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rosey-alvero.jpg KCET debuts "SoCal Wanderer" with Rosey Alvero. The Wall Street Journal gets a new bureau chief. Plus other moves in local media.

Read the memo: NYT grabs a top editor from LA Times masthead

kim-murphy-lat.jpg Some in the Los Angeles Times newsroom had hoped that Kim Murphy would become the editor in chief once Patrick Soon-Shiong takes over.

Eli Broad retiring from public life 'right now'

eli-edythe-broad.jpg Broad chooses the New York Times for announcement that he wants to spend more time with his family and "catch up on my reading."

Read the memo: New York Times won't ban 'alt-right'

nyt-mariachi.jpg Standards editor says explain the term because many readers don't know that "It’s a racist, far-right fringe movement that embraces an ideology of white nationalism and is anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-feminist." what it means:

Santa Monica High kid gets photo gig in NYT Magazine

samo-girl-nico-young-crop.jpg Natalia, 18, got into Berkeley. Cropped to fit. Nico Young/NYT Magazine. Nico Young, an 11th grader last year at Santa Monica High School, is suddenly the envy of big-time and...

Mid-week notes: Zocalo, NYT in California and more

Catania-zocalo-320.jpg New editorial director for Zocalo. The California Today newsletter. Trump drops media blacklist. And more.

NYT thins more in Los Angeles, and the LAT hires locally

nyt-newsroom.jpg The LA bureau of the New York Times is down to one news reporter, one Hollywood reporter and film reviewer Manohla Dargis plus bureau chief Adam Nagourney.

LA photog Monica Almeida takes New York Times buyout

monica-almeida-fb-profile.jpg A second veteran member of the New York Times bureau in Los Angeles is taking a buyout offer to leave the paper.

Media notes: LAT alum gets promoted at the NYT

marc-lacey-nyt.jpg Also a City Hall scoop by Variety, obits on Sydney Schanberg, job moves and more.

New York Times unveils a California newsletter

nyt-newsletter-grab.jpg California Today has news from the NYT, the LA Times and other media outlets and is written by Ian Lovett of the LA bureau.

Bill Cunningham, 87, New York Times photographer

bill-cunningham-street-hat.jpg Cunningham created the genre of street fashion photography and was featured in a 2010 documentary.

Yes, the NYT has a story about Liberté Chan's dress

liberte-chan-in-sweater.jpg The outrage that isn't about the scandal that wasn't crosses over from the web.

Singing the praises of LA's Chinese food

mark-bittman-la-kitchen.jpg "For Chinese food there's no place in the United States like Southern California," New York Times columnist Mark Bittman says in a new video from Los Angeles.
triangle-offense-book-nyt.jpg An NYT editor explains how writer Nicholas Dawidoff came to go do deep on a subject no one was curious about: "They just might fall in love with this truly bizarre corner of the sports landscape, as I had."

Alessandra Stanley leaves TV beat to cover the .01%

alessandra-stanley-640.jpg Stanley is shifting to a newly created beat that will be part of the NYT's gathering coverage of income inequality in the U.S.

LA Times taps NYT for new op-ed editor

JulietLapidos-nyt.jpg Juliet Lapidos is an opinion editor and writer for the New York Times and formerly edited or wrote for Slate, the Atlantic, the Awl and other outlets.

David Carr dies after collapsing in the New York Times newsroom *

david-carr-2008-nyt.jpg "He was the finest media reporter of his generation," executive editor Dean Baquet said in his email to the staff. Carr was 58.

New associate editor of LA Times is ex-NYT

LarryIngrassia copy.jpg Larry Ingrassia left the New York Times last year after a stint as deputy managing editor for new initiatives. He was the NYT business editor for eight years.

Labor reporter Steven Greenhouse takes NYT buyout*

How many labor reporters are left at major American media outlets? Environment reporter Felicity Barringer is also on the list.

Buyouts taken by some New York Times veterans

NewYorkTimes-wikimedia.jpg TV reporter Bill Carter and newspaper and magazines reporter Christine Haughey are on the list of those leaving, along with a few who worked in Los Angeles.

Baquet recrafts the New York Times masthead

Thumbnail image for nyt-newsroom.jpg New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet has announced his first big remake of the organizational ranks of the paper, choosing to replace his old job of managing editor with four deputy executive editors and the new position of creative director. Reads the memo.

LA's crappy streets, sidewalks and water mains in the NYT*

prosser-root-jg.jpg Now everyone knows that a generation of Los Angeles officials has fumbled the infrastructure ball and that Garcetti and the City Council don't yet have a workable answer.

Alissa Rubin's account of her helicopter crash

alissa-rubin-hurt-ferguson.jpg New York Times Paris bureau chief Alissa J. Rubin, a former LA Times correspondent, dictated a reporter's notebook from her Istanbul hospital bed about the Iraq crash in which she was injured. The story runs with a graphic photograph of a bloodied Rubin.

NYT's Alissa Rubin hurt in Iraq helicopter crash

The Paris bureau chief for the New York Times, and former LA Times correspondent, has been airlifted out of the region with a concussion and some broken bones. Photographer Adam Ferguson has left the region with her.

Baquet has malignant tumor removed from kidney

Thumbnail image for baquets-read-on-subway.jpg His email to the New York Times staff calls it "minimally invasive, completely successful doctors have given me an excellent prognosis.”

Unblended: A tale of two newspaper film reviews

blended-sandler-barrymore.jpg A.O. Scott in the New York Times says Adam Sandler's "Blended" is so bad it will make your child stupid. The LA Times calls it a "fun...enjoyable romp."

Baquet abruptly named new editor of NYT, Abramson out *

baquet-abramson-keller.jpg Dean Baquet, the former editor in chief of the Los Angeles Times who left during the worst of the Tribune Company manhandling of the LAT, today was named executive editor of the New York Times. Jill Abramson is out. No explanation.

LAT Mexico City reporter jumps to New York Times

nyt-newsroom.jpg Richard Fausset is leaving Mexico City to return to Atlanta, this time as a New York Times national correspondent. Plus another opening at the NYT.

Answer: No the NYT can't

nyt-mag-grab-33cd.jpg Question: Can the New York Times Magazine cover LA Westside politics without saying "Botox Belt" or "Nate 'n Al's"?

Snowden stories win Pulitzer for Guardian, Washington Post

Edward-Snowden-guardian.jpg The Boston Globe wins in breaking news for its coverage of the Boson Marathon bombings. The New York Times wins in both photography categories. There are no local winners, but several LA Times finalists.

It takes a village to replace Nate Silver

Lynn-Vavreck-ucla.jpg The New York Times has been building a new politics and data team to replace Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight blog. UCLA political scientist Lynn Vavreck will be a regular contributor. Plus more.

Woody Allen has his say in the New York Times too *

allen-farrow-kids-1988.jpg "Of course, I did not molest Dylan," Allen writes. "I loved her and hope one day she will grasp how she has been cheated out of having a loving father and exploited by a mother more interested in her own festering anger than her daughter’s well-being."

LA Times passed on running Dylan Farrow's letter

dylan-farrow-by-frances-silver.jpg Dylan Farrow's letter that ran on Nicholas Kristof's New York Times blog was shopped around first and turned down by the Los Angeles Times op-ed page.

NYT: Edward Snowden 'has done his country a great service'

Edward-Snowden-guardian.jpg The editorial board of the New York Times refers to Edward Snowden as a "whistle-blower' and says it is time that the Obama Administration offer him a safe way home.

