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KPCC names Megan Garvey as managing editor

megan-garvey-kpcc.jpg Garvey had been the top digital editor at the LA Times until the Tronc purge last year.

Warren Olney leaving KCRW's radio lineup

warren-olney-2007-marc-goldstein.jpg More bullet points: LA Times' million-dollar publisher. The big business of the American quinceañera. Media people doing stuff. A Manny Ramirez sighting.

5 things: Double politics, fake quake news, bike lane rage

wartzman-bottom-line.png "Left, Right & Center is one of KCRW’s most popular shows, on air and as a podcast..."

KPCC ends 'Off-Ramp' and gives host John Rabe new role

rabe-egg-lao.jpg The show Rabe created has been a Saturday staple of KPCC for 11 years.

What would Ray Bradbury say?

thom-mayne-home.jpg KCRW's Frances Anderton goes through the house that architect Thom Mayne built for himself on the site of Bradbury's longtime home in Cheviot Hills.
davan-note-latfob2017.jpg Maharaj at the LAT Book Prizes plus media notes, LA riots anniversary and more.

Hugh Hewitt joins WashPost oped columnists

hugh-hewitt2016.jpg The conservative talk show host and Chapman law professor is on a roll with Trump.

KPCC's 'Take Two' is now minus one

alex-cohen-kpcc.jpg The morning show loses a host -- Alex Cohen -- and an hour of air time each day.

KCRW investigates LA restaurant worker abuse

kcrw-investigates-grafic.jpg Longtime LA investigative reporter Karen Foshay rolls out her first series for KCRW, a five-parter on the treatment of workers in LA restaurants.

Renee Montagne to give up host seat at NPR West

renee-montagne-npr-2016.jpg NPR announced on Monday the longtime "Morning Edition" host based here in Culver City will step down after the election.

KPFK dropping 'Deadline LA' show after 20 years?*

kpfk-on-air.jpg Pacifica Radio board wants to add more Spanish language programming at 90.7 FM.

Steve Julian, 57, KPCC's morning host since 2000*

steve-julian-kpcc.png KPCC posted a little while ago that Julian, the station's longtime morning host, has died of brain cancer.

Steve Julian and love in the digital age

steve-julian-felicia-friesema-myrow2.jpg Checking in on the KPCC morning host, who is under hospice care for a brain tumor, and his wife Felicia.

KUSC does Oscars hype the cool classical way

John-Williams-kusc.jpg Evening host Jim Svejda does one-hour interviews with all the Oscar-nominated composers every night this week.

KCRW ending 'Which Way, LA?' as Olney cuts back

warren-olney-2007-marc-goldstein.jpg Warren Olney will remain as host and executive producer of "To the Point" and add a weekly interview segment during the NPR news.

Audio: Final hour of KFWB in 1968 (with jingles)

Hitching-on-Sunset-640.jpg Popular LA deejay Gene Weed signs off one of the top music stations of its time. The next day, KFWB went all news.

Classic LA radio station KFWB sold, to go foreign language

kfwb-jack-harry-warner.jpg Once LA's rock powerhouse, after going all-news the station promised "you give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world."

KPCC note about host Steve Julian

steve-julian-kpcc.jpg Larry Mantle posted that his friend and KPCC's longtime morning anchor is off the air facing a "serious health issue."

K-Earth and KCRW have a good ratings book

kusc-sign-640.jpg In the November radio Nielsen's, KCRW is back on top of KPCC but it's very close.

KPFK goes off the air, blames a power line

kpfklogo.jpg The Pacifica station says on Twitter that it is off the air this morning due to a power line being "down" and the transmitter possibly being affected by the wind.

NPR news audience dropping and aging

npr-west-front-room.jpg It's not just print newspapers and TV news that are losing their audiences to age and digital platforms.

'Weekend All Things Considered' leaving LA so soon

npr-west-weekened-atc-room.jpg Two years after all the NPR chatter about being on the West Coast, Arun Rath and the staff are packing up in Culver City and the show returns to Washington.

Marketplace bumper shows some Love (audio)

forever-changes.jpg A clip from Arthur Lee's revered 1967 album "Forever Changes" helps enliven a story on mortgages. Join me in "A House is Not a Motel."

Vin Scully literature: Koufax perfect game 50 years ago today

koufax-pg.jpg "There’s 29,000 people in the ballpark and a million butterflies...All the boys in the bullpen straining to get a better look as they look through the wire fence in left field..."

KCRW launches series on Skid Row

KCRW_Stephanie.jpg For some, "the area can be a way station to a better place. For others, it’s a place where survival means community, drugs, and a regular spot on the street."
Thumbnail image for homeless-pico-closer.jpg On the eve of his second anniversary in office, the mayor faces a test on the homeless issue. He changed his tune last night on Warren Olney's show.

Ben E. King tribute by 'Rhapsody in Black' (videos)

bill-gardner-fb.jpg Bill Gardner soared with his on-air set devoted to the late Ben E. King on Saturday afternoon on KPFK.

When Paul Olden asked Lasorda about Kingman's homers (audio)

paul-olden-vblue-nyt.jpg The iconic 1978 tape made by KLAC's reporter is revived in Sunday's New York Times. Olden is now the Yankee Stadium announcer.

KPFK dodges a bullet, stays on the air

kpfk-signage-ocw.jpg Last week's emergency fund drive was just what it sounds like — full survival mode, says an analysis in OC Weekly.

KCRW names first Vulnerable Populations Project journalist

david-weinberg-kcrw.jpg It's David Weinberg, a reporter at "Marketplace" and creator of the Random Tape podcast.

Larry Mantle and KPCC celebrate 30 years of 'Airtalk'

airtalk-team-kpcc.jpg Mantle marked the occasion with a live broadcast in front of an audience in KPCC's Crawford Family Forum

NPR gives some love to Eichler and Balboa Highlands

Balboa_Highlands_OfficeHistoricResources.jpg The early 1960s neighborhood of homes designed by A. Quincy Jones and partners was the first postwar tract in the Valley to be given Los Angeles historic district status.

Tom Hoffarth remembers Joe McDonnell

joe-mcdonnell-hamilton.jpg On Hoffarth's annual opinionated lists of the top LA sports radio talkers, McDonnell was an easy number one.

Gary Owens, longtime LA voice and media figure, dies at 80

gary-owens-ear.jpg Best known for "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In," Owens was an LA radio fixture first. "One of the most famous broadcasters in Los Angeles radio history," says LA Radio's Don Barrett.

KCRW wants your proposals for 'vulnerable populations' project

kcrw-logo-blue.jpg Journalist or team selected will spend a year reporting on LA's most vulnerable populations. Deadline to apply approaches. Radio experience not required.

Matt Miller vacating the center on KCRW

matt-miller.jpg No replacement host or centrist for the long-running show has been named.

KPCC's Alice Walton moving to LA Times

Alice-Walton-zocalo.jpg The KPCC politics reporter will split time between City Hall and working on "innovative ideas on how the paper can get its news out to readers."

Larry Elder out at KABC talk radio - again

elderlarry10-laradio.jpg Elder got the call after Tuesday's show. He was dropped from the station in 2008 as well.

183 arrested overnight in downtown LA street protests*

protests-dtla-nbc4grab.jpg The final numbers are bigger than they looked on the live streams I followed last night (and more than reported in the media this morning.) Most arrests were for disorderly conduct.

KPCC seeking veterans and military reporter

apm-kpcc-opening-grab.jpg The reporter will be shared with public radio stations in Seattle and Raleigh-Durham and is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

KOST FM goes holiday music, KHJ going 'Immaculate'

kost-fm-grab.jpg It's Christmas season already on KOST, and next week venerable KHJ switches to all-Catholic radio.

When AM radio was the place to discover rock and roll

harvey-kubernik-kcrw.jpg Nice Lisa Napoli interview on KCRW with Harvey Kubernik, the author of "Turn Up the Radio: Rock, Pop, and Roll in Los Angeles 1956-1972."

Former KFWB, now The Beast, unveils new sports lineup*

the-beast-980.jpg Fred Roggin, Jim Rome, Marques Johnson and Jeanne Zelasko are on the schedule. Also: The LA Times wants to know which of its sports scribes have radio and TV gigs.

KPCC adds a pair of editors, reorganizes news desks a bit

Thumbnail image for scpr-sign-kpcc.jpg Chris Knap, the longtime Orange County Register investigations editor, moves to the radio-web newsroom in Pasadena. There's also a new education editor and a new regional desk. Memos inside.

Mapping the dogs of LA: Chihuahuas named Bella still rule

dogsofla_top10-kcrw.jpg KCRW gathered up as much available public data as they could get on the breeds and names of dogs in Los Angeles County -- it's surprisingly difficult to get -- and produced an interesting list of the most popular dogs.

KFWB talent signing off today

kfwb_logo_225x110.jpg KFWB at 980 on the AM dial is going away as an all-news (or news talk) radio station after today. Tune in and hear your favorite anchor say goodbye.

KFWB going all sports, LA Times needs water, more media notes

lat-drinking-water-pearce.jpg LA Times staffers are restless about halted delivery of bottled water in the newsroom. Plus a veteran NPR voice dies, a SoCal media voice gets married, and more on Mission & State.

The philosopher king and the creation of NPR

npr-west-weekened-atc-room.jpg An excerpt from Steve Oney's upcoming book about the history and future of NPR.

Ex-KPCC VP Stanton lands in crisis PR

russstanton.jpg Russ Stanton becomes a senior executive with the public relations firm founded by his (and my) former LA Times colleague Glenn Bunting.
tamara-keith-npr.jpg She wrote to Scott Simon 19 years ago — got an answer and more — and this past Saturday filed in for Simon as host of "Weekend Edition."

Memo of the day: who bled on the copy machine?

kpfk.jpg KPFK is a quirky little radio station. So this memo that went out to staffers Tuesday maybe isn't so odd.

NPR and APM agree to share morning Marketplace*

ME_clock_2014_new.jpg Marketplace Morning Report will now be a formal part of "Morning Edition" on NPR stations. Plus: A new "clock" for the morning and "All Things Considered."

Russ Stanton leaving as content head at KPCC (updated*)

melanie-sill-kpcc.jpg Melanie Sill ascends to vice president of content for Southern California Public Radio. Stanton says he's headed to the private sector.

Casey Kasem, Top 40 legend was 82 (video)

casey-kasem-board.jpg Casey Kasem was one of the marquee names on KRLA when that mattered in Los Angeles, and after 1970 was America's Mr. Top 40. He died in Washington state surrounded by his children.

KCRW breaks ground on new studio

KCRW-Rendering-Reception.jpg When occupied in 2016, the new media center will get KCRW out of the cramped college campus basement it has called home for decades.

KCRW unveils website makeover, plans new studio

kcrw-webpage-grab.jpg Lot more pictures and accessibility, easier audio playing, 20 years of archives. The timing coincides with groundbreaking this week on a new studio in Santa Monica.

D-Day radio broadcasts from KFWB found and restored

kfwb-dday-grab.jpg A disc containing some of the news that went out over the air on KFWB on June 6, 1944 about the invasion of Nazi-held France have been found at USC — broken in half — and heard again.

KPCC's other arts hires are interesting too

Thumbnail image for scpr-sign-kpcc.jpg The senior producer of a new arts and entertainment program will be Oscar Garza, former daily Calendar editor at the LA Times. Rounding out the team is an import from KCRW.

KPCC fills new entertainment spot with a print guy

john-horn-glasses.jpg KPCC has been looking for awhile for the right person to host a new arts and entertainment program aimed at making the station a player in Hollywood and cultural coverage. They found their man at the LA Times.

KPCC board chair named chief executive of NPR

Jarl-Mohn-current.jpg Jarl Mohn takes over in July. A well known LA art collector and venture capitalist, he was previously GM of MTV Networks and founder of the E! Channel, as well as chair of CNET. NPR memo inside.
Thumbnail image for garcetti-elect-speech.jpg The mayor held a wide-ranging interview with reporters and editors and said the city cannot afford raises for workers for a few years.

Paul McCartney hearts KCSN

paul-mccartney-kcsn.jpg KCSN has been rocking the LA airwaves more lately and today put out a press release about a phone call from McCartney.

New on public radio: An investigative reporting show

reveal_logo_600.jpg KCRW on Saturday aired the new pilot for "Reveal," a show from the Center for Investigative Reporting and Public Radio Exchange. Featured are the heroin pipeline to Chicago, teenagers in solitary on Rikers Island and the reality behind that movie credits bug about no animals being harmed. Listen inside.

KCRW buys classical music station in Santa Barbara, will add staff *

kcrw-logo-books.jpg KCRW will get a new stronger signal on the Central Coast at 88.7 FM and produce Santa Barbara versions of "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered." Santa Barbara will continue to hear classical music on 93.7.

KCRW's Matt Miller joins race for Waxman seat

matt-miller-bw.jpg The race to succeed Rep. Henry Waxman in the 33rd congressional district just got more crowded. Miller will take a leave from KCRW and his Washington Post column.

Jillian Barberie, John Phillips to share mid-day radio slot

GooddayMidDay.jpg When last we saw Jillian Barberie, she was leaving Fox 11 once and for all. Now she will do talk radio on KABC.

Veteran TV types fill the final slot in KFI radio lineup

mark-thompson-espinosa-kfi.jpg Starting today, the 1-3 pm slot is filled by Mark Thompson, the former Fox 11 weather anchor, and Elizabeth Espinosa, the former Fox 11 and KTLA reporter and anchor. Yes, the LA home of angry white guy talk now has a Latina co-host.

KPCC hiring to expand into arts and entertainment news

scpr-sign-kpcc.jpg The position open now is for an on-air host of entertainment programing. As I understand the plan, the coverage will begin as a segment on "Take Two" then expand to a half-hour show.

New Madeleine Brand show at KCRW has a name and date

madeleine-brand-kcrw.jpg "Press Play" will debut Monday, Jan. 27 in the noon to 1 p.m. time slot. It will feature news and culture talk and be KCRW's first new daily program in more than a dozen years.

Amezcua signs to talk on conservative radio station

Thumbnail image for amezcua-devine-twitter.jpg Former Fox 11 anchor Carlos Amezcua will handle 3 to 6 p.m. on the new LA home of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

Harry Shearer's pro bono 'Le Show' turns 30

harry-shearer-thumb.jpg "It's an act of insensate stubbornness on my part," says Shearer. "But I get really remarkable feedback from listeners and as time goes on and things in the world get weirder, I think the intensity of the appreciation increases."

