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LAT writer learns of her layoff by email in the Arctic

Environment reporter Margot Roosevelt's note to the newsroom tells the story. Plus another exit, and Tim Rutten's KCRW appearance.

Time to chill out

summer.jpg Photograph by William Reagh, courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library's photo archive.
Generally, the redrawing is likely to benefit Democrats more than Republicans.

*Downtown stadium hearing under way

Don't expect too many surprises at City Hall.

Relief on the way for helicopter noise?

Faced with stepped-up scrutiny, pilots might want to pull back a touch,

LA Sketchbook: Amazon and California


Former Yankee pitcher found dead in Rancho Palos Verdes

Authorities are investigating Hideki Irabu's death as an apparent suicide and hanging.

Tim Rutten on 'Which Way, L.A.?'

The veteran LAT columnist talks to Warren Olney about being laid off.

Bracing for Lady Gaga in Hollywood

It comes just a day after a near-riot broke out at the premiere of a documentary on the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Slow-moving justice too late for Omer Gallion

Done in by a daughter, a lawyer, and a federal judge.

No more free coffee for breakfast at Original Pantry

The 84-seat landmark now charges 50 cents a cup on orders from owner and former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan.
You have to wonder whether it's worth all the time, effort and political maneuvering.

Cops clash with rowdy crowd in front of Grauman's Chinese

hollywood.jpg Crowd had assembled outside the theater, which had been premiering a movie about the Electric Daisy Carnival festival.

More local media transitions

In addition to the newsroom turmoil at the Los Angeles Times, a couple of other transitions to note today. Tina Dupuy is leaving Fishbowl LA — voluntarily! — after three...

Here's a classy LAT farewell note

One of the Los Angeles Times newsroom veterans who found today that she was laid off is Jane Engle, an assistant editor in Travel who has written a lot for the Travel section.
Too much money has been spent on pet projects.

*Big-name layoffs begin at the L.A. Times

NBA writer Mark Heisler is out, according to a source.

Red light camera enforcement is dead

The City Council just voted 13-0 to kill off the program,.
All book-related pieces will now be done in-house, part of another cost-cutting move at the paper. Among those out of a gig: Susan Salter Reynolds, a former staffer who had...

L.A. Controller to investigate Coliseum finances

A $25,000 raise given to the guy in charge of the Coliseum's not-so-savory finances appears to have done the trick.

A little break

I'm off to the Pacific Northwest and the upper end of California for a week.

Trutanich beats the drums for DA race

A release just sent out notes that Trutanich's exploratory committee has raised $507,000, and claims the endorsements of former mayor Richard Riordan and Sheriff Lee Baca.

Mariachi Plaza roiled by price war

mariachi-nyt-almeida.jpg It seems that newcomers are negotiating lower prices while the older mariachis are trying to maintain the traditional $50 hourly rate. About 200 of the price-fixers belong to United Mariachi...

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 7.26.11

Brown nominates Goodwin Liu to state high court, Democratic gains under new districts, red-light cameras likely ending, websites of ex-TV reporters and more.

City Hall East may be named for Jim Hahn

Before she left the City Council, Rep. Janice Hahn made the motion that City Hall East — the white boxy building across Main Street from actual City Hall — be renamed for her brother, the former mayor.

LAT editor's backstory on 'Inside the Cartel'

Reporting extended from Mexico to Bell to the Bronx, says the memo by Times editor Russ Stanton.

KNBC makes an anchor change at 6 p.m. *

lucy-noland1.jpg Ana Garcia is moving back to the investigative team full-time. The new 6 p.m. anchor on Channel 4 is Lucy Noland, recently imported from Houston. She starts tonight.

Stuff you find under houses in L.A.

Jacob Lassen works as a commercial actor sometimes, and crawls under houses the rest of the time.

Lens on Lakewood

lakewood-johnson-liberty.jpg The New York Times features a photo project on Lakewood by Tom M. Johnson.

Morning Buzz: Monday 7.25.11

Amazon politics, Villaraigosa's legacy and new platform, Hector Tobar book on Chilean miners, Olivia Wilde's journalism roots, white flight into the cities and more.

Case of the anti-stadium lobbyist from Texas

Does Billy Bob Barnett want to protect the citizens of Los Angeles, or is this political payback? You decide.

