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February 29, 2012
They range from historic buildings such as the Dominguez Rancho Adobe and UCLA's William Andrews Clark Library on West Adams to cultural sites such as the Dunbar Hotel on Central Avenue, the Watts Towers and Angelus Funeral Home.
Darrell Bailey, the super fan of the Los Angeles Clippers who has become an unofficial mascot for the team, writes on his website that the suits have told him to stop using the Clippers name.
Video: Jean Dujardin arrives at Charles de Gaulle with his best actor Oscar for "The Artist," em português.
Nice video piece by KCRW's Saul Gonzalez and Michael Garber on the resurgence of a market for vinyl records.
Yvette Cabrera, voted last year's best OC columnist by the Orange County Press Club, was laid off today by the Register, according to the Latino Journalists of California, where she is the president.
Susannah Rosenblatt, a Los Angeles Times staff writer for five years until 2009 (part of that time on the county beat) who is now living inside the Beltway, will appear on "Jeopardy" on Thursday night.
The last words of the Los Angeles-raised reporter for the Wall Street Journal, before he was murdered by his captors in Pakistan in 2002, were "I am Jewish."
The lead singer of the musical group The Monkees that was cast for a television show that ran on NBC from 1966-68 died of a heart attack in Indiantown, Florida, where he lived.
George Dohrmann, the Pulitzer-winning senior writer for Sports Illustrated, has a story in the March 5 issue detailing alleged recreational drug use and other disciplinary problems he says were allowed to fester in recent years in the UCLA men's basketball program.

The 340-ton boulder that is destined to sit on the lawn behind the Los Angeles County Museum of Art began its long-delayed trek last night, after suitable festivities at the Stone Valley Materials quarry in Riverside County.
Dreier, the chairman of the House Rules committee, is another congressional veteran to see his career altered, and possibly ended, by redistricting.
Police Commission modifies impounds for unlicensed drivers, most support ever for gay marriage, new proposal to make abortion more widely available, more bike lanes coming in county, fewer fees to visit the forest and the end of Studio City's Sushi Nozawa.
February 28, 2012
Steve Harvey's column of only in Los Angeles items, formerly a staple of the LA Times Metro section, are now at LA Observed.
Film, music and pop culture references to the San Fernando Valley never get old.
David Ono goes to Japan to see how things stand a year later.
The Da Camera Society's Chamber Music in Historic Sites series certainly will live up to the latter part of its name with Saturday's shows.
The March issue of Smithsonian introduces Jonathan Gold as the magazine's new food columnist, and he writes about LA food trucks.
The senator, elected a year ago from the Antelope Valley, was diagnosed 20 years ago with limited scleroderma.
Time magazine reports that "until last week, the mayoral tale of Villaraigosa was starting to look like a box-office bomb."
Dogs in restaurants, that tragic after-school fight in Long Beach, USC's Selden Ring Award and more.
February 27, 2012
A representative of the Los Angeles Urban League and other African-Americans met Monday with KFI officials and talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, who resumed their afternoon shock-talk show after two weeks off for calling Whitney Houston a "crack ho."
Mary Melton, the editor of Los Angeles magazine, will add the title of editorial director for parent Emmis Publishing a year from now on April 1, 2013.
Villaraigosa's pre-Oscar party, the political Chacons of southheast LA county, state fish and game leader bags a mountain lion, waiting for layoffs at the LA Times, Kobe breaks his nose plus a selection of good reads from the weekend.
February 26, 2012
The mostly silent French film that was the only big 2011 movie to be filmed entirely in Los Angeles cleaned up tonight at the Oscars.
What is going on in Wilmington? Two more street killings, this of a boy and girl on F Street near Bay View Avenue just after 7 p.m. tonight.
Two were session musicians and more, while Levee was the principal clarinetist of the LA Philharmonic.
For Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino's inaugural party in San Pedro on Saturday, the other members of the City Council butcher his name for fun on video.
He reached his irreverent peak remarking that Brett Ratner, deposed as Oscars producer after offensive remarks about gays, might have been a better choice for the more-forgiving Grammys.