NYT's Brian Stelter jumps to CNN, will host 'Reliable Sources'

Brian_Stelter_wikipedia.jpg Stelter, one of the most high-profile New York Times staffers, produced scoop after scoop on the media beat while this year publishing his first book, “Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV." He began TVNewswer in college and got hired full-time at the NYT at graduation.

New York Times writers can now say 'email' and 'website'

nyt-newsroom.jpg The Times updates its style guide to the use of tech terms and more. The stylebook itself may become public.

Notice the difference in Grand Theft Auto ad treatment

nyt-gtav-grab.jpg The New York Times keeps its web ads in the usual ad places and still looks like the NYT. Compare to what the LA Times lets its ad execs get away with.

New York Times website is down, possibly attacked *

The New York Times website has gone dark with only an error message posted. "We are having technical problems." Fox News says it is a big cyber attack.

Read our lips: New York Times is not for sale *

nyt-newsroom.jpg Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and vice chairman Michael Golden write they were stunned that the Grahams sold the Washington Post. On behalf of the Ochs-Sulzberger family, they wish Jeff Bezos luck but say it won't happen in New York.

How ABC and ESPN lured Nate Silver from the New York Times *

nate-silver-no-glasses.jpg Politico has some terrific detail on the year-long negotiations aimed at keeping data analyst-blogger Nate Silver at the New York Times — and on what the Disney-owned ESPN and ABC offered to reel him in. Silver's role at ABC will be more extensive than first reported.

Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight leaving NYT for ESPN

nate-silver-480.jpg Silver will be a regular on the Keith Olbermann show and contribute to ABC News during political seasons, according to the NYT's Brian Stelter.

NYT's Jim Risen vows to take prison over revealing source

james-risen-grab.jpg A divided federal appeals court in Virginia ruled today that Pulitzer-winning New York Times reporter Jim Risen must testify in the criminal trial of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA staffer who the government charged under the Espionage Act with leaking classified material to Risen for his 2006 book, “State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration." A previous judge had said the First Amendment protects reporters such as Risen.

LA's incredible shrinking Sunday newspaper *

lat-front-71413.jpg An LA Observed reader who has been watching the Los Angeles Times for decades — some of that time from sensitive perches inside the building — says today's Sunday LAT was the smallest in his memory. He found 60 pages of content, or 136 pages less than in the New York Times he also received at home here in SoCal.
latimes-building-from-above.jpg The New York Times weighs in today on the fear and loathing among some in Southern California over the possibility that the libertarian Koch brothers might buy the Tribune company's newspapers, gaining control of the Los Angeles Times. "No formal bids have been submitted," the story notes.

All's not well in the New York Times newsroom

abramson-nyt.jpg Dean Baquet, the former editor of the LA Times who is now #2 at the NYT, is at the center of a story about criticism of the leadership of executive editor Jill Abramson. "Just a year and a half into her tenure...Abramson is already on the verge of losing the support of the newsroom," says Politico.

Four Pulitzer Prizes today for the New York Times

California Watch and three LA Times staffers, including photographer Liz O. Baylen, were finalists for today's prizes. The national reporting Pulitzer went to InsideClimate News and there is a winner in fiction this year.

Get divorced, get in the New York Times

dan-crane-homeredo.jpg Dan Crane, a freelance writer and musician who wrote “To Air Is Human: One Man’s Quest to Become the World’s Greatest Air Guitarist,” bought a house in Echo Park with his wife. He had to finish the renovation alone — but he gets a piece in Thursday's NYT Home section.

G-r-e-u-e-l still has a way to go with national media

nyt-greuel-typo.jpg The New York Times was right on top of the Los Angeles mayoral election results, but they still have problems with the name of finalist Wendy Greuel. They only left out one letter.

International Herald Tribune rebrands under NYT

iht-screen-shot.jpg The venerable but dated brand of the International Herald Tribune will be dropped and the paper re-christened as the International New York Times. Plus assorted other changes.

NYT observes Huell, Kobe, Glorya Kaufman

huell-rabe.jpg Big weekend for Angelenos in the New York Times, including an obituary of Huell Howser. Plus: Kobe and Vanessa back together.

NYT avalanche story gets 3.5 million page views

nyt-to-the-peak-grab.jpg The New York Times package reconstructing the stories around an avalanche in the Cascades has been called by some the best designed big web story ever. That encompasses a lot of great work, with much competition, but let's agree it's in the conversation and may be the best thing the NYT has ever done on the web.

NYT reporter tells us about his divorce healing

Jesse McKinley went through a Santa Monica workshop that helps people rid themselves of the personal toxins of divorce. "I had been chosen for this assignment...for the simple reason that I was getting divorced. And, you know, that I probably needed it."

'Innocence of Muslims' maker not contrite

innocence-of-muslims-grab.jpg The New York Times says it got questions to Nakoula Basseley Nakoula in federal custody and, with his comments plus interviews with "church and law enforcement officials and more than a dozen people who worked on the movie," can conclude that "the making of the film is a bizarre tale of fake personas and wholesale deception."

Out in the Central Valley with Mark Bittman

kern-county-soil-lao.jpg Mark Bittman, the New York Times food columnist, asked readers where in the world they wanted him to go to write a solid, serious piece for the NYT Magazine's food issue this Sunday. This challenge led him to California's Central Valley, where so much of the food consumed in America comes from — at least for now. He explains why that had to be the place, and shows his excitement at the scale of it all, but sounds the alarm about the future.

LA represented in New York Times DC bureau

nyt-washburo-protest.jpg Photo of the staff reveals a lot of Los Angeles connections.

New York Times grabs new CEO from the Beeb

nyt-newsroom.jpg Here's how the New York Times itself puts it: "In choosing Mr. Thompson, a veteran of television who has spent nearly his entire career at the BBC, The Times reached outside its own company, its own industry and even its own country to find a leader to guide it in an uncharted digital future." Indeed.

Gold medal in online newspaper info graphics

nyt-graphic-usain-bolt.jpg The New York Times graphic comparing Usain Bolt's run in the Olympics 100-meter race to previous winners — back to 1896 — is something to see. Watch 'One Race, Every Medalist Ever'

Baquets in new life: reading T.S. Eliot on the subway

Former Los Angeles Times editor Dean Baquet and his wife, the author Dylan Landis, were snapped recently while riding the subway in New York, where he is now a managing editor at the New York Times. "He is reading 'A Guide to the Selected Poems of T. S. Eliot,' by B.C. Southam. She is reading 'Selected Poems,' by T. S. Eliot.," says the posting at The Underground New York Public Library.

Touring the sites of famous Julius Shulman photos in LA

stahl+house+pool+view.jpg The New York Times Travel section on Sunday offered a tour, with online slide show, of locations in the Los Angeles area that the late Julius Shulman photographed. "Shulman captured Los Angeles and its surroundings in the middle of the 20th century as the city was shedding its small-town roots and becoming an international capital."

Correction o' the day

From the New York Times.

Only three+ mistakes in NYT gallery on 'Hollywood'

malaika-sarfati-nyt.jpg A reader emails to point out a few errors in the web slide show that goes with a photo essay by Lise Sarfati on women in Hollywood, in Sunday's New...

Frank Bruni, ex-NYT food critic, blogs about his gout

porterhouse-bruniblog-nyt.jpg Frank Bruni is the latest prominent food critic to reveal that he has been diagnosed with the painful disease called gout.

36 hours in Long Beach

The New York Times Travel section does Long Beach.

