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'SoCal Connected' gets another season

Thumbnail image for kcet-web-staff.jpg KCETLink is about to announce that it has received a $1 million grant from the Ahmanson Foundation for a new season of the award-winning news series, "SoCal Connected." No word on staffing or format.

Breaking: LA Stage Times suspends publication*

la-stage-time-grab.jpg LA Stage Times is going on hiatus, effective immediately. Longtime theater writer Don Shirley will now post regularly at LA Observed.

Reports: Rams owner buys acreage next to Hollywood Park*

kroenke-land-inglewood-map.jpg Wal-Mart last month sold a vacant 60-acre parcel next to the Forum and Hollywood Park in Inglewood to a mystery buyer many believe to be St. Louis Rams owner E. Stanley Kroenke. Speculation about a stadium plan abounds.

Wendy Greuel will run for Waxman seat in Congress -- and move

greuel-clinton-langers-gary.jpg Greuel doesn't live in the Westside and coastal district, but the law doesn't mind — the voters may be another story. The list of other candidates still may be long.

Garcetti taps a former assistant GM to run DWP

Marcie-Edwards-mayor.jpg Marcie Edwards, Mayor Eric Garcetti's choice to become general manager of the Department of Water and Power, worked at the utility for 24 years before taking a senior job in Anaheim. Most recently she has been the Anaheim city manager.

Let the scramble begin for Waxman's seat in Congress *

33rd-distrisct-map.jpg Rep. Henry Waxman's decision to retire rather than run for another term makes available one of the Democrats' most valuable congressional districts.

Henry Waxman to retire from Congress

henry-waxman-politico.jpg “At the end of this year, I would have been in Congress for 40 years,” Waxman said. “If there is a time for me to move on to another chapter in my life, I think this is the time to do it."

California newspapers to carry a new print Sunday magazine

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.59.12 AM.jpg The California Sunday Magazine will exist in several digital formats and be delivered on dead trees in the Los Angeles Times and other papers. It's coming out of the Bay Area — and they are hiring.

Reclaiming the alleys of South LA for parklets

Avalon-alley-kcrw.jpg KCRW looks at efforts by activists and the Trust for Public Lands to convert neglected alleys into nice, safe lanes for walking, running and riding bikes.

The story behind Heritage Square and its Victorian homes

haleatheritage-curbed.jpg There are now eight historic structures at the museum -- in various stages of continuous repair -- built between 1876 and 1899. They offer "a fascinating look into an infantile Los Angeles without an architectural identity."

Michelle Obama fundraiser here raises $700,000 for Democrats

fremont-place-gates.jpg Barbra Streisand and Mayor Eric Garcetti were among the attendees at the Fremont Place home of "Everybody Loves Raymond" creator Phil Rosenthal.

LA sports: Dodgers tickets, Magic and the Lakers, new marathons

dodgers-ticket-windows.jpg The Dodgers suspended their season ticket sale and said they may raise prices on big games during the season. Magic Johnson says Lakers erred in hiring coach Mike D'Antoni, and the Olympic marathon trials are coming.

New LA sheriff-to-be talks about fixing the mess

new-sheriff-john-scott.jpg John Scott and his wife both gave up Los Angeles sheriff's department careers out of concern about the direction under Lee Baca. Now Scott gets the rest of the year to leave his mark.

A look at plans for the Academy movie museum on Wilshire

movie-museum-fairfax-view.jpg Architects Renzo Piano and Zoltan Pali have unveiled plans to adapt the old May Co. department store into the motion picture museum Hollywood (and Los Angeles) have never had.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for aarson-kushner-ocw.jpg LA Times business columnist and blogger Michael Hiltzik and Register owner Aaron Kushner have a difference of opinion on the paper buying insurance policies on the lives of staffers, and directing any proceeds to the pension plan.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 1.29.14

burger-queen.jpg Fog diverts flights. Running out of water. New fill-in sheriff named. Republican candidates for governor don't vote. New attention for Pacific Standard. The woman behind In-n-Out Burger. Aaron Kushner replies to story about life insurance policies. The mayor's tweet about Pete Seeger and Justin Bieber.
tom-sherak-oscar-wife.jpg Sherak was Mayor Eric Garcetti's designated ambassador between the film industry, City Hall and Sacremento. He died today after a long battle with prostate cancer.

State Sen. Roderick Wright convicted of perjury and voter fraud

roderick-wright-senate.jpg The Inglewood Democrat is the first member of the California legislature to be convicted in criminal court since the 1990s. He could face eight years for lying about his address.

