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baylor-breaks-leg.jpg Baylor was taking part in what was supposed to be a special moment for Angels fans: the retirement on the field of former star slugger Vladimir Guerrero.

Ronstadt will not travel to Rock Hall of Fame ceremony

ronstadt-nyt-aug2013.jpg Citing her health, Linda Ronstadt says she won't attend April 10 in Brooklyn. Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow, Carrie Underwood and Glenn Frey will go instead and make sure she is properly feted.

Mayor saddles up in Chatsworth like the mayors before him

garcetti-englander-on-horse.jpg Mayor Eric Garcetti rode on a Chatsworth trail ride with other electeds this weekend — it's kind of a tradition for LA City Hall politicians. Photos inside.

Garcetti interview: The mayor as urban policy wonk

la-mag-garcetti-bkfst.jpg Los Angeles Magazine is posting the full video this week of a breakfast session with Mayor Eric Garcetti held last week at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. He chats in the free-flowing interview with editor Mary Melton.

Morning Buzz: Monday 3.31.14

laura-chick-twitter.jpg Obamacare deadline. Finalists for USC Annenberg post. Reminder about the Puente Hills thrust fault. Chick activates on Twitter. Plus more for a Monday.

Journalists' guide to reporting on earthquakes in SoCal

sylmar-quake-bridge-usgs.jpg Definitions and frequently asked questions from USGS at your fingertips, plus some other advice.

Sunnylands Center and Gardens (photos)

sunnylands-garden-grass-tre.jpg I was in the desert for a couple of days and stopped in Sunday at the Sunnylands Center and Gardens in Rancho Mirage. That is the free, open to the public side of the Sunnylands estate of Walter and Leonore Annenberg.

Hobie Alter, designer of surfboards and catamarans was 80

HobieAlter-maki-grindtv.jpg Alter opened the first surf shop in Dana Point in 1954 and became "the godfather of the surf industry." A memorial paddle out will be held in front of his family home in Laguna Beach.

LA Times alums: Ruth Ryon, Lonnie White*

Thumbnail image for lonnie-white-wearesc.jpg Ruth Ryon created the LA Times' Hot Property feature. Lonnie White covered sports and had played football at USC, where he set the school's single-season record for kickoff return yardage.

5.1 earthquake rocks Southern California *

quake-shake-map-32914.jpg The magnitude 5.1 earthquake at 9:09 p.m. was centered near the border of Los Angeles and Orange counties, 21 miles southeast of the downtown Los Angeles Civic Center. There was a 3.6 foreshock and two aftershocks in the same ballpark.

LA Weekly adds new details on Oxy-Felch story

The LA Times maintains its silence despite fair questions about what else Jason Felch was reporting on and whether the editors and lawyers botched handling of Occidental College stories.
This perhaps bears repeating: The Hollywood Reporter is up for a general excellence award in the most prestigious magazine competition in the country. So is Pacific Standard.

Fielding to retire as head of LA County public health

Dr. Jonathan E. Fielding, the county's high-profile director of public health, this morning announced his retirement from the post. Fielding says in a statement that he will go back to his position at UCLA, where his name is on the Fielding School of Public Health.

Dodgers hold team meeting about Puig, clear the air

Thumbnail image for dodgers-mannequins-puig.jpg "I asked them to please keep helping me," Puig told "Specifically with baserunning and hitting my cutoff man. I want them to help me with everything they can."
oxy-quad.jpg Woman identified only as "a faculty member critical of Occidental’s administration" alleges a messed-up situation at the college. Oxy disagrees. Plus more details.

State Sen. Leland Yee arrested in public corruption case

leland-yee-arrested-kpix.jpg The San Francisco area lawmaker, a Democrat running for Secretary of State, is due in federal court for arraignment right about now. Yee was arrested this morning along with a shadowy San Francisco figure known as "Shrimp Boy" during raids by the FBI and others.

Willow Bay named director of USC journalism school

willow-bay-twitter.jpg For several years Bay has been senior editor of the Huffington Post Los Angeles operation, but her roots are in television news. She takes over in July. Took a long time to fill this one.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 3.26.14

greg-lucas-calbuzz.jpg Galperin may get his DWP nonprofits documents. Brown names a journalist as state librarian. Republican elected in Inland Empire. Theater coverage in LA. Google Glass journalism class at USC. And more.