Villaraigosa sets sights 'beyond Los Angeles,' NYT observes

av-obama-lax.jpg New York Times bureau chief Adam Nagourney sat down for an hour-long interview with Antonio Villaraigosa and gave his record as mayor a midterm examination, concluding that things are looking up after a few down years.

Patrick McDonnell: 'No one better at it than Anthony Shadid' *

shadid-100.jpg Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent Patrick J. McDonnell tells a horrific story in his online tribute to the New York Times' Anthony Shadid.

Anthony Shadid, New York Times reporter, has died in Syria *

shadid_group_shot.jpg New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson just announced the death of foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid to the staff. He apparently was stricken with an asthma attack.

Viewers as lab rats at the end of TV's 'golden age'

danes-as-carrie.jpg Heather Havrilesky's immediate point in the NYT Magazine is her disappointment in "Homeland" and "American Horror Story."

Viggo Mortensen's relationship with L.A.

With some of his “Rings” earnings, he founded Perceval Press, a small L.A.-based publishing house specializing in art books and poetry.

New restaurant critic named at NYT

It's dining editor Pete Wells, according to an internal announcement at the New York Times.

NYT declares war on Encino

encino-commons-sign-lao.jpg In an online commentary under the New York Times' Opinionator banner, newly New Yorkified journalist Katie J.M. Baker ticks off why she loathed growing up in Encino and the San Fernando Valley.

NYT executive editor Jill Abramson profiled by Auletta

abramson-nyt.jpg It has become almost traditional for Ken Auletta to weigh in at length in the New Yorker on major media figures, and Jill Abramson certainly qualifies.

Pacific Standard Time appeal is not universal

Youry-Ceramic-Group-low-res.jpg The New York Times finds some skepticism about the arts festival.

Good day for LAT in exile at NYT

mag-cover09-sfSpan.jpg In Sunday's New York Times, it was hard to miss the bylines that were once among the top-billed names at the Los Angeles Times — plus an ad for Jim Newton's book on Eisenhower.

Did Heisler scoop the Times on Marinovich?

mikhail-marinovich-200.jpg A bit over a month since Mark Heisler was excused as the Los Angeles Times' NBA columnist, his byline showed up on a story in the New York Times on Mikhail Marinovich. A few days before the LAT ran a story.

Lewis Brown, basketball star featured in NYT, dies on streets

Back in May, New York Times bureau chief Adam Nagourney wrote about Lewis Brown, a homeless former star for Verbum Dei and UNLV who roamed the streets of Hollywood.

NYT restaurant critic Sifton named national editor

This makes Sam Sifton the editor more or less over most California reporting

Baquet gets a top job at NYT

Dean Baquet, whose tenure as editor of the Los Angeles Times ended over his refusal to make deep budget cuts, was named today as the managing editor for news of the New York Times.

NYT drops pay wall on storm related news

The New York Times tweets, "As a public service, @nytimes will allow free access to storm-related coverage on and its mobile apps."

LA Observed on KCRW: 'Page One'

nyt-newsroom.jpg Today's radio column was inspired by the film, "Page One: Inside the New York Times and the Future of Journalism."

NYT media on TMZ, Breitbart

andrewbreitbart.jpg New York Times media reporters have takes this weekend on two L.A.-based fixtures on the current media scene.

How the NYT editor turnover came about

Bill Keller started talking to Jill Abramson last summer about taking his place, says Gabriel Sherman in New York Magazine.

Abramson to be new editor of New York Times

nyt-abramson-announcement.jpg Biller Keller steps down effective Sept. 6. Dean Baquet, the former L.A. Times editor, will succeed Abramson as managing editor.

NYT Magazine on Bill Simmons

Los Angeles-based Bill Simmons is "the most prominent sportswriter in America," this Sunday's New York Times Magazine says in a profile pegged to Simmons getting a ton of ESPN cash to headline his own website.

Correction o' the day: Orcrist edition

From the New York Times, posted today on a story from last weekend about baseball players naming their bats.

'Bill Cunningham New York' breaks out a bit

bill-cunningham-new-york.jpg The best documentary I've seen this year, on the octogenarian New York Times street photographer who rides his bike around Manhattan, has escaped the Nuart ghetto.

Five minutes of newsroom applause for NYT returnees

nyt-applause.jpg Former Libyan captives Anthony Shadid, Stephen Farrell, Lynsey Addario and Tyler Hicks were feted by their colleagues today.

'Marketplace' and NYT collaborate on your money *

money-through-ages-graphic.jpg "Marketplace Money" from American Public Media and the New York Times jointly produced a package of stories and advice columns about managing your money as you get older.

Four NYT journalists released by Libya

Reporters Anthony Shadid and Stephen Farrell and photographers Tyler Hicks and Lynsey Addario were released Monday into the custody of Turkish diplomats.

One NYT photographer to be released, Gadhafi son says *

It sounds as if the four missing New York Times journalists are in the hands of the Libyan armed forces.

Husband of NYT photographer missing in Libya makes appeal *

nyt-photogs-missing-reuters.jpg Lynsey Addario (almost off-camera, on left) and Tyler Hicks (on the right, in the glasses) are the two New York Times photographers missing in Libya. This photo by Reuters...

Four NYT journalists missing in Libya *

The New York Times says the Libyan government is helping try to locate the four: two reporters and two photographers.

Hail Dooce, still queen of the mommy bloggers

dooce-nyt.jpg Heather Armstrong has traveled a lot of blog miles since she was fired from her Los Angeles start-up job in 2002 for keeping a personal online diary called a weblog.

NYT declares Craig's an instant institution

The new West Hollywood restaurant by Craig Susser, former manager at Dan Tana's, got the feature treatment in the New York Times over the weekend.

Talk about a non-profit L.A. news venture

Tom Unterman, the venture capitalist and former chief financial officer of Times Mirror who engineered the company's 2000 sale to Tribune, has been having discussions around town about starting a non-profit journalism venture that would partner with the L.A. Times on investigative and other projects.

Runyon Canyon mystery mansion now on the national radar

solar-drive-graphic-nyt.jpg Runyon Canyon's mystery mansion gets some ink in the New York Times.

HuffPost bloggers not so widely read

silver-huffpostchart-nyt.png Posts by "free" bloggers get a very small piece of the Huffington Post's huge readership, says the NYT's Nate Silver.

How J.C. Penney gamed the Google rankings

nyt-google-illo.jpg Great New York Times story this weekend looking deep into the phenomenon that saw J.C. Penney turn up as the #1 result on a variety of Google keyword searches: from dresses and bedding to Samsonite carry on luggage — ahead of Samsonite itself.

How Hefner got his groove back

hefner-crystal-harris-nytmag.jpg In the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Charles McGrath looks at the business empire and physical presence of Playboy's Hugh Hefner and says he looks pretty good for a guy who will turn 85 in April and was thought by many to be a dinosaur long ago.

Amanpour gets sit-down with Mubarak

ABC's Christiane Amanpour met today with Egypt's Hosni Mubarak. Here's her exclusive interview.

NYT takes a lite shot at the LAT

latentrance.jpg When freshly assigned New York Times' newspaper beat writer Jeremy W. Peters called more than a month ago to talk about the decline over time of the Los Angeles Times, I never quite became clear on his rationale for writing that story now. I'm still not.

Who turns NYT staffers into fanboys and girls?

sofia.coppola.jpg Sofia Coppola, that's who.

Hooping through Downtown

Today's Sunday Styles section of the New York Times profiles Philo Hagen, a Los Angeles writer and blogger who is the founder of — and whose video of hooping (and stripping) through Downtown inspired the story.