The Kings won 4-0 on LA ice, but the score alone doesn't tell the better backstory of Saturday night's hockey game.
February 24, 2012
The Times also kills its standalone Food, Health and Home sections and puts that content together in a new Saturday section.
KCRW music director Jason Bentley introduces The Cue, a channel that sounds like it will be used to curate videos from around the web.
Plus the comments from CBS' Lara Logan.
Politics commentator Sherry Bebitch Jeffe has awarded her "first annual" political Oscars on NBC LA's Prop Zero blog. Gov. Jerry Brown wins best performance by a Democrat.
Hackers released the names, addresses and phone numbers of more than 100 law enforcement officers whose information was pilfered from the web site of the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association.
February 23, 2012
LA-based writer Adam Baer argues in a piece for The Atlantic that the film academy should follow the lead of the Grammys and begin to honor the music of movie soundtracks.
I've been meaning for a few days to post this. The fired editor of the Culver City News tells all and reveals how the local free weekly works. Scott Bridges...
LAPD chief Charlie Beck had a bit more to say today about his comments yesterday in favor of issuing a special drivers license to undocumented residents who pass the tests....
Photographer Gary Leonard is really looking forward to the move of that 340-ton boulder to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
The Florida newscasters don't seem cool under pressure as much as....oblivious? Not a bad line by the in-studio anchor about high gas prices.
From the Daily News, an 80-year-old woman in a wheelchair tries to get over the hump caused by a street tree in Northridge.
Noguez denies wrongdoing, Cedillo complains about being redistricted out of his home, LA Weekly vs. Trutanich, new media people hires in the mayor's press office, EsoWon Books moves and more.
"When something doesn't work over and over and over again, my view is that you should reexamine it to see if there is another way that makes more sense," said the LAPD chief.
February 22, 2012
This time, let's compare Southern California's book-buying to the Pacific Northwest. First thing we notice: no Steve Jobs.
Says Angels VP Tim Mead: "We're more aware of his feelings about that now."
OK, I only mention this so I can use this picture of Simmons with "Off-Ramp" producer Kevin Ferguson, who is so clearly enjoying this field assignment, don't you think?
When the Las Virgenes bookmobile shuts down Friday, there will be just four left in the county library system.
Arts blogger Lee Rosenbaum says what startled her most about Timothy Potts was "his lack of thorough knowledge about the Getty's written antiquities-collecting policy."
A state Court of Appeal has affirmed an arbitrator's ruling that Wendy McCaw owes former News-Press editor Jerry Roberts $900,000 for all the crap she has put him through.
Stewart was honored last night with an award for career achievement in film at the Costume Designers Guild Awards. So we reprise her LA Observed video on "Fashioning Fashion" at LACMA.
Jonathan Gold's new job at the LA Times includes front page pieces on culture — while the LA Weekly also loses Elina Shatkin to Los Angeles Magazine.
Marie Colvin of the U.K. Sunday Times and French photographer Remi Ochlik have been killed while reporting in Homs, Syria. From a statement by John Witherow, editor of The...
Berman-Sherman debate coverage, Bernard Parks on redistricting maps, Villaraigosa now an Obama co-chair, Steve Lopez remembers his father and more.
The final episode of "Downton Abbey" season two on Sunday night attracted a 2.3 rating and a 4 share in the Los Angeles market, ranking ahead of the programming on...
February 21, 2012
New York Times bureau chief Adam Nagourney sat down for an hour-long interview with Antonio Villaraigosa and gave his record as mayor a midterm examination, concluding that things are looking up after a few down years.
Democratic Reps. Brad Sherman and Howard Berman are facing off at 7:30 p.m. at Temple Judea in Tarzana. Republican Mark Reed is also taking part — in fact he kind of gets featured billing as the outlier in the race for the heavily Democratic 30th district.
The headline meant to suggest that Kobe Bryant's divorce is going ahead despite the appearances of a public Valentine's Day kiss.
The Montreal Canadiens of hockey crossed over the sports lines to put on a classy pre-game tribute to Gary Carter the other night.