KCRW names team for upcoming Madeleine Brand show

kcrw-new-hires-walsh.jpg Andrew Walsh, formerly of KIRO in Seattle, is the executive producer. Three KCRW veterans are shifting to the new show, and three outside producers have joined the staff.

KPCC shifts priorities: Cuts three reporters and leaves Sacramento

scpr-sign-kpcc.jpg KPCC is continuing to hire in strategic areas, but the Sacramento bureau is closing and three reporter slots were eliminated. The growing newsroom is now 95 strong, one of the biggest in LA in any medium.

Rush Limbaugh moves stations, ending progressive talk in LA

limbaugh-smoke-fb.jpg Clear Channel is moving Limbaugh from KFI to KTLK — which will drop 'progressive talk' and become The Patriot 1150, with Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck also on board.

Raul Ramirez, major Bay Area journalist was 67

Raul-ramirez-office.jpg His death was announced by KQED, the public radio station where he was executive director of news and public affairs. He previously was a reporter and editor at the San Francisco Examiner and the Oakland Tribune.

Inside the hidden immigrant colony of suburban Newbury Park

Jackson-cruz-las-casitas.jpg From the outside, the Conejo Creek Condos look like anywhere else in the Ventura County suburban community. Inside is more chaotic. Immigrants from rural Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who live packed into the units call the complex Las Casitas.

'Marketplace' goes to Aardvark Letterpress

aardvark-letterpress-splash.jpg You might remember a couple of years ago when we posted a video featuring two throwback businesses that have survived in the Westlake neighborhood: McManus and Morgan, purveyor of fine art papers, and its neighbor on 7th Street, Aardvark Letterpress.

13 things we didn't know about Kai Ryssdal of 'Marketplace'

kai-ryssdal-vf.jpg Vanity Fair works some fun biographical facts into its November issue. Included are details on how he maintains his haircut, his Navy aviator roots and what he drives — and what time he gets to work.

LAUSD's warehouse of broken musical instruments

lausd-piano-kpcc.jpg Layoffs and retirements have left no one on staff to repair woodwinds. More than 2,600 broken instruments of all kinds sit on shelves, KPCC says in a story.

'Weekend All Things Considered' adds life to NPR West

npr-west-front-room.jpg NPR debuted its newly envisioned afternoon show this weekend from Culver City. It means more LA content for the network and less quiet around the studios, underused since the demise of "Day to Day."

Blogdowntown is folding into the KPCC mainstream

Thumbnail image for bdownown-print-feb32011.jpg Less than two years after Eric Richardson allowed his site to be swallowed up, Blogdowntown will cease publishing. The archives will remain online.

Dick Gordon leaving public radio's 'The Story'

dick-gordon-wunc.jpg The nationally syndicated public radio news interview program produced at North Carolina Public Radio-WUNC will air over American Public Media for the last time on October 11.

Piolin files suit against six ex-colleagues over alleged extortion

Eddie Sotelo, the Spanish-language radio host known as Piolin, filed a "civil extortion lawsuit" today in Santa Monica Superior court against against six former Univision employees and their Los Angeles attorneys alleging they demanded $4.9 million or would threaten to go public with allegations of sexual harassment and workplace humiliation.

Sandra Tsing Loh takes her science gig to UC Irvine *

stloh-uci.jpg UC Irvine has announced that Sandra Tsing Loh will now produce "The Loh Down on Science" with the Orange County campus, as well as KPCC. She will also do some teaching.

KPCC news boss is not a fan of The Wrap, it seems

TakeTwo-martinez-cohen-kpcc.jpg Russ Stanton, the VP for content at KPCC (and former editor in chief of the Los Angeles Times) had an email exchange with The Wrap reporter Sara Morrison over her recent story about the station. He takes a few shots at the site and offers Morrison some unsolicited career advice. She sticks to her guns.

KCRW's job ad for producer of new Madeleine Brand show

brandcrop.jpg Brand shares on Facebook: "Here is the job description for managing producer of my new show." The chosen producer will be asked to "create a unique news and culture show with a strong host presence."

KCRW to hold story contest for radio producers

kcrw-radiorace.jpg Producers of all experience levels from all over the world will have 24 hours to write, record, and edit a non-fiction radio story for possible prizes and airing. They call it a radio race.

KPCC 'grappling with an identity crisis,' says The Wrap

TakeTwo-martinez-cohen-kpcc.jpg Ratings are fine, web traffic is up and KPCC still seems to be on its ambitious rise, but a story says there is grumbling about the newspaper people who are in charge.

Piolín is taking his act to SiriusXM

piolin-promo.jpg Eddie Sotelo, the popular Spanish-language radio host who goes by Piolín, will next do his thing on satellite radio. Listen for him in the fall.

Conservatives are really unhappy with Kevin James

Thumbnail image for james-garcetti-on-phones.jpg The awkward bed that Mayor Eric Garcetti has made with former radio anger talk host Kevin James continues to be one of the weirdest pairings in City Hall. But it's those who believed in James' right-wing rantings who are the most upset.

NPR's Scott Simon tweets his mother's final days

scottsimon-twitter.jpg If you have been following Scott Simon's touching hospital-bed tweets — and it seems that many have been — there is one more you will want to read. You can click it inside.

LAT ties Piolin split to sexual harassment accusations

piolin-promo.jpg Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo's mysterious departure from Spanish-language airwaves last week "came after a writer and performer on his nationally syndicated program accused him of sexual harassment," the LA Times says. Piolin's side says it's a troubled employee making malicious and false claims.

Madeleine Brand joining KCRW for new daily show

Thumbnail image for mbrand-crop.jpg Former KPCC morning host Madeleine Brand will host the first new daily show to be created at KCRW since the launch of "To the Point" in 2001. Email from GM Jennifer Ferro inside.

KUSC will broadcast from the beach on Fridays

kusc-on-the-beach.jpg Rich Capparela won't have to drive downtown anymore for his Friday afternoon show on the classical music station at 91.5 FM. "KUSC at the Beach" will air from a studio in his beach-view condo in Santa Monica.

Cynthia Fox out at KLOS after 10 years *

cynthia-fox-ringo-kcet.jpg Fox has been spinning the tunes on FM radio in Los Angeles since the KMET days. She has been cleansed from the KLOS website, apparently.

Arun Rath named host of NPR's newly LA-based weekend show

Arun_Rath_Headshot.jpg Arun Rath has won the derby and will be the host when the NPR newsmagazine "Weekend All Things Considered" starts airing from Culver City in September. Rath is a senior reporter for "Frontline" on PBS and "The World" at WGBH in Boston.

Harry Shearer's 'Le Show' lands on KCSN

Thumbnail image for harry-shearer-thumb.jpg The mostly music radio station at Cal State Northridge, FM 88.5, will be the over-the-air outlet in Los Angeles for "Le Show," Harry Shearer's long-running weekend program.

Neal Conan, 'Talk of the Nation' sign off

neal-conant-last-totn.jpg Conan leaves with a challenge to his NPR colleagues to keep reporting the news: "Tell me what's important. Don't waste my time with stupid stuff."

KPCC adds investigations producer from 'SoCal Connected'

Karen Foshay, a senior producer on the award-winning investigations "SoCal Connected" team at KCET, has been hired at KPCC. Yes, she's moving from TV to public radio — but that's a route that could become more common as KCET abandons the on-air news coverage it was known for.

KPCC adds six shows to nights and weekends, shifts others

kpcc-molly.jpg The revised lineup, brought about in part by the demise of NPR's "Talk of the Nation," will include a one-hour repackaging of that day's two-hour morning show, "Take Two." There will also be the NPR interview show, "Tell Me More," hosted by Michel Martin, on weeknights.

JJ Yore leaving 'Marketplace,' show he helped start *

jjyore-mpr.jpg JJ Yore was a journalist on the creative team that created Marketplace in 1988, and was the executive producer until moving upstairs to VP/General Manager in 2011. Today the word got out in the Downtown Los Angeles offices that Yore will be leaving.

How KCRW evacuated, reported and stayed on the air

Thumbnail image for kcrw-team-at-nprwest.jpg A post at KCRW's "Which Way, LA?" news blog says that station general manager Jennifer Ferro was giving a small tour of the studios at Santa Monica College last Friday when one staffer, then another, brought the news that gunman was outside shooting. Ferro also started receiving texts from someone at the Santa Monica Police Department. "At that point, I knew it was real," Ferro said.
kcrw-team-at-nprwest.jpg Video from inside the tense KCRW studios just before yesterday's evacuation. The U.K. band had to cancel last night's show at The Avalon. Will try again Sunday.
body-smc-evangeorge.jpg Police revised downward the number of deaths at multiple locations. They believe the shooter acted alone. KCRW staff was evacuated from the studios and moved to Culver City.

KPCC has more staff photographers than Chicago Sun-Times

kpcc-photo-grab.jpg While the Sun-Times cuts all its shooters, the NPR station has three staffers who mainly take pictures. There is also a new visual blog they like to call "public radio for the eyes."

Madeleine Brand guest-hosts 'Which Way, LA'

brandcrop.jpg Radio chairs: Brand sits in for Warren Olney for the second time in a week, while Tess Vigeland is doing more for KPCC.

Ink for Internet talk station Radio Titans

radio-titans-star-news.jpg Radio Titans is an Internet outlet for podcasts that was started by Carl Kozlowski (arts writer for the Pasadena Weekly), Jake Belcher and Brant Thoman. They do Grand Theft Audio ten hours a week and other shows that have guests including Richard Linklater and Burt Bacharach.

Ride along in an LAPD chopper (audio)

lapd-chopper-kcrw.jpg KCRW producer Matt Holzman embedded with cops in the LAPD Air Support unit to see what it's like in the helicopters that patrol Los Angeles skies. Listen inside.

Don Barrett takes over as Register's radio columnist

don-barrett-register.jpg Barrett is the longtime Southern California radio hand and author who has chronicled the trends and comings and goings in local radio at for 16 years. The Orange County Register approached him to take over for Gary Lycan.

Harry Shearer doesn't sound happy about KCRW *

harry-shearer-thumb.jpg Shearer, the actor and multi-platform talent (and ex-reporter for Newsweek) whose weekly "Le Show" started on KCRW in 1983, has posted his version of how he learned the show was dropped this week from the station's Sunday lineup.

Harry Shearer's 'Le Show' also leaves KCRW air

Thumbnail image for kcrw-icon-sohohouse.jpg KCRW announces a big revamp of the weekend schedule that drops 'Le Show' and 'Weekend All Things Considered,' adds the 'TED Radio Hour' and shifts some of the music shows. Harry Shearer, on KCRW since 1983, broke the news on Twitter this morning: "Any radio station in LA want to carry Le Show?" He will still be online.

Tom Schnabel goes off the air at KCRW, moves to web

schnabel-rhythm-planet.jpg After producing shows for KCRW for 34 years, including 20 years with a show on Sundays, Tom Schnabel announced that Sunday was his final live program on the air. He is moving to an on-line platform that KCRW is calling Rhythm Planet. He explains inside.

Gary Lycan, radio columnist was 68

gary-lycan-fh.jpg The Orange County Register's longtime radio writer, Gary Lycan, died in his sleep on Tuesday, the paper reported this afternoon. Lycan had prostate cancer in recent years. His friend and collaborator Manny Pacheco posts a nice tribute: "the most difficult blog story I have ever written..."

Dodgers in race to finish stadium work by Friday

dodger-stadium-marketplace.jpg Dodger Stadium hosts its first exhibition game on Friday night against the Angels. Then on Monday the season starts against the Giants. The $100 million-plus renovation isn't quite done. On "Marketplace," Kai Ryssdal takes a tour with project manager Janet Marie Smith, the Dodgers' senior vice president of planning and development.

KPFK to do 24 hours in Spanish on March 25

gran-marcha-kpfk-crop.jpg PFK, the Pacifica radio station at 90.7 FM, says it will mark the anniversary of the "great Immigrant Rights March of 2006" with 24 hours of progressive Spanish-language programming.

KPFK staff warned about a
co-worker's scabies

KPFK-PlateFrame.jpg The staff at Pacifica-owned radio station KPFK in Cahunega Pass opened their emails on Wednesday morning to find a message from Bernard Duncan, the general manager. He informed everyone that a colleague at the station had been treated for scabies, a condition caused by tiny mites that burrow into the skin.

John Brooks retiring after 34 years at KNX-KFWB

john-brooks-fb.jpg Another long-time Los Angeles broadcast presence is leaving the airwaves. I'm told Brooks will be retiring on March 15.

KCRW kicks off event series with Scientology book

wright-masters-kcrw.jpg KCRW joined with Writers Bloc tonight to pack a couple of hundred people in the new Moss Theater on the Westside. The draw was New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright talking with Kim Masters, host of "The Business" on KCRW, about "Going Clear," his new book that authoritatively gives further exposure to the unusualness of the Church of Scientology.

KPCC's John Rabe makes the Weekly's Couples Issue

bermudez-rabe-law.jpg John Rabe, the host of "Off-Ramp" on KPCC, and his husband Julian Bermudez are one of the six featured couples in the current issue of LA Weekly. Also included are Michael Ritchie and Kate Burton, "the first couple of L.A. theatre."

Program director Craig Curtis leaves KPCC

craig-curtis-kpcc.jpg Two memos have nice words for Curtis, but there's no mention of him going on to anything else. KPCC had all the upheaval last year over the hiring of new morning host A Martinez and the subsequent departure of Madeleine Brand, whose morning show without Martinez was KPCC's most listened-to local program. Then last month the staff voted to unionize the newsroom with SAG/Aftra.

Daily News loses Kerry Cavanaugh to KCRW

kerry-cavanaugh-dn.jpg Assistant city editor Kerry Cavanaugh is leaving the Daily News to be a producer on "Which Way, LA?" and "To the Point." Here's the note from City Editor Harrison Sheppard that is going around the Woodland Hills newsroom.

KPCC adds Pleitez to mayoral debate

KPCC's press release last week for its mayoral debate coming up on Wednesday night talked about the "four major candidates for mayor" who would be taking part. I guess some discussions ensued. Here's how the release reads now.

