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June 30, 2010
Vanity Fair asked architects and those who circulate among them, such as critic Paul Goldberger, to nominate the five most important buildings, bridges or monuments built since 1980. Plus their pick for the "greatest work of architecture" in the 21st century.
They're calling it retirement, effective July 16.
NBC's "Today" show packaged footage of Abby Sunderland at home in Thousand Oaks with a lengthy interview this morning at the studios in New York.
Christopher Hitchens has announced that doctors have advised him to undergo chemotherapy for cancer in his esophagus. "This advice seems persuasive to me," the 61-year-old author says
I caught In the Heights last night at the Pantages and saw what all the fuss is about, both for the 2008 Tony winner for best musical and the fans'...
Sam Rubin wanted to talk to Larry King on the KTLA morning show about his forthcoming exit from CNN. So Rubin guessed right and sent a couple of interns over to Nate & Al's in Beverly Hills.
The Senate bill that would have made Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich the state's only city attorney with the power to make mischief via grand jury has quietly died in committee,
A couple of Los Angeles television news veterans retire from their stations this week. Gene Gleeson leaves Channel 7 and Mark Coogan departs Channels 2/9. They were feted by colleagues...
Services for CHP officer Ortiz, child welfare lets another child die, a Mitrice Richardson lawsuit, a library parcel tax vote maybe, and Alhambra's gateway.
Johnson had been battling brain cancer and underwent surgery in January. He died Tuesday evening at age 75.
June 29, 2010
At the start of tonight's "Larry King Live" on CNN, King made it official. Before I start the show tonight, I want to share some personal news with you. Twenty...
The host of the weekly column The Score on KCRW plans to swim from Cuba to Florida in August.
The Los Angeles Business Council handed out its architectural awards today. The top prizes went to the new Los Angeles Police Department administration building across from City Hall and to...
Abby Sunderland told her news conference in Marina del Rey this morning that, now that she's home, she'll concentrate on school and getting her driver's licen
Five officers lost by the CHP, the budget-less legislature leaves town, which campaigns Hollywood is giving to, the politics of free tickets and a weak editorial, plus much more inside.
Time magazine's online team rated a bunch of blogs again this year, and for the Los Angeles-based blogosphere the results are mixed.
Getty House, Mayor Villaraigosa's official residence in Windsor Square, played host tonight to a party for the cast of "In the Heights," the touring Tony winner for best musical on Broadway that's now playing at the Pantages.
The teenaged sailor arrived home in Thousand Oaks late Monday evening.
June 28, 2010
The March cover that featured Kristen Stewart, Amanda Seyfried, Carey Mulligan, Anna Kendrick and a bunch of other young, thin, white actresses has been the worst selling of the year so far for Vanity Fair.
Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars have reacted to talk of their team fleeing west by launching a website called No Way L.A.
Talk host Kevin James on KRLA is moving to the 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. slot to make room on the station schedule for Glenn Beck (mornings) and Dennis Miller (8 to 11 p.m.) and says he will start doing reports on neighborhood councils all over L.A.
The suit filed Friday by John Shallman and Shallman Communications reportedly says they are owed nearly $150,000 by Councilman Bernard Parks for work on his 2008 race for county supervisor.
A number of Facebook "friends" have surfaced recently claiming to be employees of the Los Angeles Times, but with little other info on their profiles — and always a young woman's photo.
For Yankees weekend the Dodgers began plying media and blogs with photos of celebrities in the field-level seats.
Whitman's campaign staffing, Villaraigosa's taste in music, Usher not running, Broad takes out a permit for his museum and Scott Turow speaks tonight with Dustin Hoffman. Plus more inside.
Mayor Villaraigosa took a step toward toning down the controversy over his practice of taking free tickets from companies with major business before City Hall, compliments of Steve Lopez and the L.A. Times.
Bill Boyarsky picked up the Online Journalist of the Year trophy at Sunday's awards dinner for the Los Angeles Press Club. Steve Greenberg won best cartoonist for a series in the Ventura County Reporter.
June 27, 2010
With the Yankees in town this weekend a much better team than the Dodgers, the LAT's Bill Plaschke observed that Dodgers' manager Joe Torre looked a little older.
When they shot "Airplane!" on the Universal backlot, it's unlikely that the Zucker brothers (Jerry and David) and Jim Abrahams expected the spoof would be analyzed and immortalized in the New York Times thirty years later. But here we are.