Florida drops reckless driving charge against Puig

Thumbnail image for yasiel-puig-fla-mug.jpg Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig will still have to pay a speeding ticket for pushing his Mercedes to 110 miles an hour in a 70 mph zone in Alligator Alley.

Los Angeles Register starts up its social media presence*

laregister-prototype.jpg The Los Angeles Register now has a Twitter feed and a Facebook page, to go with the paper's first promotional ad and what looks like a prototype cover. A feature on Nixon and Agnew?

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 1.28.14

energy-drinks-grafic.jpg Ridley-Thomas responds to Daily News with swipe at LA Times. Garcetti previews Obama speech and welcomes Madeleine Brand to KCRW. Jennifer Ferro on Brand. Eneergy drinks and the City Council. Tarantino sues Gawker. Matthew Garrahan promoted by the FT. Chuck Cecil leaves the air. Plus more.
pete-seeger-rrhof.jpg Pete Seeger, a champion of American folk music and social change since the 1940s, collected songs in the South with Alan Lomax, traveled in California with Woody Guthrie, performed for President Barack Obama — and adapted the civil rights movement anthem "We Shall Overcome."

Stephen Glass cannot be a lawyer in California, court rules

stephen-glass-mug.jpg Too many lies over too many years to be a lawyer, the California State Supreme Court says in an unsigned, unanimous opinion.

Patch gets a key piece of earthquake info wrong

usc-not-ucb-patch.jpg Patch sites have been citing USC as source of documents actually from UC Berkeley. The bigger question, though, is why does LA City Hall not already have all of this data and more on its own buildings?

Morning Buzz: Monday 1.27.14

golden-mikes-lined-up-rabe.jpg Grammys list. Golden Mikes winners. Republicans see California drought as advantage. More on Bobby Shriver's stocks. Garcetti to propose end of business tax. Broadway to lose a traffic lane downtown. Jason Collins to sit in First Lady's box at SOTU. OC Register won't name restaurants where food critic got sick. Plus more.

Hockey night at Dodger Stadium (video and photos)

crystal-egger-makeup-stadiu.jpg On the ice it was just another hockey game (not that there is anything wrong with that.) LA Observed kept an eye on the fans and media.

Music industry honors Phil Everly at the Troubadour

rhiannon-giddens-troubadour.jpg Sounds as if the Troubadour stage has hosted another memorable show. "Deliriously upbeat," writes Chris Willman for the Hollywood Reporter. Adds Steve Hochman: "Hard to believe anyone could steal a show with a lineup like this. But, well, Rhiannon Giddens."

We had raindrops in Santa Monica

raindrops-sunday.jpg It felt very weird to have a few splatters on the car windshield. Ten minutes later, a few more drops hit our breakfast table. Alert the networks!

Abuse of women on the Internet on 'Reliable Sources'

amy-wallace-hess-stelter-grab.jpg Los Angeles writers Amanda Hess and Amy Wallace were on CNN with Brian Stelter this morning to discuss their recent pieces. Link to watch inside.

First video ad for the Los Angeles Register

la-register-ad-grab.jpg This is the first promotion I've seen for the LA Register. It ran on the video scoreboard at Dodger Stadium before the Kings-Ducks game tonight.

Other places have ridiculous palms too

bent-palms-mojave.jpg It turns out if you plant Mexican fan palms in Utah, they freeze and die. Go figure. Plus Mojave's two bent palms, Moorpark's two criss-crossed trees, and palms for the Bay Bridge?

Jacobellis wins X Games, heads to third Olympics

jacobellis-fashion.jpg The American snowboard racer has now won more X Games gold medals than any other female athlete. She seems recovered from a torn ACL and meniscus.

Dodger Stadium ice from LAPD air unit

dodger-stadium-ice-ericrose.jpg Eric Rose posted to Facebook this view of Dodger Stadium tonight from LAPD Air 3.

Andrew Cuomo collects nearly $600,000 in Hollywood

andrew-cuomo-head.jpg For many Hollywood Democrats, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is apparently their number two choice for president in 2016, after Hillary Clinton. He was in Brentwood Thursday night for a fundraiser.

Sacramento breaks 130-year record for lack of rain

sacto-radar-grab.jpg In the annals of weather records, this is one nobody wanted to break, says the Bee. Not since 1884 has Sacramento gone this many winter days without rain or snow.

Drought makes it better at Mavericks (video)

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 6.01.33 PM.png The high pressure ridge keeping us dry also left Mavericks with the ideal combination of big swells and no wind or weather.