Visiting blogger remembers George Ramos

After the Rodney King verdict riots in 1992, George Ramos wrote a first-person piece in the L.A. Times that began "Los Angeles, you broke my heart. And I'm not sure I'll love you again."

WSJ knew who to blame in Norway slaughter: Islam

The Wall Street Journal editorial page on Saturday notoriously blamed the massacre on Muslim jihadists, without hedging language (or apparently reading the paper's own front page story.)

Staying home, bikes and Carmageddon

Leo Braudy and Timothy Egan on what to take from last weekend's unexpectedly light traffic.

George Ramos, journalist was 63

george-ramos-calcoast.jpg The body of Ramos, the former L.A. Times staff writer and editor, was found in his Morro Bay home after he did not respond to calls from colleagues at

Charles Manatt, lawyer and top Democrat was 75

Chuck Manatt was co-founder in Los Angeles of the law firm now called Manatt, Phelps & Phillips and served as national (and California) chairman of the Democratic Party and co-chair of Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign for president. Manatt died Friday night at a Richmond, Va., hospital of complications from a stroke.

Inside a Mexican drug cartel

lat-drug-cartel-grab.jpg The L.A. Times has posted tonight, for Sunday's paper, the first of a four-part series by Richard Marosi that reconstructs the inner workings of a busted Sinaloa drug cartel from court records and interviews.
There never was any physical evidence linking Giovanni Ramirez to Dodger Stadium or the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow, just weak eyewitness IDs, says an L.A. Times story. Then...

Amy Winehouse, 27

The British soul singer with a drug and alcohol problem was found dead in her London apartment on Saturday afternoon local time. An autopsy is pending.

Two Inland Empire men charged in Stow beating

Prosecutors today charged two Rialto fathers, Louie Sanchez, 29, and Marvin Norwood, 30, with felony mayhem, assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury and battery with serious bodily injury in connection with the opening day attack on Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium.

Angeleno weekend in Cooperstown

Rich and Bert.jpg Bert Blyleven, Pat Gillick and blogger Rich Lederer will stand up at the baseball Hall of Fame in upstate New York.
The L.A. culture war between drivers and bicyclists was in full view this morning on KPCC's "Airtalk.

Barry Minkow saga ends again

The con man has been sentenced back to prison, and his journalist partner in short-selling stock on companies they "exposed" does PR for the city of Costa Mesa.

Summer Friday

No Morning Buzz today. Check out Mark's morning headlines at LA Biz Observed.

Plaschke: Bynum suffers from 'a disability of maturity'

This week's photos of Lakers center Andrew Bynum parking in a disabled spot weren't the first time he's been caught.

New Dodger Stadium suspects arrested, parolee exonerated

The L.A. Times story saying Giovanni Ramirez is off the hook in the Bryan Stow beating is attributed to an unnamed law enforcement source

Why one journalist won't buy another Mac *

Dan Gillmor typically buys a new computer every year, and loves his MacBook Air.

Parking cop who appeared in porn film fired

nbc-expose-porn-parking-officers.jpg The Los Angeles city parking and traffic officer who was filmed in uniform spanking and fondling the breasts of a porn actress has been fired, the city says.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 7.21.11

City Council hopefuls get a date, Garcetti gets an NYT story, Cenk Uygur gets mad and Katzenberg says the movies "suck." Plus more.

Long view of NHMLA's Dinosaur Hall

dinosaur-hall-nyt.jpg From a new online slide show at the New York Times website.

Amid new talk of layoffs, blogs are hot at the Times

A sudden flurry of high-level meetings and grim faces this week at the Los Angeles Times has people in the newsroom on edge again. But stats are up at

Interesting stats from Carmageddon weekend

Supervisor Yaroslavsky's website team has pulled together some insightful data points from the weekend closure of the 405 freeway.

Alex Chadwick documentary to air on KCRW

cataract-canyon.jpg After Alex Chadwick lost his job at NPR, then his wife to cancer, he and a friend who also was facing a personal crisis went rafting through Cataract Canyon in Utah. The radio documentary that resulted debuts Friday on KCRW, and there's a twist to the story.

Greuel to audit the Department of Animal Services

City Controller Wendy Greuel's news release cites reports about theft of animals and fraudulent time sheets at the Lincoln Heights shelter as the reason to launch a "comprehensive review."

Dems pile on local Mitt Romney appearance

Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney was at the Valley Plaza shopping center in North Hollywood today, using it as a photo op for some claim about jobs and the economy.