New York Times story links to LAT story

I can't say it never happens, but it doesn't occur very often.

NYT does L.A. on a bike and a budget

A week in the area Los Angeles, with no car and about $100 a day — staying in a youth hostel. Seth Kugel, the New York Times' Frugal Traveler: Seven...

David Carr on Tribune's bad boys, the early response

Media reporter David Carr's takeout in the New York Times on Tribune's boorish corporate culture under Randy Michaels and Sam Zell is the kind of story that gets media types across the country tweeting late into the night.

Tribune memo tries to kill NYT messenger on sex culture

Tribune Company chief Randy Michaels rushed out a memo to all the properties tonight trying to shoot down a New York Times column posted tonight by David Carr. The column alleges boorish behavior by Michaels and friends at Tribune.

NYT checks out Downtown food scene

starry-kitchen-nyt.jpg Before she left town for Washington, former New York Times bureau chief Jennifer Steinhauer did the tour of newer Downtown restaurants.

What's worse than 45 dead in Iraq bombings? *

Seventy two bodies found at a ranch in the northern Mexico state of Tamaulipas, another area plagued by drug violence. * Media note: Randal Archibold, recently of the New York...

Changing of the guard at the NYT bureau

I-405-logo-color.jpg Adam Nagourney's first piece as L.A. bureau chief: traffic on the 405.

Sam Sifton checks out LudoBites

ludobites-nyt.jpg The New York Times food critic wangled his way into LudoBites 5.0 twice last week, in the Downtown location that's in use this summer.

Reporter reflects on the Mexican border

Marc Lacey, the New York Times' new Southwest bureau chief, is coming up from Mexico City and in Sunday's Week in Review section he observes that the border is especially nasty these days.

New Hollywood and media beats editor for NYT

Mary Jo Murphy has been an editor at at the New York Times' Week in Review section and on the metro and national desks. Plus morning media notes.

Mayor gets A for sentiment, D for spelling

Mayor and UCLA alumnus Antonio Villaraigosa (or one of his young web functionaries) posted to Twitter after the John Wooden memorial service.

More turnover in the NYT bureau here

Randal C. Archibold, who has been in the New York Times bureau in Los Angeles, is moving to Mexico City as bureau chief this summer.

L.A.'s most popular gym is the city itself

nyt-exercise.jpg New York Times bureau chief Jennifer Steinhauer has some fun with L.A.'s propensity for public exercise.

New York Times names a media writer

Jeremy W. Peters, who covers New York state government in Albany, takes over the New York Times newspaper and magazine beat as of June 1.

Dean Baquet's role at New York Times expands

Dean Baquet, the Washington bureau chief at the New York Times, will rotate through the managing editor chair for two months this summer.

NYT expands into Phoenix

With the Arizona theater of media operations heating up, the New York Times is opening its "first new national bureau in decades" in Phoenix. The inaugural bureau chief will be Marc Lacey, currently based in Mexico City.

No L.A. plans for Bill Cunningham film

bill-cunningham-new-york.jpg Manhattan fashionistas and media people got their first look at Bill Cunningham New York, a documentary on the octogenarian who has been shooting street fashion for the New York Times for decades. But don't expect to see it in Los Angeles any time soon, the producer tells LA Observed.

NYT launches daily web newscast

The New York Times' new Timescast, hosted by former L.A. Times Washington and state editor Jane Bornemeier, will include coverage of the NYT's daily page one news meeting. Link...

Kaus gets the launch any candidate would love

Thumbnail image for mickey-kaus-wpedia.jpg Only one California political hopeful got featured in Sunday's New York Times Magazine, answering Deborah Solomon's questions. That would be Mickey Kaus, who talks about why he's running against Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Adam Nagourney to be NYT chief in L.A.

adam-nagourney.jpg Adam Nagourney, the chief national political correspondent for the New York Times, is leaving Washington to be the paper's Los Angeles bureau chief.

NYT invades L.A. by video screen

While the suits and editors continue to discuss internally how to gear up in the Los Angeles market, the New York Times on Monday takes over content on video screens in L.A. coffee shops and restaurants and in other cities,

Newsom social without being popular

A New York Times blog story tonight on Gavin Newsom "the Twitter prince" feels so 2009 — gushing about his Twitter followers but failing to say they don't matter.

'My Way' kills in Philippine karaoke bars

karaoke-violence-nyt.jpg The most-emailed story on the New York Times website right now is, with good reason, a piece from the Philippines on the number of bar fights and killings attributed to karaoke renditions of the Frank Sinatra classic "My Way."

Steve Jobs' dinner with NYT executives

steve-jobs-close.jpg None of the 50 top New York Times executives reportedly knew that their special guest at dinner last night would be Steve Jobs, there to wow them with the new Apple iPad and its meaning to the future of media.

Correction o' the day, NYT edition

Cintra Wilson's takedown a couple of weeks ago of celebrity dresser Rita Watnick and her Beverly Hills shop Lily et Cie was entertaining on several levels. Alas, Wilson got one thing wrong.

Mashable's Open Web Awards

More than 780,000 online votes were cast for the best in 50 web and social media categories. The New York Times won for best online newspaper. List...

NYT tech writer jumps to AOL

Saul Hansell will be Programming Director of AOL's new, a content management platform expected to launch this month. He blogs about it....

Swooning over Dudamel

dudamelirisnyt.jpg LA Observed contributor Iris Schneider has a gorgeous audio slide show of Gustavo Dudamel images on the New York Times website. The accompanying story by Daniel J. Wakin discusses Dudamel...

Making of the Nadya Suleman story

octomoshoot.jpg Good piece coming in this Sunday's New York Times Magazine on the media studio that is the La Habra home of Octomom Nadya Suleman. Seems like there is always a...

Reporter describes escape from the Taliban

The New York Times' David Rohde reaches the part of his serial story about seven months of captivity that recalls the night he escaped with an Afghan journalist....

More journos hire out as bloggers

The first is more of a website than a blog, by ex-Los Angeles Daily Journal editor Martin Berg. He's editing Where's Our Money? for Harvey Rosenfield's Consumer Education Foundation, billed...

NYT switches up on Carpetbagger blog

David Carr retires his tuxedo after four seasons. The new New York Times blogger on the red carpet beat is Melena Ryzik. (She tweets here, by the way.) The paper...

NYT to trim 100 from newsroom

While we're still waiting for the latest axe to fall at the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times says it will cut 100 people out of the newsroom. Buyouts...

Weintraub leaving Sacramento Bee

Daniel Weintraub, the columnist for the Sacramento Bee opinion pages since 2000 and before that a reporter in the capital, is leaving the paper on Friday. He will be starting...

William Safire, columnist was 79

safirenytreuters.jpg The New York Times columnist of three decades died today of pancreatic cancer at a hospice. Safire had been a speech writer for President Richard Nixon and an influential conservative...

Those two NYT editor's notes

The New York Times public editor opined today on the paper's troubled story involving Katherine Jackson and John Branca, the attorney for Michael Jackson's estate. In addition to needing two...

2 editor's notes on 1 NYT story

The New York Times tonight added a second editor's note clarifying an Aug. 3 story about Katherine Jackson getting legal custody of Michael Jackson's children and raising questions about the...

Prison riot makes NYT, gone from LAT *

nytchinoriot.jpg I got home from dinner and found a couple of emails pointing out that there's a bylined story about the Chino prison riot on the front page of New...