Argentina sent Mexico home with a 3-1 win this afternoon, after Germany had taken care of England 4-1.
June 26, 2010
While Abby Sunderland was on his boat chugging toward Reunion for more than a week, says Jacques Deshayes, the 16-year-old had her own cabin and access to a phone and mailbox. She sat up on the bridge sometimes, but she also slept a lot and after dinner would return to her room and they wouldn't see her again until 8 in the morning.
Mayor and UCLA alumnus Antonio Villaraigosa (or one of his young web functionaries) posted to Twitter after the John Wooden memorial service.
Ghana scored five minutes in. Then in the 61st minute, Landon Donovan comes through again, on a penalty kick. Match is tied at the end of injury time. Now into...
Lots of dignitaries from the city and sports around, including some Yankees and Dodgers. The ceremony goes live on Prime Ticket and the UCLA website at 11 a.m....
June 25, 2010
Matthew Butcher, who was shot during a robbery at a marijuana clinic in Echo Park, was the 27-year-old son of Julie Butcher. She is a longtime leader of the Service Employees International Union in Los Angeles.
Sailor Abby Sunderland arrived on the French island of Reunion a few minutes ago. She was greeted by her brother Zac then met the media briefly before the two teenagers...
A memorial service for Phillip Ortiz will be held at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Downtown.
Reporter Eric Spillman at KTLA hounded the City Controller's office until it gave up 95 pages of receipts from Mayor Villaraigosa's 9-day trip last year to Berlin, London and Copenhagen. Possibly along: Friend-of-Antonio Keith Brackpool.
June 24, 2010
News out of Reunion tonight is that the French vessel carrying 16-year-old Abby Sunderland will dock at 8:30 Saturday morning local time. (Reunion is 11 hours ahead of Los Angeles.)
This one at least is a little creative. The fabricated paramedic calls were OK too. In the end, though, you have to ask: why? Check the image box in...
That $1 billion project to mess up traffic across the Westside and Sepulveda Pass for years — oops, I mean add a carpool lane to the 405 freeway and modernize...
This morning's L.A. Times story didn't know how much cash was obtained in casinos and gaming rooms using state-issued debit cards. Now they know.
Posted to Twitter from the Evening Herald in Dublin, Ireland....
Ed Padgett posted on his blog a bit ago: "I return to the Los Angeles Times at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon and will meet with management tomorrow to discuss or clarify what content can be published online."
Mayor Villaraigosa told reporters today that his office will be disgorging documents on Friday about the official duties he claims to have performed at dozens of events.
Xan Brooks, the Guardian's associate editor who made a new name for himself live-blogging yesterday's mega-match at Wimbledon, is making his mark today in Los Angeles media.
Gold, the former City Hall reporter, now covers media, primarily television, in the Los Angeles Times New York bureau.
Just because. It's a commercial by Japanese photographer Kazumi Kurigami.
The LA Weekly calculated the possible value of the free tickets that Mayor Villaraigosa's office acknowledges he accepted and came up with $50,000, "and perhaps as much as $100,000" depending...
Long Wimbledon match ends, controversies over county probation and welfare recipients in casinos, overlooking the Arizona boycott if it helps revenue, the earth moves and more.
June 23, 2010
lgerians (apparently) in Paris rampaged after today's U.S. victory in the World Cup, smashing windows and igniting or flipping over 20 cars.
Xan Brooks began blogging for The Guardian from Wimbledon at 10:45 a.m. His last post of the day went up at 9:25 p.m., showing definite signs of distress: Last thoughts...
Randal C. Archibold, who has been in the New York Times bureau in Los Angeles, is moving to Mexico City as bureau chief this summer.
Landon Donovan scores a big one for the U.S., Meg Whitman goes after Jerry Brown, L.A.'s most popular filming site, Yvonne Burke as lobbyist and Glenn Beck's turgid first novel. Plus more.
June 22, 2010
Fox 11's John Schwada is riding the Mayor Villaraigosa ticket story hard.
On Twitter from Matt Garrahan, the Financial Times bureau chief in Los Angeles, regarding his home team:
The California Highway Patrol is confirming for media that Officer Ortiz died at 5:50 p.m.
Some 19% of men in Los Angeles County smoke cigarettes compared to 10% of women, according to new estimates by the county Department of Public Health. African Americans smoke at a 25% rate compared to 15% for whites, 12% for Latinos and 11% for Asians, the study says. College educated and higher income? Lower smoking rates.