Editor Maria Streshinky explains the Santa Barbara-based magazine's evolving mission.
In a change, the winners of this year's Los Angeles Times Book Prizes will be announced at a public ceremony in USC's Bovard Auditorium on April 20.
Baca chided by Times, county politics, Chevron politics in El Segundo, Magic Johnson's new network, another defection from Village Voice Media and the success of "Grammar Girl" plus more.
February 20, 2012

For photographs of Angelenos that make more of an emotional connection with the viewer, I nominate Adams' 1943 images from the Manzanar War Relocation Center in the Owens Valley.
Former Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez has signed a minor-league deal worth $500,000 with the Oakland A's and will report to spring training later this week in hopes of winning a job.
The entreaties from Village Voice Media executive Mike Lacey didn't work. LA Weekly editor Sarah Fenske posts on the LA Weekly website.
Lohan, a former inmate of the Los Angeles County jail system multiple times now, will host the next "Saturday Night Live" on March 3, the show announced on the air on Saturday. She has no movie or TV projects to promote.
A food blogger for the Village Voice misread our latest post on Jonathan Gold and wished Gold the best of success at the LA Times, saying that LA Observed confirmed the move. Except, of course, we didn't.
It will be interesting to see how persuasive Village Voice money is at this stage, and how much, if any, the Times is sweetening its offer. If you're Gold, a bidding war is a nice place to be.
Stephen Colbert returns, the WGA honors "Midnight in Paris" and "The Descendants," LA Times moves, Will Lewis reups for another term as president of the LA Press Club, and more media notes.
China's dust seems to create more snow than California dust. Though the data is still incomplete.
February 19, 2012
California Watch, the Bay Area-based non-profit, only started up in 2009, but it employs the largest investigative team of any journalism operation in the state and keeps spinning out noteworthy investigations.
Assessor John Noguez under investigation, Sheriff Baca sorry for breaking the law, Rep. Brad Sherman not moving and more.
February 18, 2012
Los Angeles Times watcher Patrick Frey, who blogs as Patterico, has been waiting years for America's most-quoted so-called "man on the street" to finally break into the pages of his favorite (not) newspaper.
February 17, 2012
The KPCC afternoon host mentions meeting Leonard on a Buddhist retreat, before she know who he was.
Chicago News Cooperative, an online alternative to the Tribune and Sun-Times run by former Los Angeles Times editor Jim O'Shea, will shut down later this month.
The Great Eastern, the Chinatown landmark in San Francisco where President Obama made one of those "unscheduled" stops on Thursday's campaign swing, still offers a $48 bowl of braised shark...
Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent Patrick J. McDonnell tells a horrific story in his online tribute to the New York Times' Anthony Shadid.
The popular and respected food writer Jonathan Gold was spotted shaking hands in the Los Angeles Times building yesterday. The buzz is that he will rejoin the paper shortly after his upcoming Gold Standard tasting event, but the Weekly would like to keep him.
Xi Jinping's day in LA, Herb Wesson politicizes the City Council, Richard Alarcon's bad week, why Stephen Colbert took off, the LAPL takes to Pinterest and remembering the heyday of Gold's Gym in Venice.
Reporter Jane Yamamoto and Fox 11 went their separate ways in November, and now she's reporting for CBS.
Lalo Alcaraz takes umbrage after a "white lady" approached him twice outside a Mexican restaurant and tried to give him her valet parking ticket.
February 16, 2012
For me, the worst incident of the day was the death in a police pursuit of a woman who apparently had been kidnapped this morning in the Westlake district.
New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson just announced the death of foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid to the staff. He apparently was stricken with an asthma attack.
-feb2012.jpg" class="mt-image-left" style="float: left; margin: 0 20px 5px 0;" />Water watcher and dry gardener Emily Green is advising her fellow Los Angeles-area gardeners that despite the tease of rain this week, it's time to irrigate the soil.
President Obama stopped into San Francisco's Chinatown for some dim sum dumplings today. Unlike here, there didn't sound like much fuming in traffic.
Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter, born in Culver City, played one season with the Dodgers near the end of his career
KFI said today it is suspending the popular talk show pair "for making insensitive and inappropriate comments about the late Whitney Houston." They called her a "crack ho."
Zocalo Public Square ran a contest to solicit some favorite names for an NFL team in Los Angeles, in advance of a Friday night panel on the NFL and LA.
Interesting remarks by Hollywood Reporter editorial director Janice Min at Mediabistro via Fishbowl LA.
Jack Klunder, the publisher of the Daily News, Daily Breeze and Press-Telegram, has just been promoted to president of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group.
The White House has provided an official account of what President Obama had to stay last night at the fundraiser in Holmby Hills.
Obama moves on to OC, China's Xi Jinping arrives, redistricting panel redraws council districts again, Rep. Laura Richardson in hot water again, and Jim Ladd is back on the air — again.
February 15, 2012
Every president from Kennedy to Clinton stayed at least once at the Beverly Hilton, the hotel says, and it's where President Obama checked in before tonight's Democratic fundraiser. By flying over much of the Westside to Cheviot Hills, then taking the short jaunt up through Century City to the hotel, he cut out many miles of potential traffic mayhem on this trip.
Jeffrey Kaye worked at the San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Herald Examiner and The Hollywood Reporter, and wrote for TV Guide and the Los Angeles Times.
President Obama is scheduled to land at LAX about 4 p.m. After that traffic could suck for awhile in the corridor from Brentwood to Beverly Hills.
Gerhard Albert Becker was arrested Saturday on his arrival from Spain at LAX, and he's scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death last year of LAFD veteran Glenn Allen.
Cold rain expected, an audit of Animal Services, Frisbee rules to back for rewrite, redistricting gets testy, Villaraigosa on chairing the Democratic convention, and a disabled placard stunt with Steve Lopez and Dennis Zine.
February 14, 2012
Roy Brewer is a despised historical figure by many in Hollywood, but not by Ronald Reagan researcher John Meroney.
But it sounds as if he the mayor will be named chair of the Democrats' convention in Charlotte, with an announcement possibly tomorrow when President Obama is here in Los Angeles.
Assemblyman Mike Feuer formally announced his candidacy for City Attorney this morning. He lost to Rocky Delgadillo in 2001.
With politicians in Riverside and San Bernardino counties clamoring for an explanation, the local Caltrans chief has re-assigned the engineer on the Interstate 10 repaving project that closed several lanes of the freeway at the height of Sunday's westbound rush.
Just as blogger Lee Rosenbaum said yesterday, the Getty announced today that the museum's new director is Timothy Potts.
Nonprofit funds vanish, Whitney Houston goes home to Newark, FPPC softens oversight of candidates, Dems endorse Janice Hahn, Bernard Parks comes back from surgery and blogging Dudamel's trip to Venezuela.
The sculpture garden and all the lawn areas are included in the closure, in case that affects your plans to visit.
We have a simple web widget you can put on your blog or desktop and have easy access to everything posted at LA Observed.
February 13, 2012
Just 17 seconds, uploaded to You Tube by Jonathan Alcorn.
Dwight Evans is one of the most underrated players in baseball history, the godfather of baseball stats writes to the sport's hall of fame, urging enshrinement for the retired Chatsworth High alum.
My chat tonight with Lisa Napoli is on the background of the Ansel Adams photographs of the Los Angeles area, shot in 1940, that go on display this weekend.
Sunday's Caltrans-induced traffic jam on Interstate 10 coming back in from Palm Springs was so bad that at least one group of music industry types headed to the Grammy Awards flew into Santa Monica Airport.
The cancellation of the Irwindale Speedway season marks the end of stock car and NASCAR-sanctioned short track racing in Los Angeles County.
The Times wants two reporters to cover the Vietnamese and Korean communities in the West, while KPCC is still advertising for a co-host of the soon-to-be Latinoized Madeleine Brand show.
Beverly Hills police today confirmed the reports that singer Whitney Houston was unconscious and underwater when attendants entered her Beverly Hilton bathroom on Saturday afternoon.