NYT restaurant critic: Sam Sifton

samsifton.jpg Currently the culture editor, Sifton will replace Frank Bruni as the main restaurant critic at the New York Times — a job that still has a lot of national influence...

That's one way to get in the NY Times

Sunday's New York Times published a letter to that newspaper's public editor from the publisher of L.A. Youth, the paper run here by teenagers, commenting on a column about how...

Doug Jehl, ex-L.A. journo, goes to Wash Post

Doug Jehl is a former Los Angeles Times White House reporter who jumped years ago to the New York Times, where he is deputy editor in the Washington bureau. He...

That's a hot sauce

srirachasauce.jpg Today's New York Times food story on our legendary local Sriracha Chili Sauce has been the subject of some chatter on blogs and Twitter, and I even got an email...

New news stream from NYT

Times Wire web page appears to deliver everything generated by the New York Times, in order and in one sentence plus a headline and link. The "river of news," says...

Geffen tried to buy stake in NYT reported the basic story that Hollywood mogul David Geffen recently sought to acquire the 19% stake in the New York Times that is held by hedge fund Harbinger Capital...

Correction o' the day

This one's from the New York Times Magazine and regards a short item last December that reported a grad student's claim that crows at the Binghamton Zoo had been taught...

Salary cut, days off at NYT

All non-union employees at the New York Times are losing 5% of their pay for at least the rest of this year. Ten more personal days off are part of...

NYT hits 'em when they're down

The New York Times' latest ad pitch to gather up defecting L.A. Times readers shows stories out of here on the Lakers, Eli Broad, William Bratton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney,...

Look who's going after LAT readers

The New York Times has a series of nicely done Flash ads running on playing off the popularity of Obama coverage and offering, among another things, a "weekender" subscription...

Praise for news in print, from Nixon's corner

Can't say I expected to read an eloquent tribute to the printed newspaper from John H. Taylor, an Episcopal priest and the longtime executive director of the Richard Nixon Library...

Enviro coverage on the ascent at NYT

The New York Times is a forming a team of seven reporters from several desks to ramp up its coverage of environmental issues and news. The team includes former L.A....

Sign of the (L.A.) Times

Author J. Michael Walker didn't mind that three brochures for local arts institutions — REDCAT, the L.A. Art Show and the Eli and Edythe Broad Stage — tumbled out his...

Another ad barrier falls: NYT front page

Monday's front page in the New York Times carries a 2½-inch high display ad from CBS across the bottom. Economic necessity, the paper explains in a news story. In the...

Today's L.A. book in the NYT

Echo Park author Charlie Huston, who blogs at, gets a helpful Janet Maslin review in today's New York Times for his latest book, "The Mystic Arts of Erasing All...

Wall Street Journal bureau gets chief

Gabriel Kahn, the deputy chief in the WSJ's Los Angeles bureau on Wilshire since the summer, gets the top job when Bruce Orwall heads for London next month. Kahn (they...

'No one wants Manohla Dargis to review their movie'

Patrick Goldstein blogs at The Big Picture that Manohla Dargis, who left the LAT for the New York Times in 2004, is seen as a movie killer. It's an open...

Sulzberger on NYT's digital future

Memo today in the New York Times newsroom. From: Arthur Sulzberger JR. Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008 11:36 AM To: NY TIMES NOTES; NY TIMES INTERNET; ALL IHTNEWS Subject: Our... trails Boston and Houston

I hate to think what fresh traffic generation gimmicks these stats might encourage at, but the numbers are surprising. Even after all the photo galleries, reader pets, Oscar speculation...

NYT's White House team

The New York Times dedicates five staffers to covering the Obama White House, including for the first time a video journalist. Former LAT reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg remains on the...

While the LAT cuts in DC...

The Washington Post is doubling the size of its White House beat and including a web person, "The Fix" online columnist Chris Cillizza. Romenesko Meanwhile, today's naming of Cissy Baker...

On the road with the NYT

Los Angeles bureau chief for the New York Times Jennifer Steinhauer and L.A.-based staff photographer Monica Almeida have completed one of those cross-country road trips to gauge voter sentiment. It's...

SF Weekly pokes fun at LAT kitty

Last night's contrasting of New York Times and Los Angeles Times web editing choices elicited a bit of snark from up north. The SF Weekly suggests at least a different...

Tale of two news websites *

Major economic news from Wall Street and the nation's capital, or cute furry kitties speaking baby talk? You decide. These screen grabs of the New York Times and Los Angeles...

Back to the future at NYT

The New York Times is re-grouping its media reporters from the second-floor Business desk and the fourth-floor Culture desk into a new mid-way pod on the third floor, in the...

NYT folds some sections *

The New York Times joined the trend toward merging sections to save on newsprint costs. Here's the memo just out from Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.: From: NYTIMES MAIL Sent: Friday,...

Handling the Palin pregnancy

Today's New York Times story says right up high in the fourth graf that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced her daughter Bristol's pregnancy "after a swirl of rumors by liberal...

NYT grabs LAT sports writer *

It was less than a year ago that L.A. Times Sports Editor Randy Harvey praised his hire of young Metro reporter Jonathan Abrams to cover the Clippers. Now it's the...

News decisions in 2008 *

Three newsworthy deaths today: Dr. Michael DeBakey, Tony Snow and Bobby Murcer. The Los Angeles Times website lede says of DeBakey, "preeminent cardiac surgeon saved millions with his breakthroughs." The...

East Coast stereotype alert

Today's lede about hands-free cellphones and driving, under the byline of Jennifer Steinhauer, the New York Times bureau chief in Los Angeles, who should (and does) know better: LOS ANGELES...

LAT Magazine demise story finally lands

The New York Times has posted the story it almost ran last week revealing a sloppy end to the Los Angeles Times Magazine as a newsroom product. This being the...

NYT layoffs memo

"We are not going to discuss numbers or the details of the staff reduction, nor will we be releasing a list of names," says editor Bill Keller. "All of those...

Big names on NYT buyout list *

In addition to Jane Gross, who I mentioned last week, the veteran New York Times bylines said to be seeking buyouts include medical writer Lawrence K. Altman, baseball columnist Murray...

Pulitzer scenes

This was new Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Ramirez's editorial cartoon today in today's Investor's Business Daily. He is based there and syndicated in 450 newspapers. After the jump: the scene...

Dith Pran, NYT photographer was 65

Dith Pran was the Cambodian journalist whose ordeal in the Khmer Rouge death regime was depicted in the 1984 film "The Killing Fields" and, earlier, described in the book by...

NYT and Post, yes. LAT, no.

An LA Observed reader emailed to alert me to the big news out of the Federal Reserve and to wonder why his hometown paper wasn't on it: Lead story...

Reportorial instinct wins the day

Along with the story on 22-year-old escort Ashley Dupre's life and some quotes from her beyond the MySpace page, today's New York Times also reconstructs how its reporters got on...

Clueless in New York

Her years in Los Angeles taught Nancy Rommelmann, an ex-New Yorker, that no one is more provincial than New Yorkers. So she isn't surprised that Manhattan's publishing industry and the...

Sharon Waxman quits NYT

The New York Times' former Hollywood reporter in the L.A. bureau resigned rather than take an assignment back in New York. She's been writing a book on the global antiquities...

Gone phishing in Iraq

Somebody at the New York Times bureau in Iraq apparently fell for the old password trick. Read the memo: Gang, The Baghdad Bureau e-mail address has been compromised and...