CicLAvia route for Wilshire on Sunday, April 6

ciclavia-wilshire-2014.jpg They had a huge turnout last year when the route followed Wilshire and it's the same course — between Grand Avenue downtown (in front of the One Wilshire telecom switching building) and Fairfax Avenue. Here's my guide to interesting sights again.

Condors to be released into the wild on cam

condor-cam-empty.jpg Four endangered California condors are scheduled to be released in Big Sur at 10 a.m. by Ventana Wildlife Society biologists in collaboration with the Oakland Zoo.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 3.25.14

Thumbnail image for garcetti-elect-yusef.jpg Tip for Garcetti profilers. Nate Silver and the Democrats. "Cesar Chavez" screens tonight for farmworkers in Delano. Shriver pulls ahead in money. Beck overrules on firing. Bernard Parks makes a cameo. Plus more.

LA Times' quirky quake story generator strikes again

lat-quakelet-grab.jpg There was a 2.7 micro-quake under Long Beach on Monday. The Times auto-story generator breathlessly reported the quake was centered "347 miles from Phoenix." That's helpful, thanks.

NBC officially closes down in Burbank (video)

laugh-in-grab.jpg Brian Williams did a story on Friday about this being the final weekend for the NBC studios in Burbank. Lots of reminiscing about Johnny Carson, "Laugh-in" and Bob Hope.

Malaysia informs families that MH370 crashed in Indian Ocean

malaysia-pm-grab.jpg Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysa announced Monday that analysis of satellite data confirms that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 flew south over the Indian Ocean after changing course and could...

More Marines die on California highway than overseas

desert-sun-62-crop.jpg A takeout by the Desert Sun in Palm Springs finds that since 2007, 33 Marines have died in crashes on roads near the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms. The death toll is higher than that incurred by Twentynine Palms Marines in the Middle East, the paper says.

James Rebhorn, actor was 65

rebhorn-showtime.jpg Rebhorn's most recent high-profile part was as Frank Mathison, the father of CIA agent Carrie Mathison in "Homeland." He also prosecuted Seinfeld and friends in the final episode of that series.

Talk of a 'super' El Niño out in the Pacific

el-nino-visualization.jpg Based on recent developments, some scientists think this event may rival the record El Niño event of 1997-1998. If that does happen, 2015 would almost be guaranteed to set a record for the warmest year on Earth, says a report.

The New Yorker profiles 'twilight' of Kobe's career

kobe-grab-tny.jpg Bryant says he's fairly certain he will retire as a player when his contract expires in the summer of 2016.

Two games into season, Dodgers a little fed up with Puig

puig-espn.png After Sunday's game, ESPN Dodgers writer Mark Saxon posted his first item of the young season with a headline like this: Mattingly is running out patience with Puig.

High clouds over the LAPD (and palm tree)

highlcouds-lapd-bldg-pal.jpg Man, it's hard to take a picture in Los Angeles without a palm tree sneaking in there.

Bart's Books in Ojai as inviting as ever

barts-books-judy-graeme.jpg On a nice day, in a small town, the customers never stopped coming in. Bart's provides everything that the failed book chains never figured out. Including sunshine.

Friday politics notes: Supes, sheriff, more

The morning's news includes an obituary of Ron Smith, the mostly Republican political candidate who ran big campaigns in Los Angeles, San Francisco and statewide.

LA Times names new Business Editor

Thumbnail image for latimes-building-aerial-tig.jpg Kimi Yoshino succeeds Marla Dickerson, who left the Times for the Wall Street Journal.

City Hall trying to limit media access again*

city-hall-from-lat.jpg The new wrinkle is swipe cards for access. The Society of Professional Journalists LA chapter and the Radio-TV News Association of Southern California have scheduled an urgent meeting to make a protest.

Friends try to cheer up dying prof and writing coach

jim-hayes-fb.jpg Jim Hayes taught journalism at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and worked for many years as a part-time writing coach at the Los Angeles Times. Those two pursuits earned him a solid base of admirers and a story today in the Times.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 3.20.14

budget-portal-grab.jpg KPFK's mess. Garcetti's budget portal. County Dems endorse (or don't.) Strip club manager elected to neighborhood council. UC campuses report strained climate. Piolin suit dismissed. Plus more.

Obama screens 'Cesar Chavez' at White House

cesar-chavez-film-grab.jpg The president introduced the new Diego Luna film but didn't stay to watch — he said he'll watch on DVD soon. He also told Luna he loved "Y Tu Mama Tambien," though acknowledged it could not be screened at the White House.