I've been tied up all weekend on a project that is carrying over into Monday....
The entertainment highlight of the Democratic Party's state convention this weekend in San Diego was apparently the unusually harsh words from Reps. Brad Sherman and Howard Berman, aimed at each other.
All of the news operations at the longtime NBC home on Alameda in Burbank will move to a building formerly occupied by Technicolor on the Universal Studios lot.
Caltrans work narrowed the westbound lanes of Interstate 10 in Banning Pass on Sunday afternoon and evening, creating a monster backup.
The Grammys handled the death of Whitney Houston by having host LL Cool J follow opening act Bruce Springsteen with some words of tribute and a prayer "for our fallen sister," and Jennifer Hudson sang "I Will Always Love You."
February 12, 2012
While the body of Whitney Houston lay upstairs, music business legend Clive Davis and his guests held their annual pre-Grammy party — somewhat muted, it sounds like, and with some high-profile absences.
KTLA brought in a full crew, I'm told, to pull together a nearly five-minute news piece on Whitney Houston's rise and fall. If the player doesn't show, here's the link....
February 11, 2012
"Whitney Houston was one of the world's greatest pop singers of all time who leaves behind a robust musical soundtrack spanning the past three decades," Recording Academy President/CEO Neil Portnow says.
Publicist Kristen Foster told AP on Saturday afternoon that the singer had died. TMZ reports she died at the Beverly Hilton, where she was to attend a Clive Davis party tonight.
Zaslow, a longtime Wall Street Journal writer and the author of books on Gabby Gifford, Chesley Sullenberger and last lecture professor Randy Pausch, died Friday of injuries suffered in a car crash.
I didn't really know the Jill Kinmont story until reading today's LA Times obituary, but it has so many noteworthy elements. I've spent an hour reading about her.
The Channel 4 anchor was in Philly pursuing her lawsuit against CBS and a former co-anchor who snooped in her email. She claims he damaged her career, though the backstory includes plenty of signs that Lane may have helped her own downfall.
February 10, 2012
Martin Gomez, the head librarian for Los Angeles since 2009, will become vice dean in the USC Libraries on April 2.
The actor gives CBS' "Person to Person" a tour of his Studio City home of 20 years. His dad became the anchor at KNBC News in 1984.
The District Attorney's office has declined to file charges against Allan Munnecke, the former Tournament of Roses official hauled out of bed the other day and arrested in the 2004 death of a Rose Parade volunteer.
Robert Hoskins, the violently psychotic former prison inmate who served time for stalking Madonna, was arrested today near the Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk. He had left the hospital last...
Posted at Brian Wilson's Facebook page, along with the line "who's watching the Grammy's on Sunday?"
Misty Copeland is the 29-year-old soloist for the American Ballet Theatre (and muse of Prince) who we told you about last year at LA Observed.
Equestrians of the northeast Valley will ride Sunday in memory of Bert Bonnett, a legend in the horsey communities of Shadow Hills and Sunland.
Why LAUSD paid Mark Berndt to go away, dangerous stalker escapes from mental hospital, Pete Schabarum says term limits has missed the mark, sheriff watchers speculate on a shakeup and debating whether Carmen Trutanich is indeed a liar.
February 9, 2012
Largest crowd for a Walk of Fame star ceremony that many could remember, outside the Capitol Records tower on Thursday. Photo by Gary Leonard.
Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and the head of the county's beaches department will meet the media at 6 p.m. on the steps of the Hall of Administration to further explain the Board of Supervisors' vote on beach Frisbees.
All those posters around town for Lana Del Rey worked. Pretty much everything she's doing seems to be working, including that bad turn on SNL.
County officials seek to clarify all the misinformation out there — but yes, Frisbee throwing is still illegal during summer.
Superintendent John Deasy and UTLA president Warren Fletcher will be on "Patt Morrison" on KPCC this afternoon.
City Attorney Carmen Trutanich made it official and announced this morning that he is running for District Attorney of Los Angeles this year.
Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told KPCC that a student's account of Miramonte Elementary School suspect Mark Berndt being helped by another teacher was fabricated and not true.
Justice Kennedy and Prop. 8, Speaker Perez and tuition, Grammy party gets into Getty House, no city for East Los Angeles, Lana Del Rey draws a big crowd in Hollywood and more.
Judy Graeme noticed an especially bad sidewalk rupture on Prosser Avenue, just below Pico in Rancho Park.
February 8, 2012
Vanessa Whang, the director of programs at the California Council for the Humanities in the Bay Area, contributes a reminiscence of the 1971 Sylmar earthquake on the Zocalo Public Square website.
One from Channel 9 and the other from the LA Times could not disagree more.
Former L.A. Times reporter Anne-Marie O'Connor's book on the Adele Bloch-Bauer painting lands, Louise Roug returns from Denmark, paidContent sells, Sam Rubin reups plus a name for Aaron Sorkin's HBO newsroom and more.
Police have been trying to talk down a man who took his clothes off as he climbed a 220-foot communications tower near the city's emergency complex on East Temple Street.
We told you earlier this week that the 1960s-era metal grates would be coming off the old facade of Clifton's Brookdale cafeteria on Broadway — and this morning they did.
Bruce Beresford-Redman, the former TV producer accused of killing his wife Monica in Cancun in 2010, has been taken from the federal detention center downtown is said to be en route to Mexico.
The Dodgers announcer on golf, books and why he can't retire at age 84 in an interesting interview in Golf Digest.
Jerry Brown's pardons, DWP's high pay, renaming City Hall East, LAT's Korea reporter headed for Las Vegas, a new book and more.
Rick Santorum claned up on Tuesday, but it's Mitt Romney whose record on immigration will be skewered by the mayor in Washington.
The only question, apparently, is which bid to buy the Dodgers will LA's richest man join.
Editor Rob Eshman calls the Encino State Historic Park threatened with closure his personal retreat growing up in the neighborhood.
February 7, 2012
I watched a bicyclist get hit by a car today in Westwood Village, right in front of me. So I had bike riders on the mind.
The best hope for newspapers online is a temporary, narrow anti-trust exemption to let publishers collude on a web pay wall, says a former reporter now at UCLA Law School.
Los Angeles police outside a 1987 show by The Ramones and Black Flag at the Hollywood Palladium.
He shows up at the Lakers training gym going up against Rick Fox, and at the LAPD asking then-Chief Bernard Parks for a detective job, in this 2001 video spoof.
The Clippers' special season so far just became a little less magical.
Things were "tense and emotional" outside the school in Florence-Firestone this morning.
Fifteen or so years since Universal Music Group left for Santa Monica, the honchos at Universal City are taking down the signs on various streets and driveways that honor music legends.
"Proposition 8 served no purpose, and had no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California,” the court said.
One of the most-filmed locations in Los Angeles has been closed to filmmakers since May 2010.
Awaiting the Prop. 8 ruling, Brown takes a hit, Pete Wilson joins Romney, helicopter traffic reporter laid off, getting the burrito story wrong and a blogger takes on Wikipedia.
At a ceremony later this morning, the original Broadway facade of the Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria will be uncovered and later restored.
February 6, 2012
Ricardo Guevara, a former teacher's aide at the Miramonte Elementary School's Early Education Center, was convicted in 2005 of committing lewd acts with children and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.
They want your vote to win a kitchen makeover from Ikea. So they had some video fun.
Technical problems at parent Tribune Company, staffers say on Twitter. White screen at LA, nearly so at Channel 5.
The blogger at Babes of NPR on Tumblr doesn't require that the photo subjects actually work for NPR. Any association with public radio will do.
If the children at Miramonte Elementary School weren't traumatized before, they will be when they get back to school on Thursday.
As the centerpiece of an end-of-year ritual it really works, says a writer.
As City Attorney Carmen Trutanich inches closer to his inevitable admission that, yes, he is running for DA despite previously saying he wouldn't, some law enforcement say his campaign has been fudging its endorsement list.