NYT drops TimesSelect

Columnists and other material that was behind the pay wall will be free as of Tuesday night. The New York Times is even opening up its archives back to 1986....

O'Shea resents that remark

Los Angeles Times Editor Jim O'Shea didn't like reading a New York Times editorial suggest that the LAT has suffered "sharp reductions in its national and foreign coverage. O'Shea sent...

Two sides of Marion True *

Sharon Waxman of the NYT bureau here continues to blog about her book research around the Mediterranean (with a stop for a swim on the Greek island of Paros.) Her...

Waxman blogs from far, far away

Sharon Waxman is on leave from the Hollywood beat at the New York Times bureau on Wilshire to write a book about museums and the international antiquities market. She's currently...

New York Times to slim down

The pages get narrower by an inch-and-a-half on August 6. From the memo at the New York Observer's Media Mob: There are few design changes that will be obvious to...

Gawker versus Sharon Waxman

Gawker says that New York Times Hollywood writer Sharon Waxman will go on book leave this summer then be reassigned off the beat and probably out of the L.A. bureau....

New Hollywood reporter in town

Brooks Barnes is leaving the Wall Street Journal's television beat to cover the business of Hollywood in the New York Times bureau here. He is replacing New York-bound Laura Holson....

NYT grabs another: the memo

Kevin Sack was one of the New York Times veterans who came west to LAT territory in the Dean Baquet wagon train, and it was a no-brainer that he would...

They know him in New York

The New York Times has posted the first of a four-part video conversation between Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the paper's Calvin Sims, a former foreign correspondent now hosting online...

Home team snub

Hoping to reach out to affluent, influential and culturally with it Angelenos, the L.A. Philharmonic today flooded my Westside neighborhood with Hollywood Bowl promotional calendars wrapped around a complimentary Sunday...

Coming to a newsroom near you

The New York Times has created the new position of Deputy Culture Editor for Online Journalism and moved Ariel Kaminer over from Arts and Leisure to fill it. Memo from...

NYT politics goes webby

A memo just sent around the New York Times newsroom by executive editor Bill Keller announces a new political editor and greater attention to covering the 2008 campaign on the...

LeDuff ankles NYT

National editor Suzanne Daley wishes the former L.A. staff correspondent well in a newsroom note posted at Romenesko: Charlie was part of the team that won the Pulitzer for the...

Baquet's decision

It became clearer and clearer to me that The New York Times was the place where I belonged now, ex-LAT editor Dean Baquet told the New York Observer. He said...

NYT drops another Baquet hint

Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times, was asked by Market Watch's Jon Friedman if ex-LAT editor Dean Baquet would be returning to the NYT. Friedman writes: "Lately,...

Morning Buzz: Thursday 1.25.07

L.A. Times editors are busily trying to come up with a new beat attractive enough to keep Business section rising star Claire Hoffman away from the New York Times. The...

NYT: Kerkorian knew what Pellicano knew

Mogul Kirk Kerkorian got briefings from his high-powered attorney on what P.I. Anthony Pellicano was learning from illegal wiretaps of Kerkorian's ex-wife in their child-custody and support case, the New...

NYT adds a (young) New Media reporter

Rebecca Dana, a 2004 graduate of Yale, has been covering television for the New York Observer. At the New York Times she will carve out a new beat in the...

Giving L.A. architecture some due

Yesterday's New York Times offered some backhanded praise of Los Angeles architecture, with writer Robin Pogrebin taking the position that L.A. design is leaving the dark ages and finally starting...

LAT's Rubin jumps to NYT

Alissa Rubin, who just last September was given the Paris bureau chief slot for the L.A. Times, succumbed to the lure of the New York Times. She's going back to...

Two pair of journos dish

A quartet of Hollywood old hands — Patrick Goldstein and John Horn of the LAT and Sharon Waxman and Laura Holson of the NYT — agreed last night at Zcalo's...

New editorial page editor at NYT

Gail Collins vacates to finish a sequel to her 2003 book America's Women, then will write an Op-Ed column. The new top editor for opinion at the New York Times...

Aren't editors a bitch?

Silman-James Press here is upset all over again with the New York Times for not allowing the title of its book, Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport by...

First NYT responds, then LAT

New York Times executive editor Bill Keller this morning distributed a statement on the paper's publication of details about the CIA-Treasury Department program of tracing financial transactions by suspected terrorists....

Mommy's make Sunday Styles

Los Angeles now has a media-anointed Yahoo parents group—introduced to the national spotlight in today's Sunday Styles section of the New York Times. Peachhead has 3,000 members, about 500 of...

Holy Mapquest, Batman

Back in February, the New York Times ran a correction after a story by arts writer Carol Vogel placed the Los Angeles County Museum of Art downtown: Because of an...

Caution: Merging stories

OK, bear with me. Los Angeles billionaire Ron Burkle has been in the news a lot lately for 1) His divorce, 2) His interest in buying the new McClatchy newspapers,...

NYT switching up L.A. bureau

John Broder is returning to the Washington bureau of the New York Times, and will be replaced as Los Angeles bureau chief this summer by Jennifer Steinhauer. "One of the...

NYT blogging memo

All these newspaper awards show site creators ought to get together before choosing their brand names. The New York Times' new online effort announced today is called Red Carpet, same...

In all truthiness

Tuesday's Correction of the Day out of the New York Times (about the non-word trustiness) is riffed on during tonight's 8:30 pm re-airing of the "Colbert Report" on Comedy Central....

Another NYT push into L.A.

If you go to the movies at CityWalk, Beverly Center or the Magic Johnson Theatres, you'll soon get some new entertainment for those nineteen minutes [seems awfully high!] that on...

Tomorrow's correction today

That weekend story on Watts in the NYT mentioned several nearby places where residents are moving. One of them, "Marina County," raised an eyebrow since there is no such place....

Times flexes its Hollywood connections

When AFI Fest comes to Hollywood next month, the Times will host a day of interviews and panel discussions with prominent filmmakers, journalists and actor George Clooney at the Arclight....

First thing Friday, 10/21

♦ The L.A. Times' Robin Abcarian compares Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers' talent at "sucking up" to the archetypical insincerity of Eddie Haskell, the teenage brown-noser in "Leave it to Beaver"...

Judith Miller links

About the same time her first-person account of testifying in the the Valerie Plame affair appeared Saturday on the New York Times website, along with a long takeout by the...

Archdiocese admits more priest abuse complaints

Big development in the high-stakes legal and public-image chess match over allegations of clergy sexual abuse and coverups by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles. On Tuesday, the archdiocese...

First thing Wednesday, 9/21

Happy Wednesday...  ♦ DWP workers got the big raises they were demanding: up to 28% over five years. The Council voted 10-3 to go along. DN, LAT  ♦ Bill Burke withdraws from...

L.A. as horse country

On Sunday, Mireya Navarro filled in New York Times readers on the horsey life in L.A. Life is good for Rocket, the urban horse. He lives in a wooded neighborhood...

Charlie LeDuff spotted

The New York Times' most gonzo Los Angeles correspondent hasn't had a byline in the paper since April 14, prompting colleagues, rivals and competitors to wonder: where he at? Turns...

Eyeing L.A. from above

I could almost do a standing daily feature on the interesting story du jour about Los Angeles in the New York Times. (And maybe I will.) Today it's a garden...

Meanwhile at the NYT... *

Just to follow-up from this morning's item, which did get a good bit of traffic and a Gawker link, the Newspaper Guild in the New York Times newsroom has gotten...