Garcetti poses some 'principles' on AEG's stadium

Whether Garcetti can deliver on any of the conditions is an open question, but here is his letter addressed to CAO Miguel Santana and the council's legislative analyst, Gerry Miller.

Two parking spaces, one car

bad-parker.jpg KPCC's John Rabe and I share a pet peeve: drivers who take up two curb parking spots by not pulling a few feet farther forward.

The best cooking show on television

It isn't even close, says Slate's Jennifer Reese. It's "America's Test Kitchen," the PBS show from the staff of Cooks Illustrated magazine.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 7.20.11

Zev, AEG's stadium, Maxine Waters, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, this month in Los Angeles magazine, Paris Hilton walks out then come back, plus more.

A conversation on the Hollywood sign and L.A.

leo-braudy-hollywood-cover.jpg Professor and author Leo Braudy will be the special guest, and I'll be the not-so-special interviewer and moderator, this Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Central Library in Downtown. It's for the ALOUD series.

Video: Venice canals by paddleboard

Riding the canals, in still frames from Yo! Venice.

Deadline intros Facebook game in cahoots with Paramount

Nikki Finke watchers are having a fun time with this morning's news that she's flacking a Hollywood-themed Facebook game with Paramount Digital Entertainment.

Andrew Bynum caught parking in disabled spot *

Bynum+parking_Logo1a.jpg Lakers center Andrew Bynum was videotaped parking his BMW across two marked disabled spots at the Bristol Farms store in Westchester.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 7.19.11

New deputy mayor, new library hours, a new rainbow for Sony and a vote for Bill Simmons' Grantland.

Schwada has a few words to say

Veteran TV reporter John Schwada has posted on Facebook about his firing by Fox 11. He's not happy about it.

Politics notes *

Villaraigosa spokeswoman Sarah Hamilton heads home to Chicago, the mayor cuts a transportation video and more.

The award for most creative 405 photo goes to...

dinner-on-405.jpg Amanda Corrigan, her husband Matt and their friend Barry Neely set up early Sunday morning on the closed southbound side of the 405 freeway in Sherman Oaks.

Diana Nyad getting ready to try again

diana-nyad-square.jpg The KCRW commentator is in Florida with her team, checking weather and training to try again to swim from Cuba to the U.S. mainland.

What L.A. watched on cable during Carmageddon weekend

A press release from Time Warner Cable says these were the movies its On Demand customers in Los Angeles demanded the most this past weekend: 1. The Lincoln Lawyer 2....

LA Sketchbook: Dr. Strangelogic


Business as usual on the 405: night closures

Now that the big media event is over, it's back to the routine closures that users of the 405 freeway have experienced over the past several months. Here's tonight's partial list.

Garcetti plays a mayor (again) on TV tonight

In tonight's episode of "The Closer" on TNT, City Council President Eric Garcetti returns to his role as "Los Angeles Mayor Ramon Quintero."

Armstrong's new lawyers go after the feds

Lance Armstrong's new legal team, led by John W. Keker of San Francisco, has filed a brief alleging the government has been leaking damaging information to "60 Minutes" and others about the former bicycling champion.

Morning Buzz: Monday 7.18.11

Headline you knew was coming: "Post-Carmageddon crashes snarl L.A. freeways." A full menu of Monday items inside.

Michael Jackson back on radio for two days

michael-jackson-radio.jpg The reigning radio talk host in Los Angeles for a couple of decades until conservative talk took over the AM dial sits in for Patt Morrison on KPCC on Monday and Tuesday.

Mike Davis takes on Harrison Gray Otis

hgotis.jpg Future installments will look at the former LA Times owner's "interlude as 'emperor of the Pribilofs,' his military atrocities in the Philippines, his bitter legal battles with the Theosophists, the Otis-Chandler empire in the Mexicali Valley, the Times bombing in 1910, the notorious discovery of fellatio in Long Beach, and Otis’s quixotic plan for world government."

Learning to love LA without traffic

Carmageddon weekend is taking on the same image of freedom from traffic as the 1984 Olympics has in Los Angeles lore.

Bad news: 405 to reopen today *

It's been real quiet across the Westside with no 405 freeway spewing white noise for miles around. Villaraigosa thanks "the people of Los Angeles for doing their part."

Carmageddon: one day down, and most of the bridge

bridge-from-above5501.jpg As the traffic experts say, it doesn't take many drivers to change their ways for congestion to go away.