Rick Caruso leaves the Republican Party, Jim Newton goes to a Supes meeting, city reduces Occupy LA damage bill, Sacramento Bee fires its altering photographer, Miramonte Elementary closes for two days plus more.
Germany's Der Spiegel investigates the amazing coincidence that Bruno Banani, the only luge racer from the island of Tonga, shaes the exact name of a fashionable German underwear brand. The questions lead to L.A.
The Last Bookstore on Spring Street in Downtown is big and if it lasts it may actually become the last bookstore standing in Los Angeles.
February 4, 2012
Los Angeles is likely to be well represented in the commercials that air during Sunday's Super Bowl. Like this one showing a flying saucer crash near Downtown.
February 3, 2012
Martin Springer, who lives in Alhambra, was arrested by sheriff's detectives this morning after a short investigation into new reports of lewd acts with children.
No charges to be filed after lengthy grand jury and justice department inquiry, U.S. Atty Andre Birotte Jr. says.
The Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation apologized on Friday for deciding to cut most of its financing to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening.
Artillery founder Tulsa Kinney has posted her interview in the magazine with Mike Kelley, possibly the last interview with the artist who apparently killed himself at home in South Pasadena earlier this week.
A second teacher was removed from Miramonte Elementary School this week and is the subject of a criminal investigation, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. LAT, AP...
February 2, 2012
A recreational boater reported the pot bobbing in the swells about six miles northwest of the entrance to Marina del Rey.
Councilmembers Jan Perry and Bill Rosendahl reacted generally positively to the design, while Councilman Ed Reyes said the project should include more benefits for the area's residents.
Nice one, via Jim Romenesko NEW YORK—Shocked and saddened witnesses at the Huffington Post’s news-aggregation facility have confirmed that employee Henry Evers, 25, died Wednesday after being sucked into the...
Jefrey Katzenberg, Berman-Sherman, Prop. 8 and a reporter moves back to the LA City Hall beat.
AEG to unveil convention center plans, Trutanich to sue Northern Trust, Larry Mantle to talk about Westside vs Eastside, "Marketplace" retracts plus a job opening at AP Los Angeles.
The restored "Final Curtain" screened to an appreciative audience last month at Slamdance, where the two men got to talk about Wood.
February 1, 2012
Both sides are claiming victory in a Los Angeles civil trial that was noteworthy because the judge said reporters could not cover the case because of sensitive income tax information to be discussed.
Berman-Sherman are in one orbit, Richardson-Hahn in another with fewer zeroes.
Since 17 immigrant workers lost their jobs because they could not prove they were in the U.S. legally, Pomona College has been rocked by introspection on "what it means to...
Early "Soul Train" with a young Don Cornelius, the theme from "Shaft" and some classic Los Angeles dancers. The date of this episode is probably Oct. 23, 1971.
Architect Eugene Kinn Choy overcame the anti-Chinese covenants and racism of 1940s Los Angeles to settle in Silver Lake and build this modernist home on Castle Street, near the reservoir.
South Pasadena police say that artist Mike Kelley was found dead Tuesday night at home and may have killed himself.
Mark Henry Berndt, who taught for more than 30 years at Miramonte Elementary School in South Los Angeles, was ordered held in lieu of $23 million bail after appearing in...
Tests for drugs and alcohol came back negative, so Dodgers first baseman James Loney won't be charged in his November 14 crash on the Ventura Freeway.
Police responded this morning to his Mulholland Drive home and found Cornelius dead, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot.
Who attended the First Lady's fundraiser last night, Steve Lopez on high speed rail, the Coliseum's bags of cash, opening juvenile court to the media and reopening the Pulitzers deadline. Plus Susan G. Komen drops Planned Parenthood.
Read the letter from an emancipated slave to his former master in August 1865, rejecting an offer of employment.
B&N is fighting back against the juggernaut by refusing to let its stores sell books published by the online retail giant.
In the last presidential election, Tribune Company boss Sam Zell's most prominent statement about politics — other than "it's unAmerican not to like pussy" — was that his preferred candidate would be "anybody but Clinton."
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