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Elon Musk close to drilling under Pico and Sepulveda

whitts-wood-yard.jpg City Hall is pushing waivers from environmental studies so Musk can bore a 2.7-mile test hole south to Culver City.

California Incline redo in timelapse

santa-monica-sign-incline.jpg The crucial transportation link in Santa Monica reopens today after being closed for more than a year.

Expo Line buzz lifts rail system numbers

expo-line-train-sm.jpg Numbers are up enough on the newly lengthened Expo Line to stop the decline in rail ridership.

Expo Line to Santa Monica opened Friday at noon

bus-service-expo-line.jpg Train service returns to the beach city for the first time since 1953, though the old Red Cars were dead long before that.

Obama returns Thursday, Trump (not) here Friday*

la-traffic-file-art.jpg There's good news and bad news for Westside drivers in the president's schedule of fundraiser appearances this trip.

Hollywood versus the freeway that carries its name

cahuenga_valley_parkway_postcard.jpg Lost LA's Nathan Masters curates a look at the urban carnage wrought by construction of the Hollywood Freeway in the 1950s.

Expo Line opens to Santa Monica on May 20

expo-line-bergamot-hymon.jpg Downtown to Santa Monica (or back) by train for the first time since 1953.

Obama returning to LA traffic on Thursday*

sunnyland-house-lao.jpg The president has fundraisers in Hancock Park and a taping in Burbank for the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Gold Line opens in March, Expo in May*

expo-line-cc-overhead.jpg Just in time, perhaps, because rail ridership is dropping in Los Angeles, not rising.

How Metro rail could reach the new NFL stadium someday

inglewood-nfl-googlemap.jpg There could be a train to the Inglewood stadium but the current earliest date is 2035.

6th Street Viaduct closes for good on Wednesday

6th-st-viaduct.jpg They have been talking about it so long, the neighborhoods on both sides have changed.

Small, quirky fixes that might help us get around

bike-path-santa-monica.jpg A bike ferry across Marina del Rey? A pedestrian entrance to Dodger Stadium? Might work!

Male mountain lion killed on I-5 in Newhall Pass

An untagged male cougar believed to be two to three years old was hit by traffic about 7:30 this morning.

Expo Line in Santa Monica gets first crash out of the way

expo-linecrash-arthur.jpg Train versus truck after an illegal left turn at 7th Street and Colorado about noon Thursday.

Downtown LA in 1946 (video)

1946-film-grab.jpg This training film for parking officers shows a lot of downtown street scenes.

Great LA Walk takes Olympic this year

guelaguetza-mural-franklinave.jpg About 400 headed out from Clifton's to conquer the former 10th Street. It's the walk's 10th anniversary.

Road buckles mysteriously in Santa Clarita

vazquez-road-slide.jpg "We don’t know exactly what’s causing it,” a CHP officer said. “Right now, it’s just a weird thing."

CicLAvia goes downtown Sunday for 5th anniversary

ciclavia-map-101815.jpg Fourteen events later, CicLAvia says it's the largest open streets event in North America.

POTUS here but should be lightest Obamajam yet

la-traffic-file-art.jpg The Times won't tell you because, one, it doesn't know LA as well as it should and, two, it hypes to attract web eyeballs.

Uber gets almost-green light to pick up at LAX

LAX-terminal2-parking.jpg The City Council says OK but there are some official hurdles still to jump.

Garcetti takes prop desk outside to sign traffic order

garcetti-desk-left-conan.jpg Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday signed an executive order ordering departments to report back with ways to reduce traffic deaths in Los Angeles -- to zero.

The WeHoans: How to avoid traffic on La Cienega (video)

wehoans-logo-grab.jpg What better way to educate Angelenos about the shutdown of a major boulevard than a spoof of SNL's The Californians.

LA to give up Ontario Airport

ontario-airport-signs.jpg Reports are that Ontario will reimburse LA for its investment at the airport and settle a lawsuit alleging poor management.

CicLAvia returns to Venice Beach with changes

ciclavia-venice-815.jpg Instead of 15 miles from downtown, Sunday's 6-mile route begins in Culver City. Here's the map and some tips to avoid bike and car congestion.

Criminal past of 4 Uber drivers at LAX looks bad

metro-cab-taxi-lao.jpg Identity theft, manslaughter and driving under the influence were among the convictions of Uber drivers that would bar them driving an LA taxi.

Trains moving in Santa Monica after 60 years (video)

expoline-clear-train-sm.jpg An Expo Line test train rolls where old tourist cars and freight trains used to run -- and where an Edison cameraman of the 1890s took some of the oldest footage of the LA area.

Hit by a car: Downtown, Westlake and Koreatown are worst

lat-hit-by-car-map.jpg LA Times analysis of accident records finds 817 intersections countywide the paper calls the "most dangerous" for pedestrians.

City tries flashing yellow arrow at trouble intersection

yellow-arrow-grab.jpg The new-to-LA traffic calming tactic is in use at Venice and Robertson boulevards. Check out the instructional video.
air-force-one-pictures.jpg The LAPD's street closure guidance for today and Friday stretches from Pacific Palisades to Pasadena and Highland Park.

Uber's free ride could be coming to the end

uber-logo.jpg The California labor commissioner's ruling changes everything for Uber's business model, LA Times business columnist Michael Hiltzik writes.

Seven new red-light cameras coming to Beverly Hills

wilshire_whittier_google.jpg The city plans to turn on its old cameras and add new intersections in June, bringing the total in Beverly Hills to 15.

Check out San Francisco's new subway tunnel

sf-subway-tunnel-chron.jpg San Francisco completed digging two Central Subway tunnels last week.

And a vote FOR the new parking signs...

parking-signs-npr-samsanders.jpg People on the street in DTLA aren't sold yet on the new parking signs, but a writer at CityLab loves them. Here's why.

New parking signs get mixed reviews

parking-signs-npr-samsanders.jpg The color-colded grids are supposed to be simpler and more logical. That doesn't mean that people like them.

In praise of the Thomas Guide

thomas-guide-2009.jpg Driving in LA is an art that requires intuition, patience and a sense of the topography, Meghan Daum writes.

New Expo Line stations getting their art

expo-line-west-art.jpg Metro is installing the artwork for the elevated station at Sepulveda Boulevard. Westwood/Rancho Park and Palms went first.

Art Leahy officially jumps from Metro to Metrolink

art-leahy-metro.jpg The board of Metrolink announced today that Leahy will become CEO on April 20 -- soon after he steps down at Metro.

LA Times discovers its inner Obamajam

lat-com-front-obamajam.jpg The Obamajam trope is old and tired, and even I'll admit it was kind of parochial to begin with. But today, the LA Times loves it.

Obama traffic guidance: Hollywood, Santa Monica, Burbank

obama-student4_mid.jpg The president arrives Thursday afternoon to do Jimmy Kimmel and a fundraiser, then stays overnight.

Report: Metro to tap Denver transit official as new boss*

PhilWashington-denver-rtd.jpg Phil Washington is currently general manager of Denver's Regional Transportation District.

Proof that Angeleno drivers crash more when it rains

rain-crashes-graphic.jpg In good weather the region has about 10 reported crashes an hour, peaking in the morning. On rainy days, the rate soars to 15 an hour and is worst in the afternoon. Go figure.

UCLA prof says freeways are a fitting place for protesters

bruins-close-405.jpg Is protesting on the freeway "historically appropriate," as the professor argues, or "insanity," as then-LAPD chief Bill Bratton quipped. Here's the argument.

City Hall wants LA taxis to become more like Uber

united-taxi-sfv-lao.jpg The New Yorker takes a serious look at the future of Los Angeles taxicabs through the eyes of Eric Spiegelman, the president of Mayor Garcetti's taxi commission, and a believer that taxis can move into the app era.

DAs in Los Angeles, San Francisco sue Uber over drivers

Turns out that Uber's claim of a serious background check for drivers is just BS to make riders feel comfortable getting into a stranger's car, at least according to the district attorneys. Uber doesn't even use fingerprints to check for wanted criminals.
southwest-plane-zocalo.jpg Joe Mathews writes that the airline that once made getting around the state so easy is becoming a big disappointment -- and making him rethink Gov. Brown's favorite rail project.

NYT report: How Uber is changing night life in Los Angeles

ace-hotel-pool-lao.jpg The New York Times fashion and style section is back with another of those lightly reported Los Angeles cultural pieces.

Cedd Moses will take over Union Station's vacant Harvey House diner

fred-harvey-franklin-ave.jpg Look for a brew pub kind of experience in about a year. The deal is for 20 years.

City archive photos put to immediate good use

pe-viaduct-fletcher.jpg Image database we posted about yesterday includes this 1928 view of the corner of Riverside and Fletcher drives, showing a long-gone Pacific Electric Red Cars viaduct.

Distracted deputy won't be charged for killing cyclist

Olin-no-charges-streetsblog.jpg Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Wood drifted into a bike lane while typing on his patrol car screen last December and struck entertainment attorney Milton Olin Jr.

Final layer of asphalt goes on Sunset Boulevard sinkhole*

paving-sunset-sinkhole.jpg The sinkhole created by that water main break near UCLA has been filled in and as of 20 minutes or so ago was being paved. Update: Sunset reopened early Monday morning.

Traffic guidance for today's visit by President Obama

Thumbnail image for obama-student4_mid.jpg Obamajam potential looks to be centered in Hancock Park and around the Four Seasons Hotel this afternoon and evening, then tomorrow in Brentwood and downtown at Trade-Tech.

Metro's 405 contractor sues the agency over delays

405-ramp-closed.jpg This seems like a twist in the long saga of the 405 freeway improvement project through Sepulveda Pass. Kiewit, the project's main contractor, is suing Metro — not the other way around.

Route 66 exhibit at the Autry National Center

rte-66-Dixon.jpg The mother road that brought so many families to new lives in California -- and introduced so many young Americans to their country -- gets an entertaining treatment at the Autry. Treasures on display include Jack Kerouac's manuscript for "On the Road," an entire Corvette and the Getty's print of "Migrant mother" by Dorothea Lange.

Downtown streets closed for Kings' Stanley Cup parade

kings-parade-map.jpg Figueroa Street will be closed from 3rd Street down to Pico Boulevard from about 10 am to 1 pm, the city says. The parade starts at noon at 5th Street.

Garcetti names his exactly 15 Great Streets

lankershim-to-north.jpg Nothing that you would probably call truly great is envisioned, but the idea is to freshen up the streetscape a bit — in one strip per City Council district.
405-north-after-completion.jpg The northbound carpool lane that was the nominal reason for work on the 405 opened Friday morning. Time to look at what five years of work and $1.1 billion bought.
purple-line-extension-map.jpg Garcetti, Yaroslavsky and others witnessed the signing of papers this morning in Washington. "As public transit milestones go, they don’t get much bigger than this," Yaroslavsky blogged.

Mayor Garcetti bikes to work (photo)

garcetti-bike-to-work-fb.jpg Mayor Eric Garcetti's staff has posted another set of Facebook photos showing him as a regular guy. This time he's riding a bike to work in Koreatown

Obama hears about Obamajams at LA dinner

obama-student4_mid.jpg Bruce Springsteen played for the president and Conan O'Brien quipped about the traffic impacts of Obama's fundraising drop-ins in LA. Inside: The president's local day.

Obama comes to town Wednesday night*

Thumbnail image for marine-one-obama-ranchopk.jpg President Obama will fly into LAX on Wednesday and attend the USC Shoah Foundation’s 20th anniversary dinner in Century City, as well as Democratic campaign fundraisers.

CicLAvia route for Wilshire on Sunday, April 6

ciclavia-wilshire-2014.jpg They had a huge turnout last year when the route followed Wilshire and it's the same course — between Grand Avenue downtown (in front of the One Wilshire telecom switching building) and Fairfax Avenue. Here's my guide to interesting sights again.

Shortage of train cars could delay Expo and Gold lines

exporail550.jpg It's looking like there won't be enough rail cars available to open both the extended Expo and Gold lines and run them at full capacity. Metro buys its cars in Japan.

Netanyajam comes to Westside today

405-traffic.jpg We do it for President Obama's visits, so take note: Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to town this afternoon. Traffic jams will ensue thanks to closures.

Los Angeles Magazine embraces car culture

la-driver-grab-mini.jpg Just when it seems from consuming any media that LA has abandoned its automobile ways — but in actuality hasn't — Los Angeles Magazine decides to zig where the others zag.

Red Cars waiting to be crushed

red-cars-george-mann-vla.jpg Vintage LA on Facebook is posting images released for the first time by photographer George Mann. This cropped photo shows Pacific Electric cars piled up on Terminal Island in 1963

This will be a bad traffic weekend around Sepulveda Pass

405-sepulveda-pass.jpg Westside, Valley side or up in the canyons — doesn't matter. Metro officials are urging everyone to avoid driving on the northbound 405 freeway or nearby over this holiday weekend.

Susan Peters (and more Hollywood stars) ride bikes *

susan-peters-acp.jpg Putting stars on bikes: good idea. I had never heard of Susan Peters and her story until the 2012 book, "Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling With the Stars," by Philadelphia film critic Steven Rea and my friends at Angel City Press.

LAPD officer saves lucky Christmas drunk from burning car on 405

don-thompson-lapd-ktla.jpg Officer Don Thompson, a 26-year veteran assigned to the bomb squad, spotted the wreck, jumped over the center divider and cut the unconscious driver out of a burning Mercedes. Both savior and saved suffered burns requiring treatment.

'Carmageddon' bridge over 405 opens

Thumbnail image for mulholland-bridge-dusk-thesource.jpg The rebuilt Mulholland Drive bridge opened this morning across the 405 freeway in Sepulveda Pass.