All green on the 405

So far? Best traffic on the 405 through the Sepulveda Pass in years. Free flow in both direction under the Mulholland Bridge — at 7 p.m. on a Friday. Funny...

Pre-Carmageddon traffic report

It's not bad out there. I came over Sepulveda Pass about 2 o'clock, and except for what seemed to be a bit of lookie-loo slowdown on both sides approaching the...

Dog bites shark, comes up smiling

From Xeni Jardin at BoingBoing....

Dedication of the Sepulveda tunnel

sepultunnel1300.jpg Until the tunnel under Mulholland Highway opened in 1930, there wasn't much "pass" to Sepulveda Pass. There was a dirt road and trails, but most of the traffic between...

Carmageddon as the Rapture

405-barstow.jpg Traffic along the 405 has been good today. People are self-correcting: good sign. Now this from cartoonist Donna Barstow.

John Schwada's contract not renewed by Fox 11

Schwada1.jpg Political and investigative reporter John Schwada has been with the Channel 11 a long time, and last month picked up the L.A. Press Club's Joseph M. Quinn Award for journalistic excellence.

Morning Buzz: Friday 7.15.11

Quick stack for a summer Friday. "California's district maps needed to be reformed in the worst way. Unfortunately, they were," writes Sherry Bebitch Jeffe. NBC PropZero A new state law...

Infant killed at Downtown Art Walk *

bdt-child-killed.jpg A two-month-old baby and its mother were struck by a sheared-off parking meter at 4th and Spring at the peak of tonight's Art Walk.

Hahn's new district looks bad (for her) *

WLADT3.pdf The citizen redistricting commission 'visualization" for the congressional district that Janice Hahn just won shows just how bad it would be for her if the lines stay as drawn — and invents an entirely new concept of community of interest.

LA Weekly writer to ghost Riordan's memoir

Patrick Range McDonald, a staff writer at the Weekly, has been tapped to co-write the memoir of former Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan.

Hidden sculpture moved off Wilshire, needs home

statue1-001.jpg Chris Nichols of Los Angeles magazine has the story behind a Jacques Overhoff sculpture that was hidden behind a medical building near Wilshire and Bixel.

Foreclosure fraudster gets 25 years in prison

A federal judge in Los Angeles must really feel that Jeff McGrue's crime was over the top.

Ronni Chasen case closed, gun was stolen from a cop

ronnie-chasen.jpg The Wrap is reporting that the Beverly Hills police have completed the investigation into the Nov. 16 murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen. The gun was stolen from a police officer in the Valley.

Channel 2 interviews text message murder suspect

CBS 2 says it has an exclusive with the local murder suspect who was released from custody in Puerto Rico then disappeared.

Today in the 405 shutdown countdown

Countdown-to-Carmageddon-cr.jpg A roundup of news and observations on the biggest story in Southern California: this weekend's closure of the 405 freeway in Sepulveda Pass, potentially affecting a million or more people — but probably only a little bit.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 7.14.11

Redistricting doubts, BH versus the subway, animal shelter probe in Lincoln Heights, plus is the city's campaign matching funds law now unconstitutional?

Travis Bean, influential guitar maker in the Valley was 63

travis-bean-guitar.jpg "Born of the motorcycle and hot rod culture of Burbank California in the early 1970s, the Travis Bean guitar was fused from gear head sensibility and rock and roll creativity," says a website.

Jay Leno (and Harry Shearer and Tom Hanks) on Carmageddon

"They have to do this every two years to sweep up the shell casings," Jay says in tonight's monologue.

A Dodgers LA-ment

la-ment.jpg Eddie North-Hager spotted this sign under a display of Dodgers bobbleheads at King of New York Pizza in Koreatown.

Morning Buzz: Wednesday 7.13.11

Lots of politics today: Hahn win analysis, Padilla not running for mayor, political stakes of the 405 closure, charges against Rod Wright reinstated and more. Plus: who wins, Harry Potter or Carmageddon?

Janice Hahn elected to Congress *

With the final election night ballots counted, and most of the mail-ins tabulated, the county registrar says it's 54.56 percent for Democrat Janice Hahn and 45.44 percent for Republican Craig Huey.

Breslin offers young male journos a chance this time

susannahbreslin_136.jpg Last month, blogger Susannah Breslin offered $100 to the young female journalist who came up with the best guest post for Breslin's Forbes blog, Pink Slipped.