Dodger Stadium ice has been christened

stadium-series-alumni-ds-3854.jpg Everything is ready for Saturday's outdoor Kings-Ducks game at Dodger Stadium. The rink is up and the media have done their job promoting the event. Remember, this is not the first outdoor hockey game in LA.

Look for the LA Register (staff of 75) around March

oc-register.jpg Media analyst Ken Doctor got his latest briefing from Aaron Kushner on the progress of the experiment at the Orange County Register and Freedom. Doctor adds some research and analysis of his own and concludes, in essence, it's on track.

Emily Green has a beef with Jon Christensen's take on LA

chance-of-rain-logo.jpg Christensen gives LA credit as a good enviro partner in an essay in High Country News, and she's not impressed.

Mountain lion cub killed by car on Kanan-Dume Road

p-32-as-kitten.jpg The National Park Service said Thursday that the cub was untagged — not one of the cougars they have been following. Which is interesting.

Danny Pearl's final story *

Asra-Danny-Karachi.jpg Asra Q. Nomani was a close friend and Wall Street Journal colleague of Daniel Pearl. It was from her house in Karachi that the Los Angeles native left on January 23, 2002 for the interview he never returned from.

More palm trees - and the topic moves to 'Off-Ramp'

palm-north-main-ridic.jpg Here are two more LA palm trees that don't fit with their current locations -- plus one I do admire and KPCC's "Off-Ramp" takes on the subject.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 1.23.14

press-play-studio-shot.jpg SoCal leads both houses of the legislature. Smith and Wesson stops selling in California. The campaign for sheriff. A pilot episode of KCRW's "Press Play." The Palm to move. Media notes and more.

Julie Chang returns to Fox11 after brain surgery

julie-chang-back-wide.jpg "California saved my life," the "Good Day LA" entertainment anchor says of the tumor discovered after she moved here and got bonked on the head by a surfboard.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 1.22.14

expo-line-cc-zevweb.jpg Next Speaker looks to be from San Diego. Metro breaks ground on Crenshaw line. Expo Line a hit so far. Fares may be going up. Ridley-Thomas acknowledges some work on his house. Bobby Shriver's stock holdings. City Hall and media moves. New president of the LA Press Club. And much more.

Volokh Conspiracy bloggers sign up with the Washington Post

eugene-volokh-ucla-mag.jpg UCLA Law professor Eugene Volokh — he graduated from college at age 15 — takes his popular center-right law, culture and politics blog to the Post, which loses Ezra Klein.

Los Angeles Times loses Ken Bensinger to BuzzFeed

buzzfeed-la.jpg Times editors joke that BuzzFeed is "the online juggernaut known for hard-hitting reports such as 'The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions.'” But they regret losing Bensinger.

Register owner takes control of the Easy Reader

easy-reader-cover-ocr.jpg No changes in staff at the weekly are expected, but you can see Aaron Kushner working his way deeper into Los Angeles County.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 1.21.14

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for city-hall-with-palms.jpg Flights are dropping due to East Coast weather. A possible GOP candidate for governor. Nobody likes the helicopter noise law. City Hall and county notes. Grantland's Bill Simmons does the mea culpa. LAT editorial says get going on climate change. KCET to air "Democracy Now." And much more for the first workday after a holiday weekend.

Bobby Shriver to make Supes run official on Tuesday

bobby-shriver-web-grab.jpg Shriver and Sheila Kuehl are both of Santa Monica but they look to be the main choices for Democratic voters across a wide swath of Los Angeles County.

Gender and the female journalist who dares read the Internet

Nasty online bullying of women affects many people who you know. When it's aimed at journalists, it seeks to intimidate and silence.

Comedy podcast to tape on (where else?) the USS Iowa

uss-iowa-buick.jpg Fun fact: the guns on the Iowa could hit downtown LA from San Pedro — that's like an hour and a half with traffic.

Oahu's Pipeline observed by drone (video)

pipeline-grab-sterman.jpg This might be the most beautiful surfing video you have seen (and heard.) Meanwhile, the National Weather Service warns of very big waves on all of Hawaii's islands this week.

Kushner's Register play: 'Many people think we are a little crazy'

ocregister-newsroom-nyt-ma.jpg New York Times media columnist David Carr becomes a skeptic about the great OC Register experiment. It's the layoffs and the lack of convincing specifics about the move into Los Angeles.

Betty Pleasant sees Promise Zone gaffe as all about Garcetti

garcetti-white-house.jpg The mayor says anti-poverty money will go south of the 10 freeway, but there is a lot of upset and finger pointing.