Friday media notes

Local and national layoffs, shifts in the morning radio lineup and more.

KCRW to do Westside vs. Eastside

skyline-from-getty.jpg KCRW plans to devote an hour-long broadcast of "Which Way, LA?" on February 6 to the rivalry (if any) between partisans of east and west in Los Angeles. They want your input on that and also want to hear from the people who are "neither Eastside nor Westside and don’t know what the fuss is all about."

Golden Mikes for NBC 4, KPCC, Steve Edwards

rtna-logo-crop.jpg Channel 4 won two Golden Mike awards last night for best TV newscast, and AM radio stations KNX and KFI won for the best radio newscasts. KPCC-FM won the most awards overall, ten Golden Mikes in a variety of categories. Steve Edwards, the longtime host of "Good Day LA" on Fox 11, picked up the lifetime achievement award from the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California.

KPCC newsroom votes to unionize over top talents' objection

kpcc-logo-2013.jpg After months of campaigning, the KPCC newsroom staff voted 35 to 26 to join SAG-AFTRA. Hosts Larry Mantle and John Rabe were among the senior talent who argued against the union.

Jimmy O'Neill, DJ and 'Shindig' host was 73

jimmy-oneill-yt.jpg O'Neill gained a measure of Los Angeles radio immortality when he became the first voice heard on KRLA when the AM station switched to rock and roll (from country western music) in 1959. He went on to become LA's top radio deejay, then at age 24 went national as the host of ABC's short-lived rock music show "Shindig" in 1964. Here's some video.

Bill Mouzis, KHJ Boss Radio director was 90

khj-logo.jpg Mouzis was the production director at formative LA radio station 93 KHJ and editor of the 48-hour "History of Rock and Roll" — the station's 1969 rockumentary.

When Jonathan Gold chose food over the Foreign Service

oki-dog-counter.JPG This weekend's year-end edition of "This American Life" reprises a 1998 segment in which Jonathan Gold explains his year exploring the food offerings of West Pico Boulevard. Then everything changed. Listen inside.

Ray Briem, late-night radio host was 82

ray-briem.jpg Ray Briem was the overnight talker on KABC-AM from 1967-1994 and kind of pioneered the form here in Los Angeles. That made him the welcomed late-night companion to thousands.

Gustavo Arellano moves to KCRW

gustavo-arellano-mug.jpg Gustavo Arellano, editor of the OC Weekly and creator of the paper's popular "Ask A Mexican" column, will start doing regular weekly commentaries about Orange County for KCRW. He had been a regular on KPCC.

Madeleine Brand's talks with KCRW seem to be progressing

Thumbnail image for brand-martinez.jpg Brand tells Los Angeles magazine that she's in talks with KCRW for a 9 a.m. show that would compete with the friends she left at KPCC. But KCRW's Jennifer Ferro says in a statement that nothing is firm.

David Courtney, LA sports announcer was 56 *

courtney-cup.jpg David Courtney, the arena announcer for the Los Angeles Kings and Clippers at Staples Center and the stadium announcer in Anaheim for the Angels, has died at age 56. No cause was given by the Kings, but Courtney had tweeted yesterday that he was at a hospital awaiting an angiogram.
Thumbnail image for huell-rabe.jpg "Off-Ramp" host John Rabe called and talked to me this afternoon for a piece he's doing on the end of Huell Howser's television career. Listen to some of the audio.

Madeleine Brand hasn't spoken to ex-KPCC boss since July

Thumbnail image for brand-zavala-kcet.jpg Madeleine Brand gives an interview to the LA Times about leaving KPCC and her initial reactions to being seen on television.

John Retsek, creator of 'The Car Show' and KCET veteran

john-retsek-at-kcet.jpg Saturday morning on one of Los Angeles' longest-running radio programs, the hosts will announce the death of John Retsek, who created "The Car Show" on KPFK in 1973. They will talk about John and possibly take calls from the legions of listeners who have listened to the show or been guests in its nearly four decades on the air — the odd duck among the politically charged news, talk and revolutionary rhetoric at the Pacifica-owned radio station.

KFI news director explains: it's 'driver license'

chris-little-kfi.jpg Chris Little takes to his blog at AM talk station KFI to explain to listeners why he says "driver license" when referring to the card issued by the California DMV — and won't say "Democrat Party."

LA Weekly digs into the turmoil at KPCC

law-kpcc-breakup-cover.jpg How KPCC's quest for Latino listeners doomed the "Madeleine Brand Show," plus the first choice of a co-host — and the complications of A Martinez's advocacy for steroids in sports.

KPCC hiring producer for Patt Morrison

Here's the job description for a full-time associate producer for Patt Morrison in her new role as special correspondent at KPCC. Pays $41,672 to $62,508.

KPCC president to address changes on the air

bill-davis-kpcc.jpg KPCC is taking the unusual step of having president Bill Davis stop in to "Airtalk" and chat with Larry Mantle about the recent programming changes, including the resignation of Madeleine Brand.

Madeleine Brand says outside offers are behind her KPCC exit

mbrand-crop.jpg Ex-KPCC host Madeleine Brand, who left the station last week, tells that "outside offers just became too attractive” for her to remain at the station. She doesn't specify any offers, but says she will be staying in Los Angeles.

Speaking of the bomb squad and dubious media promotions...

clocks-from-bet.jpg In 2006, an LA Times and Paramount promotion for "Mission: Impossible III" went awry. They settled with the federal government for $75,000.

Note to PR types: No beeping clocks in promo materials

knx1070-bomb-scare.jpg It turns out this morning's evacuation of the Miracle Mile building that houses KNX, KFWB and other media outlets may have been caused by suspicious beeps in a promotional package sent by the Black Entertainment Network.

That was fast: Madeleine Brand leaves KPCC

brand-martinez.jpg So much for all those pretended sounds of happiness from KPCC over the forced merger of morning show host Madeleine Brand with newcomer A Martinez.

'Just sitting in for Deirdre O'Donoghue'

deidre-odonoghue.jpg Today on KLOS, Chis Carter celebrated his birthday and kicked off his 12th year as host of the Sunday show "Breakfast with the Beatles." It was the longest running U.S. radio show devoted to the Beatles before Carter took over, following the death in 2001 of creator and LA radio personality Deirdre O'Donoghue.

KPCC VP explains more about Patt Morrison's future

russstanton.jpg Russ Stanton, the former Los Angeles Times editor in chief who is "Vice President, Content" for KPCC these days, has taken to the comments section of the station's website to further explain this morning's announcement that KPCC would drop the Patt Morrison show. She will keep doing the Comedy Congress segment and be involved with the station's other shows.

KPCC drops Patt Morrison show, expands Brand and Martinez

PattMorrison-kpcc.png The other shoes have fallen at KPCC from the addition of A Martinez as co-host with Madeleine Brand in the morning. Larry Mantle's time slow move, and Patt Morrison's show ends.

KPCC chief dismisses critics of 'Brand and Martinez'

Thumbnail image for brand-martinez.jpg Bill Davis, the station's president and CEO, tells a complainer via email that the Madeleine Brand and A Martinez pairing on KPCC checked out in focus groups and audience testing, is here to stay and will be expanding to two hours day: "I know a thing or two about public radio programming --and I like what I hear with these two." He recounts and pooh-poohs the complaints that came in from previous program changes, including the addition of Brand in the first place.

Vin Scully to return for 64th season

vin-scully-lifemag.jpg Dodgers fans can breathe easy for another year. Check out our new story on Scully's five most memorable calls, by guest author Paul Haddad.

Hosts with the most

olney-mantle-tampa.jpg KCRW's Warren Olney and KPCC's Larry Mantle crossed paths at the Tampa airport. Both are in town to do shows from the Republican convention.

Video: Kittens invade KCRW

The pledge pitches in public radio are getting more creative all the time. Watch bigger.

Brand asks web commenters to give KPCC's new couple a chance *

brand-martinez.jpg If those who post anonymously on KPCC's website are any gauge, the NPR station's gamble to pair veteran morning host Madeleine Brand with public radio newcomer A Martinez could be in trouble. Brand took to the web tonight to plead for patience: "I totally understand your anger and confusion now."

NPR West losing reporter to Mexico City

carrie-kahn-npr.jpg Carrie Kahn, who has been based at NPR West in Culver City since 2004, is shifting to Mexico City to be NPR’s correspondent covering Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

Redford discusses new Sundance cinemas on WWLA

sundance-sunset-cinemas-logo.jpg Robert Redford will guest on tonight's "Which Way, L.A.?" at 7 p.m. on KCRW to chat with Warren Olney about the Sundance Sunset Cinema.

KLOS goes with Heidi and Frank in the morning

heidi-frank-klos.jpg KLOS has its replacements for Mark and Brian. They will be Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer, starting Sept. 4.

KPCC turns to sports for Latino co-host with Madeleine Brand *

brand-martinez.jpg KPCC's long search for a Latino to pair with Madeleine Brand has led to A. Martinez, the former host of "Dodgertalk" and most recently at ESPN Radio in Los Angeles. KPCC's morning show reboots Monday as "Brand and Martinez."

Tess Vigeland leaving 'Marketplace Money'

tess-vigeland-fountain.jpg The host of Marketplace Money since 2006 will step down in November, America Public Media announced today. There was no successor named. She will continue as a contributor. I don't...

First Mark, now Brian leaving KLOS airwaves

mark-and-brian-logo.jpg Brian Phelps, half of the long-running "Mark and Brian" morning duo, had been negotiating to stay on after the retirement of his partner. But he announced on the air this morning that the end has come. Off to "recharge" then do a podcast.

KPCC reporter goes stream of consciousness on Paul Ryan

Sharon_McNary_reasonably_small.jpg Sharon McNary, a KPCC political reporter, unfolded her story on Twitter, which is fitting I guess since it began with her looking at VP candidate-designate Paul Ryan's Twitter account and becoming curious that he follows just one other account.

Ira Glass on the death of David Rakoff

"It was no surprise; he'd been talking about it for months. He even named August as when it would happen."

San Fernando's JC Penney closure goes national

penneys-sf-neon-dn.jpg A 'Marketplace" reporter made the drive out to the city of San Fernando to do a radio piece on the upset over closure of the town's once-popular J.C. Penney store. The story begins with a historical error but goes on to explore the hopes of some in town that the chain will either reconsider or the Penney's will be replaced by something better.

Not hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk

egg-no-cook.jpg John Rabe of KPCC enticed me out to Northridge on Wednesday for an "Off-Ramp" story, and since it was midday in the West Valley, in the middle of a heat wave, and Rabe's an intrepid reporter slash radio host, he brought along the makings of a classic journalism experiment. The temperature was a few notches over 100, but was it hot enough to cook an egg? Find out inside.

Jennifer York back on the air, but on the ground

jennifer-york-crop.jpg A couple of readers have noticed the familiar voice of Jennifer York doing traffic reports for KNX 1070 radio. York was the very popular airborne traffic reporter on KTLA Channel 5 for 13 years, until she and the station parted ways in 2004.

Tess Vigeland gets her feet wet for the story

tess-vigeland-fountain.jpg "Marketplace Money" host Tess Vigeland took off her shoes and rolled up her jeans to dive deep into the story of the Downtown's new Grand Park. Also: Suzanne Rico on her mom and cancer.

Behind the scenes at Guelaguetza

emilia-mateo-guelaguetza-sonicid.jpg Sonic Trace, a radio storytelling project from KCRW and Localore — which is a nationwide initiative of the Association of Independents in Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting — spent a morning talking to servers and other staff at Restaurante Guelaguetza before the venerable Oaxacan eatery in Koreatown opened for the day.

Joe Frank story to air on KCRW

Recently silent but longtime-KCRW storyteller Joe Frank will produce an episode of the "UnFictional" series. His episode, "Dreamers," airs Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Things looking bad for KPFK, Pacifica

kpfk.jpg The Pacifica Foundation's head office has notified the network's five local radio stations, including KPFK here, to prepare for deep cuts in budgets and staffing. The latest alarms at the perennially strapped stations were apparently prompted by an audit of the books that concluded there is “substantial doubt” that Pacifica can "continue as a going concern.”

Ina Jaffe gets new beat at NPR West

inajaffe-npr.jpg NPR national correspondent Ina Jaffe is taking on the newly created aging beat, starting today. "In this new role, Ina will cover all aspects of aging: from finances and work life, to health care, relationships and the broader demographic realities facing the country," says an NPR spokesman.

David Brancaccio gets another 'Marketplace' show

brancaccio-apm.jpg Many of us still remember David Brancaccio as the host of LA-based "Marketplace," and now he will be host of "Marketplace Tech Report." He'll be doing the tech report from New York City.
gregory-bojorquez-shooting.jpg Photographer Gregory Bojorquez talks about the months since he was at the scene of that deadly shooting rampage at Sunset and Vine.

Journo jumps from Daily Journal to Warren Olney

David Houston, editor of the Los Angeles Daily Journal, sends Evan George off to "Which Way, LA" and "To the Point." Plus a promotion at the legal daily.

KPFK morphs 'The Music Never Stops' into something newer

barry-smolin.jpg Barry Smolin's show devoted to the music of the Grateful Dead and beyond was on the air at KPFK from 1995 until slipping into hiatus a few months ago. "The Head Room" debuts Friday at 10 p.m.

Eli Broad on being rich, impatient and unreasonable

eli-broad-on-mic.jpg Eli Broad talked at length about his new book, The Art of Being Unreasonable, with Warren Olney on tonight's "Which Way, LA?" on KCRW. Broad said he's not unreasonable so much as impatient with too much discussion or pondering on major decisions. At some point, he says, you have to just do it. Listen to the interview.

Rep. Sherman's Photoshopped mom goes pop culture *

This weekend's edition of "Wait Wait..Don't Tell Me" on NPR stations worked in a question about the caper we reported here a few weeks ago in which Rep. Brad Sherman either added or removed his mother from a campaign mailer. He later joked about it. See what the panel said.
car-talk-guys.jpg As of this fall, Tom and Ray Magliozzi will stop recording new "Car Talk" shows for NPR. The archived shows will go into syndication, the network announced. Let the brothers explain.

KCRW's Liza Richardson surfs with fashion and one arm

liza-richardson-surfer.jpg Fashion magazine Marie Claire devotes a one-page photo feature in the June issue to Liza Richardson, the longtime KCRW DJ and music supervisor for movies and TV. The angle is that she also surfs. But then a blog noticed the photo editing.