Weekend 'no stopping' streets for 405 closure

The city Department of Transportation is slapping up new No Stopping any Time signs for Carmageddon weekend on these streets, mostly in the Valley.

Rodney King arrested again: DUI

rodney-king-patch.jpg Riverside County sheriff's picked up Rodney King this afternoon while he was driving in Moreno Valley.

Beverly Hills fantasy: after the subway

Subway fear-mongering by Rodeo Drive merchants inspires a transit-rich fantasy.

Last call for the old LACMA film series

l-avventura-poster.jpg Debra Levine at Arts Meme urges movie fans to take in the final run of films curated by Ian Birnie at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Oldest film sighting of the 1st Street bridge?

In "Berth Marks," Laurel and Hardy (and Hal Roach) show off the bridge and the old Santa Fe rail station that was beside the river.

Sherwood Schwartz, creator of 'Gilligan's Island' was 94

Television writer and producer created Gilligan and "The Brady Bunch," TV sitcom milestones from the 1960s that remain popular in syndication.

Countdown to Carmageddon, the trailer

I'm the reporter-narrator on a UCLA-produced program on the 405 closure that's airing as a special edition of "SoCal Connected" on KCET, Wednesday at 8 p.m. and Friday at 9:30 p.m. Here's the trailer.

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 7.12.11

L.A.'s new parolees, Westwood's FlyAway bus, LA Weekly piles on Zooey Deschanel, water main breaks in the Valley, new gigs for Laurie Pike and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the non-story of the month: secession from California.

LA Observed on KCRW: Preparing for Carmageddon

SEPULVEDA CUT 1962 AERIAL.jpg The Automobile Club of Southern California Archives have some stunning photos from the years in which the L.A. area was discovering its relationship with the car. Like this one.

Peggy Kaus, late-blooming politics blogger was 88

She was the mother of political writer and former U.S. Senate candidate Mickey Kaus and the widow of the late California Supreme Court Justice Otto Kaus.

Zooey Deschanel vs. Patt Morrison

zooey-bafta-tumblr.jpg L.A. Times columnist Patt Morrison's blog quip the other day that actress Zooey Deschanel is a "snobby cow" for daring to diss an ugly corner of Downtown has elicited a big response — from Deschanel.

LA Sketchbook: Carmageddon


LAT names deputy chief in Washington

Bob Drogin, a longtime foreign and national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, will be the deputy in Washington. Read the memo.

Ramona Hahn, matriarch was 86*

Ramona Hahn, the mother of Councilwoman Janice Hahn and Superior Court Judge James Hahn, the former mayor, died today.

HuffPost apologizes for over-aggregating

What the Huffington Post does with many stories it picks up from others is have a junior writer rewrite them without adding new facts or smart observation, then not hint until the end that the story actually came from somewhere else.

Morning Buzz: Monday 7.11.11

Villaraigosa and Prop. 13, Hahn v. Huey coming to a close, HuffPost expands again, William and Kate's last day in L.A. and Robert Hilburn will spin the discs.

Ryan Stringer, Alhambra officer was 26

Officer Ryan Stringer of the Alhambra Police Department was responding to a robbery call early this morning when his patrol car collided with another from the department.

Jaycee Dugard talks to Diane Sawyer

It's a "Primetime" special airing tonight on ABC. Watch video.

Partying with the royals

william-kate-LAX.jpg Watching KCAL's coverage of the British consul-general's reception for William and Kate, Gov. Brown introduced the couple as Mayor Villaraigosa and Lu Parker stood with the Duchess.

Hitler rants about Carmageddon

I'm pretty sure I swore off the Hitler spoofs awhile back. but this one is worth it — and just very smart about the city's culture.
Gaye Williams has most recently been an advisor to Austin Beutner, the former deputy mayor who is running for the top job in 2013.

Video: The new Dinosaur Hall at NHMLA

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles looks to have a hit on its hands.

What recession? Dinner for $1,300 a head

Screen shot 2011-07-07 at 12.48.25 PM.jpg Fraiche is hosting a seven-course wine dinner next Wednesday that's not for the unemployed or those whose 401-k's have cratered.

Where William and Kate will stay while in L.A.

brit-residence.jpg The British residence in Hancock Park was designed by Wallace Neff and finished in 1928.