Turns out Uber can cost its victims more than a limo ride

metro-cab-taxi-lao.jpg Uber charged a woman $357 for a Saturday evening ride from the Westside to Hollywood. But it's an app so it must be cool, right? Taxis are looking better.

Expo Line gets people out of their cars, study finds

People who live near an Expo Line station "dramatically reduced the number of miles they drove and tripled their rail ridership" after the new light-rail line opened last year, says a new USC study out today.

Animation: How people move around Los Angeles

travel-within-la-grafic.jpg UC Berkeley planning Ph.D. student Fletcher Foti animated the data from household travel surveys showing how people move throughout the day, hour by hour. You can view the population by income and mode of travel.

BART strike to end Tuesday in the Bay Area

sf-ferry-bldg-crowds.jpg A tentative deal between the Bay Area Rapid Transit agency and its two largest unions will end the latest transit strike there after four days.

Next for CicLAvia: Beach and Wilshire again then the Valley

ciclavia-mariachi-crowd.jpg Sunday's "heart of LA" CicLAvia route drew a good crowd. The Metro trains in and out of downtown were certainly hopping.

First flyover ramp opens at Wilshire and the 405

405-flyover-ramp-metro.jpg The Westside is starting to slowly wake up from its long traffic nightmare around the 405 freeway construction, known officially as the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project.

Soon as the 405 is done, more work planned for Wilshire

bus-lane-va-zevweb.jpg Soon after work wraps up in January on the new freeway ramps where the 405 crosses over Wilshire Boulevard, crews will begin tearing up Wilshire all over again — this time to add a dedicated bus rapid transit lane west of the freeway.

Obama coming back to schmooze with donors Sept. 9

Thumbnail image for obama-leno-file.jpg Invitations went out today for a very exclusive sit-down with the president at a location not yet revealed, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Expo Line Fan is revealed and says bye-bye

expofan5501.jpg Dwight Sturtevant has been the unofficial, unpaid photographer of the Expo Line extension from Culver City across the Westside to Santa Monica. When he is credited, it has been as Expo Line Fan. Now he's moving away.

Obama's visit will have distinctly Valley flavor

obama-leno-file.jpg All of the streets that the LAPD is warning drivers to avoid during President Obama's brief visit to the area today and Wednesday are out in the Valley. Obama lands...

Obama's arrival on Tuesday will be a rush hour event

Thumbnail image for clooney-obama.jpg There are a few new details now about President Obama's trip to the Los Angeles area on Tuesday to appear on the Jay Leno show. Here's what we know.

Obama coming back next week to be on Jay Leno

Thumbnail image for av-obama-lax.jpg President Obama is returning to California for a two-day swing that will include a stop at NBC in Burbank for his sixth appearance on "The Tonight Show."

LA freeway system redrawn as a subway map

losangeleshighwaymap-stone.jpg Designer Peter Dunn re-envisioned the Los Angeles area freeways and mounted a Kickstarter campaign that raised enough money to print the map on 36-inch by 24-inch heavy stock. He explains inside.

Sunset Boulevard ramp off 405 to close for four months

sunset_off-ramp-graphic.jpg Just when you thought the endless 405 freeway upgrade project was becoming manageable and some of the quote unquote upgrades were opening for use, the freeway gods play a little joke.

Garcetti puts Bonin, Krekorian on MTA board

expo-line-supports-billings.jpg The march of appointments by new Mayor Eric Garcetti continues. He names two city councilmen to the Metro board, plus activist "Jackie" Dupont-Walker.

Caltrans opens two lanes of northbound 5 freeway

caltrans-i5-tanker-chassis.jpg Caltrans officials were able to open two northbound lanes of I-5 at the interchange with the 2 freeway in Elysian Valley in time for today's afternoon commute. The rest of I-5 may open Tuesday, but the tunnel beneath connecting the northbound 2 to the northbound I-5 is closed indefinitely.
gas-fire-river-frogtown-anthea.jpg The northbound Interstate 5 freeway near Dodger Stadium, and half the southbound lanes plus the connectors to the 2 Freeway, will likely be closed for Monday's morning commute. That's because of possible structural damage to the freeway by Saturday's fire from a gasoline tanker crash.

New Metro Rail map of Los Angeles has a lot on it

metrorail-map-2013.jpg Metro's newest route map of the rail system includes the busways and rail lines that are in planning or under construction, such as the Crenshaw line and the Regional Connector downtown. If you are a fan of transit, or just a student of Los Angeles, the map is a welcome glimpse into the future.

Traffic advice for Obama's visit on Friday

Thumbnail image for air-force-one-pictures.jpg As I mentioned earlier, the Obamajam potential for Friday's short visit by President Obama is not bad. He's coming in mid-morning and leaving early afternoon so the driving disruption should be localized. But it's still Santa Monica in tourist season, so traffic could be a challenge.

Obama's visit to LA Friday will be short

air-force-one-pictures.jpg President Obama will drop into Santa Monica on Friday for a Democratic Party fundraiser, but he won't be stopping into the Santa Monica High School graduation like some students hoped. The White House schedule has Obama arriving at LAX about 10:30 a.m. and leaving via Air Force One around 2 p.m.
Thumbnail image for leimert-park-sign.jpg You'll remember that Metro's position on the Crenshaw rail line station at Leimert Park was that it was desirable, but not fundable. Today the agency's board decided to find the money, with $40 million coming from the Los Angeles City Council.

One short lane to open on 405 freeway

Thumbnail image for 405-wilshire-wood-ramp-fed.jpg While the 405 widening project slogs along late and over budget, one nugget of good news if you drive that stretch of freeway. As of Friday, a northbound lane will open for 1.7 miles between the 10 Freeway and Santa Monica Boulevard.

She rides 22 miles to work at UCLA (video)

rugg-map-ucla.jpg UCLA staffer Annelie Rugg bicycles to her job from West Hills, over the Santa Monica Mountains via Sepulveda Pass. Her route takes her two and a half hours -- or three minutes on video. Check it out.

He had the tallest bike at Ciclavia (video)

Richie-and-Tall-bike.jpg Richie Trimble's two-wheeler rose 14.5 feet and barely fit under the San Diego Freeway overpass on Venice Boulevard during Sunday's Ciclavia. “Everyone looks at you like your nuts and they’re right!,” he says.

Obama coming back to Los Angeles June 7

Thumbnail image for obamajam-creshts-1011.jpg Mark your Obamajam calendars. President Obama will fly in for a series of Democratic fundraisers, including a luncheon at Peter Chernin's home in Santa Monica.

Road rage vs. cyclist in Beverly Hills (video)

Beverly Hills police are asking for help in identifying the driver of this car who appears to deliberately pin a bicyclist against a trash dumpster in an alley off Wilshire Boulevard.

Ciclavia got a bit backed up

cicLAvia_April_2013_crowd.jpg Many fans are loath to say anything negative about Ciclavia, but USC physics professor Clifford V. Johnson — as enthusiastic a supporter as there is — has some constructive criticism after Sunday's mass turnout across the Westside. One, there were too many bike traffic jams. More inside.

Sunday's cross-town Ciclavia: your guide *

ciclavia-map-42113.jpg The sixth version of Ciclavia is breaking out of the central city and extending west all the way to Venice Beach. Venice Boulevard and selected other streets will be closed to cars and buses from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Let's take a trip down Wilshire Boulevard

BW-lao-daylight.jpg LA Times architecture Christopher Hawthorne continues his survey of changing Los Angeles area boulevards with Wilshire — a street that he writes "has always stood apart from the city it slices through." Let's see what he says.

Woe to the commuters of Coldwater Canyon

coldwater-closed-dwp.jpg For a month starting on March 23, the main canyon road connecting the Valley with Beverly Hills will be closed during the day. Coldwater Canyon Avenue needs to be dug up to replace the main water line installed during the William Mulholland era with a new trunk line.

5 broken things about LA for the next mayor to fix

pershing-square-garage-sign.jpg Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne observes that the candidates for mayor have been short on future vision for the city. That's too bad, he writes in a front-page critic's notebook, since there are "some major holes in the civic fabric." It all starts with the mess that is LAX.

405 northbound lanes opened early Sunday

405-work-buildings.jpg Metro, the agency in charge of the massive 405 freeway upgrade and widening project, announced that the weekend work was completed 29 hours early. It went to so well that no full shutdown of the northbound freeway was required, as originally threatened.

Cyclist loses leg after hit-and-run drags him onto freeway

kevitt-mother.jpg Damian Kevitt was riding a bicycle on Zoo Drive about 11:30 a.m. a week ago Sunday when the driver of an older gray Toyota Sienna minivan bolted out of traffic and made a sudden left turn. Witnesses told the CHP that the van accelerated after hitting Kevitt and dragged the biker for 600 feet, then sped away.

Expo Line West rising

expo-line-work-sepulveda.jpg Behind a construction fence on Pico Boulevard, what used to be the parking lot for Billingsley's Steak House and a medical marijuana dispensary is now taken up with bridge structures for the second, Westside phase of Metro's Expo Line light rail. More scenes inside.

Lost train depots of Los Angeles

la-grande-station.jpg I intended to post on this a couple of weeks ago, but it slipped with the whole cold/flu/whatever thing. Nathan Masters has done a really nice piece at KCET's website on the train stations that dotted Los Angeles before rail service was consolidated at the "union" station in 1939.

Metro finally getting its TAP act together

tap-metro-zevweb.jpg Sometime this summer, the turnstile gates will close at Metro's train stations and riders really will be forced to pay the fare. But before that can happen, the agency is remaking the TAP card system that discouraged honest riders from paying up.

Uh oh: Metro now naming stations to honor people

joel-wachs-square-sign.jpg Pity the poor tourists of the future. One of the most minor-league things about Los Angeles is that today's politicians too easily give in to the urge to name things — buildings, freeway legs, intersections — for people. Alive or dead, famous or not.

Century City parking is going to cost you

century-city-parking-fa.jpg The Westfield mall at Century City is dropping out of the ranks of Los Angeles malls that let you park free for at least a couple of hours. Starting Feb. 1, it's going to cost a dollar an hour — up to three hours. After that, it's a dollar for every fifteen minutes.

Explaining the roots and success of CicLAvia

CicLAvia-October-2012-zocalo.jpg In a piece for Zocalo called "I Blocked Off Wilshire and Angelenos Loved It," Aaron Paley talks about when he and his wife saw the beneficial effects of Bogota's street-closing ciclovía and how the Los Angeles version came to happen here.

Track 16 yields to the Expo Line

track-16-goodbye-kcrw.jpg Beside Olympic Boulevard in Santa Monica, bridge foundations are rising that portend the demise of a portion of the Bergamot Station arts complex, including the Track 16 gallery where many have attended events through the years. Lisa Napoli pays a little tribute for KCRW.

Downtown streetcar bond passes

streetcar-map-dtla.png Of the 2,066 voters who mailed in ballots, 73 percent voted to tax property owners in order to obtain funding for the $125 million loop mostly along Broadway and Hill.

Metro statement on Measure J losing

Thumbnail image for expo-line-work-sepul.jpg "Progress will continue as Metro remains focused on delivering a dozen new transit projects and 15 highway improvement projects that voters approved four years ago in passing Measure R."

Now that's close: Measure J falls 0.56 percent short

measure-j-final-table.jpg Also: Measure J, the transit tax extension, ends with 66.11 percent of the vote, and needed 66.66 percent to pass. How close did it come? If you take the 2,863,951...

Bloom's lead grows again in AD 50, he claims victory

Thumbnail image for richard-bloom-portrait.jpg Santa Monica mayor Richard Bloom said he expects to be sworn into the state Assembly on Monday. Measure J creeps closer yet, but almost certainly won't pass.

Harbor Freeway toll lane toll: 12,297 citations

tolltech550.jpg How's that 110 freeway HOV lane working out for you? A lot of people are flouting the transponder rule, it seems.

Measure J edges closer to (but not over) 2/3

culver-city-station-lao.jpg The percentage of yes votes keeps going up, but not fast enough to make passage likely. There are only so many votes left to count.

Perks in the Valley: train-side parking *

cd-12-staff-parking.jpg Making Angelenos suffer to park their cars is all the rage in City Hall these days. But if you work for Councilman Mitch Englander and want to park at the Chatsworth Metro station, there are a couple of nice spots right in front. (Updated.)

Expo Line work can proceed, state high court says

expo-line-work-sepul.jpg The California Supreme Court denied a request by Neighbors for Smart Rail for a stay that would stop construction on the Expo Line extension across the Westside to Santa Monica. The supremes agreed with previous rulings that there's no cause to stop work while the homeowner groups press their case that the project's environmental review made mistakes.

Congestion pricing - toll lanes - come to LA freeways

fastrak550-zevweb.jpg This Saturday, the HOV lanes on the Harbor Freeway south of downtown convert to HOT lanes — meaning if you are a solo driver, you can pay to drive with the carpools. That may not be so controversial, but it means that everyone who drives in the 110 lanes, carpoolers included, have to pay $40 plus $3 a month for a FasTrak transponder.

Metro rail ridership is way up, buses flat

gold-line-cornfield.jpg Average weekday ridership on Metro's rail lines in September soared to 357,096, up nearly 12 percent over the same time last year and 16 percent over 2010. Higher gas prices, plus the opening of the Expo Line and the extending of the Orange Line busway to Chatsworth were all factors.

Obama dropping in Wednesday to do Leno

The White House Press Office advises that President Obama will land at LAX aboard Air Force One on Wednesday evening, go tape "The Tonight Show" and depart again from LAX two hours later. Should be minimal traffic impact.

HNTB's winning design for 6th Street bridge

sixth-st-bridge-view-htnb.jpg The "infrastructure" firm HNTB has won the city's international design competition for the new bridge that will replace the decaying concrete 6th Street Viaduct over the Los Angeles River. Here's what they have in mind.