You've got them. Chronicler of all things modern Chris Nichols has put together a quick web guide to 33 local eateries that fit the criteria.
Three new mountain lion kittens are being tracked in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Ed Padgett says he has been suspended for writing about the production problems that the Los Angeles Times had last week — and is waiting to hear if he has been fired.
The leader of the Ducks' Stanley Cup winning team just announced he's done. Nice 20-year hockey career.
Roz Wyman, elected to the City Council at 22 in 1957 — and a key player in getting the Dodgers here from Brooklyn — was one of the featured guests last night at Los Angeles Magazine's Women's Leadership reception.
The White House just emailed the news that Dr. Sunny Ramchandani of Rowland Heights is in the new class of White House Fellows.
Mexico loses but advances at the World Cup, who might carry on Eli Broad's role of architecture patron, Sarah Palin and Fiorina, a relic from "Emergency!" and Steve Lopez on the air. Plus Kristina Ripatti rides her bike across the U.S.
June 21, 2010
My weekly column on LA Observed tonight talks about my visit to the Valley to talk to Los Angeles Conservancy folks at The Onion, the Unitarian church where the first Los Angeles acid test was held in 1966.
On page 12 of today's Lakers special section in the L.A. Times, J.C, Penney congratulates the Lakers and offers a free replica of the championship trophy to customers who make a $50 purchase of NBA merchandise.
Good luck getting in or out of the Lakers parade zone, GQ's story on Christine Daniels, the 405 project and why is L.A. so uninterested in the BART officers' trial here?
Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne considers the record as Eli Broad prepares to cause another museum to be erected in Los Angeles, probably Downtown on Bunker Hill.
This unedited and graphic video released by the Los Angeles Fire Department shows the crowd in Downtown attacking that taxi after the Lakers championship victory.
Qewz is a technology-driven slice on the day's news, vowing to gather various angles on big stories and include left, right, middle, upper, lower, etc.
The reason Rafael Furcal left the Dodgers a couple of days ago was to be with his father, who had suffered serious injuries when kicked by a horse on the family farm in the Dominican Republic.
June 20, 2010
The Wrap has now been around long enough to reach that point in every website's life where it had to start over with a new design and back-end infrastructure.
June 19, 2010
I'm the keynote speaker this afternoon at the Los Angeles Conservancy's annual meeting.
With the Downtown Los Angeles pressroom overworked, the Los Angeles Times has quietly sent crews back to Costa Mesa to fire up the recently shuttered Orange County presses. There are...
June 18, 2010
For now, they're just calling it Madeleine Brand's New Show, but they want your suggestions.
Publisher Eddy Hartenstein made a statement this morning about the production problems at the Los Angeles Times lone-remaining printing plant that led to most papers being delivered late today — and some being delivered without a Sports section or news of the Lakers championship.
Here's how the mayor's press release glosses over that the Coliseum won't be opened at the end of Monday's Lakers championship parade. The Coliseum party, open free to anyone who could get in — the place filled to capacity — was the high point of last year's celebration.
While the politicians and unions haggle over whether the next round of city worker layoffs will actually happen, at the Los Angeles Public Library they already are happening.
Many problems with the Los Angeles Times presses last night and early this morning — with numerous breakages of the pressroom web — and some papers are still just being delivered.
Best part of the NBA Finals, says ESPN's J.A. Adande....
U.S. earns a draw with Slovenia.
At least 38 were arrested, an LAPD officer and a sheriff's deputy were hurt, an unknown number of others were injured, three vehicle fires were set, and some shops and restaurants had their windows broken or stuff stolen.
June 17, 2010
This year's parade to celebrate the Lakers' NBA championship is scheduled to begin Monday at 11 a.m. at Staples Center, according to media reports.
Ron Artest handled the first three quarters, then Kobe and Gasol took over. Rough, intense game.
So much for the LAPD's threat to check tickets as a measure to keep Lakers fans from crowding the Staples Center neighborhood.
Book editor David Ulin moves to book critic. No successor immediately named.
Geez, a guy can't even go to lunch in this town without Mexico beating France 2-0.
Brian Alexik, the 34-year-old New Jersey man arrested a month after he fled unit 701 of the Reserve Lofts in Downtown's South Park area just ahead of the law, faced some new charges today.