Mariel Garza to leave as LA News Group opinion editor

mariel-garza-lang.jpg Garza is going to Sacramento to be the... — well, you have to click and go inside to get her new job.

At least three more dry months now expected in California

us-drought-map-11714.jpg Weather models show California's historically dry weather is expected to continue. Gov. Brown today declared a drought emergency. The Obama Administration named 27 counties as disaster areas.

Morning Buzz: Friday 1.17.14

justine-bateman-ucla.jpg Brown declares drought. Maldonado drops out. Congress passes LA helicopter noise bill. Moves in the race for sheriff. A critical audit of the sheriff's department. More quake coverage. OC Weekly on the Register's new editor. A profile of LARB's Tom Lutz. Justine Bateman at UCLA. The second-to-last Munchkin dies. And more.

Dodger Stadium parking palm

palm-dodger-stadium-lot.jpg The parking lots at Dodger Stadium have more ridiculous palm trees per square mile than just about anywhere in Los Angeles.

Glendora fire still active overnight, at 1700 acres

colby-fire-space-nasa.jpg Firefighters in and around Glendora stayed on the line tonight to fight the fire that began about 6 a.m. Thursday near homes in the San Gabriel Mountains foothills.
Northridge-Quake-zocalo-apt.jpg I guess that at 4:31 on Friday morning, Channel 4's tweets will begin. They did this before during the anniversary of the LA riots.

Kushner announces new team at Register, explains 'restructuring' *

Thumbnail image for aarson-kushner-ocw.jpg "The 32 friends and colleagues leaving us have helped the Register navigate through some very challenging times....We enter 2014 with real opportunities and real challenges."

Just where is this exotic place called 'Glendora?'*

map-la-vs-glendora copy.jpg The whereabouts of Glendora, the closest city to where the fire is burning today in the San Gabriel Mountains foothills, is confounding the local media.

Stay tuned: Big changes at OC Register today *

Reports have been coming since last night about expected management changes and layoffs today in the Orange County newsroom. Sources are saying that editor Ken Brusic is being replaced by Rob Curley, with associated shifts down the line.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 1.16.14

colby-fire-cbs.jpg Fire burning above Glendora. New MOCA chief talks to LA Times. County employees did work at Ridley-Thomas home. Transit officials don't want light rail under LAX. And more.

Oscar nominations

12years-oscarnom.jpg “American Hustle” tied with “Gravity” for the most overall nominations with 10. “12 Years a Slave” came in with nine. Some highlights and the full list.

Still believe the California drought isn't real?

jacobellis-b&w.jpg Check out to the NOAA satellite pictures and a release from Mono County. Plus: Olympic hopefuls like Lindsey Jacobellis (video) are in Mammoth this weekend.

Report: MOCA goes to NYC for a director, again

Thumbnail image for moca-plaza-store.jpg The Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles is poised to name as its new director Philippe Vergne, director of the Dia Art Foundation in New York, according to Jori Finkel in the New York Times. The LAT, which laid off Finkel last year, doesn't have the story.

KPCC hiring to expand into arts and entertainment news

scpr-sign-kpcc.jpg The position open now is for an on-air host of entertainment programing. As I understand the plan, the coverage will begin as a segment on "Take Two" then expand to a half-hour show.

Register to lay off 39 more at Riverside P-E

labj-grab-kushner.jpg A second round of layoffs at the Riverside Press-Enterprise since the purchase last fall by Freedom Communications includes back-office, newsroom, information technology and production workers. But new reporter hires will mean no net loss of newsroom head count. Plus an update on the LA Register.

Rep. Buck McKeon won't run for reelection *

buck-mckeon-politico.jpg Buck McKeon, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, won't go through another reelection battle this year, Politico reports. His district includes the Santa Clarita Valley area.

Kershaw agrees to be highest-paid pitcher ever

kershaw-mlbcom.jpg "Enjoy him, L.A.," writes ESPN's David Schoenfield. At 25, Kershaw is the first baseball player to make $30 million a season over the life of his contract.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 1.15.14

Velaslavasay-Panorama-curbed.jpg Will SoCal lead the state Legislature? Plan for Grand Avenue gets Supes' OK. No charges for cop who shot at phantom Dorner. Lucy Jones to work with City Hall. Film and TV production has really fallen since 1996. That odd Eagle Rock meme. The Velaslavasay Panorama, two tweets of the day and more.