Zocalo goes dancing — but never back to Saddle Ranch

Benjamin_Millepied_color.jpg Zócalo hosts a Music Center conversation on Sunday with choreographer Benjamin Millepied, and among the group's eclectic web offerings up now is an essay on what whiteness means.
From the posting on the American Public Media jobs board. The show isn't named.

Dodgers show off Vin Scully bobblehead

Vin-Scully-Bobblehead.jpg The Dodgers yesterday afternoon kindly sent out PR images of the first Vin Scully bobblehead doll. Here you go - bigger inside.

KPCC relaunches website as

scpr-kpcc-grab.jpg News, blogs and community get the emphasis over the radio station's programming in the web design unveiled today (after months of use behind the scenes.) Nice to see: a news staff list with beats and bios for 78 reporters, producers, editors, hosts and others. Read the memo and links

Rich Buhler, Christian talk radio pioneer was 65

rich-buhler.jpg A former newshand at KFWB, Buhler moved into the Christian broadcasting side of radio in 1980. He did his final "Talk From the Heart" show on KBRT/740 AM in Costa Mesa last Sept. 16 due to advancing cancer of the pancreas.

Ralph Lawler of the Clippers and the age of Aquarius

RalphLawler-kcrw.jpg Here's a side of Clippers' play-by-play man Ralph Lawler that you probably didn't know. The 1960s stage musical "Hair" changed his life. He's this week's guest DJ on KCRW.

20 years since the riots with Warren Olney and 'Which Way, LA?'

warren-olney-2007-marc-goldstein.jpg There has been so much terrific journalism published and aired and posted around the twentieth anniversary of the 1992 riots. It's been an especially awesome week for "Which Way, LA?", started by KCRW right after the riots with Warren Olney providing the steady hand.

The City Maven signs up with KPCC's website

The-Maven.jpg I missed this note on Alice Walton's site this morning. The City Hall reporter who launched The City Maven in 2010 as a newly minted master's degree holder will now blog on the KPCC website. Read more

KPFK staff warned to stop downloading (old) pirated movies

Somebody at the KPFK studios on Cahuenga Boulevard downloaded via BitTorrent a copy of "A Beautiful Mind." NBC Universal complained to the internet provider, and you can read the email to the staff that resulted.

DNC chair does Villaraigosa no favors on KABC

In this audio clip, Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz showed up unprepared to be grilled about Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa by KABC talk host Doug McIntyre.

KPCC spoofs the public radio species

Video on the endangered species of public radio includes John Rabe, Larry Mantle and Patt Morrison poking fun at themselves.

KPCC turns to print again for executive editor

melanie+sill+kpcc.jpg Today the station named Melanie Sill, former editor of the Sacramento Bee, as executive editor.

LA Review of Books debuts on KCRW

tom+lutz+larb.jpg Tom Lutz, the founder and editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books, is a new contributor during "All Things Considered" at KCRW.

Kevin and Mark on 'Deadline LA' today

Topics included the LA Times, the LA Weekly, Jonathan Gold and more.

Familiar reporter uncovers lies about Apple

cathy-lee-china-mktplace.jpg Rob Schmitz, the "Marketplace" correspondent in Shanghai who is being hailed today for debunking "This American Life's" big January report on working conditions at plants Apple uses in China, used to be the Los Angeles reporter for KQED and "The California Report."

KPCC soliciting your '92 riot stories

KPCC has posted a form that makes it easy for listeners to confidentially submit their recollections of the 1992 riots that followed the acquittal of the LAPD officers who beat Rodney King in Lake View Terrace.

Best commentary on Greg Smith's exit from Goldman Sachs

Kai Ryssdal opened Wednesday's "Marketplace" from American Public Media with a stunning personal announcement — he was leaving as host of the show.

Shout out to KCRW's music from unexpected source

LA Kings players like NPR and call out "Morning Becomes Eclectic" on KCRW.

Here's the thing about that KPCC billboard on Cahuenga

KPFK-BILLBOARD.jpg KPCC's billboard might get more views each hour than the current iteration of KPFK gets listeners, based on these ratings numbers for local public radio.

KPCC billboard on KPFK's building gets occupied

KPFK-BILLBOARD.jpg We told you back in January about the billboard that KPCC bought adjacent to the Cahuenga Boulevard home of KPFK.

Tough morning at KPCC

Larry Mantle explains on his blog that KPPC suffered a complete crash of its digital audio system this morning.

In love with the sound of vinyl at KCRW

Nice video piece by KCRW's Saul Gonzalez and Michael Garber on the resurgence of a market for vinyl records.

John and Ken return to KFI, meet with black delegation

A representative of the Los Angeles Urban League and other African-Americans met Monday with KFI officials and talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, who resumed their afternoon shock-talk show after two weeks off for calling Whitney Houston a "crack ho."

KCRW launches YouTube video channel

KCRW music director Jason Bentley introduces The Cue, a channel that sounds like it will be used to curate videos from around the web.

Richard Simmons to be on 'Off-Ramp' this weekend

kevin+ferguson+simmons.jpg OK, I only mention this so I can use this picture of Simmons with "Off-Ramp" producer Kevin Ferguson, who is so clearly enjoying this field assignment, don't you think?

Alex Cohen's week with Leonard Cohen

l+cohen+npr.jpg The KPCC afternoon host mentions meeting Leonard on a Buddhist retreat, before she know who he was.

John and Ken suspended over remarks about Whitney Houston *

KFI said today it is suspending the popular talk show pair "for making insensitive and inappropriate comments about the late Whitney Houston." They called her a "crack ho."

LA Times advertising for ethnic niche reporters

The Times wants two reporters to cover the Vietnamese and Korean communities in the West, while KPCC is still advertising for a co-host of the soon-to-be Latinoized Madeleine Brand show.

Union weighs in at Miramonte

Superintendent John Deasy and UTLA president Warren Fletcher will be on "Patt Morrison" on KPCC this afternoon.

Babes of NPR, the photos

babes-of-npr-panel.jpg The blogger at Babes of NPR on Tumblr doesn't require that the photo subjects actually work for NPR. Any association with public radio will do.

Vin Scully collects another trophy *

Scully-miller-scsb-hoo.jpg Mister Los Angeles, getting ready for his 63rd season in the Dodgers press box, is the local sports broadcasters' choice for best radio play by play. Oh, you think?

KPCC hits them where it hurts

kpcc-ad-on-kpfk.jpg Just another KPCC billboard — except this one is on the roof of the Cahuenga Boulevard building adjacent to rival public radio station KPFK.

KPCC hires Russ Stanton, ex LAT editor, as VP of content

It's unclear whether this was in the works when Russ Stanton stepped down as editor of the Los Angeles Times in December.

The humble but iconic SigAlert to be feted today

sigmon-portrait2.gif This morning at 9 a.m., Councilman Tom LaBonge and others will gather at the Caltrans building in Downtown to celebrate the first use of Loyd Sigman's SigAlert system.

NBC 4, KPCC dominate the Golden Mike Awards

rtna-logo.jpg Channel 4 swept the best TV newscast awards at Saturday night's Golden Mikes, and KPCC picked up nine trophies in the radio categories.

KPFK to air Johnny Otis tributes

johnny+otis+bill+gardner-kpfk.jpg KPFK (FM 90.7), which had a long association with Johnny Otis, will air tributes starting tonight with Bill Gardner's 8 p.m. show, "Rhapsody in Black."

Geraldo coming to KABC talk radio after all

geraldo-fox-grab.jpg Cheech Marin will be the first guest on the new Gerald Rivera show that debuts Monday at 10 a.m.

KPFK shuffles the afternoon lineup

kpfk.jpg The Pacifica station builds around Truthdig Radio and also announces a new backup generator on Mount Wilson to guard against outages.

This day in L.A. history: Carole Lombard killed

gable-lombard-home-postcard.jpg Good on Cheryll Devall of KPCC for working up a radio piece on today's 70th anniversary of the day that Hollywood comic actress Carole Lombard died in a plane crash. Famously married to Clark Gable, Lombard was honored by FDR as the first American woman to die in the line of duty during World War II.

Furutani and Buscaino debate tonight on WWLA

At 7 p.m. on KCRW's "Which Way, L.A.?," City Council candidates Warren Furutani and Joe Buscaino talk about the 15th district race that culminates this coming Tuesday.

Tony Blankley, KCRW commentator was 63 *

Tony Blankley
Tony Blankley, the former Reagan speechwriter and press secretary to Newt Gingrich in Congress who was the conservative presence on KCRW's Left, Right and Center, died Saturday after battling stomach cancer.

Donor puts up $150,000 to keep Rancho Los Encinos open

History buffs in the know revere it as the spot where the Portola expedition, the first European land explorers in the region, left the riverbank that later became Los Angeles and came upon a Tongva camp beside a spring in a wide grass-covered valley in August 1769.

KCRW hires host from 'Marketplace'

Steve Chiotakis has host "Marketplace Morning Report" since 2008. He will be the afternoon news anchor during "All Things Considered."

Evan Kleiman talks about shutting down Angeli

Thumbnail image for evan-kleiman-angeli.jpg The owner of Angeli Caffe got a little emotional with host Lisa Napoli last night on KCRW.

KFI adds food show: 'The Fork Report'

Neil Saavedra, the KFI/AM 640 marketing director, will host the new Saturday afternoon show that's due to start Jan. 7.

Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset closes Monday

sarah-mason-soqui.jpg Two local Hamlets remain from the chain that made its mark in part by hiring African Americans in visible positions when many L.A. restaurants didn't.

Fela's long connection with Los Angeles

fela-and-tom-1986.jpg Fela Anikulapo-Kuti was on stage in 1986 when KCRW held its first live music show ever, at the Olympic Auditorium.

KPCC refines job posting for new co-host

mbrand-crop.jpg The posting for a new co-host to work with Madeleine Brand has reached Journalism Jobs, and it's a little more svelte than the original detailed posting we told you about...

Sarah Spitz gets a sendoff from KCRW

Sarah-spitz-plants.jpg The station's longtime producer, voice and spokeswoman has a note on the KCRW members blog.

Doug McIntyre returns to KABC-AM drive time

doug-mcintyre-ocr.jpg The longtime talk radio host takes over mornings from Peter Tilden, paired with Terri-Rae Elmer, until this week a fixture at KFI.

Artist draws the NPR voices in his head

NPR-voices-cartoon.jpg Artist Gaelan Kelly draws what public radio reporters and hosts look like in his head, based on their voices.

KPCC to 'evolve' Madeleine Brand into national Latino show

mbrand-crop.jpg KPCC's head office has wanted to do something with a Latino flavor for awhile. Read the job posting.

Olney apologizes for including gay parenting in Penn State show

olney-ttp.jpg During today's "To The Point" on KCRW and across the country, host Warren Olney read a comment regarding the controversy over his Friday show.

Gibbons' savior to be featured on Madeleine Brand

gibbon200x150crop.jpg On Monday's show on KPCC, "The Madeleine Brand Show" is bringing back a recent interview with Alan Mootnick, the founder of the Gibbon Conservation Center who died on Friday.

Exploring the bottom of Echo Park Lake

lat-ad-echoparklake.jpg KPCC ventures into the mud with the local councilman, Eric Garcetti.

KABC drops traffic reporter Jorge Jarrin

The familiar names keep falling in L.A. radio.

No final show on KLOS for Jim Ladd

kmet-sticker.jpg Ladd tells the Register's Gary Lycan that he was stunned to be told he was laid off.

End of an era at KLOS: Jim Ladd out

jim-ladd-klos.jpg Legendary Los Angeles radio personality Jim Ladd has reportedly been dropped at KLOS (95.5 FM.)

Norman Corwin appreciated as legend and mentor

Ncorwin-1973.jpg Former radio reporter Joel Bellman, now the communications deputy for Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, remembers in a piece for KPCC how radio legend Norman Corwin became his mentor.

Norman Corwin, poet of the airwaves and USC prof, dies at 101 *

corwin-at-cbs.jpg "The best radio writer-producer-director in the whole history of radio," said longtime friend Ray Bradbury.

Huell and Rabe meet up

huell-rabe.jpg It wasn't quite like when Jacob Sobroff ran into Huell Howser in that Downtown park. This was pre-arranged, but fun nonetheless.

Long way from L.A.

louise-roug-denmark.jpg Louise Roug Bokkenheuser, the former Los Angeles Times staff writer, is now host of a foreign affairs radio show in Denmark.

Thoughts on becoming an L.A. commuter

lisa-napoli-in-car.jpg Lisa Napoli, the public radio veteran who stepped out of the rat race a few years back to live in Bhutan, recently began hosting All Things Considered every afternoon on KCRW. That made her a cross-town commuter.

Art Spiegelman brings 'Maus' to KCRW

kcrw-icon-sohohouse.jpg KCRW taped another installment of its online-only web cultural series, UpClose, on Sunday in the top-floor screening room at Soho House in West Hollywood.

Dodgers jump to Clear Channel, AM 570

The Dodgers finally announced their deal to move games to Fox Sports station 570 next season and to enter into an "integrated marketing and broadcasting agreement" with Clear Channel Communications.

Would you believe the 'Rampture' on I-405?

sunset-bridge-1957.jpg On- and off-ramps serving Sunset Boulevard at the 405 freeway will start closing Friday for 14-day periods of rebuilding. It's the other shoe falling from the earlier demolition of half...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives shout out to KPFK

joseph-gordon-levitt.jpg Appearing Wednesday on "Fresh Air" on to promote his new movie, "50-50," Joseph Gordon-Levitt interrupted host Terry Gross's introduction to ask "can i just have a gratuitous kiss-ass moment?"

Politics notes: Map drawing, ethnicity and more

Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Don Knabe joined Warren Olney on "Which Way, L.A.?" to continue the conversation over redistricting.

LA Radio signs off for the last time

LARadiocom-final.jpg Don Barrett is hanging up his virtual microphone after 15 years chronicling the radio community in Southern California.

Blogdowntown becomes part of KPCC

As of Monday, the Downtown blog will be under the banner of KPCC, the NPR station in Pasadena.

Diana Nyad is back in the water again

Extreme swimmer and KCRW host Diana Nyad is trying again tonight to swim from Havana to the coast of Florida.

