly in LA County

Unidos-logo.jpg Freedom Communications, the parent company of the Orange County Register and the forthcoming LA Register, says it will introduce a new Spanish-language weekly newspaper called Unidos en el Sur de California on March 21. The weekly will combine the existing SoCal Spanish-language papers, Excelsior and La Prensa.

Hope is dwindling for a non-profit news operation in LA *

Thumbnail image for latimes-building-aerial-tig.jpg Edited post: An earlier effort has quietly closed down for lack of interest among those who could finance a new website, writes Leo Wolinsky, the former LA Times managing editor. He notes that KPCC's hunger for grants also sucks up non-profit money that might otherwise go into creating new, better local news sites.

Possible list of Register staffers headed north to Los Angeles

mid-valley-little-league.jpg The list is unconfirmed but looks real, and indicates some interesting coverage priorities. Check it out.

Look who has been spotted in City Hall

city-hall-face.jpg There has been a new species of journalist spied recently at Los Angeles City Hall. That would be reporters for the as-yet-unseen LA Register.

Kushner also speaking at USC Annenberg

aaron-kushner-usc.jpg We're starting to see Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner reach out in Los Angeles in advance of launching his new LA newspaper. He'll be in the journalism school at USC next Tuesday.

Hot ticket: Aaron Kushner to talk about LA newspapers

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for aarson-kushner-ocw.jpg The topic of the Zócalo Public Square panel scheduled March 10 at the Petersen Automotive Museum is "What kind of newspaper does Los Angeles deserve?"
Deadly-Delays-team.jpg “Deadly Delays” by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel documented how delays at hospitals across the country undermine newborn screening programs, putting babies at risk of disability and death.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for aarson-kushner-ocw.jpg LA Times business columnist and blogger Michael Hiltzik and Register owner Aaron Kushner have a difference of opinion on the paper buying insurance policies on the lives of staffers, and directing any proceeds to the pension plan.

Los Angeles Register starts up its social media presence*

laregister-prototype.jpg The Los Angeles Register now has a Twitter feed and a Facebook page, to go with the paper's first promotional ad and what looks like a prototype cover. A feature on Nixon and Agnew?

First video ad for the Los Angeles Register

la-register-ad-grab.jpg This is the first promotion I've seen for the LA Register. It ran on the video scoreboard at Dodger Stadium before the Kings-Ducks game tonight.

Look for the LA Register (staff of 75) around March

oc-register.jpg Media analyst Ken Doctor got his latest briefing from Aaron Kushner on the progress of the experiment at the Orange County Register and Freedom. Doctor adds some research and analysis of his own and concludes, in essence, it's on track.

Register owner takes control of the Easy Reader

easy-reader-cover-ocr.jpg No changes in staff at the weekly are expected, but you can see Aaron Kushner working his way deeper into Los Angeles County.

Kushner's Register play: 'Many people think we are a little crazy'

ocregister-newsroom-nyt-ma.jpg New York Times media columnist David Carr becomes a skeptic about the great OC Register experiment. It's the layoffs and the lack of convincing specifics about the move into Los Angeles.

Mariel Garza to leave as LA News Group opinion editor

mariel-garza-lang.jpg Garza is going to Sacramento to be the... — well, you have to click and go inside to get her new job.

Kushner announces new team at Register, explains 'restructuring' *

Thumbnail image for aarson-kushner-ocw.jpg "The 32 friends and colleagues leaving us have helped the Register navigate through some very challenging times....We enter 2014 with real opportunities and real challenges."

Stay tuned: Big changes at OC Register today *

Reports have been coming since last night about expected management changes and layoffs today in the Orange County newsroom. Sources are saying that editor Ken Brusic is being replaced by Rob Curley, with associated shifts down the line.

Register to lay off 39 more at Riverside P-E

labj-grab-kushner.jpg A second round of layoffs at the Riverside Press-Enterprise since the purchase last fall by Freedom Communications includes back-office, newsroom, information technology and production workers. But new reporter hires will mean no net loss of newsroom head count. Plus an update on the LA Register.

There's a new print bureau chief in LA

chris-woodyard-usatoday.jpg USA Today has gone without a formal chief of the Los Angeles bureau for about two decades or so. That changes on Wednesday.

Register names LA editor, Kushner again vows to be for 'free markets'

Thumbnail image for oc-register.jpg Aaron Kushner's year-end cheerleading note to the staff in Orange County includes the news nugget that the newspaper will sell its Santa Ana home. The editor of the LA Register will be an LA Times and Register veteran.

Register owners lay off 42 at Riverside Press-Enterprise

Most of the jobs lost are in sales, finance and circulation departments that duplicate functions also provided at the Orange County Register. No “frontline journalists” would be affected, Aaron Kushner says obliquely.
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