Doug Kriegel returning to air as a drive-by economist

doug-kriegel-2014-grab.jpg The former NBC 4 reporter will host a monthly show on the economic life of Southern California on PBS SoCal. The first episode airs Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m.

While the Palisades burn, The Hollywood Reporter sizzles

thr-brusher-grab.jpg Perhaps THR should have chosen a little different wording for one of the click-bait links in its story on today's PCH brush fire in Pacific Palisades.

Death dust: the Valley Fever menace

dust-valley-fever-tny.jpg Dana Goodyear's latest piece for the New Yorker from Los Angeles is about Valley Fever, which is caused by a toxic fungus found in the California soil.

How stupid is this email from 'PG&E'?

Subject line: "Energy Statement." Fake sender: PG&E. Actual email address: in Russia.

OK, I've officially had it with the palm trees

elysian-park-palms-walker.jpg This native Angeleno has finally seen one too many palm trees. Occasionally we'll highlight one that stands out, even in this city of misplaced Washingtonia and Phoenix.

Car carrying Garcetti hits pedestrian near LA Times building *

garcetti-suv-getty-house.jpg The city-owned SUV that Mayor Eric Garcetti rides around in struck and injured a female pedestrian at 2nd and Spring streets, outside the Los Angeles Times building. An LAPD driver was behind the wheel. The victim was taken to the hospital by LAFD ambulance.
stop-no-dog-pee.jpg Lots of things are popular but not cool - like the Super Bowl, or crystal meth.

Out and about this morning *

daily-news-newsroom-jan1794.jpg Won't be able to post a Morning Buzz. But I do want to point out a familiar face in that 1994 photo of the quake-disheveled Daily News newsroom.

Second ant-decapitating fly found in Glendale

ant-decapitating-fly-nhm.jpg The Natural History Museum's entomology people give the intriguing details. "Some ant decapitating flies, like zombie hunters, aim for the head..."

McDonnell jumps into race for sheriff with a list of endorsements

jim-mcdonnell-elb.jpg Former LAPD official Jim McDonnell has endorsements from Chief Charlie Beck, DA Jackie Lacey, City Attorney Mike Feuer and Supervisor Don Knabe, among others. He is currently the chief of police in Long Beach.

Fullerton officers acquitted in Kelly Thomas fatal beating

Former Fullerton Police Department officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli were found not guilty of all charges in the 2011 beating death of homeless schizophrenic Kelly Thomas.

Morning Buzz: Monday 1.13.14

warner-bros-ranch-aerial.jpg Rep. George Miller won't run. LA 2020 Report sounds a lot like a 1988 report. Doug McIntyre blames illegal immigration. Golden Globes now "the gold standard of awards shows." Meghan McCain joins TakePart Live. "Smogtown" goes Chinese. Neiman Marcus says its credit card data hacked too. Plus 80 years of the Warner Bros ranch, and more.

New Madeleine Brand show at KCRW has a name and date

madeleine-brand-kcrw.jpg "Press Play" will debut Monday, Jan. 27 in the noon to 1 p.m. time slot. It will feature news and culture talk and be KCRW's first new daily program in more than a dozen years.

Northridge quake anniversary kicks in with the media

daily-news-newsroom-jan1794.jpg The Daily News package includes a dramatic shot of what the newsroom in Woodland Hills looked like when staffers tried to get in. The paper's executive editor recalls the day.

Consumer columnist David Lazarus a victim of ID theft

david-lazarus-marketplace.jpg He wrote a column on Saturday taking retailers like Target to task for not doing a better job of safeguarding credit card data. Hours later, he found that his own American Express card was among the pilfered.

New York Times (and Seinfeld) visit DTLA

seinfeld-video-grab.jpg Number 5 on the New York Times Travel section's feature on 52 places to visit this year is Downtown Los Angeles. Right after Albania and before Namibia.

Fukushima radiation no hazard to West Coast fish or beaches

free-zuma-winter-bird.jpg Coming up on three years since the catastrophic Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan, officials say flatly there is no threat to food or beachgoers. No matter what you might see on Facebook.

Map: Earthquake damage in Greater Los Angeles

quake-damage-greater-la-usg.jpg We're swinging into a week full of earthquake conversation and recollection in LA media. January 17 will be the 20th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake.

Dumb title, but good list of LA movies

spicoli-buzzfeed.jpg BuzzFeed calls its listicle 40 Movies That Define Los Angeles, which is a big overreach. But it's a fun list nonetheless. A couple I would have added, inside.
Lindgren will relocate to Los Angeles for three months to oversee The Hollywood Reporter as acting editor while Janice Min and other key editors are working on a remake of Billboard.