LA Observed on KCRW: The economy

My radio column tonight on KCRW: the new poverty numbers, signs that a new recession may be ahead and the death on a Hollywood street of homeless former basketball star Lewis Brown.

KNX drops Michael Josephson

His ethics commentary has aired on KNX radio for 14 years.

Comedy in the age of terrorism

Patt Morrison's Comedy Congress group talks about 9/11 and telling jokes about tragedy.

Sarah Spitz to retire from KCRW

The founding producer of "Left, Right & Center" and first co-producer of "Which Way, LA?" has been with KCRW since volunteering in 1983.

Enviro attorney: build that stadium

On tonight's "Which Way, L.A.?" on KCRW, lawyer David Pettit of the Natural Resources Defense Council introduced his comments about AEG's bill in Sacramento by saying that he — and NRDC — want the downtown NFL stadium to be built.

15-year-old birder rides the buses

jose-sandoval-kpcc.jpg Jose Luis Sandoval of Wilmington spends his summer visiting the region's top birding destinations. Check him out on "Off-Ramp."

Vin Scully announces he will return next season

The Los Angeles corner of Twitter (and my email box) just lit up with the news.

Deborah Clark the new EP at Marketplace

As executive producer of the Marketplace franchise, Deborah Clark will oversee editorial content of Marketplace Morning Report, Marketplace, Marketplace Money, and Marketplace Tech Report.

Huffington returns to 'Left, Right & Center'

Arianna Huffington will be in her old spot on the left of KCRW's "Left, Right & Center" panel for this afternoon's show.

While in L.A., NPR types do a few stories

NHMLA_IMG_4868_edit.jpg With so many NPR staffers in town the past week, L.A. stories are getting a good ride on the network.

Diana Nyad is in the water, swimming toward Florida

nyad-cnn.jpg Nyad, the KCRW columnist and extreme swimmer, played "Reveille" on a bugle then at 4:45 p.m. L.A. time plunged into a Havana marina to begin swimming from Cuba to Florida.

NPR staffers invade Los Angeles

nprlogo_138x46.gif A bunch of NPR producers and other staffers have relocated temporarily to the NPR West studios in Culver City. Here's why.

Tim Rutten on 'Which Way, L.A.?'

The veteran LAT columnist talks to Warren Olney about being laid off.

Alex Chadwick documentary to air on KCRW

cataract-canyon.jpg After Alex Chadwick lost his job at NPR, then his wife to cancer, he and a friend who also was facing a personal crisis went rafting through Cataract Canyon in Utah. The radio documentary that resulted debuts Friday on KCRW, and there's a twist to the story.

Michael Jackson back on radio for two days

michael-jackson-radio.jpg The reigning radio talk host in Los Angeles for a couple of decades until conservative talk took over the AM dial sits in for Patt Morrison on KPCC on Monday and Tuesday.

KPFK transmitter down, station is off the air *

Problem is on Mount Wilson. The Pacifica station remains live on the web.

Controller Chiang on WWLA

Controller John Chiang will be a guest on KCRW's "Which Way, L.A.?" at 7 p,m, to talk about his decision earlier today that legislators continue to forfeit their pay due to Gov. Brown's veto of the budget.

Harcourt actually moving to KCSN *

nic.harcourt-kcsn.jpg For some reason the initial news this morning was that longtime KCRW music force Nic Harcourt was leaving the station where he used to be music director (he still hosted a weekend show) to concentrate on work at MTV. Now comes a release from KCSN.

L.A. Public Media, LA>Forward suspend operation

Radio Bilingüe announced today it is halting Los Angeles Public Media and LA>Forward "for the foreseeable future."

A little Papaya King, a little Wahoo

papayaking-kpcc.jpg They had a really good lineup of stories on Saturday's "Off-Ramp" on KPCC, plus a search for Wahoo, Calif.

Patt Morrison goes far afield

Patt Morrison will do her KPCC show on Thursday live from the United Nations in New York. Here's the guest list.

Sky Daniels to run KCSN in the Valley *

KCSN, the FM station from Cal State Northridge, has a new program director. Sky Daniels, formerly of the late KMET and other stations, has also been a label executive at...

Yaroslavsky, Ridley-Thomas go at it over county CEO

On tonight's "Which Way, L.A.?" on KCRW, the Times' Jim Newton came on to lay out the calm outsider's view of why the county Board of Supervisors is all torn apart over the work of CEO William Fujioka. Then the Supes came on.

Musicians local 47 starts Internet radio station

Professional Musicians Local 47 says its programming, which they call Pro Music 47 Radio, is the first "geared solely to promoting union musicians."

McCourt corrects Soboroff's comments on KPCC

Dodgers owner apologizes for untrue comments about Tom Scheiifer, MLB's monitor at Dodger Stadium.

Soboroff gets feisty with Larry Mantle

It's not very often that you hear a guest on KPCC's "Airtalk" get almost snarky with host Larry Mantle, but these are desperate times at Dodger Stadium.

Mark Peel's Culver City outpost didn't go

The Point, located beside the route of the Expo Line in the artsy and techy Hayden Tract section of Culver City, closed on Friday.

'Left, Right & Center' leaning more to the right

Matalin_Mary.jpg Mary Matalin sits in for Arianna Huffington these days.

KPCC's Planned Parenthood move a local decision, NPR says

NPR's Ombudsman says KPCC acted on its own to pull Planned Parenthood spots, and could have explained it better.

KPCC's Planned Parenthood move catches some flak *

The most pointed barbs were by Jon Wiener, the author and UC Irvine historian (plus KPFK commentator) who blogs for The Nation.

KPCC suspends its own Planned Parenthood spots

Spots that credit Planned Parenthood as a sponsor of KPCC programming will be pulled off the air during the government shutdown debate in Washington.

Councilman Rosendahl belongs to chicken nation

chicken-corner-eggs.JPG My Mar Vista neighbor, Councilman Bill Rosendahl, will talk on KCRW about raising chickens.

Making public radio a little more private, one station at a time

Bloomberg Business Week looks at the grand ambitions of Southern California Public Radio, the parent entity behind KPCC.

'Marketplace' and NYT collaborate on your money *

money-through-ages-graphic.jpg "Marketplace Money" from American Public Media and the New York Times jointly produced a package of stories and advice columns about managing your money as you get older.

Late-night talk show host to get in mayor's race

kevinjamesmug.jpg Kevin James, who does midnight to 3 a.m. on KRLA, is throwing his microphone in the 2013 race for mayor in Los Angeles.

Al Jazeera English gets an L.A. radio outlet

KPFK will start airing AJE on weekdays at 3 p.m., plus Truthdig Radio and Brad Friedman on Wednesdays.

Republican lawmakers fear John and Ken, Jon and Jon

john-and-ken.jpg As Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democrats go looking for Republican votes to pass a state budget, one of the political realities they face is that elected Republicans in California fear being picked on by KFI's afternoon talk hosts, John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou.

A conversation with Tarantino's collaborator

Sally_Menke-kcrw.jpg KCRW's Elvis Mitchell has re-edited and posted a conversation with the late Sally Menke.

Traffic impedes L.A. booty calls

Here's our modest contribution to Valentine's Day.

Jack Popejoy, honored radio news anchor was 63

jack-popejoy-knx.jpg Popejoy, winner of 27 Golden Mikes, died Saturday of cancer.

KNBC and Fox 11 have a good night at the Golden Mike awards

KNBC, KTTV, KNX, KFI and Regis Philbin win the top honors at tonight's Golden Mike banquet.

Flattery, spoof or desperation?

golden-voice-imitation.jpg Somehow I'm not surprised that the whole Ted Williams/homeless guy with golden voice saga spawned either an imitator or a spoofer.

Kirsten Dunst's guest DJ set for KCRW

dunst-campos-kcrw.jpg On the Guest DJ Project, KCRW gathers the musical choices of a pretty wide variety of people, Angelenos and not. Recent guests have included Colin Firth (who gets his star...

Elvis Mitchell gets a consolation gig

elvis-mitchell-sartorialist.jpg Elvis Mitchell, the longtime print film writer and critic who hosts "The Treatment" on KCRW, has signed on as co-chief film critic (with ex-Salon critic Stephanie Zacharek ) for the expanding Movieline.

NPR's top news VP leaves over Juan Williams firing

Ellen Weiss resigns as Senior Vice President for News as part of internal review into the firing of Fox News commentator.

Dodgers will open at home March 31

The Giants will come to Dodger Stadium and open the 2011 season against the Dodgers on Thursday, March 31.

It's a McClintock versus Sherman kind of day

capitol-small-kcrw.jpg Both KPCC's "Airtalk" (in the morning) and KCRW's "Which Way, L.A.?" (coming up at 7 p.m.) featured Republican Tom McClintock of Northern California and Democrat Brad Sherman from the Valley going at it.

Changing of the guard at 'Left, Right & Center'

The on-air lineup remains the same at KCRW's Friday afternoon stalwart, but producer Sarah Spitz is giving up the chair after 15 years of wrangling topics, guest hosts and sometimes difficult personalities.

Diana Nyad pays tribute to 'mentor' Bud Greenspan

In her KCRW column airing tonight at 6:44, swimmer Diana Nyad calls the late documentarian Bud Greenspan "my long-time, dear friend...and he was far and away THE number one mentor in my career."

Gary Leonard, Patt to talk Kodachrome

leonardbillboardtimes.jpg Photographer Gary Leonard will be a guest of Patt Morrison's during the 1 p.m. hour coming up on KPCC (89.3 FM) to talk about the demise of Kodachrome film.

KHJ DJ jingles from back in the day

Listen to DJ jingles and the station fanfare from the heyday of 93 KHJ, in the 1960s and 70s a very big AM rock radio station in Los Angeles

Breakfast with Larry King at Nate 'n Al's

larry-king-tight.jpg King wants to name the successor to Vin Scully as Dodgers' voice.

Stadium talk featured on WWLA tonight

I guess our NFL stadium item this morning sparked some media followup.

Radio news vet to try new niche

kvb-grab.jpg Longtime radio reporter Michael Linder plans to launch a Venice Beach-based Internet radio outlet after the first of the year.

View from up on top: cloud layer

mt-wilson-111910.jpg Lance Harper, the chief engineer for KPCC, shot this scene this morning outside the station's transmitter on Mount Wilson.

Joe Frank to make live appearance

Public radio spoken-word icon Joe Frank will make a rare public appearance at a KCRW event on Nov. 13.

KPCC News chief: NPR isn't liberal

Paul Glickman, the news director at Pasadena public radio station KPCC, argues in an Op-Ed piece in the Orange County Register that the evidence shows NPR doesn't have a liberal news slant.

Singer from Tecate has fans at KCRW

carla-morrison1.jpg The music staff at KCRW has fallen in love with Carla Morrison, a young singer from Tecate, Mexico.

Obama on with Piolin

obama-piolin.jpg On Monday, the national audience for Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo’s morning radio show heard President Barack Obama answer questions for 21 minutes.

Diana Nyad back in town: no swim this year

diana-nyad-banner-crop.jpg KCRW commentator Diana Nyad had to make the difficult call last week and postpone her plans to swim from Cuba to Florida.

Fox News gives Williams a contract and big raise

Roger Ailes throws a three-year deal worth $2 million at Juan Williams after he's fired by NPR.

NPR memo to stations: why we fired Juan Williams

NPR president Vivian Schiller's note to stations says that the network had been concerned about commentator Juan Williams' positions before he said on Fox News that the sight of airline passengers in Muslim dress makes him a little nervous.

KPFK to launch 24/7 Spanish language stream

Pacifica station KPFK is making plans to put up a full-time Spanish language stream of programming on the web that will move onto the AM radio dial.

Art Gilmore, Hollywood narrator was 98 *

Art Gilmore narrated hundreds of movie trailers, television episodes and radio shows. He also worked back in the day as a news announcer at KFWB and KNX.

First rule of corrections: get it right

From today's Los Angeles Times corrections page, plus a reaction tro the latest NBC ad to wrap the paper.

NPR's Michele Norris offers a memoir of growing up black

michele-norris.gif NPR host and reporter Michele Norris' new book is called "The Grace of Silence: A Memoir."

KCRW brings back Joe Frank

Joe Frank is one of the legendary voices of KCRW's past. The station is reprising five notable episodes on Sundays at 11 a.m., starting Oct. 10.

Beutner on 'Which Way, L.A.?'

First Deputy Mayor and DWP chief Austin Beutner guests with Warren Olney on "Which Way, L.A.?" tonight at 7 p.m. and talks about the department and the chatter that he...

Afternoon media notes

Catching up with some stuff that's been piling up.

New morning show debuts on KPCC on Monday

The "Madeleine Brand Show" we've been telling you about since March joins the morning lineup on Sept. 20 at 9 a.m.

New shows unwrapped at KPFK

Alan Minsky, the programming director at Pacifica Radio's KPFK, had been warning the station's community of programmers and listeners that changes were coming. And now they have.

Campanile's Mark (The Voice) Peel joins 'Off-Ramp'

Mark Peel, the chef at Campanile and Tarpit (and formerly of Spago if you want to go way back), will contribute pieces on the restaurant business to KPCC's Off-Ramp beginning with an inside look at tipping on today's show at noon.

La Opinión and KPCC to host Boxer-Fiorina debate

The live debate between Sen. Barbara Boxer and challenger Carly Fiorina is set for Wednesday, Sept. 29 from 1 to 2 p.m. as part of the Patt Morrison show on KPCC.

'Bookworm' gets new theme music

michael-silverblatt-kcrw.jpg Today's KCRW show will unveil new theme music after 21 years of the old song.

Programming note: tonight's debate

KCRW is preempting "Which Way, L.A.?" to carry the Senate campaign debate between Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina tonight.

'Marketplace' editor off to Stanford

paddy-hirsch.jpg Paddy Hirsch, senior editor in Los Angeles for American Public Radio's "Marketplace" program, is heading to Stanford on a John S. Knight fellowship.

Bad to worse at KPFK

A new email from KPFK management says no programmers answered a call to help the station, so now cuts in the schedule have to be made.

LA Weekly adds Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins, the refugee from Indie 103 who landed with a Saturday afternoon show on KCRW a year ago, is now also a music columnist for the LA Weekly.

Harry Shearer's 'The Big Uneasy'

Picture 32.png The native Angeleno and KCRW show host who's now living in New Orleans has directed a documentary on the failings that led to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in his adopted hometown.