Dueling debates in supervisor race

Thumbnail image for warren-olney-2007-marc-goldstein.jpg Warren Olney gets the party started at tonight's SPJ event. Next week it's the Press Club.

Australia may have Flight 370 wreckage in sight

aussie-pm-grab.jpg The prime minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, informed Parliament on Thursday morning that satellite images appear to show debris in the ocean under a likely flight path of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Jason Felch statement, and a clarification on Occidental College

jason-felch-book-site.jpg Felch disputes a lot of what Occidental says about him. The college makes a point with me. And this whole story is starting to be a perfect storm of interlocking acquaintances.

Old Sunkist sign emerges from rubble of packing house

sunkist-sign-upland.jpg Inland Valley Bulletin columnist David Allen spotted the faded Sunkist logo that reappeared during demolition of a century-old packing house in Upland. "This sign was like an apparition, the Ghost of Citrus Past."

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 3.19.14

forster-typewriter.jpg Phil Jackson. LAX shooting response. City Hall wants a street and sidewalk repair tax. Maureen Dowd and Garcetti on Garcetti. Steve :Lopez on earthquake preparedness. Walter Kirn, Catherine Opie and more. Plus Soboroff acquires another typewriter.

Italian fashion models base-jump from cliffs (video)

base-jumping-models.jpg "This is probably one of the coolest videos you’ll see all week: ridiculously attractive people jumping from ridiculously dangerous heights," says website.

Church surrounded by palm trees

palms-central-luth-church-l.jpg The heart of old Van Nuys is lousy with mature fan palms. Indiscriminate placement is the rule.

Occidental College adds its own take on the Jason Felch incident

oxy-quad.jpg Oxy statement disputes claims made by fired LAT reporter. Plus: A Washington Post blogger weighs in.

Al Jerome to retire from KCETLink

jerome-2012.jpg Al Jerome is the longtime head of public television station KCET — only the third in its history — who will be known chiefly now for being the architect of the decision to leave PBS and become independent.

LA's first carmageddon: building the freeways

405-swath-wla.jpg The freeway building boom that began with the Arroyo Seco Parkway in the late 1930s and continued for three decades made the city of four million people possible, but the damage done to neighborhoods and whole communities across Los Angeles was painful and, as we now know, permanent and scarring.

LAPD crash in Glassell Park sends four officers to the hospital

An unmarked LAPD car reportedly racing to a crime scene with lights and siren on went through a red light at Fletcher Drive and San Fernando Road and collided with another vehicle. In all seven people were hurt.

Monday Morning Buzz: 3.17.14

lapd-lambo-crop.jpg A new week of political and media notes plus other observations and a tweet of the day from this morning's little earthquake.

That was a 4.4 quake under the Santa Monicas*

shakemap-31714.jpg The earthquake that woke up a lot of Los Angeles at 6:25 a.m. was located near Encino and measured 4.4. Now with video of the KTLA Morning News folks performing the Shocknek Maneuver.

The Grim Sleeper serial killer story continues

christine-pelisek-weekly.jpg Christine Pelisek has a new piece in LA Weekly on the 23-year murder spree she essentially uncovered, plus she's in a Lifetime documentary on the case and played by Dreama Walker in a movie. Meanwhile, suspect Lonnie Franklin is still awaiting trial.

Update to 'Newman dead' hoax story*

newman-dead-tmz.jpg Actor Wayne Knight did not die Sunday in upstate New York or anywhere else.

San Francisco has an accent, but itsa fading away

sf-muni-f-car.jpg Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte really knows his city, and he explains how the local sound of San Francisco is going away.

Dr. Richard Grossman, burn treatment pioneer was 81

Grossmans-with-sign.jpg Saturday obits include Hollywood voice artist Hal Douglas and production manager Abby Singer, whose name has become affixed to the penultimate shot of the day on Hollywood sets.

Bob Thomas, Hollywood reporter for AP was 92

bob-thomas-judy-garland-ap.jpg Bob Thomas began to cover Hollywood for the Associated Press in 1944, after fleeing the Fresno bureau. When he retired in 2010, Thomas held records for longest career as an entertainment reporter and most consecutive Academy Awards shows covered.
jason-felch-book-site.jpg Jason Felch was dismissed for what the editor of the Times calls "an inappropriate relationship" with a source on the Oxy stories. We'll note, because the editor didn't, that Oxy retains Felch's former investigative reporting partner at the Times.