Lakers lose to Clippers by 36 points

clippers-barnes.jpg It was the Clippers' biggest win ever over the Lakers. And really, it wasn't even that close.

Killers of Matthew Butcher sentenced to life without parole

julie-butcher-hug.jpg Matthew Butcher worked at an Echo Park marijuana dispensary during a 2010 robbery. The robbers got away with $10,000 and a load of pot, but returned to shoot Butcher and...


bob-brad-korean-bell.jpg Bob Chamberlin of the Los Angeles Times and Brad Graverson of the Daily Breeze use iPhones to document today's rededication of the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro.

Morning Buzz: Friday 1.10.14

dodger-channel-billboard-th.jpg Brown wants more money for quake maps. South LA left out of new Obama "Promise Zone." Roderick Wright trial begins. Dan Schnur to announce. Woman says she was sexually assaulted in the back of an LAPD car. Dodgers channel billboard goes up prematurely. Is is El Sereno or Rose Hills? Plus more.

Dave McCoy and the quick story of Mammoth Mountain (video)

Thumbnail image for MammothNov. 4 .jpg Dave McCoy, the former city of Los Angeles hydrographer in the Sierras who founded the Mammoth Mountain ski area, is now 98 years old.

Longtime LA Times sportswriter tweets her own layoff

Thumbnail image for latimes-sign-sideview.jpg Diane Pucin has been covering sports media and tennis, as well as other sports, at the Los Angeles Times for a long time.

Greuel opts out of race for Yaroslavsky's seat

greuel-riordan-pantry.jpg "I might run for something in the future, but I just don’t think I want another campaign now,” former controller and mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel said Thursday. Here's who is in.

Garcetti will get to name a new head of DWP

dwp-bldg-flags-lao.jpg Mayor Eric Garcetti announced this morning that Ron Nichols, the general manager of the city's Department of Water and Power for three years, will leave at the end of the month. A letter from Nichols said he was going for personal reasons.

Former Variety tower gets new tenant and name

Thumbnail image for variety-bldg-tower-side.jpg The Miracle Mile office tower formerly named for Variety (and before that for People's Bank) is getting a new top-floor occupant: SBE, the lifestyle and hospitality company headed by Sam Nazarian.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 1.9.14

dodger-stadium-renovation-2014.jpg Gov. Brown's flush-year budget. Galperin subpeonas Brian D'Arcy. Garcetti in Washington again. Blue Line to get a makeover. Bobby Shriver files Board of Supes fundraising committee. More jostling for sheriff. Loving jury duty. Gabriel Snyder leaves The Wire. Dodger Stadium renovation. And more.

Gustavo Arellano and Lalo Alcaraz go Hollywood

twoamigos-gustavo-lalo.jpg The two amigos of local Mexican-flavored media are part of the team for the new Fox show "Bordertown," and darn happy to be there it sounds like.

Thomas V. Jones, LA aerospace giant was 93

Thumbnail image for moraga-vineyard.jpg Jones led Northrop for three decades and after retiring created Moraga Vineyards and its respected winery on a slope in Bel Air — a premium winery within the city limits of Los Angeles.

Eloise Klein Healy learning language again

eloise-healy.mug.jpg Encephalitis was the reason that Healy resigned last year after just nine months as LA's first official poet laureate. She is recovering.

Video of Puig's reckless driving arrest in Florida

Thumbnail image for yasiel-puig-fla-mug.jpg Yasiel Puig tried to talk the Florida trooper out of taking him to jail on a reckless driving allegation back in December.

Culver City Ice Arena has Feb. 2 closing date

culver-city-ice-rink-letter.jpg The figure skating and hockey cultures of the Westside are feverishly trying to avert the impending closure of the fixture on Sepulveda Boulevard where Wayne Gretzky practiced as an LA King (and before) and where generations of local kids learned to skate.

New state maps put Hollywood buildings on faults

hollywood-fault-map.jpg The California state geologist released revised earthquake fault maps today as required by state law — with possible big consequences for development in Hollywood and in the city of West Hollywood.

Former Dodger Greg Maddux elected to the hall of fame

greg-maddux-dodgers.jpg Maddux gets the most votes in the annual polling of baseball writers. Mike Piazza finishes fifth and misses election this year.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 1.8.14

LA 2020 report sounds bleak notes. Baca mulled his options over the weekend. The school board votes for a special election. The Supes vote to put a cross on the county seal. Janice Min gets a promotion. And more.