Will Lewis to retire from KCRW

Lewis has been in management roles at KCRW for 32 years, coming in with Ruth Seymour at the station's inception as an NPR powerhouse.

Dr. Laura quits radio, cites (LOL) the First Amendment

After taking flack for insulting her listeners with a string of n-words, radio talker Laura Schlessinger told Larry King tonight that she'll leave her show when her contract expires at the end of the year -- because she wants her rights back.

Two views of LA Times' teacher story

Board of Education member blasts the story, while a nationally respected author has praise.

Carolyn Jensen Chadwick, NPR producer

Carolyn Jensen Chadwick, who died here yesterday, "created sound-rich, evocative stories that once defined the NPR listening experience," writes Current. org. She also was NPR's first employee and the husband of former host Alex Chadwick.

Dan Avey, radio man was 69

Dan Avey, a longtime KFWB anchor, co-host of the KABC morning show with Ken Minyard, professor at USC and Cal State Northridge and former radio voice of the Los Angeles Kings, died over the weekend at Cedars Sinai.

Dr. Laura apologizes for using slur...11 times

Radio talker Laura Schlessinger was counseling an African American caller the other day and somehow found a way to use the n-word 11 times.

George Takei goes home again

george-takei.jpg Actor and Howard Stern announcer George Takei takes listeners through his Japanese-American family's internment during World War II in a radio documentary airing in Sirius XM Radio.

Radio programming notes

Coming up on "Which Way, L.A." plus Jennifer Ferro's pledge drive and Lou Adler on KPCC's "Off-Ramp."

On almost going to Disneyland

starleekine.jpg Great, creepy, kind of disturbing story this weekend on This American Life by Starlee Kine, who grew up with SoCal kids who, as she says, were all jaded about going...

Salaries, salaries everywhere

Add KPCC to the list of websites offering a searchable database of city of Los Angeles employee salaries, built from the file that Controller Wendy Greuel made available.

KABC radio drops Michael Linder

I thought Michael Linder had made a real impact covering City Hall since he joined KABC in March, 2009 and opened a bureau in the civic center.

Waters on with Warren Olney tonight

Rep. Maxine Waters talks about the ethics charges against her on "Which Way, L.A.?" at 7 p.m. on KCRW. Also: Tavis Smiley talks to Garry Shandling tonight on his PBS...

He's got a nude body for radio

MQschmidtLEAD.jpg "Off-Ramp" this weekend talks to Michael Q Schmidt, 57 years old and about 300 pounds, who has made his career as an actor and nude model.

About that Jon Stewart goatee

food-trucks-marketplace.jpg "Marketplace" host Kai Ryssdal this afternoon asked his listeners, via Twitter: "Okay, so if Jon Stewart grows a goatee, can I?"

Diana Nyad cleared by U.S. to go

diana-nyad-square.jpg What did you do today that challenged your comfort zone? KCRW sports columnist Diana Nyad is getting ready to swim from Cuba to Florida, a feat she couldn't complete when she was 28 and the best in the world at such extreme swims. She's now 60.

Daniel Schorr, longtime commentator was 93 *

Schorr joined NPR as senior news analyst after being let go by CNN in 1985.

Journo listserv a gift that keeps giving for the right

The email listerv for mostly liberal journalists that used to be called Journolist is in the news again, this time over remarks by KCRW's publicist and producer.

KPFK to make 'urgent changes' in programming

All programmers at KPFK just received a long email from the boss asking them to either urgently grow their audience (and their money-raising for the station) or to voluntarily take their shows off the air or cut the length.

KPCC picks a name for new Madeleine Brand show

mbrand-crop.jpg They're going with "The Madeleine Brand Show."

KPCC adds an immigration blogger

KPCC has hired a reporter from the San Diego Union-Tribune to author a blog later this summer on immigration and "emerging communities."

Diana Nyad going back to sea at 60

diana.nyad.pic1.jpg The host of the weekly column The Score on KCRW plans to swim from Cuba to Florida in August.

Neighborhood councils to get a radio slot

Talk host Kevin James on KRLA is moving to the 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. slot to make room on the station schedule for Glenn Beck (mornings) and Dennis Miller (8 to 11 p.m.) and says he will start doing reports on neighborhood councils all over L.A.

Meet your tennis marathon blogger

xanpic_bigger.jpg Xan Brooks, the Guardian's associate editor who made a new name for himself live-blogging yesterday's mega-match at Wimbledon, is making his mark today in Los Angeles media.

KPCC looking to name new Madeleine Brand show

mbrand-crop.jpg For now, they're just calling it Madeleine Brand's New Show, but they want your suggestions.

KCRW and NPR to partner on cultural events in L.A.

catherine-keener-2002.jpg The series of conversations starts with Catherine Keener and Elvis Mitchell and will take place before an audience at NPR West in Culver City and be posted later on the web.

Afternoon radio notes *

In my Monday afternoon column on KCRW, I admit to being pleased there is a game 6 (at least) of the NBA Finals so we can see who makes it...

Dr. Demento leaves the airwaves

Dr-Demento.jpg After nearly four decades on radio, Dr. Demento will be spinning his discs in the future only on the web. But he promises a new episode every Saturday.

New to my blog world: Newstalgia

chicano-moratorium.jpg Newstalgia is a sister blog of the politics site Crooks and Liars, putting up audio links from current news events, distant events and popular culture with a Los Angeles bias.

Catching up on some radio notes

KUSC begins broadcasting from new studios in the AT&T Center in Downtown on Tuesday and will move everyone over from 5th Street and Figueroa through the rest of this...

Tom Hanks sends pies to KPCC staff

PIESforweb.jpg Tom Hanks will be talking to John Rabe on Saturday's "Off-Ramp" on KPCC at noon. But first, pies for everyone.

Art Linkletter, timeless radio and TV voice was 97

art-linkletter-1.jpg Art Linkletter, who died today at home in Bel-Air, was a ubiquitous broadcast presence from the 1940s through the 1960s, and a voice and emcee at Los Angeles events for long after.

'Which Way, L.A.?' moves a little earlier on KCRW

Tonight on WWLA, Warren Olney talks to Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk about last week's decision to build electric vehicles at the former NUMMI factory in Fremont — and not in Downey or Long Beach. Downey City Councilmember Mario Guerra and John O'Dell, Senior Editor of Edmunds', are also on.

'Off-Ramp' producer moving to Bay Area news startup

jrblog-queena-400.jpg Queena Kim, a producer at KPCC's "Off-Ramp" since the show went on the air in 2006, is heading to the Bay Citizen.

New lineup of weekly columnists at KCRW

LA Observed on KCRW is moving to Mondays at 6:44 p.m. as part of a revamped menu of weekly programs — and we're all now being called columnists.

How L.A.'s food scene can be better, continued

saveur-march-2010.jpg If you remember the minor dust-up in March over Saveur's Los Angeles issue — or even if you don't — you might like this. Plus: The Bazaar on "60 Minutes."

Ira Glass fact checks Poizner's book as urban legend

Candidate Steve Poizner's book about teaching at Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose makes act one of this week's "This American Life" on NPR.

Beutner on WWLA

Austin Beutner will be on "Which Way, L.A.?" on KCRW this evening at 7:30 p.m. to talk about his plans for serving awhile as interim head of the Department of Water and Power (while still doing the rest of his $1-a-year job as deputy mayor and jobs czar.)

Johnston talks Gates to 'Off-Ramp'

David Cay Johnston, the ex-NYT reporter who's been getting a fair amount of attention for his Daryl Gates post here at LA Observed, talks to John Rabe on this weekend's "Off-Ramp" on KPCC.

Johnston on 'Which Way, L.A.?' tonight

David Cay Johnston's visiting blogger piece for LA Observed on Friday about his experiences covering Daryl Gates and the LAPD in the early 1980s has been getting some nice attention and attracting favorable emails. Johnston will be a guest on "Which Way, L.A.?" with Warren Olney on KCRW at 7:30 p.m.

Nyad: My swimming coach molested me

nyad-swim.jpg Diana Nyad, my more accomplished colleague in commentary at KCRW, talks in today's segment about being sexually abused by her swim coach.

Red light cameras: the discussion continues

redlightcamerasign.jpg Mandalit del Barco of NPR's Los Angeles bureau has the latest story, airing today on "All Things Considered," on the mixed bag you get with red light cameras.

KPCC looking to hire a 'journalist-blogger'

KPCC-FM has posted a job opening for a journalist-blogger to cover what the station calls emerging communities.

Tom Dixon, voice of classical music on L.A. radio was 94

Dixon was on the air in Los Angeles for a half century. He died March 13 at a rehabilitation facility in Burbank.

KCRW pretty happy with new ratings

The latest Arbitron count shows KCRW with 514,300 weekly listeners, a lot closer to KPCC's 544,500 than recent rating periods have found.

KPCC has nearly 30 reporters, big expansion plans

A front-page story in the L.A. Times on the opening of KPCC's new studios in Pasadena says that next up for the NPR station is "a major expansion that its board of trustees hopes will make KPCC the hub of a regional constellation of public radio stations and a major source of news and information in Southern California."

7 L.A. councilmembers have refused to take pay cuts *

While City Hall cuts everything in sight, seven City Council members have resisted a voluntary cut in pay. Here they are.

Sheriff Baca comes to Washington, goes away mad

baca-in-dc.jpg Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca testified before the House subcommittee on Homeland Security today and, before he was done, had accused a Republican congressman of acting "un-American.

NPR's Anne Garrels to leave the building

By the time NPR's senior foreign correspondent gets to town to pick up her Daniel Pearl Award from the L.A. Press Club in June, she will already be three months into her next life.

Tribune's banned words, all in one sentence

NPR blogger Ian Chillag endeavored to use all 119 words and phrases that Tribune CEO Randy Michaels told radio station WGN not to use. Here's how it starts: In other...

KPCC adds Madeleine Brand, new 9 a.m. show

brandcrop.jpg Brand, the former host of "Day to Day" on National Public Radio, will host a news magazine show in the old DTD slot at 9 a.m. on KPCC's daily schedule....

Tribune's forbidden words

Even with his company deep into bankruptcy, Tribune CEO Randy Michaels found time to issue a proclamation banning the use of "newspeak" words and phrases on the company's AM radio...

First wave of city cuts 'finalized'

It's impossible to know with this group if anything is ever final, but the initial group of 542 positions being eliminated went out to department heads with a message from Mayor Villaraigosa’s chief of staff, Jeff Carr, that “full cooperation” was expected.

Garza on the Los Angeles Public Media Service

oscar-garza-kcet.jpg The goal, as he tells KCET blogger (and KPCC reporter) Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, is to diversify the public radio audience.

Ruth Seymour feted at Getty

Stamberg-Weschler-Nelson.jpg On Wednesday night in the Getty Center restaurant, retiring KCRW chief Ruth Seymour received a champagne and hors d'oeuvre send-off from people in the arts and media.

Nice list of good journalism, nicer to be on it

conorfriedersdorf-logo.jpg Journalist Conor Friedersdorf's compilation of the best journalism he encountered in 2009 is eclectic, personal and arguable -- and that's its charm.

Elvis Mitchell, sartorialist

elvis-mitchell-sartorialist.jpg Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist posted this photo of longtime L.A. media person Elvis Mitchell after being interviewed by Mitchell on "The Treatment" on KCRW.

Olney back in the saddle

olney-ttp.jpg Warren Olney, out several weeks after a bike accident, returned today to the hosting chair on KCRW's "To the Point" and "Which Way, L.A."

KCRW's next general manager: Jennifer Ferro *

jenifer-ferro-linkedin.jpg The Santa Monica Daily Press reports that Ferro, the assistant GM at KCRW, will succeed public radio legend Ruth Seymour.

KPFK suspends online music archives

Staffers at the Pacifica radio station have been told that, due to copyright and licensing issues, KPFK's music archive is being taken offline.

KUSC claims #1 in public radio ratings

Classical KUSC at 91.5 FM says the latest Arbitron ratings show it to be the top public radio station in the country based on average number of listeners and individuals who tune in during the week.

Olney off another week

olney-ttp.jpg After taking a conk on the head, and earning some stitches, when somebody opened a car door in front of his bicycle, Warren Olney has extended his time off from hosting at KCRW.

Radio crossover: Ruth Seymour guests on KPCC

ruth-seymour-goldstein.jpg With Ruth Seymour midway through her final month at the head of NPR station KCRW, she'll be the guest of Larry Mantle on rival KPCC's "Airtalk" show Tuesday from 10:40 to 11 a.m.

You too can work in The Jungle

jim-rome-logo.jpg Hard-working sports talk host Jim Rome is looking for writers or bloggers to "help grind content" for his TV and radio shows.

A little KCRW pledge drive satire

The drive did not really inspire a drinking game in the UCLA Greek houses. We think. Programming note: Warren Olney is not scheduled to host "Which Way, L.A.?" and "To...

Olney out for today's shows

Judging by my email, a lot of people heard KCRW's fundraising pitch last week that included the news that Warren Olney, host of "To the Point" and "Which Way, L.A.?,"...

Inside KCRW's pledge drive central

Video from the KCRW studios at Santa Monica College, showing the station in its pledge drive mode. My weekly Friday segment doesn't air today so the pledge drive can continue....

Radio programming notes

California's prisoner release program is Warren Olney's main topic tonight on "Which Way, L.A.?" on KCRW.

New prez of Press Club is a public radio veteran

Chris Woodyard of USA Today passes the gavel to Will Lewis of KCRW.

SAG awards and Golden Mikes on the same night

fss_ingloriousbastards.jpg The cast of "Inglorious Basterds" won the honor for top film ensemble today at the Screen Actors Guild awards at the Shrine Auditorium.

Air America going off the air, into bankruptcy

It turns out if there's a market for liberal talk radio, it isn't yet ready for prime time.

KNX reporter sending reports back from Haiti

andrew-mollenbeck-knx.jpg Reporter Andrew Mollenbeck of KNX 1070 flew into Haiti from Guantanamo Bay and is embedded now with the U.S. Navy ship USS Bataan. In Wednesday's report he described a water...

Chatting with Ruth Seymour

ruth-seymour-goldstein.jpg Before Ruth Seymour retires next month as the power behind NPR station KCRW, the February issue of Los Angeles magazine sits her down for a Q&A with editor Richard E. Meyer.