The New York Times reports today that Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez and his representatives twice approached baseball last season about permission to use a banned drug that would boost his testosterone levels.
Bynum is in Game 7 and Perkins is out, VP Biden coming to California to campaign, regulating food trucks, cops being bad, plans for All Saints in Pasadena and politics notes.
Officials and union officials were unable to come to any agreement Wednesday that would avert layoffs of about 278 city workers on July 1. Video of Mayor Villaraigosa's remarks to the media.
Meg Whitman's first general election campaign ads targeting Latinos will run later today during the Mexico-France match at the World Cup.
June 16, 2010
The book-touring chef and TV host praised L.A. food culture (and endorsed the Lakers over the Celtics) and revealed where he ate before taking the stage at Royce Hall.
Mayor Villaraigosa just met the media under the stands at Staples Center and confirmed he will attend Game 7 of the NBA Finals, but declined to say in what official capacity he would perform.
A representative, presumably from Ventura County, met with Abby Sunderland at home for two hours before she sailed from Marina del Rey on her attempt to circle the world. More from blogger Pete Thomas, who sailed with Sunderland.
ESPN tonight airs June 17, 1994, a 30 for 30 documentary by Brett Morgen on the day O.J. Simpson went fugitive in his friend's white Ford Bronco.
The Smoking Gun runs the contract rider for singer Rihanna's upcoming Last Girl on Earth Tour arena appearances.
Ed Roski Jr. and Majestic Realty Co. have hired Ben Porritt, who was a spokesman for John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign, to help work on the project to build an NFL stadium in the City of Industry.
The editor of HuffPost Arts is artist Kimberly Brooks, a habitue of Arianna Huffington's Brentwood salons who is married to actor Albert Books. The bloggers-for-free will include Suzanne Muchnic, the...
If the Lakers grab the NBA championship in Thursday's game 7 TV ratings extravaganza against the Celtics, coach Phil Jackson will get a $2 million performance bonus, ESPN says citing "NBA coaching sources."
With some Jewish leaders now acknowledging the 1915 Armenian genocide by Turkey, former Los Angees Times reporter Mark Arax recounts how his story on the subject led to his 2007 exit from the paper.
Cardinal Mahony's deposition, the Obamas see the Getty, the City Council delays on Arizona, Gov. Schwarzenegger comes to the Press Club Awards, plus Joel Kotkin, Jeanie Buss, Glenn Beck and more.
June 15, 2010
Game 6 began with a rafter-shaking Star-Spangled Banner from Christina Aguilera, then the Lakers began sinking everything and getting to most of the loose balls.
First lady Michelle Obama was spotted last night leaving Osteria Mozza with one of the children, and they stopped today at Pink's before heading to Game 6 of the NBA Finals.
Marrow, director of the Getty Foundation, fills on an interim basis the position of President and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust, left empty by the death of James Wood.
Charlie Sheen's car does it again, Meg Whitman buys $20 million more chips, Beutner plans our future, Pierce O'Donnell back on the hook, a $105,000 cell phone and more.
The series of conversations starts with Catherine Keener and Elvis Mitchell and will take place before an audience at NPR West in Culver City and be posted later on the web.
June 14, 2010
Slake, the quarterly literary journal being launched by former LA Weekly editors Laurie Ochoa and Joe Donnelly, is scheduled to arrive in bookstores by the first week in July.
John Arthur, who left last summer as executive editor at the Los Angeles Times, begins in July a three-month stint as interim editor of the Bakersfield Californian.
LAPD officers arrested Daniel Molnar last week after a Mayor Villaraigosa staffer said he called in a threat to "tell [Villaraigosa] that I'm going to take him out."
It was just in November that KNBC Channel 4 bid adieu to veteran reporter Doug Kriegel. Now he has shown up reporting for KEYT 3 in Santa Barbara. In...
Tonight's earthquake at 9:26 p.m. struck near Ocotillo, in the same region of the Imperial Valley near the U.S.-Mexico border where the quakes have been a-swarming for months.
In my Monday afternoon column on KCRW, I admit to being pleased there is a game 6 (at least) of the NBA Finals so we can see who makes it...
Both CBS-owned TV stations in Los Angeles were knocked off the air at 3:20 p.m. by a "severe power hit," remain off the air more than an hour later.
Lane closures after 10 a.m. at Sunset Boulevard.