Where and when to see Endeavour move across LA

endeavour-road-trip.jpg The space shuttle Endeavour was scheduled to leave the field at LAX about 2 a.m. and begin rolling east toward Friday night's crossing of the 405 freeway. A couple of major viewing spots are planned for Saturday before the shuttle reaches Exposition Park.

Obama drops in on Katzenberg, other high rollers

ritz-carlton-tower-lao.jpg President Obama arrived at LAX a little after 1 p.m. and went right to a private gathering of donors in Trousdale Estates before tonight's concert and exclusive dinner downtown.

Ciclavia route for Sunday

ciclavia-map-oct72012.jpg Nine miles of city streets closed to cars and open to bikes, strollers, feet, skateboards and whatever. Exposition Park to Chinatown, MacArthur Park to Mariachi Plaza and a little beyond, with lots of activities along the route.

7 cited on 405, but skateboarder gets away

carmageddon2-skateboarder-g.jpg Cindy Whitehead, a former pro skateboarder from Hermosa Beach, had the phone numbers of a bail bondsman, a lawyer and a friend written on her arm — just in case.

405 to open as scheduled, officials promise *

mulholland-bridge-dusk-thesource.jpg Removal of the north side of the original Mulholland Drive bridge over the 405 freeway has gone about as well as expected. Mayor Villarigosa and Metro officials said Sunday evening that the lanes through Sepulveda Pass will open as promised by 5 a.m. on Monday.

Carmageddon II: So far, so good

carmageddon2-fwy-map-sat.jpg Traffic has been a bit heavier than usual for a Saturday in a few spots, especially near the immediate detours around the closed 405 freeway. But for the most part,...

Carmageddon not just good for air quality, it's great

bridge-from-above5501.jpg UCLA researchers say in a study today that the benefits began as soon as the freeway closed, and extended for miles around. Since traffic fell everywhere in Southern California, the whole region felt an effect — for a couple of days.

Media will pool helicopters for Carmageddon II

If things go right, there will be fewer media choppers hovering pointlessly above the ends of the closed 405 freeway during this weekend's traffic event. Or non-event, whatever.

In the middle of Carmageddon, a triathlon will close streets

triathlon-disney-hall.jpg By the time Metro decided to schedule the 405 freeway shutdown for this weekend, the Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles was already on the calendar for Sunday. So there will be closed streets and a lot of people in town.

Finally, something gets better on the 405

Sunset-Bridge-new-metro.jpg No, Carmageddon II is still coming this weekend. But the people behind Carmageddon had a ceremony out along the 405 freeway this morning to reopen the rebuilt Sunset Boulevard bridge.

All LA streets lead to Aram Sahakian

aram-sahakian.jpg Sahakian oversees special traffic operations for the city’s Department of Transportation. This makes him the official responsible for planning and executing street closures for all the big traffic-snarling events in Los Angeles — from the Oscars and the LA Marathon to next month's move of the space shuttle Endeavour.

Obama returning Oct. 7 for fundraiser at Nokia Theater

clooney-obama.jpg An email to Los Angeles area Obama donors says the concert evening will be "a large scale event with multiple performers and speakers preceding the President’s remarks," the Hollywood Reporter says. Good news on the Obamajam front: it's a Sunday night.

New info video for Carmageddon II

dinner-on-405.jpg Metro explains what will happen to the 405 freeway over the weekend of Sept. 29-30, and how it's basically the same exercise as in July a year ago.

Food blogger beats up cyclist who calls him 'faggot'

fuji_21_speed_road_bike-OCW.jpg Somewhere in Orange County is a humbled bicyclist with a shiner and a damaged "$2,000 carbon fiber-and-unobtainium bicycle....(slash) penis extension."

Caltrans relaunches freeway status map and app

caltrans-quickmap.jpg Finding out what's happening on the freeway before you hit the road may have just gotten a bit easier — or at least more accurate. Caltrans has relaunched its QuickMap that lets you see what the observation cameras are seeing on any freeway in California — or read any changeable message sign.

Freeways before the Arroyo Seco Parkway

ramona-fwy-construction.jpg Fun and informative history piece on Los Angeles' first freeways by Nathan Masters on the KCET website. The very first freeway was not the Arroyo Seco Parkway from Pasadena to almost downtown, as many believe. Have you ever seen the Ramona Boulevard freeway?
Thumbnail image for parking-cop-in-red.jpg For more than five years, Sacramento's CBS TV affiliate has been investigating reports by drivers in Northern California who get parking tickets from the city of Los Angeles when they swear they weren’t there. The latest case involves a Sacramento area man who says his new car has never been in LA.

Bus riders rejoice: Wilshire to be re-paved

rapid-bus-window.jpg Starting sooner than expected, the condition of the roadway on Wilshire Boulevard may no longer be LA's own inside joke. Repaving of the curb lanes between Wilton Place and Fairfax Avenue will begin this month, says a report.

LA's war against jitneys

jitneys-kcet.jpg Two good stories within a week on the uneasy relationship in Los Angeles with lone wolf car services and drivers — through the decades and now.

Carmageddon II has a date: weekend of Sept. 28

I405-East-View-of-Mulholland-Bridge-5501.jpg Metro has decided when to drop the other shoe on the necessary weekend closure of the entire 405 Freeway through the Sepulveda Pass. The follow-up to last summer's disruptive but successful closure will begin about 7 p.m. on Friday, September 28. The freeway will be scheduled to reopen at 5 a.m. on Monday, October 1

Little Tokyo building with a past for sale: $1

senor-fish-bldg.jpg The unreinforced brick building that houses Señor Fish at 1st Street and Alameda has to be moved or torn down for the Regional Connector underground light-rail line. It formerly housed The Atomic Cafe and at least one other '80s restaurant.

Photo op at Union Station for high speed rail

highspeedrail-unionstation-brown.jpg Gov. Jerry Brown convened the local faithful at Union Station to sign the bill that authorizes the state to sell $4.7 billion in bonds to build 130 miles of high-speed rail track between Bakersfield and Madera. The bill also helps fund LA transit projects.

Look who's using the Expo Line

red-line-station.jpg To the surprise of some transportation experts, the new Expo Line is drawing a healthy number of riders who use it to commute from the San Fernando Valley. They take the Red Line subway to the 7th Street station in downtown, then jump on the Expo Line heading toward USC then west to Culver City.

Christopher Hawthorne considers Sunset Boulevard

sunset-junction-sign-100.jpgThe LA Times architecture critic's expanded essays based on walking the Los Angeles area's "iconic boulevards" took on Sunset this weekend. He previously visited Atlantic Boulevard.

New, simpler route for the next CicLAvia

ciclavia-map-oct12.jpg Basically USC to Chinatown, with feeder legs from MacArthur Park and Boyle Heights.

Red Car at Santa Monica and Fairfax

redcar-fairfaxatsm-melgar.jpg The knowledgeable Los Angeles history aficionados at the Vintage Los Angeles page on Facebook located this scene as the 1950s at Santa Monica Boulevard and Fairfax, known then as the Crescent Junction on the Pacific Electric rail network. Posted by Jerome Melgar.

Orange Line extension across the Valley opens June 30

sherman-way-mosaic-orange-line.jpg Another four miles of the Orange Line busway are about to ready to open between Woodland Hills and Chatsworth. Out-of-service buses will be seen making test runs as soon as this weekend.

Santa Monica's mean parking meters observed

santa-monica-sidewalk-meter.jpg Santa Monica is the largest city in the U.S. to convert to parking meters that reset to zero when a car leaves, the New York Times says in a story. Santa Monica officials insist it's not about the money, but UCLA's parking reform expert says of course it's about the money.

Obama heading to View Park this morning *

view-park-view.jpg Before leaving town for Nevada, President Obama is scheduled to speak this morning at a private fundraising breakfast in View Park, the community perched on the northern side of the Baldwin Hills with the awesome views of Downtown and the Hollywood Hills.

Expo Line opens to Culver City June 20

expo-line-bridge-cc.jpg The terminus of the Expo Line will extend to the Culver City station, and the Farmdale station near Dorsey High School, will both open at noon on Wednesday, June 20.

Also on Wednesday in LA: Obamajam

av-obama-lax.jpg President Obama returns to Los Angeles late Wednesday afternoon for yet another campaign fundraising appearance, this time at the the Regent Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. The event is a gay and lesbian community fundraiser for Obama. Here is some early traffic guidance.

Meanwhile, lawsuit over Red Line subway rolls into 16th year

The Daily Journal's Ciaran McEvoy ran one of the paper's periodic updates on the epic lawsuit between the MTA and one of its subway contractors accused of overbilling — way back on the original subway project. If nothing else, it's a reminder that the path from here to a new subway line is long and fraught with unforeseeable delays and problems.

MTA board approves subway tunnel under Beverly Hills High

westside-subway-logo.jpg What was mostly at stake today was where to put the Century City station — the MTA board stayed with Constellation Avenue and Avenue of the Stars, inside the development.
dt-streets-parking-52012.jpg Both LA basketball teams are on the brink of elimination, but Staples Center is warning of major traffic and parking issues around Sunday's noon-start Kings game.
rampmerge550.jpg in June, the rebuilding of the Wilshire Boulevard on- and off-ramps will begin a year-long traffic disruption in one of the nation's congested spots that will be so majorly disruptive it's being called The Rampture. We've been warning you this was coming. In case you were hoping it would just go away, it didn't.

Some updates on Obama's visit to Studio City on Thursday

clooney-obama.jpg Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian, who represents Studio City, says he has been told that the area south of Ventura Boulevard around Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Fryman Canyon will be pretty much a mess between 8 and 10 p.m. on Thursday. He also confirms that President Obama will stay overnight in Beverly Hills, as on recent trips.

Obamajam moves to uncharted territory: the Valley

obamajam-creshts-1011.jpg President Obama returns to Los Angeles on Thursday to separate more Democrats from their $40,000. He's going to George Clooney's house in Studio City's Fryman Canyon, but how he will get there nobody's saying. The president will overnight somewhere in the LA area — back in Beverly Hills or does a new hotel get to host Obama this time?

LA Sketchbook: Long-term transit taxes

qqTransit-taxes.jpg The latest cartoon by Steve Greenberg. Click to view bigger.

Metrolink chief resigns to go into industry

John Fenton came to Metrolink about two years ago, after the disastrous crash of a Metrolink train and a freight train in Chatsworth. He said Monday he is stepping down for family and professional reasons to become the chief executive officer of Patriot Rail Corp.

May Day traffic disruptions expected downtown

2012MayDay-streets.jpg Several Downtown streets will be closed temporarily and Metro bus lines detoured for May Day rallies and marches today. "Street closures will begin as early as 6 AM for the participant assembly area located on Broadway between 11th Street and Olympic Boulevard, as well as for the rally area located on Broadway between 1st Street and Temple Street," the city says. "Street closures for the rest of the route will begin as early as 9AM." Check the map.

Riding the Expo Line to USC 'just magical'

USC professor of physics and astronomy Clifford Johnson has been waiting for a train line to campus. He's been known to pedal his bike to USC and to ride transit all over Los Angeles. On Saturday he finally rode the Expo Line and shot a video.
lmu-bluff-sign.jpg Since 2000, drivers to Loyola Marymount University have parked for free. That's about to change, but not without controversy.

Expo Line grand opening at noon hour on Friday

expo-park-usc-station.jpg The grand opening to unveil the new Expo Line light rail train is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. at the 7th Street/Metro station in downtown. That kicks off a weekend...
westside-subway-logo.jpg The Metro board of directors today certified the Westside Subway Extension’s Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report, approving the route and station locations for the first phase out to La Cienega Boulevard.
atocha-madrid-flavorwire.jpg Flavorpill's Los Angeles bias is showing through again — not that we're complaining. Its Flavorwire site has put Union Station, sometimes called the last great American rail station to be built, in 1939, high on its aggregation of The Most Beautiful Train Stations in the World.

Expo Line misses book festival by that much

usc-event-staff.jpg During both days of the book festival at USC this weekend, trains were running on the Expo Line just south of the campus. No riders, though. These were test runs. Would it have killed Metro to accelerate the opening one week with thousands of potential Expo Line users already going to USC?

First crash on the Expo Line? *

expo-line-rightofway.jpg The Los Angeles Fire Department's news feed this morning noted a car-vs-Metro train collision on South Hoover Street. Unless there's a gypsy train operating out there today, this can only mean one thing. (* OK, it's the third.)

Mayor walks out on Antonovich over 'gang-rape' quip

Dennis Romero at the LA Weekly is reporting that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa stormed out of an MTA board meeting this morning after county supervisor Mike Antonovich, who is also on the board, characterized the mayor's call for extending the Measure R sales tax by saying something like communities are going to be "gang-raped again."

CicLAvia returns to the streets on Sunday

ciclavia-map-april2012.jpg Mayor Villaraigosa and Lu Parker plan to ride in Sunday's CicLAvia. At least, that's what her tweet says. Here's the latest route map and street closures.

Video of fatal police shooting on the 101 freeway *

Police were reportedly in cellphone contact with Abdul Arian, 19, and his mother during last night's chase across the West Valley.
The inbound 101 at Canoga Avenue in Woodland Hills has been closed all night because of a police shooting following a chase.

Hey, take a gander at this: geese in traffic on the 110 *

geese+on+110.jpg There on top of the red van, in the Mitt Romney family pet carrier: those are a pair of geese.

Wilshire subway to devour A+D Museum, galleries

AplusD-Museum.jpg An op-ed piece protests the plan by Metro to raze the Wilshire Boulevard buildings that house the A+D Architecture and Design Museum and nearby galleries in order to stage construction of the Purple Line stop at Fairfax Avenue.

West 3rd Street has reopened

The DWP says that the portion of 3rd Street east of Fairfax reopened about 6:30 p.m. after crews plugged this morning's water main break and repaved the street.