Requiem for NBC Burbank

nbc-burbank-color.jpg With NBC moving from Burbank to Universal City, and "The Tonight Show" returning to New York, the website Pro Video is remembering the first studio built specifically for color television.

Baca confirms he leaves at the end of the month

baca-presser-lasd.jpg Sheriff Lee Baca said he is retiring for personal reasons and also to avoid the negative coverage of the Sheriff's Department in the upcoming campaign.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 1.7.14

sansone-baby-gdla.jpg Jerry Brown and the high-speed train. Waxman again demands Tribune talk about LA Times. New LAFD class mostly white and male. Garcetti to announce Gatto reward. Female black cast member for SNL. LA TV anchor has a baby. Managing editor is a felon. Sea level rise a threat to LA. The Encounter restaurant closes at LAX. And much more.
baca-witness-la.jpg Media say that Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca informed the county's elected supervisors and his key staff that he will announce on Tuesday. Gone by end of the month. Long Beach police chief Jim McDonnell reportedly looking at getting in the race.

Conjoined gray whale calves found in Baja lagoon

conjoined-whales-pete-thomas.jpg Scientists on Sunday discovered twin calves that were conjoined. They did not survive. "It might be the first documented case of Siamese twin gray whales," blogs the outdoors writer Pete Thomas.

Newborn gray whale spotted by whale watchers

baby-gray-whale-asj.jpg Whale-watcher Alisa Schulman-Janiger says that she and colleagues observed a baby gray whale 1.5 miles off Palos Verdes on Friday that may have been just born. "It was the coolest thing ever."

Morning Buzz: Monday 1.6.14

jennifer-weiner-tny.jpg State lawmakers return to Sacramento. Sen. Kevin de Leon wants to lead the Senate. Napolitano on Edward Snowden. City Attorney Mike Feuer on jaywalking and more. Why film and TV production leaves LA. New Yorker profiles author Jennifer Weiner. LAT profiles AIDS activist Michael Weinstein. When a young colleague dies. Plus Don Forst, RIP. And more inside.

Searching for the lost arroyo of San Pascual

san-pascual-alhambra-creekfreak.jpg The blog LA Creek Freak may be closing in on the location of the natural drainage that used to flow — and maybe still does? — through what became the cities of Pasadena, San Marino and/or Alhambra.

Crash in sardine population may explain sick sea lion pups

pacific-sardines-illo-pew.jpg Remember those disturbing photos last year of mysteriously malnourished sea lions at rescue centers? An alarming drop in sardine schools may be a big reason. There are all kinds of reasons to worry about the sardines, it turns out.

George Skelton observes 40 years of change in Sacramento

george-skelton-bug.jpg Skelton, the Los Angeles Times columnist in Sacramento, notes in his latest column that he had his first story in the paper 40 years ago — a front-pager about Ronald Reagan heading into the final year of his two terms as governor. "Unbeknown to most people outside this business, nothing is more important to a news reporter — short of accuracy — than landing on Page 1," he says.

Trailer: 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon'

fallon-obama-grab.jpg NBC has posted a minute-long teaser for the Jimmy Fallon remake of "The Tonight Show," with footage of earlier hosts Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.

Phil Everly, musical brother was 74 (video) *

everly-brothers.jpg Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers, the influential duo that became one of the first ten groups inducted into the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, died in Burbank at age 74. He had been battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Friday news briefs and desk clearing

Newspapers-dcj.jpg Paul Walker autopsy, Mayor Garcetti's tech agenda, hit-and-run in the Palisades, a minor but media-observed earthquake, a mountain lion in Burbank and in praise of copy editors. Plus more.

Amezcua signs to talk on conservative radio station

Thumbnail image for amezcua-devine-twitter.jpg Former Fox 11 anchor Carlos Amezcua will handle 3 to 6 p.m. on the new LA home of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.
weather-records-2013.jpg State hydrologists report today they found more bare ground than snow in the first Sierra snowpack measurement of the year. That's bad. Here's why no storms are getting through to California.

Architect pleads out in firefighter death, gets one year *

glenn-allen-lafd.jpg Architect Gerhard Becker pleaded no contest Friday to involuntary manslaughter in the 2011 death of Los Angeles city firefighter Glenn Allen, who died fighting a fire at Becker's home on Viewsite Drive in the Hollywood Hills.

Ugly news website screen grab o' the day

lat-grab-1-3-14.jpg It's another one of those days when the LA Times says to hell with even trying to make the website attractive or newsy.