There will be a quiz

Journalists don't like to take tests, be told what to do or chat with PR folks on the phone. On two of those counts, reporters at the other Times aren't...

Digging deep

FishbowlLA turns sleuth and checks on the cred of a semi-anonymous trendy mentioned in last Thursday's New York Times Styles section. The trail leads, possibly, to Alexandra Kerry. Fishbowl also...

NYT reporter headed to L.A.

Randy Archibold, who used to be a reporter for the L.A. Times and the Daily News, is returning to town as a national correspondent for the New York Times. The...

Good three-dot Monday

First, from the swirl of politics. Newsweek puts Antonio Villaraigosa on the cover of Monday's issue, using his landslide election as the peg for a story about Latino power. An...

Have a good workout

NBC4's Ana Garcia did an investigative report tonight on sanitary conditions in L.A. gyms, complete with hidden cameras and an outside lab testing swabs collected from workout equipment and locker...

NYT on web to charge for columns

Starting in September, a new service called TimesSelect will charge $49.95 a year for access to op-ed and certain other columnists, the New York Times archives, early looks at some...

NYT jumps on freeway gunfire

Today's New York Times carries two pieces on our freeway shootings, a staff news story by Nick Madigan of the bureau and a more personal treatment by author and editorial...

New questions at NYT

Today's New York Observer reports on the curious case of NYT metro reporter Alan Feuer, who admits being slipshod with facts in his new book about (very) briefly covering the...

Dowd gets the East Coast discount

In his Times column in Sunday Opinion, Michael Kinsley paid a nice compliment to the NYT op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd: [She] proceeded to reinvent the political column as a comedy...

Weekend notes *

Let the Oscar speeches begin. Updated from time to time, newest at the bottom: Sharon Waxman: Jon Friedman at CBS Marketwatch participates in the Sharon Waxman book tour. Interview excerpt:...

The new guy for the NYT

The New York Observer phones up David Halbfinger for a chat about his new job sharing the Hollywood beat for the New York Times with Sharon Waxman. "Its a great...

Byline exchange

Either the New York Times "House & Home" section has a long lead time, or Christopher Hawthorne hung on to his East Coast freelance gig when he became the L.A....

Elvis Mitchell, studio exec *

The New York Times' former film critic is following the occasionally-beaten path—again—and going to work for Hollywood. Back in 1992, Mitchell took a post at Paramount and lasted six months....

Weekend at Bernie's

The New York Times bureau had its "So long!" party for the departing Bernard Weinraub last night. Someone who was there said the cocktail soiree, held at bureau chief John...

Sharon Waxman's roots

The New York Times Hollywood correspondent fills in the blanks for The Forward. Some snippets: Waxman was born into an Orthodox family in the Cleveland suburb of University Heights, Ohio,...

Nikki examines Bernie

You knew this was coming. The LA Weekly's Nikki Finke turns her Deadline Hollywood column this week to an examination of last Sunday's farewell piece by New York Times Hollywood...

Bye bye Bernie

In Sunday's New York Times, retiring L.A. bureau stalwart Bernard Weinraub pens a personal farewell to Hollywood and admits to his fallability. He was star-struck, had money envy, and agrees...

The view from NYC

In a New York Observer diary that begins with a riff on the Hollywood swag season that is upon us and ends with a personal tribute to Johnny Carson, Bruce...

Weekend notes

Johnny Carson: No shortage of appreciations and retrospectives online and on the air for the late-night pioneer who died Sunday at home in Malibu (of emphysema at age 79). David...

Rain spikes NYT delivery here

Southern California subscribers to the New York Times did not get their papers today because the weather interfered with satellite transmission. The L.A. Business Journal has a story on its...

New year, new week

A roundup of items in the news: Prostate cancer: Channel 7 weatherman Dallas Raines disclosed his disease on the air and underwent surgery today. The station website has video of...

Weekend notes

Updated through the weekend, newest at the bottom • Mayor Jim Hahn and councilman Bernard Parks both opened their 2005 campaign headquarters on Saturday. Hahn's (photo provided by his campaign) is...

Ouroussoff raves on Caltrans *

Former L.A. Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff finally shares his view of the Caltrans headquarters downtown with his New York Times readers. In a review today, he calls the Thom...

Nice company

GQ's Men of the Year issue includes a piece by former LAT reporter Jeffrey Gettleman—now at the New York Times—on what he saw covering the Iraq war. It's titled "Dispatches...

The NYT beat *

Nikki Finke reports on the LA Weekly website that the New York Times is moving ahead with plans to hire a second Hollywood reporter to work alongside Sharon Waxman, a...

New NYT book reviewer

William Grimes, the former New York Times restaurant critic, will focus on nonfiction books. He joins Janet Maslin and Michiko Kakutani as full-time reviewers....

Doing up Dowd

Hollywood A-listers and assorted other liberals turned out at David Geffen's Beverly Hills manse last night to celebrate New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd's visit to tout her new book,...

Saban as mogul

The New York Times calls last Sunday's profile of Haim Saban the L.A. media mogul's "most extensive interview in years." In the piece, Andrew Ross Sorkin describes Saban as "one...

Shalit nuptials

Easterner-turned-Angeleno Ruth Shalit's wedding blurb in the lead spot in last Sunday's New York Times is attracting some blogospheric notice. Vanity Fair's James Wolcott writes, "the recent nuptials of former...

Dargis arrives *

Manohla Dargis' first film review for the New York Times runs in today's paper. A.O. Scott takes Open Water; she reviews the L.A. movie. In Collateral, the edgy new thriller...

NYT raids again (not what you think) *

The New York Times has snared another Los Angeles journalist, but this one's not from the Times. Howard Beck, who covered the Lakers for the L.A. Daily News for seven...

Finke: Weinraub leaving NYT

Bernard Weinraub has told his editors and the L.A. bureau of the New York Times that he'll retire from the paper at the end of the year, Nikki Finke reports...

Waving 'bye to Ouroussoff

Sam Hall Kaplan — who probably lost his weekly commentary gig at KCRW for dissing Frank Gehry during the Disney Hall hoopla last year — writes in the Downtown News...

LAT-NYT competition makes the memo

In announcing the shift of New York Times reporter Ed Wyatt to cover the publishing beat, editors Jon Landman and Lorne Manly poke a little fun at all their recent...

NYT public editor goes public

Today's free web story off the front page of the Wall Street Journal is on Daniel Okrent, the New York Times "public editor." His seven-month tenure so far has created...

How the NYT lured Cieply

There are some details of Michael Cieply's wooing by the New York Times — including L.A. Times business editor Rick Wartzman advising his star writer-editor to check out what the...

Welcome, NYT style

Jonathan Landman, the new cultural desk honcho at the New York Times, seems quite happy that he was able to hire Manohla Dargis away from the L.A. Times Calendar section....

Botox for the Gray Lady

Bruce Feirstein, writing in the New York Observer, imagines making over the front page of the New York Times. EDITORS NOTE: After a long and painstaking review of the editorial...

Register to check NYT stories

A note to readers in Sunday's Orange County Register from Gene Harbrecht, the paper's nation and world editor, announced that stories picked up from the New York Times will now...

NYT does the coffee house story

In the New York Times on Sunday (according to the date on the website), Janelle Brown does L.A. trend story #376A: screenwriters who write in coffee shops. Free publicity for...

Talking about Elvis*

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Elvis Mitchell never fit in at the New York Tmes, writes Carl Swanson in a New York magazine piece. The paper had to bring in a freelance editor to help...