3rd Street to remain closed at Fairfax all day *

The DWP, which is scrambling to repair a flurry of water main breaks it blames on work at the distant Lower Franklin Canyon reservoir, says that West 3rd Street will remain closed between Fairfax Avenue and Ogden Drive until 7 p.m.

Westside subway EIS/EIR goes with 7 new stations

purple+line+map+zevweb.jpg Metro recommends that the Century City station be at Constellation Boulevard and the Westwood station at Wilshire and Westwood boulevards.

News of Arco's demise greatly exaggerated

Some Arco gas stations in Southern California will change ownership, and possibly the brand they sell under, but the longtime Arco brand will remain on, oh, about 790 stations.

Arco gas stations to disappear from the scene *

The Arco name has been around the Los Angeles area for a long time.

He lived on the streetcars in Los Angeles

Manuel-Rodriguez-1950.jpg Manuel H. Rodriguez, a retired teacher at Valley College, writes about growing up in South Los Angeles when the streetcars were his ticket to bookstores, libraries and the movies of Downtown and Hollywood.

Library roofing project could affect you

The Central Library is getting a three-month rooflift starting today — and the LAPL website is warning patrons, staff and Downtowners that "traffic WILL be affected during this time."

Planning ahead: street closures for the LA Marathon

LA-Marathon-2012-Flyer.jpg Sunday's Los Angeles Marathon again begins at Dodger Stadium and runs to Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.

Angels Flight will double the fare to 50 cents

Thumbnail image for black-clock-10.jpg Angels Flight Railway president John H. Welborne announced that the one-way fare to ride the cars up or down Bunker Hill in Downtown will rise next Monday.

Street closures coming for Levitated Mass boulder

levitated-mass-move-zevweb.jpg The plan is for the Levitated Mass convoy to enter Los Angeles on Thursday night — in hopes of reaching the museum on Saturday morning.

Work on 405 getting intense again (for drivers)

Thumbnail image for I-405-logo-color.jpg Midnight freeway closures this week and, as of Monday night, one direction or another of Wilshire Boulevard is subject to complete closure over the next week, starting each night at 8 p.m.

Beck and Baca on licenses for the undocumented

LAPD chief Charlie Beck had a bit more to say today about his comments yesterday in favor of issuing a special drivers license to undocumented residents who pass the tests....

Levitated Mass boulder moves next week (probably)

levitated-mass-map.jpg Photographer Gary Leonard is really looking forward to the move of that 340-ton boulder to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Chief Beck calls for undocumented drivers licenses

beckvillaraigosaintro.jpg "When something doesn't work over and over and over again, my view is that you should reexamine it to see if there is another way that makes more sense," said the LAPD chief.

Beware Westwood: Obama is coming through this afternoon *

obama-piolin.jpg President Obama is scheduled to land at LAX about 4 p.m. After that traffic could suck for awhile in the corridor from Brentwood to Beverly Hills.

Head rolls at Caltrans over 20-mile desert traffic jam

banning+traffic+more+guy.jpg With politicians in Riverside and San Bernardino counties clamoring for an explanation, the local Caltrans chief has re-assigned the engineer on the Interstate 10 repaving project that closed several lanes of the freeway at the height of Sunday's westbound rush.

Grammys guests hired plane to fly over I-10 backup

banning-traffic-guy.jpg Sunday's Caltrans-induced traffic jam on Interstate 10 coming back in from Palm Springs was so bad that at least one group of music industry types headed to the Grammy Awards flew into Santa Monica Airport.

The long, long winding road home from Palm Springs

riverside-traffic-mccrathy-dark.jpg Caltrans work narrowed the westbound lanes of Interstate 10 in Banning Pass on Sunday afternoon and evening, creating a monster backup.

Getting more women to ride bikes

Suja+Lowenthal+bike.jpg I watched a bicyclist get hit by a car today in Westwood Village, right in front of me. So I had bike riders on the mind.

Loney won't be charged in freeway crash

Tests for drugs and alcohol came back negative, so Dodgers first baseman James Loney won't be charged in his November 14 crash on the Ventura Freeway.

It's back to the Westside for next month's Obamajam

obama-piolin.jpg I guess it's good news that the president's main venue on Feb. 15 will be in Holmby Hills, at the home of soap opera producer and writer Bradley Bell and his wife Colleen.

Newhall Pass closed again? There's an app for that

what+will+close+nehall+pass.jpg The narrow squeeze between the San Fernando Valley and points north shuts down so often that a blog has come up with the, um, Comprehensive Newhall Pass Disaster Planning Tool.

The humble but iconic SigAlert to be feted today

sigmon-portrait2.gif This morning at 9 a.m., Councilman Tom LaBonge and others will gather at the Caltrans building in Downtown to celebrate the first use of Loyd Sigman's SigAlert system.

Long Beach stakes a claim to the bike-friendly elite

Long Beach wants to be known as more a bicycle friendly city than Portland, Oregon — and even put its claim of two-wheeled superiority on the wall of city hal

Looking back at the lost tunnels of Downtown

air-raid-drill-in-tunnel.jpg Hard to see today, but Downtown was encircled on at least two sides by big hills that blocked access. As L.A.'s outlying areas grew, the traffic poobahs punched through the hills with tunnels.

Pomona Freeway reopens both directions

Westbound lanes of the 60 freeway were opened about 11 a.m. on Saturday. The eastbound lanes were back in service by about 3 p.m.

Metro's blog responds to Reason video on trains

light-rail-long-beach.jpg The MTA, not surprisingly, didn't care for's lampoon of light rail the other day.

Mountain roads closed by snow

sandberg-sign.jpg Lots of roads in the higher elevations of Los Angeles County are having snow closures after Monday's storm.

Reason's take on L.A. light rail: too expensive, too slow *

The libertarians at made an entertaining video on traveling by rail from LAX to Burbank, accompanied by their research on how much the public subsidizes the transit system.

Metro confirms trouble with 405 retaining wall

I-405-logo-color.jpg Metro says it has no cause yet for the failure of a retaining wall section on the 405 freeway improvement project in Sepulveda Pass.

Zev: State's rule on tickets amnesty is crazy

chp-stop.jpg On January 1, a new amnesty program allows drivers who ignored their traffic tickets before 2009 to pay half of what they owe and clear their record. The Legislature saw...

Happy 20th to 'Harbor Freeway Overture'

harbor-fwy-mural-laco.jpg Kent Twitchell's mural of L.A. Chamber Orchestra players started going up in 1991

Dreaming of (under) the 7th Street bridge

7th-street-bridge-mercado.jpg Fun story on Off-Ramp over the weekend about architect Arthur Golding's concept of an open-air mercado with cafes spanning the Los Angeles River.

Expo Line turned over to MTA

jeans-shack.jpg The Expo Line has taken its next big step on the path from construction project to actual light-rail transit line.

7 of 10 most congested freeway segments are here

405-looking-north.jpg The worst of the bunch, in the latest Texas Transportation Institute study, is supposedly the stretch of the 110 Freeway from Interstate 10 to the Dodger Stadium exit at Stadium Way.

Getty imposes $10 fee to park at night

Parking at the Getty Museum used to be free after 5 p.m.

Consider yourself warned

grand-avenue-warning-sign.jpg Grand Avenue will be blocked in front of Disney Hall on Tuesday, or so the sign says.

Can you pay the ticket with Monopoly money?

general-thaddeus-sign.jpg A no parking sign of dubious origin, plus evidence of progress on the Eli Broad art museum on Bunker Hill.

Expo Line's next phase approved by PUC *

expo-line-rightofway.jpg The California Public Utilities Commission gave its go-ahead to the grade crossings proposed for the second phase of the Expo Line, west from Culver City across the Westside to Santa Monica.

Car clubs of the San Fernando Valley

Sinners_SFV.jpg A website gathers the rear-window plaques for hundreds of car clubs across the U.S., including more than 100 in the San Fernando Valley alone — covering generations of low riders, high riders and more.

Traffic jams are bad for your health—really

traffic-creshts.jpg Evidence is mounting for the bad health effects of breathing the air in traffic jams and living near freeways, even as the exhaust from cars and trucks gets cleaner.

Demolishing the 405's Sunset Boulevard bridge

Time-lapse video of the tear-down work on the north side of the Sunset bridge.

6th Street viaduct as photo op

6th-street-yard-sign.jpg Concrete in the 1933 bridge connecting Downtown with the Eastside is rotting from the inside and the structure is slated for replacement.

Obama flies back to LAX, then to San Francisco

roscoes-sign.jpg It could have been worse. The final segment of Obamajam was avoided when the President flew by chopper from Burbank to LAX.

Video: The latest CicLAvia

Rob Adams' video of the scene at the Oct. 9 CicLAvia on L.A. streets.

Obama waffles while L.A. is fuming

obamajam-creshts-1011.jpg L.A. gets acquainted with a new level of Obamajam while President Obama himself stops for takeout and politics at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles.

Reminder: it's an Obamajam day in L.A.

av-obama-lax.jpg There's not much new to know since we filled you in last week.

Beverly Hills has a major earthquake fault

fault-map5501.jpg A byproduct of the geological research for Metro's Westside subway extension is that the northern end of the deadly Newport-Inglewood Fault is better understood by scientists.

Seattle girds for its own Carmageddon

seattle-viaduct.jpg They're calling it Viadoom, the massive urban traffic breakdown some fear from the nine-day closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct along the Seattle waterfront.

Obama arrival Monday will be at rush hour

President Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive at LAX on board Air Force One between 4:30 and 5 p.m. on Monday, the White House just announced.

President Obama will do Jay Leno while here

obama-piolin.jpg The show will air next Tuesday, the night after fundraisers in the Hancock Park area.

MTA experts recommend Constellation station in Century City

westside-subway-logo.jpg Metro's experts panel of seismologists, geologists and engineers also says tunneling poses no threat to Beverly Hills High School.

Thoughts on becoming an L.A. commuter

lisa-napoli-in-car.jpg Lisa Napoli, the public radio veteran who stepped out of the rat race a few years back to live in Bhutan, recently began hosting All Things Considered every afternoon on KCRW. That made her a cross-town commuter.

Kicking hybrids out of carpool lane slows all traffic

carpool410.jpg UC Berkeley researchers looked at the the after effects of the state moving hybrid drivers out of diamond lanes as of July 1 — and on Bay Area freeways, the impact was significant.

CicLAvia route in time-lapse photos

USC professor and Asymptotia blogger Cllifford V. Johnson rode from Heliotrope and Melrose, the western end of Sunday's CicLAvia route, to the eastern end at Hollenbeck Park.

Third CicLAvia has a longer route

ciclavia_map_oct2011.jpg Here's a quick guide to Sunday's closure of ten miles of streets around Los Angeles.

Brown vetoes Villaraigosa's bike bill *

Requiring drivers to slow to 15 miles an hour while passing a bicyclist closer than three feet is not going to fly.

In appreciation of the Thomas Guide

thomas-guide-2009.jpg Before there was Google Maps — and still today, if an Angeleno really wants to know where something is located — there was the Thomas Bros. street atlas, aka the Thomas Guide.

Would you believe the 'Rampture' on I-405?

sunset-bridge-1957.jpg On- and off-ramps serving Sunset Boulevard at the 405 freeway will start closing Friday for 14-day periods of rebuilding. It's the other shoe falling from the earlier demolition of half...

Obama on his way to Denver

If you were caught in traffic near Sunset Boulevard between Beverly Hills and Brentwood between 9:30 and 10 a.m., that was just President Obama heading for his helicopter.

Obama in for the night

So far the timing of the president's moves across the Westside seems to be smooth and on schedule.

LA Observed on KCRW: Why Obamajam annoys

sunset-strip-obamajam.jpg Coming up on my Monday KCRW commentary: why presidential visits are mainly traffic events for Angelenos, and why they also tend to create the worst jams.

Obama's day in California is underway

President Obama woke up in San Francisco, is in La Jolla now for a fundraising lunch and will be in L.A. this afternoon.

Here's your Obamajam advisory for Monday (and Tuesday) *

405-traffic.jpg Presidential visits (of both parties) typically create the most intense surface street traffic jams most of us have ever seen in L.A., but they tend to be localized and avoidable if you just plan ahead.

Missed it by that much: car on the edge

car-at-edge copy.jpg Check out the car hanging over the edge of a parking structure on Wilshire Boulevard near Veteran Avenue in Westwood.

Californians love cool trains...not

Historian Richard White provides a dose of reality for the romantic notion of high-speed trains zipping across California, just like in "France, Japan, and now China."

LA Sketchbook: Bullet train


Obama and Villaraigosa are the not-so-odd couple

The president and the mayor could benefit from each other's help.

LA Observed on KCRW: East-West axis

jmichaelwalker-map-piece.jpg In my Monday afternoon column coming up on KCRW, I praise today's Expo Line groundbreaking in Santa Monica — and the Libros Schmibros bookstore at the Hammer Museum.

Obamajam coming back to L.A.

President Obama will be in West Hollywood on Sept. 26 for two entertainment-themed fundraisers. The return of Obamajam will be on a Monday night.

New 'murals' stolen before Caltrans can unveil them

Caltrans had planned to show off four new pieces of artwork along Los Angeles freeways this morning, replicas of murals from the 1984 Olympics era that had been defaced by taggers. But overnight, two of the pieces were stolen.

L.A. Times writer sees killing on Red Line

Pop music staffer Todd Martens was in the subway in Hollywood last night when he witnessed a man stab another man, then flee the scene. It was more complicated than...

Next for the 405: closing the Wilshire ramps

wilshire-loops-as-finished.jpg "The feeling is that this could be much worse" than Carmageddon, says the president of the Westwood Homeowners Association.
Hate to break this to all you miscreants out there, but you've never had to pay your ticket.