Media and politics notes from the in-box

fraewell-fred-voodoo-cover.jpg I've been otherwise engaged a lot and will continue that way for another week or so. Al Martinez continues to sit out. But here are some news and notes.

Rhode Island mother attends funeral for LAPD's Nicholas Lee

nick-lee-funeral-grab.jpg The mother of seven-year-old Tyler Seddon pays her respects to the officer who helped brighten her ill son's day.

Calumet Photographic closes on Highland (and everywhere else)

calumet-photo.jpg Photographers are noting the abrupt closure today of Calumet's Hollywood store, along with the shutdown of all other American stores in the Chicago-based photo supply chain. An LA photog explains why it matters.

Ukraine and Russia grapple happily together in LA

russia-ukraine-wrestling.jpg The team leaders for Ukraine and Russia have no problem sitting together before this weekend's World Cup of Wrestling at the Forum.

Sheila Kuehl fundraiser is playing the Dobie Gillis card

Maynard-G-krebs-denver.jpg An April 5 fundraiser for Board of Supervisors candidate Sheila Kuehl is billed as "A Night at the Movies with Zelda" — and the contribution levels are right out of her old show, "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis."

Shortage of train cars could delay Expo and Gold lines

exporail550.jpg It's looking like there won't be enough rail cars available to open both the extended Expo and Gold lines and run them at full capacity. Metro buys its cars in Japan.

LA Times names social media editor from within

stacey-leasca-grab.jpg Stacey Leasca has been promoted to social media editor at the Los Angeles Times, where she will direct social media strategy across the newsroom. Memo is inside.

Avalanche dogs at Mammoth Mountain (video)

mammoth-avalanche-dog-2.jpg Avalanche dogs at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area do their thing on video — finding people buried in the snow. That's pretty much it.

Free tix: Misty Copeland in Santa Monica

Misty-Copeland-ltla.jpg The American Ballet Theater soloist we wrote about here the other day will speak Thursday night at Bergamot Station.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 3.12.14

zach-g-grab.jpg How Funny or Die got President Obama. Bobby Shriver will spend his own money. First feedback on LAPD body cameras. Patt Morrison talks with Andre Birotte, Jr. Drones in Fresno. Kudos for Boom. Plus more.

Journalist's guide to writing the trend piece on San Francisco

sf-ferry-bldg-crowd-lao.jpg San Francisco Chronicle writers Joe Garofoli and Peter Hartlaub offer some savvy local tips to all the writers coming to town to "cover" the city. "Best thing on the Internet today," says a fan on Facebook.

Let's call Kushner charming, confident but guarded (video)

zocalo-newspapers-kushner.jpg The Register's Aaron Kushner sat for a Zocalo panel on the future of LA newspapers and explained his bet on print. But details have to wait for the April 16 launch of his new LA Register.

Larry Burrough, Herald Examiner and OC Register editor was 66 *

larry-burrough-fb.jpg The Herald Examiner alumni on Facebook have posted the news that former city editor Larry Burrough died Monday in Washington state. He went to the Orange County Register and also was managing editor of the Denver Post.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 3.11.14

wilshire-newsboy.jpg Pot shops shut down. Ana Guerrero not running. Riordan backs McDonnell for sheriff. Rick Caruso takes over the Palisades. Plus much more.

Rep. Becerra: Resistance to immigration reform is about change

becerra-lamag-grab.jpg Los Angeles Magazine continues its series of "Big Shots" interviews by Giselle Fernandez with Rep. Xavier Becerra, who says the lack of immigration reform in Congress is frustrating but is not due to racism.
Thumbnail image for garcetti-elect-speech.jpg The mayor held a wide-ranging interview with reporters and editors and said the city cannot afford raises for workers for a few years.

LA Register sets a date for its 'unique' coverage: April 16

Thumbnail image for laregister-prototype.jpg Freedom Communications "also will roll out more than a dozen community newspapers across Los Angeles County in coming weeks," the Register announces.

Morning Buzz: Monday 3.10.14

owens valley-cro-mike-prather.jpg Politics, media and more for a Monday — including a plea from the Owens Valley and calls to help a longtime employee of Henry's Tacos.

Big offshore quake rocks north coast of California

ferndale-quake-map.jpg The earthquake at 10:18 on Sunday evening had a preliminary magnitude of 6.9. Luckily, its epicenter was 50 miles west of Eureka beneath the Pacific Ocean, in the subduction zone between tectonic plates that regularly produces sizable quakes.