Journalist asks public for a little help with ideas

L.A. Times Metro features editor Nita Lelyveld is returning to local reporting and posted a request on the city desk's public Twitter account.

Morning Buzz: Thursday 7.7.11

Toll lanes coming to 10 and 110, Zine makes it official, Hahn and Huey face off for first time, hating "Page One" and more.

Kareem: We Dodger fans 'deserve better'

kareem-dodgers-espn.jpg Basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar cried when Walter O'Malley's Dodgers left Brooklyn, and he's not much happier about Frank McCourt's team now.

405: 'L.A. prepares for worst and hopes for best'

Carmageddon in the New York Times, from Los Angeles bureau chief Adam Nagourney. You would think that Los Angeles, of all places, would know how to handle a catastrophe. But...

Catherine Mulholland, historian was 88

CMulholland.jpg The author and granddaughter of one of Los Angeles' most discussed historical figures, the water legend William Mulholland, died today of natural causes at her home in Camarillo.

Otherwise embroiled

I'm tied up all day on other tasks. Mark at LA Biz Observed posted on Mayor Villaraigosa's chief of staff giving notice and other news, starting with the morning headlines....

Dodgers season hits a new low

With tonight's defeat, the Dodgers now have reached 50 losses at the earliest date in any of the team's seasons since 1979.

Fradkins follow the California coast

leftcoast.jpg Author and long-ago L.A. Times enviro reporter Philip L. Fradkin and his photographer son, Alex L. Fradkin, walked the eleven-hundred miles of California coast and have married their words and images in “The Left Coast."

SoCal journalist has head start on walk across America

kent-treptow.jpg Former Daily Pilot photographer Kent Treptow is walking across the United States with his dog Hanna.

Bershon leaving as LAPD inspector general

Nicole Bershon, head of the Los Angeles Police Department's watchdog agency just since May 2010, said today she will depart soon to become a Superior Court commissioner

A perfumer sniffs the L.A. air

"L.A. also smells of fat and sugar—the cheap donuts served at my hotel.”

Morning Buzz: Tuesday 7.5.11

New KCET programs named, Sharon Waxman on "Deal From Hell," Ken Auletta on Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, L.A.'s shrines to the Virgen de Guadalupe and more.

He's walking from New York to L.A.

constantino_inauguralpost-613x408.jpg What did you do for the Fourth of July?

Holiday politics and media notes

Fox News hacked, Villaraigosa calls for raising the debt ceiling, a new year at the City Council and more.

NYT's guide to L.A. for William and Kate

william-kate-canada-waving.jpg In advance of Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visiting California this week, the New York Times' London correspondent Sarah Lyall gave them some cheeky advice for handling the "culture shock" of Los Angeles.

Video: moving neon art

See the Museum of Neon Art begin its move out of Downtown to Glendale.

LA Observed on KCRW: A city's Dodger blues

matt-kemp-ondeck-cropped-la.jpg The Dodgers are in last place on July 4, and the media pile on.

Villaraigosa gets pushback over Getty House fence

getty-front-rapeport.jpg An architecture critic says don't build that wall, while an artist envisions a revenue opportunity.

Here's how that boulder will get to LACMA

rock-photo-w-figs1.jpg How do you bring a 340-ton rock to Wilshire Boulevard? First you need a transporter with 208 wheels, and about fifteen men.

Rarity tonight: L.A. vs. L.A. on the field

The Dodgers and Angels have played each other many times in inter-league play. But tonight's game in Anaheim is the first time they will face each other in a game that counts while both teams wear L.A. on their caps.

Maria Shriver files for divorce

Shriver's filing in Los Angeles Superior Court cites irreconcilable differences and seeks shared custody with ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of their two sons.

Morning Buzz: Friday 7.1.11

A short stack for the holiday getaway day.
Clinton fundraises in LA
kermit-la-brea-closer.jpg Jim Henson Studios on La Brea became a presidential campaign stop on Thursday.
Brown declares disaster area
porter-ranch-sign.jpgThe natural gas leak above Porter Ranch now qualifies for various government actions. Story
Wet coyote
wet-coyote-vdt.jpgSpotted between the storms at Here in Malibu.
Performing arts with cheer
guys-dolls-kevin-parry.jpgDonna Perlmutter closes out 2015 with productions downtown and on the Westside.
Junkyard down
upick-firetruck-560.jpgAfter 53 years, Sun Valley's Aadlen Brothers and U-Pick Parts cleans out. Photos