Red light camera enforcement is dead

The City Council just voted 13-0 to kill off the program,.

Staying home, bikes and Carmageddon

Leo Braudy and Timothy Egan on what to take from last weekend's unexpectedly light traffic.
The L.A. culture war between drivers and bicyclists was in full view this morning on KPCC's "Airtalk.

Interesting stats from Carmageddon weekend

Supervisor Yaroslavsky's website team has pulled together some insightful data points from the weekend closure of the 405 freeway.

Two parking spaces, one car

bad-parker.jpg KPCC's John Rabe and I share a pet peeve: drivers who take up two curb parking spots by not pulling a few feet farther forward.

Andrew Bynum caught parking in disabled spot *

Bynum+parking_Logo1a.jpg Lakers center Andrew Bynum was videotaped parking his BMW across two marked disabled spots at the Bristol Farms store in Westchester.

Business as usual on the 405: night closures

Now that the big media event is over, it's back to the routine closures that users of the 405 freeway have experienced over the past several months. Here's tonight's partial list.

Learning to love LA without traffic

Carmageddon weekend is taking on the same image of freedom from traffic as the 1984 Olympics has in Los Angeles lore.

Bad news: 405 to reopen today *

It's been real quiet across the Westside with no 405 freeway spewing white noise for miles around. Villaraigosa thanks "the people of Los Angeles for doing their part."

Carmageddon: one day down, and most of the bridge

bridge-from-above5501.jpg As the traffic experts say, it doesn't take many drivers to change their ways for congestion to go away.

Pre-Carmageddon traffic report

It's not bad out there. I came over Sepulveda Pass about 2 o'clock, and except for what seemed to be a bit of lookie-loo slowdown on both sides approaching the...

Dedication of the Sepulveda tunnel

sepultunnel1300.jpg Until the tunnel under Mulholland Highway opened in 1930, there wasn't much "pass" to Sepulveda Pass. There was a dirt road and trails, but most of the traffic between...

Carmageddon as the Rapture

405-barstow.jpg Traffic along the 405 has been good today. People are self-correcting: good sign. Now this from cartoonist Donna Barstow.

Today in the 405 shutdown countdown

Countdown-to-Carmageddon-cr.jpg A roundup of news and observations on the biggest story in Southern California: this weekend's closure of the 405 freeway in Sepulveda Pass, potentially affecting a million or more people — but probably only a little bit.

Weekend 'no stopping' streets for 405 closure

The city Department of Transportation is slapping up new No Stopping any Time signs for Carmageddon weekend on these streets, mostly in the Valley.

LA Observed on KCRW: Preparing for Carmageddon

SEPULVEDA CUT 1962 AERIAL.jpg The Automobile Club of Southern California Archives have some stunning photos from the years in which the L.A. area was discovering its relationship with the car. Like this one.

LA Sketchbook: Carmageddon


Hitler rants about Carmageddon

I'm pretty sure I swore off the Hitler spoofs awhile back. but this one is worth it — and just very smart about the city's culture.

405: 'L.A. prepares for worst and hopes for best'

Carmageddon in the New York Times, from Los Angeles bureau chief Adam Nagourney. You would think that Los Angeles, of all places, would know how to handle a catastrophe. But...

Ashton Kutcher tweets for LAPD, asks a favor

kutcher-twitter.jpg As part of the official choreography of publicity for the 405 freeway shutdown next month, the LAPD asked Ashton Kutcher and other celebrities — Lady Gaga among them — to...

Westside subway construction: the basics

westside-subway-rendering.jpg Metro has posted a six-page fact sheet on construction of the Westside subway extension, a project whose future is still tied to decisions yet to be made in Congress.

405 Carmageddon machine cranks up

kiewit-snake-soqui.jpg The latest news and gimmicks on the coming 405 shutdown, including the LAPD asks a favor of Lady Gaga.

Video: One minute on the 405

Here's one minute of Sunday afternoon traffic looks and sounds like on the 405 freeway in Sepulveda Pass. No wonder there's talk of carmageddon.

How about red-light paint ball guns?

left-turn-1955.jpg KPCC's John Rabe seems a little perturbed that the police commission has overruled the LAPD staff and voted to discontinue the red-light cameras that spew out dubious tickets at 32 intersections around Los Angeles. It's moire about L.A. drivers though.

Police commission votes to turn off red light cameras

The Los Angeles Police Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to reject a new contract the LAPD wants with the firm that runs the city's 32 red light cameras.

Video: riding up Angeles Crest

Ted Soqui checks out the seven-mile stretch of Angeles Crest Highway above La Cañada-Flintridge that reopened Friday

405 shutdown will be "heard around the world"

405-mulholland-bridge-zevweb.jpg How LAX is planning for the worst weekend ever. Isn't it weird how the best job of covering the 405 freeway construction disruption so far hasn't been by any traditional media at all, but by the websites of Metro and of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky?

More testing tonight on the Expo Line

A three-car train is due to be tested on Metro's new Expo Line between today and Thursday.

Reading L.A. freeways

405-looking-north.jpg In his quest to read 25 books about Los Angeles this year, LAT architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne is up to David Brodsly's slim 1981 work "L.A. Freeway: An Appreciative Essay."

Details of the 405's weekend closure in July: it's Big

405detailsmap1.jpg When was the last time you saw a news release issued jointly by Caltrans, Metro, the California Highway Patrol, the Los Angeles Police Department and the L.A. Fire Department?

Big day at the Metro board meeting

Crenshaw-route-map-mta.jpg The MTA board passed its largest annual budget ever, held fares at current levels, gave support to — but declined to fund — a Crenshaw rail station at Leimert Park, and approved 7.7 miles of interrupted peak-hour bus lanes on Wilshire Boulevard.

City parking chief to step down, NBC 4 says

Jimmy Price will officially retire on June 4 from the LA Department of Transportation, several years ahead of his planned exit, Joel Grover reports.

405 update: What's going to happen at Wilshire

wilshire-loops-as-finished.jpg It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better — and be prepared for two years of disruption near the busiest intersection in Los Angeles.

Something not seen before: a train over La Brea

An Expo Line train being tested on the new bridge over La Brea Avenue.

Traffic officers behaving badly, part 2

ladot-traffic-officer-knbc.jpg Good lede from Channel 4 investigative reporter Joel Grover on his latest story about L.A. traffic officers behaving badly.
When Controller Wendy Greuel was on the City Council, her office made use of the special desk to handle, um, delicate requests from elected officials for special handling of parking tickets.

Taking the train to Dodger Stadium is possible

Inland empire columnist David Allen got to Monday night's Dodgers game in the second inning and left in the eighth, but he can say he successfully took MetroLink and the Union Station shuttle.

LA Observed on KCRW: The freeway that ate summer

I-405-logo-color.jpg Tonight's KCRW column, airing at 6:44 p.m. talks about the massive I-405 freeway makeover and the plans to close the freeway for a weekend in July.

405 project: No more playing nice

I405-East-View-of-Mulholland-Bridge-5501.jpg All lanes of the freeway will close in Sepulveda Pass for an enitre weekend in July. You've been warned, but you will be warned again.

A roundabout answer to Westside traffic

dupont.jpg Westwood architect Jamie B. Myer has designed an innovative solution to the bottleneck that forms along Santa Monica Boulevard where it crosses under the 405 freeway.

LADOT to investigate porn report

nbc-expose-porn-parking-officers.jpg The city's Department of Transportation sent out a Sunday afternoon press release saying it had "launched a full investigation" of that KNBC report about two traffic enforcement officers appearing in a porn film while on duty and in uniform.

Here's another reason to be mad at parking ticket writers

nbc-expose-porn-parking-officers.jpg NBC 4 tonight at 11 p.m. will air an expose showing two uniformed Los Angeles Department of Transportation traffic enforcement officers appearing in a porn film.

New life for Fred Harvey space at Union Station

fred-harvey-franklin-ave.jpg The first time I snuck into the vacated Fred Harvey cafe at Union Station, maybe 20 years ago, I could almost smell the 1940s cigar smoke. The room and adjacent...

Obama pool reporter not a foodie - or a details person *

Pool reporter from the LA Times gets the name of Obama's restaurant wrong. Can't say she wasn't warned.

A bit more detail on Thursday's Obamajam

President Obama is scheduled to land at LAX at about 2:45 P.M. Thursday. He then has to get to the Sony lot for a 4:30 fund-raising appearance, then up to Tavern in Brentwood for dinner and another fundraiser.

Get ready for the return of Obamajam on Thursday *

Marilyn_Davenport-ocweekly.jpg President Obama will visit the Sony lot in Culver City and Tavern in Brentwood to meet with Hollywood donors.

Metro transit ridership down across the board

SubwayRidership.jpg Use of the MTA's buses and trains is down about three percent compared to last year. Some data and graphs.

MTA begins transit blog in Spanish

Metro's blog The Source has become in 18 months one of the MTA's main ways of exciting the base of L.A. transit enthusiasts and responding to rail critics. Now the...

CicLAvia route for Sunday

ciclavia-map-41111.jpg Click on the map above to see the street closures for Sunday's second CicLAvia.

Why doesn't Hope Street go through?

normal-school.jpg One of the little quirks about Downtown L.A. is that a major north-south street, Hope Street, stops at the Central Library. Yet Hope Street predates the library.

In L.A., streets and bikes are fight-worthy

wilbur-mtg-streetsblog.png Last week in the Valley, something like 450 people turned out at a raucous community meeting called to discuss the restriping of upper Wilbur Avenue to add left-turn and bike lanes.

Dodger Stadium shuttle bus back for another season

Shuttles between Union Station and Dodger Stadium will begin with the March 28 exhibition game. Buses will run 90 minutes before games and 45 minutes after the final out. Dodger...

Laurel Erickson back on the air in L.A.

laurel-erickson-socalconnec.jpg I missed that longtime KNBC reporter (and the ex-anchor of "News Conference") Laurel Erickson returned to the local air waves last month as the correspondent on an episode of KCET's "SoCal Connected." She also has a piece this week.

Debate you didn't know was on: will Jews ride the subway?

jj-cover-022511.jpg The Jewish Journal cover story this week poses the question to the community: will Jews support the expansion of Metro's subway, other rail lines and busways?

Street closures for Glenn Allen funeral in Civic Center on Friday

lafd-funeral-feb252011.jpg Streets around City Hall and the cathedral will be closed Friday morning for the funeral procession and service for Glenn Allen, the LAFD veteran killed fighting a fire in the Hollywood Hills last week.

KNBC's Paul Johnson gets a freeway

Part of the 55 freeway in Orange County is now the Paul Johnson Memorial Freeway.

Lovers Lane lines up nicely with...North Main

lovers-lane-fajack.jpg Our Valentine's Day mystery about the present-day status of L.A.'s Lovers Lane from 1871 appears to be solved

Traffic impedes L.A. booty calls

Here's our modest contribution to Valentine's Day.

Jesse Valadez, co-founder of The Imperials *

valadez-caravan-soqui.jpg Lowriders from around the West caravanned through East Los Angeles on Saturday in a funeral procession for Jesse Valadez, co-founder 45 years ago of The Imperials car club. His red...

The rumble on Mulholland Highway

rock-store-zevweb.jpg Bikers aren't happy about rumble strips being added to the loop of canyon roads off Mulholland Highway where motorcyclists have raced for decades.themselves or others. T

Wilshire bus lane hits a snag with Rosendahl

metro-rapid-bus-320x200.jpg The proposal to dedicate a lane each way of Wilshire Boulevard to Bus Rapid Transit during the hours when the street is already at its most packed has picked up a new obstacle in Westside Councilman Bill Rosendahl.

Visiting blogger: Bus riders unite

Joel Epstein, one of the more single-minded transit advocates in town, argues that fans of the rapid express buses on Wilshire should stage a massive work slowdown before Friday's City Council meeting to vote on the boulevard bus lane.

Council acts in private to move ahead on garage leases

After a three-hour closed-door session, City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana said the City Council had voted unanimously to submit a parking garage concession agreement to potential private operators. But no details.

My parking idea gets one fan

John Rabe, the host of KPCC's Off-Ramp, picked up and ran with my suggestion that parking garages be required to open the gate and let people go if the queue to pay reaches five minutes.

Ready for $10 parking at the Arclight?

broxton-garage-labj.jpg In the real world where Angelenos live and drive, the city's sell-off of parking garages in Hollywood and Westwood would let rates triple over five years.

Grapevine and Cajon Pass open to traffic

The CHP is letting drivers cross in and out of Southern California again on Interstate 5 through the Tehachapis and on I-15 in Cajon Pass.

Cajon Pass closed too *

The CHP closed I-15 through Cajon Pass after 10 p.m. due to the snow, ice and sliding cars.

Coming home? The Grapevine is closed

santa-clarita-snow.jpg It figures that on the last day to get back in town for many Angelenos, Interstate 5 is closed by snow over The Grapevine.

Joe Lumer, L.A. parking magnate was 62

Joes-parking-sign.jpg Joe Lumer is the name behind the Joe's Auto Parks lots so ubiquitous in Downtown Los Angeles.

Figure on the long way to Big Bear

hwy330-slide.jpg If you have any plans to hit Big Bear or Running Springs this winter, you will be going the long way around.

Alarm in Westwood Village about city parking garages

The plan to sell off the city parking garages is not going over well in Westwood Village.

Inside Ron Artest's head may be a scary place

artest-kimmel.jpg ESPN's Rick Reilly spent a day tooling around L.A. in Ron Artest's Cadillac Escalade, talking about the Lakers, therapy, and a bunch of other things.

Wilshire fly-over ramps on 405 confirmed

wilshire-ramp-graphic.jpg This might be the biggest thing to help Westside traffic congestion that is in the works.