Mario and Dominic: The love story continues

mario+dominic+ehrler-grab.jpg CBS News caught up the other day with Dominic Ehrler on his daily visit to the Los Angeles Zoo to feed his friend Mario, the goose that bonded with Ehrler several years ago at Echo Park Lake.

Creative weather spelling at KCAL

kcal-9-occastional-oops.jpg Can you spot the misspelling tonight on KCAL 9's weather report? Hint: There is no T in KCAL.

Nicholas Lee, LAPD Hollywood officer was 40

nick-lee-grab.jpg Nicholas Choung Lee is the Hollywood division officer who was killed today in the collision of his patrol car with a truck in Beverly Hills. Chief Charlie Beck tweeted, "A man of greatness and selflessness. Nick was a great cop."

Tommy John talks about Dr. Frank Jobe *

john-jobe-hall-of-fame.jpg The ex-Dodger and Angel — and dozens of other major league baseball players — owe their careers to the Los Angeles surgeon who died yesterday. John discussed his friend on NPR's "All Things Considered."

Paul McCartney hearts KCSN

paul-mccartney-kcsn.jpg KCSN has been rocking the LA airwaves more lately and today put out a press release about a phone call from McCartney.

Mayor's statement on the death of LAPD officer

Mayor Eric Garcetti's office just released a statement on the death of an Los Angeles Police Department officer in a Beverly Hills crash this morning.

Register parent launching Spanish-language weekly in LA County

Unidos-logo.jpg Freedom Communications, the parent company of the Orange County Register and the forthcoming LA Register, says it will introduce a new Spanish-language weekly newspaper called Unidos en el Sur de California on March 21. The weekly will combine the existing SoCal Spanish-language papers, Excelsior and La Prensa.

LAPD officer killed in Beverly Hills traffic crash*

lapd-officer-killed-ktla.jpg A Los Angeles police officer was killed this morning and a second injured when their LAPD car collided with a truck in Beverly Hills. No names yet.

Morning Buzz: Friday 3.7.14

Tesla won't build in California. The LA Marathon is Sunday. A candidate for Long Beach mayor sent out a mailer featuring the San Diego skyline. Dr. Frank Jobe dies and more.

Hollywood Bowl gets new benches

hwd-bowl-benches-zevweb.jpg The cracked, splintering benches at the upper level of the Hollywood Bowl were last replaced in 1981. New benches of Alaskan yellow cedar are now being installed.

Deluxe Laboratories to close Hollywood film processing shop

deluxe-film-lab.jpg Deluxe has been a major player in the production of movies on film and in digital post-production. But film is fading away.

Dawn Chmielewski leaving LAT entertainment and tech team

dawn-chm-twitter.jpg Chmielewski will join ex-Wall Street Journal tech writers Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at Re/Code.

Tribune Publishing names new CEO for LA Times, other papers

Jack Griffin, a longtime print media executive who now runs the New York consulting firm Empirical Media, will take over this summer as CEO of Tribune Publishing. Eddy Hartenstein will become "non-executive chairman" of the new company.

Hope is dwindling for a non-profit news operation in LA *

Thumbnail image for latimes-building-aerial-tig.jpg Edited post: An earlier effort has quietly closed down for lack of interest among those who could finance a new website, writes Leo Wolinsky, the former LA Times managing editor. He notes that KPCC's hunger for grants also sucks up non-profit money that might otherwise go into creating new, better local news sites.

Three indicted deputies point fingers at Baca, Tanaka

Pandora_Opens_The_Box-Recovered-5.jpg A dismissal motion filed Tuesday in federal court alleges that former Sheriff Lee Baca and former undersheriff Paul Tanaka personally ordered the hiding of federal jailhouse informant Anthony Brown.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 3.5.14

hayden-tract-illo.jpg Banning e-cigarettes. LAPD to focus on traffic enforcement this year. Toni Atkins, the next Speaker. The future of the Hayden Tract. Dodgers fans starting to realize they may not see games on TV. Plus more.

Pasadena palm weed looks ridiculous

palm-in-pasadena-lynell-george.jpg It's a little sad that some people find the fan palms growing out of Los Angeles area sidewalks and pavement cracks to be exotic — even iconic. Author and journalism prof Lynell George knows better.

Garcetti talks up LA in Mexico and they mostly understand

garcetti-prez-mexico.jpg In Los Angeles, Garcetti is known to speak pretty decent LA media Spanish — early in their careers he was the one giving Spanish speaking tips to Antonio Villaraigosa. In Mexico City, people are appreciative and forgiving of the details.