Ernest Fleischmann, who died Sunday, ran the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra from 1969 to 1998.
SCOTUS to review California prison order, Villaraigosa paid for his U2 tix, Jack Kyser to retire, Roy Ashburn discusses secret life, John Wooden's funeral plus a whole bunch of weekend and media notes.
After nearly four decades on radio, Dr. Demento will be spinning his discs in the future only on the web. But he promises a new episode every Saturday.
June 20 is the one-year anniversary of the videotaped shooting death in Tehran of Neda Agha-Soltan.
Times beat writer Dylan Hernandez had an amusing exchange with the Dodgers manager about Vladimir Shpunt, the Russian healer who may have been paid six figures by Frank and Jamie McCourt to beam good vibes toward Dodger Stadium from his TV room in suburban Boston.
June 13, 2010
What is it about real estate items and the Los Angeles Times?
In her latest blog post from the French fishing ship Ile de la Reunion, Abby Sunderland said she's in awe of the efforts undertaken to rescue her in the southern Indian Ocean.
"Memphis” won the Tony Award for best musical on Sunday night, “Red” won for best play, and Hollywood actors Catherine Zeta-Jones, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and Scarlett Johansson all won in their categories.
In case you were wondering why the Los Angeles Times is the only big newspaper that pays a full-time staffer to blog partisan attacks on Obama and the Democrats — and not exactly sophisticated attacks — you're not alone.
The Lakers missed nine free throws, including two by Ron Artest in the final minute with the Celtics guarding a five point lead.
June 12, 2010
After an All-Pro career in the NFL with the Los Angeles Rams, Richter went on to run Riverside International Raceway and Auto Club Speedw
The Getty has just announced the death of James N. Wood, the institution's president and CEO.
Over in Rustenburg, South Africa, Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard scored in the fourth minute of the big World Cup showdown between the U.S. and England. "It's not good to fall behind that early -- in any game let alone the first game of the World Cup," ABC's announcer said.
The giant printing presses off the 405 freeway in Costa Mesa that were a key part of the Los Angeles Times' failed plan for West Coast domination have run for the last time.
Sixteen-year-old sailor Abby Sunderland was rescued this morning by a French fishing vessel, in a delicate operation that included overhead aircraft and the French captain falling into the sea.
June 11, 2010
The author and OC Weekly "Ask a Mexican!" columnist gave the keynote address at tonight's main UCLA commencement ceremony.
Everyone who works for us should have their heads examined, say Frank and Jamie, by way of eTrueSports.
Abby Sunderland's blog carries an update from her team, passing along the account of Australian Search and Rescue volunteers who flew over the Indian Ocean today and found her...
Rafael Marquez scored in the 79th minute to tie South Africa.
John Schwada follows up his original report on Mayor Villaraigosa's free tickets with a story last night saying the ethics commission has requested records from the mayor's office, including emails
CHP officer killed in Redlands, Barbara Boxer's hair, Ryan Seacrest's TV future, the down side of Trutanich's power grab, plus what Gustavo Arellano plans to say at UCLA's graduation later today. And more, after the jump.
The Qantas jet spotted Abby Sunderland about 11:30 last night (PDT) and made radio contact.
June 10, 2010
A family spokesman did most of the talking at today's briefing in Thousand Oaks about Abby Sunderland, who's sending distress signals from the south Indian Ocean.
The suspects' car struck and killed a child who appeared to be five years or under in Lake View Terrace.
Game 5 is Sunday in Boston. The Celtics bench outscored the Lakers bench two to one.
Tonight at 8 p.m. is the debut on KCET of "Things That Aren't Here Anymore 3," the reprise I've mentioned a couple of times of the station's popular Ralph Story shows on vanishing Los Angeles (well, really SoCal.)
Abby Sunderland's mother tells the Ventura County Star that the emergency beacon signals from the Indian Ocean give them hope she is still on her boat, and that a third beacon that would indicate the boat is submerged has not gone ofF.
City Controller Wendy Greuel's said Thursday, in releasing her financial audit of the Department of Water and Power, that that the agency had enough money to make its budgeted $73.5-million transfer to the city treasury even without a rate increase.
Jump over to to watch the concert live from Soweto/Johannesberg.
Abby Sunderland, the Thousand Oaks teenager who is sailing around the world, set off her emergency beacon in the Indian Oce
I'm not sure how this stunt helps flack their movie, but Salma Hayek's reaction on the set out in Malibou Lake is memorable. "Somebody do something!" could be a pop...