Restricting parking on your street will cost you

Once a preferential parking district is approved, it costs you $34 a year for each permit to park on your own street.

Band that blocked freeway charged with felony conspiracy

Three members of the Imperial Stars band were charged by District Attorney Steve Cooley, for blocking the Hollywood Freeway last month.

Reporter watches parking cops impound his car

The Santa Monica Mirror's Slav Kandyba found out the hard way that unpaid parking tickets can be a bummer in Los Angeles.

Some notable L.A. deaths to acknowledge

Jose Rodriguez, Harold Katz and Danny McDevitt.

Funky geography redux

smfwy-screengrab.jpg Let's hope Steve Lopez didn't really mean to say "west of the 10 freeway."

Call it the Westside subway

wilshirechapel.jpg Today's MTA vote approving the Wilshire subway route leaves out the West Hollywood detour and the politically sensitive Crenshaw station, leaves undecided the dicey political question of just where the tunnel will go under Century City and Beverly Hills, and should put to rest for now Mayor Villaraigosa's inoperative "subway to the sea" meme.

Obamajam extended to Glendale *

Crowds are already forming, and streets already closing, in the USC area for President Obama's campaign rally this afternoon. But some new plans to be aware of: the White House...

Car culture vs. urban culture

My KCRW column tonight wades into the big divide in Los Angeles between those who see L.A. as a car culture city and those who crave a more transit-fed urban culture. There are no winners in the debate, only a need for co-existence.

The old days of car racing in L.A.

Harry Pallenberg, longtime producer for Huell Howser and the director of "Shotgun Freeway," is making a documentary on the racing years in Southern California, based in part on Harold Osmer's book "Where They Raced."

Band shuts down 101 freeway on purpose *

101-band-jam-ktla.jpg A truck parked across three lanes of the Hollywood Freeway near Sunset Boulevard and a band climbed up top to play a song, "Traffic Jam 101," that it says is about raising awareness of homeless children.

405 project gets serious again

I-405-logo-color.jpg Tonight the giant concrete muncher begins taking down the northern side of the Skirball Center Drive bridge over the 405 freeway deep in Sepulveda Pass.

CicLAvia route for Sunday in L.A.

ciclavia-map.jpg Here's the 7½ route of city streets that will be closed to cars on Sunday for the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. event.

Meet your new California driver's license

new-drivers-License.jpg Tony Castro at the Daily News gives the quick tour of new security features.

Community wins big change on 405 project

mulholland-bridge-550.jpg Caltrans and Metro have all but finally decided to alter the way the impressively high, 1959-era Mulholland Drive bridge is replaced during the I-405 widening project. It's a simple change that will reduce headaches and could save $10 million.

Greuel audit questions use of red-light cameras

City Controller Wendy Greuel will release an audit tomorrow of the city's 32 red light cameras, discussing why they weren't placed at the most dangerous intersections and concluding that the program "cannot document conclusively an increase in public safety."

Where stop sign cameras are located in L.A.

stop-sign-cameras.jpg Channel 2 has mapped the locations of what it calls the only cameras in the state placed to catch drivers running stop signs.

MTA drops remaining claims against Tutor-Saliba-Perini

The Daily Journal's Ciaran McEvoy seems to have this alone, in today's paper.

Opera on the 110 hits BBC

110-opera.jpg The Strand, a program on the BBC World Service, features a segment on One-Ten, the opera being composed in serial form along and about the Pasadena and Harbor freeways by Los Angeles Magazine.

Optical illusion of a girl tried for pedestrian safety

The image of a girl painted on the pavement is being tried in lieu of speed bumps, or humps if you prefer.

Pay even if broken or move the car at new meters

pay-to-park-meters-los-angeles.jpg Complying with the parking limits isn't enough to avoid a ticket at the city's new "smart" meters — which have more ways to fail than the old ones.

A campanile in Culver City *

The Eric Owen Moss art tower beside the Expo Line, as observed by John Rabe, Mark Peel and Scott Timberg — and Moss.

Bullet train on Angels Flight?

angelsflight3.jpg Well it could happen, right?

Changing of the guard at the NYT bureau

I-405-logo-color.jpg Adam Nagourney's first piece as L.A. bureau chief: traffic on the 405.

Beverly Hills pedestrian sting: 53 tickets

The Beverly Hills PD cracked down on drivers failing to yield to a plainclothes officer crossing Wilshire Boulevard at Palm Avenue, the intersection where the city says it gets the most complaints.

Flight attendant says he's a 'bag nazi'

slater-gawker.jpg Steven Slater, the Jet Blue flight steward who quit so dramatically after being hit on the head by a passenger's bag, has been posting over the past year about the trouble caused by the increasing number of bags in airliner cabins.

LA Observed on KCRW

Last week's video of the future Expo Line route across part of the Westside is the starting point for tonight's LA Observed column on KCRW.

A vote for bike sharing in L.A.

london-bikes.jpg Clifford V. Johnson, the blogging and bike-commuting USC professor, speaks up for bicycle sharing after seeing it in London.

Police breaking up protest at Wilshire & Highland

Immigration rights protesters in chains have blocking the intersection for several hours, but the LAPD has issued a dispersal order. Media reports have the cops moving in to cut chains...

Placing a subway station in Westwood

Westwood-UCLA-Station-Slide2.jpg Say that Metro Rail ever reaches as far west as Westwood Village. It's going to need a station. But where should it go?

Beverly Blvd. cheapskate cheats meter of 30 minutes

parking-meter-towel.jpg Food writer Barbara Hansen watched last night as a guy pulled into a parking spot on a trendy block of Beverly Boulevard, wrapped a shirt around the parking meter and strolled away with two women. She got a photo.

Sunset Blvd. bridge, 1957

sunset-bridge-1957.jpg he Sunset Boulevard bridge over the 405 freeway in Brentwood is being torn down, piece by piece, for replacement. When it was completed in 1956, the road was still being called the Sepulveda Freeway.

Bringing the Expo Line to life *

Mark posted this earlier at LA Biz Observed, but everybody I've shown it to loved it so much here it is again.

Villaraigosa makes teachable moment out of bike fall

Maybe it's more like a flackable moment, an easy way to throw a bone to bicyclists.

Supervisor Knabe gets behind the wheel of MTA bus

County Supervisor Don Knabe is the chair of Metro this time around and, as such, learns how to drive a bus.

Villaraigosa breaks elbow in bicycle fall *

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was riding in a bike lane on Venice Boulevard in Mid-City before 7 p,.m. tonight when a taxi pulled in front of him.

Sunset curve the scene of bad accident

A head-on crash this afternoon involving a semi-truck and more than one car blocked all lanes of Sunset Boulevard for awhile at Bellagio Road, adjacent to the north side of UCLA in a spot called Dead Man's Curve in L.A. lore.

405 project, $1 billion, one bidder

I-405-logo-color.jpg That $1 billion project to mess up traffic across the Westside and Sepulveda Pass for years — oops, I mean add a carpool lane to the 405 freeway and modernize...

Tonight's 405 closures

Thumbnail image for I-405-logo-color.jpg Lane closures after 10 a.m. at Sunset Boulevard.

Santa Monica writes on-air parking tickets for Channel 5 *

Gayle Anderson's segment at Santa Monica beach went on despite a parking officer scribbling out tickets, perhaps not knowing she was on live across Southern California.

Live chat with the boss about 405 project

I-405-logo-color.jpg Mike Barbour, the project manager on the big 405 freeway rehab and widening project from the Westside through Sepulveda Pass to the Valley, will take questions on the Metro website from noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

Westwood traffic gummed up *

westwood-traf-520.jpg There's some kind of demonstration on Wilshire Boulevard in front of the Westwood federal building

Our love-hate affair with the 405 freeway

Thumbnail image for 405projectlogo.jpg My KCRW column airing this evening at 6:44 p.m. talks about the San Diego's place in the delicate organism of Westside traffic and more broadly how it has shaped Los Angeles.

Jay Leno gets a tow

jay-leno-soqui.jpg Photojournalist and blogger Ted Soqui was riding with the L.A. Wheelmen on Mulholland Drive when they came across Jay Leno, loading his 1963 Porsche onto a truck.

LA Sketchbook: Speed limit 4.05


Tonight's damage on the 405

Thumbnail image for 405projectlogo.jpg Expect a busy night of work and traffic disruption on the San Diego Freeway below Sepulveda Pass (on the Westwood side, not the Valley side.) Here are the scheduled closures.

Another dumb freeway naming idea

I've ranted a little bit before about the second-rate practice of naming freeways and other big public works for minor political players and less-than-extraordinary do-gooders — I believe I said...

Prime-time parking rates coming to Downtown L.A.

parking-linder.jpg The 10,000 fancy new parking meters being introduced around the city are getting most of their attention for being solar powered and taking credit and debit cards. But the fanciest thing about them is that they will let the city raise parking rates block by block and hour by hour in response to demand — or the desire to alter behavior.

Dismantling the 405: Be very afraid

Hoe-ram550.jpg The 405 freeway widening project begins a new phase this week, and you're not going to like it. Got to be done, but still — beware if you can. There will be full freeway closures at night this week and next heading up into Sepulveda Pass from the Westside, for restriping of lanes. That's because this month a giant "hoe ram" — a crane equipped with a massive jackhammer — will begin smashing the Sunset Boulevard bridge over the freeway.

Metrolink's new crash-resistant rail cars

Crushable nose cones, engineers placed above crash zone, other improvements.

Back to the valet parking story

TV loves to "investigate" valet parking in Los Angeles, but this time Channel 4 turned up the interest factor to show that there are few rules governing valets and fewer protections for drivers. Ana Garcia became a valet.

Wienermobile sighting on the 405

weinermobile-on-405.jpg We're locked in pre-June gloom on the Westside these days, but Katie Keating had a ray of virtual sunshine find her on the freeway this morning.

Daryl Gates funeral: 'This is going to be huge'

simmonsstreetscene-crop.jpg Patt Morrison is stretching but only a bit when she writes that Monday's closed-casket viewing at the Police Administration Building — and Tuesday morning funeral at the cathedral — "will be the closest thing to a state funeral that Los Angeles could have."

Floral advertising returns to 110 freeway

101-floral-billboard.jpg That planted rectangle on the 110 near Downtown that Caltrans sold to Toyota last year for a Prius ad is being given a baseball-themed message.

Obama hits town Monday, so plan accordingly

bboxer.jpg President Obama will arrive a little before 5:30 p.m. Monday to raise L.A. campaign cash for the Democrats — Sen. Barbara Boxer and the DNC specifically — and wreak a little unfortunate havoc with local mobility. At least it will be a Monday, so the natural afternoon traffic should be a bit lighter than usual — but there's a Kings playoff game at Staples Center at 7 p.m.

Red light cameras: the discussion continues

redlightcamerasign.jpg Mandalit del Barco of NPR's Los Angeles bureau has the latest story, airing today on "All Things Considered," on the mixed bag you get with red light cameras.

Talk about your hyperlocal news

fiat-brava.jpg The news blog of the Glendale News-Press and its sister papers has a story up about a local car reaching 500,000 miles — and it's the car driven by the husband of the managing editor of the La Cañada Flintridge paper.

Newhall Pass traffic badly snarled by I-5 crash

Five people, possibly four of them children, died in the crash during a rain downpour just after midnight where I-5 and the 14 meet in the Newhall Pass entrance to...

L.A. Marathon was a downer for some

Tina Dupuy at Fishbowl L.A. says the runners she has heard from had tons of horror stories about pre-race traffic, the course and the experience for runners after they finished the race. Especially the traffic.

L.A. Marathon is Sunday, but you probably knew that

marathon-official-map.jpg Marathon organizers are advising runners to get out early Sunday since getting to Dodger Stadium could prove difficult: "ARRIVE EARLY! We suggest you be there by 5:30am.," says an official tweet. Plus street closures, bus changes and more.

Back to 1930s Los Angeles: 'Angel's Flight'

angels-flight-inset-wp.jpg In honor of Angels Flight re-opening Monday to paying passengers, let's return to the days when the funicular originally called the Los Angeles Incline Railway was an integral part of Downtown life.

Shuttle service to Dodger Stadium is back

A $300,000 grant from the South Coast Air Quality Management District will pay for free shuttle buses this season between the stadium and Union Station. The service was cancelled last season when neither the city nor the Dodgers wanted to pay for it.

Work resumes tonight on the 405

405projectlogo.jpg You'll start to see K-rails brought onto the San Diego Freeway tonight as part of the carpool lane and bridge repair project in and around Sepulveda Pass.

Prius flowers get nice ride on Channels 2 and 9

prius-ad-crosses.jpg KCAL's news went out in the field this afternoon for a report from that Prius flower patch beside the 110 freeway where that makeshift memorial to Toyota victims was taken down — four days ago.

Toyota flower patch on 110 culture-jammed

prius-ad-before.jpg White crosses were laid out over the former site of Toyota's floral ad for the Prius beside the Pasadena Freeway near Downtown. A sign reads, "You Reap What You Sow."

Police back off hit-and-run in Brentwood girl's death

No criminal charges are expected in the death of Julia Siegler, a 13-year-old eighth-grader at Harvard-Westlake School who was struck by two cars Friday morning while crossing Sunset Boulevard.

405 work moving along

Picture 4.png Metro just tweeted that restriping of the northbound lanes has been completed for now. Southbound restriping won't begin until March 3 at the earliest.

Roadside fires quickly put out in Sepulveda Pass

Northbound freeway traffic was snarled briefly near Getty Center Drive.

Gold Line vs. car in South Pasadena *

A car got in the way of a northbound Gold Line train about 1 p.m. at the Glenarm crossing north of Mission Station. At least one person is injured.