LA Observed on the radio

My weekly Friday afternoon segment on KCRW tied together the Chicago flutist's farewell finger at the L.A. Phil, Michael Brand's departure from the Getty and the end of the Aerospace...

Happy New Year from LARadio

LARadioLogo201.jpg Don Barrett has made his daily news posts at free without registering.

Tributes to Rory Markas

Channel 11's news at 10 p.m. opened tonight with five minutes of reporting and personal commentary about Rory Markas, the station's sportscaster who was discovered dead at home in Palmdale...

Angels broadcaster Rory Markas found dead

rorymarkas.jpg Team spokesman Tim Mead says the voice of the Angels was found dead at his Palmdale home on Monday.

Lakers and me on 'Politics of Culture'

Thumbnail image for lakersbookcover.jpg Inside on the new LA Observed books page, the featured book of the week is "Los Angeles Lakers: 50 Amazing Years in the City of Angels," the first issue from...

LA Observed on KFI

I emerged from my redesign hole for a bit to go live on KFI with Tim Conway Jr. a few minutes ago. We talked about the 405 widening project, today's...

Carl Kassel signs off at NPR

carlkassellfinal.jpg "The only thing I'm retiring is my alarm clock," he quipped on the air

'Twitterature' on the radio

Emmet Rensin, a sophomore at the University of Chicago when he's not in Tarzana, will guest on KPCC's "Patt Morrison" at 1:30 p.m. to talk about "Twitterature: The World's Greatest...

Perez on 'News Conference'

The Democrats' next Speaker of the Assembly, John Perez, will be Conan Nolan's guest on "KNBC News Conference" Sunday at 9 a.m. State Senator Gloria Romero of East Los Angeles...

Krekorian on tonight with Warren Olney

Newly elected Los Angeles City Council member Paul Krekorian guests with Warren Olney on Which Way, L.A.? at 7:30 p.m. on KCRW. Former school board member David Tokofsky and parent...

Doug McIntyre moves to page 1

dougmcintyrethumb.jpg The recently disemployed KABC talk radio host is now a front page columnist at the Daily News twice a week — Wednesdays and Sundays. There's even a little ad campaign...

Radio traffic reports fading away

Cellphones, GPS and the struggling economy are conspiring to begin the die-off phase for regular traffic reports on your car radio, says Daisy Nguyen at AP. (She could have cited...

Ruth Seymour: 'A good time to go'

RUTH SEYMOUR by Marc Goldstein.jpg Lots of talk and kudos today for Ruth Seymour, who announced to her staff last night (see her note) that she will retire as head of KCRW. Larry Mantle opened...

Ruth Seymour retiring from KCRW

RUTH SEYMOUR by Marc Goldstein.jpg Ruth Seymour, who built KCRW into a National Public Radio power, sent a letter to radio station staffers last night saying she will retire at the end of February. She...

Hartenstein takes on another gig

As Mark noted at LA Biz Observed, L.A. Times publisher Eddy Hartenstein has been named non-executive chairman of Sirius XM Radio. He has been a director of the company. His...

Art Laboe still spinning records

Really nice Column One by Esmeralda Bermudez on Art Laboe, the disc jockey who has been taking requests and sending out dedications to L.A. low-riders for 50-plus years. He's now...

L.A. Public Media Service hires up

The new "radio and multimedia service directed to an ethnically diverse and underserved 25-40 year-old demographic" — funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and managed by Radio Bilingüe —...

KPFK shuffles the deck

New programming changes at Pacifica Radio's station: Ian Masters, the Australian journalist who hosts a provocative Sunday show, will air at 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Activist and writer Earl...

Axles of Evil on 'Oprah'

That, of course, is the roller derby name for KPCC's Alex Cohen, local host for NPR's "All Things Considered." She was on "Oprah" today in a piece on the Derby...

Whither the news on WWLA

Media reporter James Rainey of the L.A. Times, USC Annenberg professor Felix Gutierrez and former LANG executive Steve O'Sullivan talk with Warren Olney about the meaning of the latest bad...

Sully on 'Airtalk'

The pilot everybody has now heard of, Chesley Sullenberger, was on KPCC's Airtalk with Larry Mantle in the 10:30 segment. He's fairly alarmist about the declining experience level of airline...

Levin takes to the radio

Following his toss-down of the gauntlet last night (reported first at LAO, I feel like saying), TMZ boss Harvey Levin guests tonight on "Which Way, L.A.?" to talk about the...

What Bratton will really miss about L.A.

langersschall.jpg The departing police chief rates at least one thing about Los Angeles higher than New York. After the jump....

Rihanna and Chris Brown, together still

rihannachrisbrownkiis.jpg David Allen spotted KIIS-FM's outdated wheels at the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona and blogs, "Radio station desperately needs a new van."...

CBS' Cami McCormick to lose foot *

Some Dodgers visited Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington today. They met CBS Radio reporter Cami McCormick, who said she was going to have a foot amputated tomorrow. She was...

McIntyre in the morning no more

Longtime local radio talker Doug McIntyre is leaving the morning slot at KABC 790 after tomorrow. Peter Tilden will take over for now. Orange County Register radio columnist Gary Lycan...

KCRW's ratings quandary

James Rainey's media column in today's L..A. Times explores the question of KCRW's recent big drop in the Arbitron ratings. After the service switched from listener diaries to meters that...

Catching up...

Moving on up: Villaraigosa press secretary Matt Szabo becomes deputy chief of staff. One of his first priorities will be to tackle the city's worsening financial situation. (LAT) Warhol art...

Desk-clearing items

Thanks to United I have some extra time to kill at LAX. And also later at SFO. Some stuff I didn't get to yesterday: Style Section L.A. is a new...

Corruption like you wouldn't believe

I thoroughly enjoyed reading two recent books on the colorful history of Los Angeles politics, mobsters and City Hall corruption. This afternoon I get to host a discussion on KCRW's...

Advice for the fire zone

Residents who lost their homes in last year's fire at the Oakridge mobile home park in Sylmar urged patience for the latest crop of rebuilders on KPCC's Off-Ramp. Also on...

KFWB looking at Roger Hedgecock

The new, less-useful KFWB that debuts Sept. 8 as "News Talk 980" will start with an 18-hour marathon of Dr. Laura — most of that reruns.

The real 'Inglourious Basterds'

shoshanna.jpg Kim Masters, host of The Business on KCRW, talks about her father's part in a secret unit that killed Nazis on today's Talk of the Nation on National Public Radio....

Waxman: How Congress works

waxmanbook.jpg Rep. Henry Waxman talks to guest host Marc Cooper on KCRW's Politics of Culture at 2:30 p.m. today. The main topic is the congressman's new book, "The Waxman Report: How...

KFWB lays off 14 staffers *

The fallout continues from the station's decision to emphasize conservative talk radio over news at 980 AM. AFTRA was notified of the KFWB pink slips this morning. Former Fox 11...

When the Beatles came to L.A.

beatlesatbowl.jpg Along with all the other L.A. milestones this summer, this week is the 45th anniversary of Bob Eubanks and KRLA bringing the Beatles to the Hollywood Bowl. Steven Cuevas had...

KPFK audience plunges

Marc Cooper, the former KPFK show host, makes a convincing case at his blog that the listening audience for the local Pacifica station has dwindled precipitously. He blames the drop...

City official under investigation in assault *

KFI's Eric Leonard is reporting online that Andrew Adelman, the general manager of the city's Department of Building and Safety, is being investigated by the LAPD as "the prime suspect"...

LA Sketchbook: the KFWB story

sgkfwb.jpg Steve Greenberg charts the evolution of KFWB, which gives up its all-news format in September to add talkers led by Dr. Laura and Laura Ingraham. Click the cartoon to...

KFWB going all-talk, dropping news

First big name signed for the new format, which begins Sept. 8: Dr. Laura, says the Register's Gary Lycan. He adds: "More details were still to be announced. Local news...

Unimpressed by KFWB in Hollywood

Variety columnist Brian Lowry isn't too smitten with the AM news station's refocus summed up in the ad slogan "Hollywood listens to KFWB." Honestly, I've tried, but I keep asking...

KPCC keeps Alex Cohen

The former NPR reporter and host who has been at the station temporarily has been named KPCC's host of its local afternoon broadcast of "All Things Considered." From the release:...

Mayor's vacation on KPCC

Patt Morrison will be talking to Eric Spillman of KTLA, whose blog post I mentioned here yesterday, and I presume others about Mayor Villaraigosa jetting off to Iceland so soon...

Lily Burk case on WWLA

This evening's Which Way, L.A.? on KCRW sets up the discussion this way: "The murder of 17-year-old Lily Burk has received saturation coverage. Does a brutal crime contain any lessons...

KPFK loses another general manager

It seems the Pacifica radio station just can't keep a GM. Here's Sean Heitkemper's resignation letter to Grace Aaron, Interim Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation, after just a year:...

Job: Latino-themed content chief

The formal title is Chief Content Officer, and the employer is Radio Bilingue. The project takes a little more explanation. A major new public media programming service in Los Angeles...

Shulman radio documentary

shulmanchemosphere.jpg Nice photograph by Juergen Nogai of Julius Shulman at John Lautner's Chemosphere house. Nogai, Frank Gehry, Dion Neutra and others, including Shulman himself, talk during a radio documentary on the...

Riding Route 66 to Tennessee

kpccshine.jpg This morning there was the guy running from Burbank to Texas. Now KPCC's John Rabe, riding his bike into work today, ran into a South Korean native named Shine who...

Sheryl Flowers, radio producer was 42

Sheryl Flowers was the executive producer of Tavis Smiley's shows on National Public Radio and Public Radio International and his Director of Communications. "When I left NPR, Sheryl was the...

Trade down: Radio & Records

The music industry publication shut down today, costing thirty jobs says The Wrap. Visitors to the website are re-directed to Also, The Hollywood Reporter eliminates another ten positions, including...

Roxana Saberi to talk on NPR

The American who was released from custody in Iran will be interviewed by Melissa Block on "All Things Considered" on Thursday. The show airs on KCRW (89.9 FM) from 3...

'We're in the Money' toned down

With the financial news not so rosy, "Marketplace" tapped L.A. composer and musician Joe Matzzie to craft a "more melancholy version" of the classic tune "We're in the Money" that...

KPCC adds some public insight

Journalist Sharon McNary has been hired to launch Public Insight Journalism at Southern California Public Radio, a function she previously filled at "Marketplace." So what is that? "I'll be asking...

Weiss vs. Nuch on WWLA

Now that Shaq, Magic and the NRA have chosen up sides, City Attorney rivals Jack Weiss and Carmen Trutanich will take their gutter fight to tonight's Which Way, L.A.? on...

Harman wiretap story on Olney tonight

Congressional Quarterly columnist Jeff Stein wrote the piece getting a lot of play today about Rep. Jane Harman being snagged in a National Security Agency wiretap, apparently telling a suspected...

KCRW, other stations unhappy with NPR

KCRW general manager Ruth Seymour has written an email to longtime National Public Radio reporter and host Susan Stamberg detailing complaints about NPR cuts and fundraising, says a story in...

Muhammad Ali: This I believe

muhammadalinpr.jpg For the last installment of NPR's This I Believe series on "All Things Considered," Muhammad Ali talks about his life with the help of his wife Lonnie. Ali is now...

Further cuts at NPR

Cinny Kennard's position as head of NPR West won't be filled, plus there are cutbacks in travel, training, salary raises and discussions with the unions about further reductions. Here's the...

Day to Done *

Along with putting on a darn good daily radio hour these past five-plus years, the folks losing their jobs today at NPR's "Day to Day" have been doing a nice...

'On the Media' apologizes and retracts

The NPR media show takes back what it said about "The Infinite Mind," another public radio series, and its host on a program last November. "On The Medias" host Brooke...

Uproar over KPFK's 'La Causa'

The new Jewish Journal has a story on anti-Jewish and anti-Israel (and anti-Villaraigosa) statements by Augustin Cebada, the name used by the host of the pro-Aztlan "La Causa" airing on...

KCRW to stream Obama town halls will carry today's stream from the Orange County Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa starting at 4 p.m. Tomorrow's event at the Miguel Contreras Learning Center near downtown...

NPR West's chief lands at USC

Cinny Kennard, Managing Director/Managing Editor of National Public Radios West Coast production center in Culver City, found a good exit gig. She's going to USC Annenberg as senior fellow at...

'Marketplace' hires

The American Public Media show based on Figueroa Street downtown has added Bill Radke as a host of "Marketplace Morning Report," joining Steve Chiotakis on April 13. Radke was co-host...

Insult or injury — or both?

National Public Radio is canceling all of its newspaper subscriptions, opting instead to grab the stories it takes from print journalists off the web. Romenesko Memos...

Tim Conway 'relieved' to be off KABC

Former 97.1 talker Tim Conway Jr. lasted all of a few days on his new home on the AM dial at KABC 790, then was let go Monday after general...

Election programming note

KPFK's weekly news review "Deadline L.A." is airing a special on the city election today at 2 p.m. with guests Marial Garza, Daily News editorial page editor, and Robert Greene,...

Shepard Fairey on 'Fresh Air'

L.A. artist Shepard Fairey guested with Terry Gross on NPR's "Fresh Air" tonight to explain his side of the dispute that has ensued over Fairey basing his Obama campaign poster...

Blending of KNX and KFWB begins

The two all-news AM stations (KNX 1070 and KFWB 980) share the same floor on Wilshire Boulevard but a wall, physical and virtual, has separated the newsrooms. The staffs were...

Kim Masters in at KCRW's 'The Business'

KCRW will announce later today that veteran Hollywood journalist Kim Masters is taking over as host of the half-hour showbiz show The Business, which airs Mondays at 2:30 p.m. Masters...

Talking Measure B

Tonight on Which Way, L.A.?, Warren Olney gets Controller Laura Chick (con) and former DWP general manager David Freeman (pro) into a spirited back and forth over the merits of...

Brian Wilson v. Tavis Smiley

I'm not sure I've seen a rougher pairing on Tavis Smiley's PBS show than last week's match-up of Tavis with Brian Wilson. It could have worked, but didn't. Wilson has...

Golden Mike winners

The Radio and Television News Association of Southern California handed out the year's Golden Mike awards on Saturday night. No time to go through them all, but here's the list...