Greuel audits DWP finances, Whitman's cost per vote, Rutten on a "wretched" book by Chuck Barris, an LAPD officer arraigned and more, plus some media notes.
June 9, 2010
The City Council approved settlements totaling $450,000 to Ted Garcia, then of KTLA, KCBS-KCAL camerman Carl Stein and Telemundo crew Carlos Botifoll, Fernando Mejia and Elisa Rojas.
The Blackhawks' winning the Stanley Cup doesn't quite leave the Los Angeles Kings as the NHL team that has has gone the longest without a championship. Just close.
Frank says it was Jamie's idea. She says it was Frank's idea. Doesn't matter!
The NCAA has given USC a two-year bowl ban and stripped more than 20 football scholarships after a four-year investigation into allegations involving Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo, the L.A. Times' Gary Klein reports.
Nearly 200 acres of grassland and oak trees at the junction of the Ventura Freeway and Las Virgenes Canyon Road have been acquired by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.
Carly Fiorina was caught on an open microphone laughing at Sen. Barbara Boxer's hair — "so yesterday" — and voicing surprise that Fiorina's fellow Republican, Meg Whitman, began the general election campaign today by going on Sean Hannity.
Susanna Hoffs, the throaty former lead singer and guitarist of the Bangles by way of Palisades High School, is raising money for a friend in need of a liver transplant by selling her costumes from the band's heyday on eBay.
The New York Times isn't the only big newspaper publisher looking at the perceived weakness of the Los Angeles Times in its home market and thinking hmmm.
Election result updates, closing L.A. libraries two days a week, the City Council gets involved in Arizona again, Mayor Villaraigosa on the Critical Mass video, Yaroslavsky on his John Wooden dinners, plus Lindsay Lohan and some media hiring notes.
June 8, 2010
Little matters less on election night than early results; since the statewide count is still at about 36% I won't bother with numbers. But in many races we know what...
Kind of touch and go there at the end, but the Lakers regain the series lead 2-1.
Longtime political activist and Hollywood public relations strategist Stephen Rivers died Monday after a long battle with cancer.
The issue goes on sale June 9.
Not a good start to election day at LA Observed Tower.
June 7, 2010
Newstalgia is a sister blog of the politics site Crooks and Liars, putting up audio links from current news events, distant events and popular culture with a Los Angeles bias.
If you're French, he'll watch the World Cup with you. And he remembers Dennis Hopper.
For the 40th anniversary of Christopher Street West and LA Pride, Mayor Antonio Villarigosa opened Getty House to a Sunday afternoon soiree attended by Speaker John Perez, Councilman Bill Rosendahl and other gay community leaders from politics and beyond.
Phil Willon has covered City Hall for the L.A. Times, with an emphasis on Mayor Villaraigosa, for two years. He's going back to Riverside.
KUSC begins broadcasting from new studios in the AT&T Center in Downtown on Tuesday and will move everyone over from 5th Street and Figueroa through the rest of this...
Marvin Isley was the youngest member of the Isley Brothers — he came along in 1973 after his brothers had been performing since 1954.
Flowers and messages honoring John Wooden were piled up this morning at The Bruin sculpture on campus at UCLA.
Yeah, that's 30 for Helen Thomas, who is 89.
Yahoo's desire to buy Huffington Post, five myths about California politics, would Reagan be conservative enough for today's California GOP, yet another story on Mickey Kaus, fear of Carmen Trutanich, plus Alycia Lane, the Entryway Project and more.
Caffie Greene was part of a group of Watts mothers who became a formidable community force after the Watts riots in 1965, and a former deputy to Supervisor Kenneth Hahn.
New York Times bureau chief Jennifer Steinhauer has some fun with L.A.'s propensity for public exercise.
June 6, 2010
Tight game until the end, but the Celtics managed to deal the Lakers their first home loss of this postseason.
June 5, 2010
I noticed quite an outpouring of grief and and surprise on Facebook from friends, labor activists and colleagues on today's death of John Delloro, reportedly of a heart attack.
Proceeds benefit the Cunningham Dance Foundation (CDF) and REDCAT.
Stephen Clancy Hill, apparently known in the adult video business as Steve Driver, has been wanted since an attack Tuesday night porn warehouse in Van Nuys.