In the case of MTA vs. Tutor-Saliba

Now that the Metropolitan Transportation Agency has spent 15 years and $32 million fighting the giant engineering and construction contractor Tutor-Saliba-Perini, staff writer Gabe Friedman asks a reasonable question in Friday's L.A. Daily Journal: what price is too high for a legal victory?

It takes a military man to fix the 405 freeway mess

mike-barbor-featured.jpg When work begins Wednesday night on the Sepulveda Pass Widening Project — the first full closure of the northbound freeway is after midnight — Metro's man in charge will be an Iraq veteran.

Palisades bike rage driver gets five years

Superior Court Judge Scott T. Millington expressed doubts about Dr. Christopher Thompson's remorse for stopping short and injuring two cyclists on Mandeville Canyon Road. Millington also claimed the five-year sentence...

Lot B closing at LAX

You have until Jan. 31 to pick up your car.

Jay Leno races Mulholland for Wired

lenomulhollandforthumb.jpg Cruising the canyons in a Gullwing and telling tales of Steve McQueen drag racing.

Three years of hell on the 405

405projectlogo.jpg Think the new construction project only affects the freeway? Ho ho ho.

Right-turn cameras raking in cash

redlightcamerasign.jpg Thirty-two Los Angeles intersections now have cameras installed to generate traffic tickets and, thus, revenue for the city and the company that runs the cameras. Contrary to the original intent,...

Orange Line gets New Year's Eve deal too

Yeah, Metro CEO Art Leahy changed course and approved running free all-night service on the Metro Orange Line this New Year’s Eve — after the Daily News reported that the...

MTA goes ahead with Crenshaw rail line

mtaroutegrab.jpg The 8½-mile light-rail line would run from the Expo Line at Exposition Boulevard to the Green Line at Imperial Highway in El Segundo. The route chosen today follows Crenshaw Boulevard...

Angeles Crest reopens

The highway is now open through the San Gabriel Mountains, though caution is urged due to crews clearing rocks and high winds....

120 years before the Gold Line

capehornviaduct.jpg An elevated portion of the Gold Line today runs past the Capitol Milling Company plant in Downtown. From 1889 to 1896, the Cape Horn Viaduct also carried passengers past the...

Street closures for Hollywood parade

Some streets are already closed for Sunday's Hollywood Christmas Parade, aka the parade that refused to die. Hollywood Boulevard from Orange Street to Highland Avenue and Orange from Hollywood Boulevard...

Guerrilla '5 North' sign replaced

ankromleonard.jpg Caltrans has quietly installed new directional signs over the northbound 110 freeway out of Downtown, in the process taking down one of Los Angeles' all-time great guerilla art installations. In...

Radio traffic reports fading away

Cellphones, GPS and the struggling economy are conspiring to begin the die-off phase for regular traffic reports on your car radio, says Daisy Nguyen at AP. (She could have cited...

All day on the SoCal rails

The inveterate urban explorers at Southern California Transit Advocates came up with a pretty cool Day After Thanksgiving outing this year: they will ride all four Metrolink lines on Friday,...

LA Animated: sic regional transit

PacificElectric.gif More LA Sketchbook by Steve Greenberg...

Morning Buzz: Friday 11.13.09

Tough situation in the mid-city area, Susan Kennedy's future with Schwarzenegger, Playboy's possible sale and more after the jump — including a Larchmont shop trying to change the rules it...

Accidents up near red-light cameras

redlightcamerasign.jpg CBS 2's David Goldstein and team got the data from the city and found that instead of fewer accidents, the number of traffic accidents has gone up at most of...

AnsaldoBreda deal falls apart *

After the city built its plans for a Downtown clean-tech corridor around Italian rail car maker AnsaldoBreda, and the MTA bent over backwards to work with the company despite its...

Shriver nabbed again, sorry again

TMZ's cameras caught Maria Shriver, the wife of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, parking her Escalade in a Santa Monica red zone for almost an hour. She released a statement this afternoon...

More journos hire out as bloggers

The first is more of a website than a blog, by ex-Los Angeles Daily Journal editor Martin Berg. He's editing Where's Our Money? for Harvey Rosenfield's Consumer Education Foundation, billed...

Gov vetoes South Pasadena tunnel bill

There's no need for a special law banning options other than a tunnel for extending the 710 freeway from Alhambra to Pasadena, Gov, Schwarzenegger's veto message said. South Pasadena had...

'SoCal Connected' returns tonight

socalconnected10809.jpg I joined some media and blog folks at the KCET studios the other morning for a preview of the second season of "SoCal Connected," the PBS station's weekly news program....

David Byrne's L.A.

bikefleischer.jpg Matthew Fleischer was in the audience last week for Talking Heads founder David Byrne's appearance at Aloud to talk about his new book, "Bicycle Diaries,” and Los Angeles. The event...

Metrolink's death toll: 244

An L.A. Times investigation found that Metrolink trains have killed 244 people in 15 years, and that unsafe conditions have been allowed to continue at some intersections and rail crossings....

MTA buys into AnsaldoBreda deal

Mayor Villaraigosa and the unions got their way — the Italian rail car builder with the spotty record will now be the provider of choice for L.A.'s transit future. The...

Higher L.A. mathematics

An LA Observed reader driving north on the 110, somewhere below the Santa Monica Freeway, emails that the Caltrans info sign that predicts travel times was for once indisputably accurate:...

Delay in Expo line

Phase 1, going from downtown to Culver City, was supposed to be finished in 2010, but now they're talking about only a partial opening. Spokesperson Gabriela G. Collins tells Curbed...

What are the odds

A doctor jaywalking across Sepulveda Boulevard near LAX was struck and killed Wednesday night by a passing car. The car was driven by another doctor, who stopped to render aid....

Why 101 traffic was worse on Sunday

Always allow one plane length between cars on the freeway, LA Daily wisely suggests....

Watch for subway crews

metrodrilling.jpg This week's exploratory subway drilling is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday at San Vicente and Gracie Allen (that's near Cedars-Sinai), Wednesday in UCLA parking lot 36 near Wilshire and Veteran,...

Don't block the driveway in Venice

veniceparking.jpg When visiting Venice, notes the blog Yo Venice, "it is advisable not to block a driveway when you park your vehicle. Odds are that two towing trucks, two parking enforcement...

Riding Route 66 to Tennessee

kpccshine.jpg This morning there was the guy running from Burbank to Texas. Now KPCC's John Rabe, riding his bike into work today, ran into a South Korean native named Shine who...

Where does MJ go now? *

Eerie media silence regarding the return trip to wherever Michael Jackson goes now, and the continuing buildup of costs for public services. Will freeway closures occur again this afternoon? 1:28...

Motorcade leaving Encino *

Several dozen black limousines (and other vehicles) are starting to move away from the Jackson family home on Hayvenhurst Avenue, presumably headed toward Forest Lawn. They have a police escort,...

Friday desk-clearing

Freeways are uncommonly bad out there today, especially the 405 north due to truck crash in Sepulveda Pass. Incoming councilman Paul Koretz signed his chief of staff: Rich Llewellyn,...

Photo evidence: Bruins swarm freeway

uclastudentson405.jpg My mention last night of UCLA students protesting a Rose Bowl snub on the San Diego Freeway in 1966 prompted an LA Observed reader to remember a photo he'd seen...

Freeways as protest locations

After my observation the other day that the freeways have come into play as spots for protesting pedestrians to swarm, a reader pointed out this article saying the practice has...

Tracking our mountain lions

dead_mountain_lion1.jpg Zach Behrens at LAist has gotten together a map showing the overlapping ranges claimed by the seven mountain lions believed to still inhabit the Santa Monicas, Santa Susanas and Simi...

Nice L.A. custom search

You can now search the websites of Los Angeles County and all of the cities in the county simultaneously, using this custom Google search by Matthew Barrett of the MTA's...

Blogger's close call on freeway

Susan Kitchens was in the fast lane on the 605 last night when a driver sped by in the adjacent carpool lane — going the wrong way! She writes: I...

Reporter beats the ticket

KTLA reporter Eric Spillman thought he had a good case so he fought the ticket he received via red-light camera while exiting the 2 freeway in Glendale. He won and...

Busted: parking in the yellow

The folks at Discarted take umbrage that a Los Angeles parking officer camped out in a loading zone during her lunch break in East Hollywood....

Envisioning a new Los Angeles

lariver32909.jpg New York Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff includes Los Angeles in an essay arguing for steps that should taken in four U.S. cities that would begin "making our cities more...

Obama in the OC

LA Observed's TJ Sullivan was credentialed into President Obama's town hall this afternoon in Costa Mesa and sent along some photos. He'll have more later at his website. In the...

The new price of a traffic ticket

While you haven't been watching your politicians at work in Sacramento, they have added some unrelated charges to the cost of a ticket. Here's the breakdown of the tab for...

One minute video: 16-car pileup in the Valley

It's not what you think — perhaps, though, it's the logical Darwinian outcome of car culture? Observed Sunday on Reseda Boulevard in Northridge. Video link More LA Observed video: Downtown...

Taking on L.A. transportation myths

Eric A. Morris, a former writer for television and the Harvard Crimson, is a recurring guest blogger for the New York Times' Freakonomics blog. In his hats as a doctoral...

Santa Monica Freeway still closed *

A wrong-way head-on in the eastbound lanes near National Boulevard about 5 a.m. killed two drivers and still has the area gummed up. The freeway's eastbound lanes and the connectors...

Should Obama break South Pasadena?

Journalist Joe Mathews has become the latest advocate of a narrow SoCal position to argue that taking his side is somehow a test of whether President Barack Obama truly means...

Another punitive parking tale

Say you live on one of those Los Angeles streets with permit parking. Say you want to get a couple of visitor permits so friends or family can visit you...

TJ on the radio

LA Observed contributor TJ Sullivan talks about the new parking regulation controversy in Los Angeles with Warren Olney on "Which Way, L.A.?" on KCRW at 7:30 p.m. He's up against...

Transit reality sets in

A new staff report from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority sort of confirms what people involved in the transit arena knew, but may come as a shock to...

Snoble to retire from Metro

Roger Snoble announced today that he will leave soon after seven years as CEO of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Release after the jump....

In L.A. parking ticket purgatory

Bryan Olive, a staffer at the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, turned in his leased car last March. In August, the car got a parking ticket in Los Angeles. In...

Blogs folding at L.A. Times

Steve Hymon's Bottleneck blog is the latest Times staff blog to be folded into L.A. Now, which the paper is trying to deepen and finally build up in hopes that...

Fog is thick out there

You really can't see anything near the coast, and there's a fog advisory in effect until 9 a.m. as far as Downtown that is expected to be a factor for...

Time for public works projects

Our own Bill Boyarsky, writing at the L.A. Times Op-Ed page, says the crashing economy and the voters' approval of so many funding measures on the November ballot provides an...

Metrolink and freight train 'scrape' in Rialto

There are said to be a handful of minor injuries, plus some disruption of Metro Link service in the Inland Empire. L.A. Now...

Traffic snarled by protests in Westwood *

Demonstrators upset by the passage of Proposition 8 began at the Mormon temple on Santa Monica Boulevard and have moved to Wilshire and Westwood boulevards, closing both streets. They're targeting...

Mayor will ride Metrolink in morning

With officials concerned that commuters will abandon Metrolink, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa plans to meet the buses arriving at Chatsworth station from Ventura County at 6 am. He will then ride...

Molina kills transit tax measure *

Supervisor Gloria Molina joined the two Republicans on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to reject placing a sales tax increase question on the November ballot, citing friction between...

MetroRiderLA goes on hiatus

The blogger behind MetroRiderLA says the competition from professional transportation blogs and the need to make money — plus plain old blog burnout — nudged him to call a time...

The genuine article: LA vs. SF

By Bay Area tradition, references to freeways don't carry an article. In Los Angeles we "take the 101" (or "the Ventura Freeway") but up north they just "take 101." Times...

Air service to Mammoth will resume

This winter skiers and snowboarders will be able to fly to Mammoth for the first time in years. Tickets go on sale Monday for new Horizon Airlines service from LAX...

Brentwood driver charged in bike rage

Christopher Thomas Thompson, who turns 59 today, has been charged with two felony counts each of reckless driving causing injury, battery with serious bodily injury and the special allegation of...

NPR wants to see your car

NPR's Culver City-based show "Day to Day" is running a web series on what gas prices and changing interests are doing to the traditional car-based California culture. The producers have...

Obama day downtown

From now until November, expect the presidential candidates to be a giant pain in L.A.'s butt. Motorcades shutting down entire freeways, etc. For Barack Obama's appearance Tuesday night at the...

Freeway cyclists on NPR

I don't know if National Public Radio's "Bryant Park Project" airs here at all, but if you're interested the show has done a story on the riders who demonstrate by...

BBC reporter tries out the subway

David Willis' story was about Los Angeles commuters switching to the tube, if we can call it that, because of the high price of gas. This week I did something...

Red-light cameras not used as intended

Most of the tickets issued off cameras in the city of Los Angeles — 80% — are for rolling right turns. Still legitimate violations, but not the super-dangerous red light...

Another unhappy Metro customer

D. J. Waldie rides the bus around Los Angeles by necessity but enjoys it less. The price of gas is pushing more people onto buses at the same time the...

Red light for Olympic-Pico plan

The city of Los Angeles has to complete a thorough environmental impact study before resetting the traffic lights to make parts of Olympic and Pico boulevards function as something like...

Closing Wilshire for Earth Day

The boulevard is closed to traffic from Harvard to Western, and booths have been put up to celebrate Earth Day with a car-free street festival and "special musical yoga experience."...

Special driving privileges

How many private cars, trucks and other vehicles would you guess are registered confidentially in California, able to escape parking tickets, toll road fees and those red light cameras? Would...

Coliseum success stories

I've received a couple of emails from fans who did just fine getting to the Coliseum game on Saturday, by avoiding the Dodger Stadium shuttles. The funny thing about Saturday...