Bart blasts NYT on 'Passion'

The New York Times has been unfair to Mel Gibson and his hit film The Passion of the Christ, Variety editor Peter Bart (an ex-Timesman) writes in his column. After...

Elvis leaving the NYT building?

Variety's Pamela McClintock reports that changes in the New York Times film-reviewing roster are expected to include Elvis Mitchell leaving the paper. He may already have resigned, but wouldn't comment,...

Kennerly up for NYT post

Santa Monica photog David Hume Kennerly, a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1972 for Vietnam coverage and a contributing editor at Newsweek, is on the short list of finalists for the...

Fox loves Jayson

Disgraced ex-journalist Jayson Blair has been on three Fox News Channel shows already to plug his book about the New York Times, and has interviews set on the Fox affiliates...

Sam Tanenhaus gets NYTBR

Romenesko has the memo from Bill Keller: Sam's list of accomplishments should probably be headed by his virtuoso 1997 biography of Whittaker Chambers, a finalist for both the Pulitzer and...

Correction noted

The Tuesday New York Times does indeed correct Sharon Waxman's Oscar story from Monday, both the error Hollywood was gabbing about and a couple of other errant facts. An article...

Waxman on Gibson's career (updated)

Los Angeles-based Hollywood reporter Sharon Waxman is featured today on the New York Times website, answering reader questions in the "Forums" section about the Oscars and the movie business. So...

Voice defends Waxman's work

Cynthia Cotts in the Village Voice fact-checks Fox online gossip columnist Roger Friedman's feud with New York Times Hollywood reporter Sharon Waxman and comes down on her side. Cotts debunks...

NYT memo: Shun Blair book

New York Times editor Bill Keller notified the staff today that disgraced reporter Jayson Blair's new book will be ignored by the paper. He also warned that it contains "hurtful"...

LeDuff's book reviewed

The Portland Oregonian's reviewer likes Charlie LeDuff's collection of New York Times pieces, Work and Other Sins: Life in New York City and Thereabouts, published in January. Alternating between the...

Did NYT's Weinraub peak in '95?

R.J. Smith writes tough in the March issue of Los Angeles about Bernard Weinraub, the former White House and war correspondent who has covered Hollywood for the New York Times...

Arnold goes for a ride

In December, Charlie LeDuff of the local New York Times bureau rode the L.A. River. In a story today, he rides Harleys with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the governor leads James...

Waxman scores 'Passion' scoop

| 1 Comment
Sharon Waxman of the New York Times L.A. bureau gets the news that Mel Gibson has agreed to cut the most controversial scene in The Passion of the Christ. A...

8. made the right call

| 1 Comment
About a year ago, the L.A. Times tried to woo New York Times "Circuits" reporter Jennifer 8. Lee to jump papers, proposing she come to cover immigration. Instead, she traded...

Change coming to NYTBR

The New York Times has yet to hire a new book review editor, but that person will almost certainly be an outsider and make these changes: more emphasis on non-fiction...

Piling on LeDuff

New York Times L.A. correspondent Charlie LeDuff is in the news again over a plagiarism accusation. This time it's an old one, posted on Romenesko from an upcoming San Francisco...

LeDuff chided, but...

That Charlie LeDuff piece in the NYT last week on kayaking the L.A. River was too familiar for Blake Gumprecht, author of the 1999 book The Los Angeles River: Its...

Walls and Waxman

MSNBC gossip Jeannette Walls had an item in The Scoop yesterday dinging NYT Hollywood writer Sharon Waxman for using a quote from Harvey Weinstein without proper attribution. The Dec. 2... has legs

After our item last week, the site pressing the agenda of Roy E. Disney was deemed culturally Irrelevant -- but that didn't stop the New York Times from doing...

Another NYT obits memo

Yesterday's memo from the New York Times obituary editor calling for more fact-checking rigor was followed up today by a directive from on high. Standards Editor Allan Siegal's missive is...

NYT memo to staff: arggh!

| 1 Comment | 1 TrackBack
Following a spate of erroneous or premature obituaries in its pages, the New York Times editor in charge of obits gets tough. His memo sent earlier today: From: Chuck StrumSubject:...

Not Master and Commander

Charlie LeDuff of the New York Times tries to kayak the Los Angeles River and gets past downtown, only to be "discovered and expelled before reaching the ocean." The river...

Bernie Weinraub copied Luke Ford?

Yes, apparently. This twist in the Anthony Pellicano-wiretap story gets an airing by Jack Shafer at Slate, and on the ever-more irrepressible More background from Ford pal-confidante-adviser Cathy Seipp....

Bizarrely bad Hed o' the Day

From the New York Times: Freak Storm Leaves Los Angeles Under a Foot of Hail...

Channeling the '90s (or '80s)

Odd little "Editorial Observer" piece by Brent Staples in yesterday's New York Times, pegged to Los Angeles and California. A correspondent writes that it was almost as if Staples, a...

Don't invite 'em

Attention L.A. media party hosts -- in making your invite lists for the holidays, think twice about putting Slate's Mickey Kaus and the New York Times' Bernard Weinraub around the...

NYT 'Public Editor' writes his obit

| 1 Comment
Daniel Okrent has a good grasp of what his new position at the New York Times will mean to his cultural legacy: Now my obituary won’t say ‘Okrent died’ and...

Finke scoop: Waxman to NYT

| 1 Comment
Nikki Finke on the LA Weekly website has the news that Sharon Waxman of the Washington Post Los Angeles bureau is taking the long-vacant New York Times Hollywood job. Finke,...

Chasing Rick Bragg

I'm glad someone figured out the spam trick of placing links in old comment threads on Movable Type sites (such as L.A. Observed). But what's with all the women coming...

She gets mad and (almost) even

For Laurie Garrett, the award-winning health writer for Newsday, it was one broken embargo too many by her competitors at the New York Times. She emailed a complaint to the...

Who's your daddy?

Maureen Dowd does Beverly Hills with Arnold....

Finke on the NYT and Hollywood

Nikki Finke pops back into the LA Weekly with a "website-only exclusive" on Comcast expressing real interest in buying Vivendi Universal, and a long Deadline Hollywood column on New York...

What would Mickey do?

Kevin Drum at CalPundit wonders out loud how long it will be before pundit blogger Andrew Sullivan turns on new NYT editor Bill Keller. I have been wondering the same...

Correction of the day

Let the other blogs be intrigued by the New York Times' "corrective article" on TVT Records and Steven Gottlieb. My favorite correction for today is this one, also in the...

Ex-L.A. journo finds love

| 1 Comment
Perusing the New York Times compilation of "Weddings & Celebrations" today -- they take up four pages in Sunday Styles -- a familiar L.A. journalism name popped out. Terry Pristin,...

Jayson Blair

This blog is coming to life in the midst of the scandal over disgraced New York Times reporter Jayson Blair. He made up stories, claimed to be in locales where...
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Clinton fundraises in LA
kermit-la-brea-closer.jpg Jim Henson Studios on La Brea became a presidential campaign stop on Thursday.
Brown declares disaster area
porter-ranch-sign.jpgThe natural gas leak above Porter Ranch now qualifies for various government actions. Story
Wet coyote
wet-coyote-vdt.jpgSpotted between the storms at Here in Malibu.
Performing arts with cheer
guys-dolls-kevin-parry.jpgDonna Perlmutter closes out 2015 with productions downtown and on the Westside.
Junkyard down
upick-firetruck-560.jpgAfter 53 years, Sun Valley's Aadlen Brothers and U-Pick Parts cleans out. Photos