Possible list of Register staffers headed north to Los Angeles

mid-valley-little-league.jpg The list is unconfirmed but looks real, and indicates some interesting coverage priorities. Check it out.

Netanyajam comes to Westside today

405-traffic.jpg We do it for President Obama's visits, so take note: Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to town this afternoon. Traffic jams will ensue thanks to closures.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 3.4.14

happy-oscars-hami-high.jpg Speaker Perez gets gifts. Covering Garcetti in Mexico. Are LA gang members fighting in Syria? Miles O'Brien reports from Fukushima. Oscar ratings were high. Plus more.

Look who has been spotted in City Hall

city-hall-face.jpg There has been a new species of journalist spied recently at Los Angeles City Hall. That would be reporters for the as-yet-unseen LA Register.

Los Angeles Magazine embraces car culture

la-driver-grab-mini.jpg Just when it seems from consuming any media that LA has abandoned its automobile ways — but in actuality hasn't — Los Angeles Magazine decides to zig where the others zag.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford tweets like mad in LA

rob-ford-kimmel-backstage.jpg Eric Garcetti picked a good few days to be in Mexico City on a trade mission (the subject of today's LA Observed segment on KCRW.) Toronto's goofy mayor was in town to do Jimmy Kimmel and take Twitter pictures at City Hall.

Sam Quinones moves on from LA Times

Sam-quinones-240.jpg This farewell note went out to the Los Angeles Times newsroom today from former staff writer Sam Quinones. He's off to freelance and write books, most immediately about America's new upper middle class heroin epidemic.

Mystery picture of Bogart and Bacall

bogart_bacall_unclaimed_property.jpg This undated photograph of movie stars Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart appears on the California state controller’s list of unclaimed property. Credit to Larry Harnisch for noticing.

Morning Buzz: Monday 3.3.14

orovile-lake-11614-dwr.jpg Calderon takes leave of absence. Sacramento Democrats lose supermajority. LAFD hiring commanders whose sons advanced reassigned. Assessor candidates. NYT's 1853 story on Solomon Northup's kidnapping. Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki's Instagram pics. Before and after drought pictures. Evelyn Taft's baby. Plus more.

Wow, that was a ragged Oscars show

ellen-oscars-group.jpg So many bungled lines on the Oscars — teleprompter troubles? — and set pieces that fell flat. John Travolta? Yeesh. Highlights and winners inside.

When it comes to Best Picture, watch for a slap in the face

nate-silver-abc-grab.jpg ABC analyst Nate Silver is better known for his politics and baseball stat work than his Oscar predictions, but he shared some data-driven observations about best picture winners this morning on George Stephanopoulos.

New on public radio: An investigative reporting show

reveal_logo_600.jpg KCRW on Saturday aired the new pilot for "Reveal," a show from the Center for Investigative Reporting and Public Radio Exchange. Featured are the heroin pipeline to Chicago, teenagers in solitary on Rikers Island and the reality behind that movie credits bug about no animals being harmed. Listen inside.

NBC's Miguel Almaguer rescued from Azusa mud

miguel-almaguer-in-mud.jpg Los Angeles bureau reporter Miguel Almaguer did a field report for the "NBC Nightly News" Friday night while standing thigh deep in runoff debris. His rescue was not shown.
rainfall-map-county-3114.jpg The 48-hour rainfall map shows less than four inches at most stations around the county, but that's a lot more than we are used to getting. Video of the wave inside.

'12 Years a Slave' has a good day at Spirit awards

indie-spirit-awards-2014.jpg In the Santa Monica beach tent on Saturday, '12 Years a Slave' fashioned a near sweep of top honors at the Independent Spirit Awards. 'Twenty Feet from Stardom' snagged the documentary award.
Clinton fundraises in LA
kermit-la-brea-closer.jpg Jim Henson Studios on La Brea became a presidential campaign stop on Thursday.
Brown declares disaster area
porter-ranch-sign.jpgThe natural gas leak above Porter Ranch now qualifies for various government actions. Story
Wet coyote
wet-coyote-vdt.jpgSpotted between the storms at Here in Malibu.
Performing arts with cheer
guys-dolls-kevin-parry.jpgDonna Perlmutter closes out 2015 with productions downtown and on the Westside.
Junkyard down
upick-firetruck-560.jpgAfter 53 years, Sun Valley's Aadlen Brothers and U-Pick Parts cleans out. Photos