Dodgers transit a work in progress

Take a look at the line for the Dodger Stadium shuttle bus to Saturday's Coliseum game. Jon Weisman blogged that when he left the game early, the line to return...

LA's keeper of the saints

Last weekend's New York Times did a nice spread on J. Michael Walker and his one-of-a-kind Los Angeles book, "All the Saints of the City of the Angels: Seeking the...

Sepulveda blocked by landslide at Montana

Slope slides down to the street, knocks out power and pretty much screws traffic in that part of Westwood. LAT Also: Commuting isn't fun on Pacific Coast Highway either....

Disappointed in the Antonio record

In the course of advising Los Angeles what it needs to become a super-city like London, New York or Shanghai, Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne (in the Sunday magazine)...

Mayor claims traffic is about to move better

The newly completed Mid-Wilshire Signal Sync System, bounded by Hollywood Boulevard, Western Avenue, La Cienega Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard, synchronizes a total of 256 traffic signals and spans 12-square miles...

Debating the future of Ventura Boulevard

With seven residential projects containing 900 units already under construction — and another two dozen projects approved — the most upscale shopping street across the Valley is evolving. But the...

Oscars disruption kicks in

Today is when Hollywood and Highland really starts to feel the pain of hosting the Academy Awards for another year. Hollywood Boulevard is set to close to traffic at 10...

Street closings for Randal Simmons funeral

Enough members of the City Council are attending this morning's services for slain LAPD officer Randal Simmons that the regular Friday session was cancelled. TV stations have agreed on pool...

Mayor orders limited Pico-Olympic steps

Mayor Villaraigosa told the city DOT today to bar most rush-hour parking as far east as Fairfax and to re-time the lights on Pico to favor eastbound traffic and Olympic...

Felix brings L.A. together

Here's a nice little story from writer Mark Evanier's blog, called modestly News From Me. Seems he began teaching a humor writing class at USC yesterday, but his car broke...

Mystery of the Green Line to not-quite-LAX

Gene Maddaus at the Breeze delves into the decision long ago to spend $700 million building the Green Line light rail for 20 miles from Norwalk to Redondo Beach, then...

Red flag is up

The Santa Anas are back and the LAFD has declared a red flag day in the hills for Wednesday. Those who live there know what it means: no parking on...

405 or the San Diego?

Larry Mantle this morning took on one of the lesser issues of our time, but one that's still interesting and perplexing for locals: should we refer to freeways by their...

Unofficial rules of the L.A. road

Sue Doyle compiles her realities of driving for the Daily News, and some are just so true: If you're waiting behind cars in a left-turn lane, never expect to go...

The Chemerinsky papers

CityBeat columnist Alan Mittelstaedt FOI'd the chancellor of UC Irvine trying to find out who pressured him to un-hire Erwin Chemerinsky as dean of the new law school, before eventually...

NY to LA in 31 hours

A new book released this week, The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World, describes a wild cross-country drive that broke the previous record...

Southbound I-5 to reopen this morning *

* 8 am update: Lanes were open in both directions this morning. Caltrans district chief Douglas Failing said the southbound lanes of the freeway would be opened through Newhall Pass...

Mess in Newhall Pass *

Don't plan on sailing in or out of Los Angeles on Interstate 5 (or the Antelope Freeway, for that matter) any time soon. Last night's conflagration in the truck tunnel...

In praise of L.A. driving

Richard S. Chang, writing in today's New York Times Wheels section about the pleasures of driving a stick shift: I was living in Los Angeles. Even though stopping and starting...

L.A. throws away traffic data

Transportation planners get mounds of daily data from all the sensors installed beneath Los Angeles streets, but they throw it all away after a few days. The Times reports that...

How's that South Bay traffic going?

In response to today's Breeze article on new computerized traffic signals across the South Bay, an LA Observed reader wrote to the Breeze reporter, Gene Maddaus: I noted in the...

One reason traffic gets worse

All those residential and commercial developments that planners and politicians like to promote near transit lines make getting around harder, since most occupants choose to drive and the businesses attract...

Tickets for turning right on green

It's illegal to turn right onto La Brea from Clinton Avenue during rush hour, and so many Hollywood traffic cops lie in wait that it has become fun entertainment for...

Desert road rage

Highway crews and flagmen working on the widening of California 138 across the Mojave Desert have taken so much physical abuse from motorists that the stretch between Lancaster and Victorville...

Citizen action against traffic

Franklin Avenue spotted handwritten signs today on 6th Street near the mayor's mansion in Windsor Square posted to beseech drivers, Burma Shave-style, to SLOW... THE... F**K... DOWN! Photos at the...

Traffic's going to be ugly

Scaffolding has been spotted around the vacant stores at the northeast corner of Wilshire and Barrington, alerting tipster Doug that his commute through the habitually jammed Brentwood-adjacent intersection is about...

Looking ahead to Tuesday

Another Gran Marcha to support immigrants begins Tuesday morning at Broadway and Olympic, moves north on Broadway starting at 10 am, and heads to City Hall via 1st Street. Fewer...

Stadium traffic 'apocalyptically bad'

John Stodder was one of the smart ones who got to Dodger Stadium early yesterday and was able to observe the mess with somewhat detached eye. He pulls from his...

Traffic tonight? Not good *

President Bush has an evening fundraiser in Brentwood, there are accidents on both sides of the 405 near Wilshire, and the northbound Pasadena is backed up near I-5. Luckily, Bush...

Director killed in PCH crash

Film director Bob Clark and his son Ariel were killed in the crash that kept Pacific Coast Highway closed through the Palisades during today's morning rush hours. Clark directed A...

L.A. (Traffic) marathon

With this year's new L.A. Marathon route, a lot of people are going to head out Sunday and run into street closures. The map and timetable is more complex than...

405 carpool lane gets funded

Squeaky wheels do get the grease, it turns out. The state transportation commission rethought its earlier decision to leave the freeway out of the spending plan. Also: The day's headlines...

Hollywood starts shutting down

Pasadena keeps the Rose Parade route open to the public pretty much until show time. Ditto for the Los Angeles Marathon. But for some reason, busy Hollywood Boulevard has to...

Video jockey

Throttle Jockey columnist Susan Carpenter walks, talks and rides on her video reviews on the Times website. Today's installment covers three-wheeled bikes and scooters and shows Carpenter whizzing around downtown,...

Mess on 405 north

A crane that fell onto the northbound San Diego Freeway just before the Ventura Freeway in Sherman Oaks about 1 pm has the area a big Friday afternoon mess. The...

Parkers resisting Dukakis so far

Michael Dukakis's campaign to free Westwood of the plague of apron parking — parking in driveways so as to obstruct sidewalks, for the uninitiated — has hit a snag. City...

Saturday's antiwar protest

Protesters against the Iraq war will assemble at noon tomorrow in front of the Democratic Party headquarters at 9th and Figueroa, then march to the federal building via this route:...

Media shorts

→ The Times' Robin Abcarian is filing video updates (left) from Sundance on → Variety's Gabriel Snyder is jumping to the Los Angeles bureau of W. He will be...

Pondering traffic solutions

Free today at, economists Peter Gordon of USC and Matthew Kahn of UCLA discuss the costs of traffic congestion: "the problem it poses -- or doesn't pose -- for...

Will they be AT-sacked? (* updated)

One of the traffic engineers being arraigned today for shutting down four intersections on the day that EAA went out on strike was featured last January in a Downtown News...

Engineers hacked traffic lights

What a story. Two high-ranking city traffic engineers, Gabriel Murillo and Kartik Patel, were charged Friday with breaking into the city's automated traffic system and disabling the lights at four...

Real gridlock

I won't repeat my rantlet (and here) about casual abuse of the word 'gridlock' by local media and pols. Just check out this photo of the real thing from Xiamen,...

Los Angeles before cars

Meant to re-post this oldie but goodie from 2004 for New Year's. On Dec. 31, 1897, a cameraman for Thomas Edison shot movie footage of the street scene in the...

Metro free on Xmas & New Year's eves

You can ride the buses, Red Line and light rail lines for free from 9 pm Dec. 24 to 2 am on Christmas morning. The fare gets dropped again from...

'Subway to the Sea' in Bee

Laura Mecoy, the Sacramento Bee's Los Angeles reporter, weighs in today with a longish piece on L.A. transit pegged to the revived talk of a subway out Wilshire Boulevard. Mayor...

Transit in L.A.

Brief history lesson and somewhat optimistic view of the future from The Economist: In the past 15 years the city has gradually built a skeletal subway and light-rail system. Thanks...

Exasperation Tuesday

LA Observed contributor Cari Beauchamp posts at Native Intelligence on the frustration of trying to wrestle answers about her cable service from the voice(s) on the line at Time Warner....

Dukakis takes on Westwood parking

Michael Dukakis, the Democratic candidate for president in 1988, lives in Westwood's North Village during his part-time teaching gigs at UCLA. For two years, the LAT says, he has been...

Bad day on the freeways

Item: A big rig rig on the northbound I-5 struck and killed a pedestrian this afternoon near Zoo Drive in the Griffith Park area. Two lanes are blocked. Item: A...

City without traffic signs

Germany recognizes 648 valid traffic symbols, but all that instruction can leave drivers confused or, perversely, encourage them to drive unsafely. Now seven cities in Europe are going naked —...

County mayor fight may be back

Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky says he's actively looking for support to put a county executive initiative on next year's ballot. Voters have rejected the idea of an elected county exec before,...

Cars vs. bikes on PCH

Veronique de Turenne gives bicyclists their space on Pacific Coast Highway, but asks the same in return. "Share the road, you arrogant cyclists. Sure, it's narrow, sure it's scenic, sure...

MTA's #2 in play again

Just last September John Catoe withdrew from consideration for the top transit job in Atlanta to remain with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Now today's Washington Post reports that Catoe has...

Read the signs closely

Mixed in among the nine-hour parking meters on Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, TJ Sullivan found a stretch of nine-minute signs. It pays to check the details twice. At Native...

El Segundo gets a break

Filming for Live Free or Die Hard has been postponed a couple of days, so the production won't be shutting down Imperial Highway beside LAX until the weekend. Previously: Vengeance...

Vengeance on El Segundo

Live Free or Die Hard received the permits it wanted and will be disrupting traffic in El Segundo and the south side of LAX starting Thursday. And not just a...

MTA to escape consent decree (* updated)

U.S. District Judge Terry Hatter ruled today that a ten-year-old legal agreement with the Bus Riders Union that prodded the MTA to spend $1.3 billion to improve service for the...

405 hell

The worst is over on the southbound San Diego Freeway between Sunset Boulevard and the Santa Monica Freeway. After more than a year of orange cones and restricted flow that...

Mayor to architects: try harder (* updated)

Mayor Villaraigosa returned to City Hall today almost giddy from his fortnight in Asia. Flanked by twenty fellow travelers, the mayor met the media this morning and talked about the...

Saturday's traffic

It just gets worse. Besides the major sporting events that will overlap, officials are warning that the LA Weekly's Detour Festival in the Civic Center and the Grand Avenue Festival...

Update on Westwood traffic (* updated)

UCLA has revised the traffic alert for this afternoon that I called unhelpfully vague yesterday. They still won't say that the president is the reason that Westside traffic will bite...

You've been warned

The president of these here United States is going to be on the Westside again tomorrow for a Republican fundraiser. UCLA has given its folks a day's notice, in an...

Santa Monica may have your money

As of yesterday, the city of Santa Monica is seeking out people who overpaid on parking tickets to give them refunds. The city has collected and quietly held on to...

Talking up a Wilshire subway

Times critic Christopher Hawthorne welcomes the revived interest in tunneling a subway under Wilshire Boulevard all the way to the ocean. He writes today about its possible effect on the...

Nineteen minutes to go one mile

The most meaningful stat in the Times' Sunday page one story about the Westside's awful traffic is that it takes an average of nineteen minutes to travel one mile on...

Carless in L.A.

For his interview on today's "Morning Edition," How To Live Well Without Owning A Car author Chris Balish took the Metro bus to Venice Boulevard and Hughes then rode his...

Highway None

The weekly Highway 1 section in the Los Angeles Times always skews toward the few who are buying a vehicle and usually has little if any information or fun stuff...

Transit night owls

Members of Southern California Transit Advocates like to challenge themselves — and explore the region — by taking long group excursions on public transit. They have gone as far as...

Enjoy the driving future

If you watch traffic maps online or listen to radio reports, the earliest freeway snarls are often out in western Riverside County where commuters get up early and begin slogging...

Uncle Antonio is watching *

Red-light cameras will be turned on in August at two intersections, LADOT officials said today. The first two corners where tickets will be issued are Laurel Canyon at Ventura boulevards...

Transit stories

Tales about riding Metro Rail and buses make up a growing subset of the L.A. blogosphere. Doc on the Train is written by a resident at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center who...

Get over the Green Line gap at LAX

Los Angeles airport chief Lydia Kennard today described $1.2 billion worth of coming improvements to LAX: an expanded Bradley International Terminal, realignment of the southernmost runway to improve safety and...

Wear and tear

The Daily News' Mariel Garza blogs about the physical effects of trading her car for the bus this month. I have two blisters on my left foot -- one on...

On Los Angeles and its streets

My favorite reads of the week have been Thomas Curwen's musings on Los Angeles and the automobile in the Times' commemorative issue of the Highway One section. About Mulholland Drive,...

She didn't last

After two weeks of riding the MTA, Daily News columnist and editorial writer Mariel Garza blogs that she drove her car. "I need to drive for work," I told myself....

Traffic jams

At 4 pm, Mayor Villaraigosa will emcee the ceremonial rollout of his Gridlock Tiger Team on Wilshire between Normandie and Ardmore. The office all but promises the media that they...
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