L.A. Times stops the presses on John Wooden but misses almost a third of papers.
June 4, 2010
UCLA's legendary coach dies of natural causes at age 99.
Editorial cartoonist Steve Greenberg at the confluence of the stories about Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's free tickets and his boycott of Arizona. See more LA Sketchbook....
UCLA's statement this morning says "Coach John Wooden is resting comfortably at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and spent a peaceful night.
June 3, 2010
Joseph Strick brought James Joyce's "Ulysses" to the big screen, won an Oscar for his documentary on My Lai veterans, made noteworthy documentaries on L.A.'s Muscle Beach in 1948 and an L.A. divorcee's life in 1960, and also commissioned a Santa Monica Canyon home that is the only North American residence by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.
The news has been full of reports about legendary UCLA coach John Wooden since mid-afternoon, some of them grossly erroneous. Here's what UCLA can say.
Lakers fans had some fun tonight.
The National Weather Service officially flipped the switch today on expectations of our future rain, declaring the "demise" of our recent El Niño conditions.
For those who remember when the Cineplex on the top level of Beverly Cinema was a pretty hot ticket, this is somewhat shocking.
Tom Hanks will be talking to John Rabe on Saturday's "Off-Ramp" on KPCC at noon. But first, pies for everyone.
Brian Alexik hadn't even fled Downtown, it seems. The Downtown News says he was arrested without incident at 1:40 p.m. in an apartment at 303 Hewitt Street, after police cordoned off a big swath of the Arts District.
Paige Rense Noland, 81, has been editor of the magazine since 1975.
Lakers-Celtics at 6 p.m., Beck makes a wager, labor's political machine, Brown puts up some cash, Nate Silver and move to the New York Times, and more.
The YouTube video poster at Discarted is something of a photographer-activist, mostly in a good way, though you could read that as troublemaker too.
June 2, 2010
he Lincoln Center Theater's touring production of South Pacific has been previewing at the Ahmanson Theatre since last week, but tonight was the media and stars opening night.
A journeyman pitcher named Armando Galarraga today pitched just the 21st perfect game ever and the first by a player for the Detroit Tigers &mdash but he wuz robbed.
The non-profit newsroom arm of the Center for Investigative Reporting in the Bay Area has added Joanna Lin, a former reporter at the Los Angeles Daily Journal and Los Angeles Times, plus Pulitzer winner Ryan Gabrielson and reporter Susanne Rust.
Friends of longtime Los Angeles journalist Jerry Clark are saying he died yesterday, possibly of a heart attack
More Arizona boycottishness, Trutanich wants his own grand jury, Cooley and the archdiocese, Villaraigosa's freebies and more.
One still photograph survives from that night in 1962 when Marilyn Monroe famously sang a seductive "Happy Birthday" to President John F. Kennedy. It's now for sale in West Hollywood.
June 1, 2010
You know the Dodgers had to be thinking about Kendry Morales when they carefully, but enthusiastically, met Matt Kemp at home plate tonight.
In his column in tomorrow's L.A. Times, Michael Hiltzik examines what's really at issue in the lawsuit against crisis PR executive Mike Sitrick by two former colleagues.
Irene Hirano Inouye, the founding CEO and president of the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo from 1988 to 2008, has been elected the next chair of the Ford Foundation.
The New Yorker's Connie Bruck weighs in this week on the U.S. Senate campaign in California, with a focus on Republican Tom Campbell.
Jerry Brown's first TV ad of the governor's race says it's all about excessive partisanship and Sacramento not working
Blogger-turned-fringe candidate Mickey Kaus has posted a couple of video spots on YouTube. Unions and Democrats are the bogeymen, but his mother and his alma mater Beverly Hills High School...
The governor just named Dan Schnur of USC's Unruh Institute to be chair of the Fair Political Practices Commission.
Ted Green's post for the Los Angeles Times sports blog called Your Guide to Hating the Celtics used to say of Paul Pierce, "By the way, Pierce's idea of a fun night is going clubbing and getting stabbed. Good times."
The first press release has come in from Janice Min's new Hollywood Reporter.
Mexico wants Beresford-Redman for murder, Archbishop Gomez gets a rock star welcome in the Valley, Bynum has his knee drained, robbers shoot a Trader Joe's clerk and more after the jump.
Joint LA Times-USC polling rolled out in a series of weekend stories.
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