Chefs will cook to benefit injured food critic Max Jacobson

Max-Jacobson-vegasseven.jpg Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, Thomas Keller and Bradley Ogden are among the chefs who will join in Las Vegas dinners to raise funds for Jacobson, who was hit by a car while walking in Henderson, Nevada.

Modernizing 'The Exiles' experience in Los Angeles

peters-union-station.jpg Pamela J. Peters is a photographer from the Navajo reservation who discovered Kent Mackenzie's film "The Exiles" while she was at UCLA. Her work updates the presence of young Native Americans in LA. She talks to Lisa Napoli at KCRW and has a show downtown this weekend.

LA Sparks staff laid off, owners tell WNBA they can't continue

sparks-parker-returns-wnba.jpg Bad news out of the WNBA about one of the league's cornerstone franchises. The league vows the team will be taken over by new owners.

Ten lessons for de Blasio from Villaraigosa's Los Angeles

de_blasio_wife-child-nation.jpg Peter Dreier offers the New York City mayor some advice from the progressive side after eight years of Antonio Villaraigosa. Plus: Bill Bratton takes over (again) at the NYPD.

Susan Rasky, journalist and mentor at Berkeley was 61 *

susan-rasky-grab.jpg The lecturer in the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley covered Congress for the New York Times and helped train a generation of government reporters. She died on Dec. 29 after a long illness.

State Supremes admit undocumented lawyer to the Bar

state-supreme_court_seal_small.jpg Sergio Garcia has waited four years to be told he can practice as a lawyer. He still cannot be paid under federal law.

Now there is just one last Hamburger Hamlet

hamburger-hamlet-orig-ellenberman.jpg The Hamburger Hamlet in Pasadena is scheduled to close for good tonight and flip into a Du-Par's. That leaves the Sherman Oaks location. Alison Martino has nice memories of the Hamlet.

More than 2,000 drivers arrested on holiday DUIs in LA County

Thumbnail image for sheriff-car-lao.jpg The stats cover Dec. 13 to midnight on January 1 and include arrests by 100 different law enforcement agencies.

Dear NYC: Come on in, the water's fine

bonus-pool-days-annenberg.jpg The Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica has declared "Bonus Pool Days!" because the weather here is so nice.

KISS to play at Dodger Stadium hockey game

winter-classic-rink-graig-abel.jpg There were 105,000 fans at the outdoor NHL game on January 1 in the snow in Michigan. There will be half that many at the LA game — but we will be warmer.

City employees receive another pay raise for the new year

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for city-hall-with-palms.jpg The hike means that most workers with the Coalition of L.A. City Unions have received increases totaling 24.5 percent since 2007, the Times says.

NYT: Edward Snowden 'has done his country a great service'

Edward-Snowden-guardian.jpg The editorial board of the New York Times refers to Edward Snowden as a "whistle-blower' and says it is time that the Obama Administration offer him a safe way home.

Drugs, diamonds and two Hollywood producers who shouldn't have

remington-chase-stefan-martirosian-illo.jpg Producers Remington Chase and Stefan Martirosian have an unusual and unsavory backstory they tried to get the LA Weekly not to publish. It didn't work.

3-minute Rose Parade (time lapse)

rose-parade-time-lapse.jpg Los Angeles News Group photographer Dean Musgrove mounted his iPhone in front of the Star-News building in Pasadena and shot the passing Rose Parade. Quickly.

New year news, notes and reads

sylmar-ambulance-usgs.jpg Crime down again, building on earthquake faults, a 94-year-old mountain man — lots of stories crept into the news over the holiday period, plus media notes and job openings. Here's a little round-up to clear the decks for 2014.

Trash collection pushes back a day in city of Los Angeles

trash-bins-la-city.jpg New Year's Day is one of the holidays that pushes LA trash collection back one day — service returns to normal next week. Plus some tips on recycling your Christmas tree.
Clinton fundraises in LA
kermit-la-brea-closer.jpg Jim Henson Studios on La Brea became a presidential campaign stop on Thursday.
Brown declares disaster area
porter-ranch-sign.jpgThe natural gas leak above Porter Ranch now qualifies for various government actions. Story
Wet coyote
wet-coyote-vdt.jpgSpotted between the storms at Here in Malibu.
Performing arts with cheer
guys-dolls-kevin-parry.jpgDonna Perlmutter closes out 2015 with productions downtown and on the Westside.
Junkyard down
upick-firetruck-560.jpgAfter 53 years, Sun Valley's Aadlen Brothers and U-Pick Parts cleans out. Photos