Indie 103.1 goes off the air

Entravision has replaced the popular-in-some-quarters FM station with regional Mexican rhythmic and cumbia music. Michael Schneider at Franklin Avenue blogs some details, and a posting at the station website says...

Gustavo Arellano adds another outlet

Author, reporter, columnist and blogger Gustavo Arellano is now the host of Four O'Clock Tuesdays with Gustavo Arellano every, yes, Tuesday at 4 p.m., on KPFK. The show's focus is...

KPCC to open Washington bureau

The L.A. Times may not have a Washington bureau of its own anymore, but soon KPCC will. Kitty Felde is heading east to open the first Washington bureau of any...

TJ on the radio

LA Observed contributor TJ Sullivan talks about the new parking regulation controversy in Los Angeles with Warren Olney on "Which Way, L.A.?" on KCRW at 7:30 p.m. He's up against...

Gene Parrish, KUSC host

Gene Parrish was from 1984 to 1996 a host and producer on classical music station KUSC-FM. Its website says that Parrish passed away after a long illness and most recently...

Scratch one more public radio show

"Weekend America" ends with the Jan. 31 show. Thirteen full- and part-time positions will be affected, says the release from American Public Media in Minnesota. American Public Media is proud...

David G. Hall out at KNX/KFWB

LA reports via email alert, based on sources, that program director David G. Hall has exited the stations. The Orange County Register also has it, with speculation that Hall...

Dodgers make broadcast team change

Charley Steiner will only do radio on next season's Dodger games, pushing former pitcher Jerry Reuss out of a job and opening a vacancy for a TV play-by-play announcer for...

Larry Elder done at KABC

KABC 790 talker Larry Elder announced on his show today that after 15 years, Friday would be his last day on the air. He followed with a statement on his...

NPR shows blog their demise

Here are posts at the blogs of Los Angeles-based National Public Radio shows Day to Day (posted by producer Steve Profitt) and News & Notes (host Farai Chideya) about their...

NPR's budget cuts memo *

National Public Radio stations were just sent this memo about the cutbacks disclosed today, including the cancellations of "Day to Day" and "News & Notes" that LAO has been reporting...

'Day to Day' gets the word today *

Word at NPR West is that vice president for news Ellen Weiss will meet with the staff of Day to Day after this morning's show goes off the air at...

KCRW distances itself from host's remarks

Claude Brodesser-Akner, host of The Business on Mondays on KCRW, took a stand on the show against the resignation of Rich Raddon from the L.A. Film Festival over his support...

Is NPR West about to go week to week?

I'm told that the mood at today's holiday lunch at the NPR West studios in Culver City turned dark as a rumor swept the place that "Day to Day" and...

'Worst Skid Row' under Las Vegas

Great story today on NPR's Day to Day about the homeless, junkies, addicted gamblers and others who live in the storm drains beneath Las Vegas, in some cases right under...

Brewer coming up on KPCC

Embattled LAUSD Supt. David Brewer is scheduled to be on KPCC with Patt Morrison at about 1:30 p.m....

Are KNX/KFWB in play?

East Coast website reports radio biz talk that CBS may be looking to swap its AM news stations in Los Angeles — KNX 1070 and KFWB 980 — in...

McCabe's history on KCRW

The Santa Monica music shop has been celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and will be the subject of a Thanksgiving program from 9 a.m. to noon on KCRW (89.9...

Hannity goes Colmes-free

Alan Colmes, the liberal half of "Hannity & Colmes" on Fox News Channel, will leave the show at the end of the year. Colmes will remain as a commentator on...


Marc Germain, the radio talker formerly known as Mr. KABC, Mr. KFI and Mr. KTLK, turned up this weekend on the Saturday night shift at San Francisco's KGO-AM. "It was...

Jason Bentley named music director at KCRW

It's official -- Jason Bentley's the new music director and host of Morning Becomes Eclectic at KCRW, taking over for Nic Harcourt, who announced his exit earlier this month. (Here's...

OK, but does John Rabe really exist?

Martin Eisenstadt, who has a blog but doesn't actually exist, is a senior fellow at the Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy, which also doesn't actually exist. None of which...

Nic Harcourt leaving KCRW post

Harcourt has been music director and host of Morning Becomes Eclectic for ten years. He'll leave Nov. 30 to pursue independent projects and host a three-hour show on Sunday evenings...

Rick Tuttle nuptials

Congrats to former City Controller Rick Tuttle, who was married tonight to Rebecca Rona. I'm told the festivities at UCLA's Faculty Center attracted, among others, Reps. Howard Berman and Brad...

LA Observed on KCRW

My segment today is about the remarkable rush of emotion at the Century Plaza on Tuesday night, and me grumping that by the next election in March Los Angeles voters...

One last debate before Tuesday

Barack Obama and John McCain? Feh. How about Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas. The L.A. Theatre Works production of "The Rivalry" by Norman Corwin, starring David Strathairn and Paul...

Inspired pundit choice

Who better to talk about Obama's infomercial than Ron Popeil, the king of the informercial? NPR's "All Things Considered" put some questions to the master. Audio...

Talking about the Times cuts

I will be on Which Way, L.A.? with Warren Olney at 7 pm on KCRW, describing the latest newsroom shrinkage at the Los Angeles Times. There's also a segment about...

Story on 107-year-old Rosie the Riveter

An item in last Wednesday's Morning Buzz out of the paid obits in the Times mentioned the passing of Marie Dey, who was 107 and worked at Douglas Aircraft during...

Arts and the economy

It's not just the Pasadena Symphony. The almost-certainly-a-recession is affecting arts and culture organizations all around. On KCRW's Politics of Culture at 2:30 this afternoon, Ruth Seymour talks with key...

Big layoffs at KNX/KFWB *

The axe fell Friday at the AM news radio stations, with talk that as many as 20 anchors, reporters and writers were let go. The Orange County Register says the...

Ratings for public radio put KUSC on top

Arbitron now counts public broadcasting in its radio ratings for Los Angeles and Michael Schneider blogs the numbers at Franklin Avenue. Several of L.A.'s public stations outperform their commercial counterparts....

Michael Jackson off the air again

I'm a couple of weeks late on this, so just catching up: Michael Jackson's somewhat ballyhooed return to the L.A. radio waves ended when KGIL (AM 1260 and 540) dropped...

SoCal media notes

Item 1: The Register may go tabloid (in size and shape, not necessarily in mentality), Publisher Terry Horne said today. He says it's 50-50 the change will happen. "I think...

Programming slaughter at KCSN

Longtime music spinner Chuck Taggart blogs that his Louisiana-centric roots music show was dropped after 10 years on the Cal State Northridge FM station — and that every other live...

Yeehaw! Olney milks a goat

KCRW's Warren Olney, on convention duty in St. Paul, dropped by the Minnesota State Fair. KCRW's Republican Convention page....

Pacifica's Amy Goodman arrested in St. Paul

Amy Goodman, the host of Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now, was arrested Monday during a demonstration near the Republican National Convention. She was apparently trying to discuss with cops the...

Even radio does video now

KCRW's convention package includes online video shot by producers for Warren Olney's show in Denver. They have found an Obama lookalike, protesters and "dancing Democrats," plus an interview with Charlie...

KUSC 'on a roll'

KUSC, at 91.5 FM, is "the largest listener-supported classical music station in the country and one of the last bastions of full-time classical music and arts programming on public radio,"...

Tavis profiled in the New Yorker

This week's piece by Kelefa Sanneh starts out exploring TV and radio commentator Tavis Smiley's criticism of Barack Obama's candidacy and looks into Smiley's enterprises, which are based in Leimert...

Quake as it happened

Larry Mantle was twelve minutes into a segment with the blogger behind "Stuff White People Like" when this morning's earthquake hit. He rolled with the flow then switched into anchor...

LA Observed on the air

My KCRW segment airing at 4:44 pm contrasts a recent taping at the E! Entertainment Television studios on Wilshire (about sex scandals in politics, including Antonio and Mirthala) to another...

Times staffers on Larry Mantle

Departing Los Angeles Times reporters Marla Cone and William Lobdell will be on KPCC's "Airtalk" in the 10 o'clock hour, along with Book Editor David Ulin longtime sports writer and...

Olney takes on Villaraigosa

A pretty contentious exchange this afternoon between "Which Way, L.A.?" host Warren Olney and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa began with the mayor quipping "long time, no interview." Olney then started peppering...

KPFK makes new manager official

Sean Heitkemper, formerly GM at KKJZ in Long Beach, got the thankless job of general manager at Pacifica Radio's KPFK back on July 1, as we told you then. Today...

KCSN program director out

Martin Perlich has "opted for retirement effective immediately," according to the opaque memo posted by Laura Stegman at PRLosAngelesMediaMoves. KCSN is the music and news station at FM 88.5 out...

Going on KPCC now

I'll be on "Patt Morrison" talking about the Times....

LA Observed Script Project gets a reading

Tomorrow at noon on KPCC (89.3 FM), John Rabe and his Off-Ramp Players will read a scene from "Right of Way," the script for a noir movie that LA Observed...

NPR wants to see your car

NPR's Culver City-based show "Day to Day" is running a web series on what gas prices and changing interests are doing to the traditional car-based California culture. The producers have...

AFTRA and SAG together on KCRW

A special edition of Claude Brodesser-Akner's The Business that aired at 2:30 this afternoon (and will again at 7 p.m.) features a rare head-to-head conversation with the dueling presidents of...


I'll be on with Larry Mantle about 10:06 am talking about the Times. Editor Russ Stanton goes on first. Update: Stanton sounded quite subdued and was frank about the Times...

'Left, Right & Center' goes bloggy

KCRW's popular Friday afternoon politics gabfest has added a blog. If you want to argue about Bob, Arianna, Matt and Tony or discuss things with Left, Right & Center producer...

New boss at KPFK

An email circulating to unpaid staff at KPFK says that Sean Heitkemper, former station manager at KKJZ (the Long Beach jazz station), is being introduced tonight as the new general...

Neon cruise on 'Off-Ramp'

The LA Observed neon cruise with the Museum of Neon Art a couple of weeks back is featured on today's Off-Ramp on KPCC at noon. The show also remembers George...

L.A. Press Club winners

Journalists of the year announced at last night's Los Angeles Press Club awards: Big print: Melissa Healy, L.A. Times Small print: Anat Rubin, Los Angeles Daily Journal TV: Antonio Valverde,...

Parsons featured on 'Off Ramp'

I've been kicking myself for a week for under-playing the selection of Russ Parsons, one of my favorite food writers, to the dining industry's hall of fame. He's the first...

NPR goes deep on L.A. gangs

Mandalit del Barco of National Public Radio wraps up a four-part series on Los Angeles street gangs with a seven-minute piece on All Things Considered about the feds' decade-long fight...

Women get out of the box

Nice piece on public radio's "Weekend America" about Sophie Evans, who moved up from magician's assistant to the close-up room at the Magic Castle. "She was 18, she was attractive...

Weekend shorts

California Supreme Court chief justice Ronald George gives a two-hour interview to the LAT's Maura Dolan and talks about the court's milestone same-sex marriage ruling: "I think there are...

KCRW brings in celebrity DJs

This week's first wave of ten-minute pieces with guests talking about musical passions with a KCRW on-air host includes Conan O'Brien, John Cusack, Saffron Burrows, Garth Jennings and Jason Reitman....

NPR promotes Del Barco

Longtime Los Angeles reporter Mandalit Del Barco is getting a raise. The memo at National Public Radio: From South Central Los Angeles to Central America, she's been telling stories with...

Times responds to broadcasters

"In fact, we made no errors," John T. O'Loughlin, President/Targeted Media and SVP/Marketing for Los Angeles Times Media Group, writes to the head of the Southern California Broadcasters Assn. Here's...

Broadcasters dispute Times ad *

The president of the Southern California Broadcasters Association has a bone to pick with a recent L.A. Times house ad claiming the paper has more reach to offer advertisers than...

Xaykaothao in Bangkok

Former KPCC reporter Doualy Xaykaothao showed up today reporting for National Public Radio from Thailand on the Myanmar relief efforts. Before joining KPCC last year, the Laotian-born Xaykaothao had reported...

Book blogger's rep comes back to bite...or not

Mark Sarvas is often biting in his reviews and commentaries at The Elegant Variation, a point that Scott Timberg makes up front in his Q&A with Sarvas in today's LAT...

Trio of AM news briefs

Woman shot and killed on Harbor Freeway Samantha Padilla, 19, was fired at five times while exiting the northbound freeway at Slauson shortly after midnight. LAT Many Pellicano charges dropped...

Zell raids Clear Channel *

Four more Clear Channel executives jumped to Tribune last week, and together with the radio and TV veterans that had already joined the Sam Zell team it suggests to the...

Upcoming Zcalo events

Zcalo, the lecture series that LA Observed helps to co-sponsor, has some good ones coming up. Tickets are available and free, of course. Monday, April 7, 7:30 pm at Barnsdall...

Radio vet reacts to Abrams

Ever since Lee Abrams began memoing his future co-workers all over the Tribune Company with his ideas on Innovation!, I've been getting emails that skewer his ideas as less than...

New FM news station coming

Radio One has agreed to sell KRBV-FM, also known as V100, to the company that used to operate KBIG and KZLA here. Bonneville is paying $137.5 million for the station,...

L.A. observed via Bhutan

Lisa Napoli did a nice story on today's Marketplace about Ngawang, a 23-year-old DJ in Bhutan who is visiting — and discovering — Los Angeles for the first time. Until...

Broadcast buzz

Once around: Child advocate and former L.A. first lady Nancy Daly Riordan guests with Laurel Erickson on a special edition of KNBC News Conference, airing Saturday at 4 pm. Councilman...

More SWAT talk

Chief Bratton gave his side of the SWAT report controversy, and talked about having women in the unit, this afternoon on "Patt Morrison" on KPCC. (Audio.) Mayor Villaraigosa was also...

She'll see dead people

My LA Observed commentary on KCRW today talks about the scene that awaits Lindsay Lohan when she reports to the Los Angeles County morgue for her four hours of mandatory...

CEO of National Public Radio out

NPR's board of directors says that Ken Stern is leaving by "mutual agreement." The memo from chairman Dennis Haarsager follows:...

Weinstein talks LAT buyout

Veteran Times reporter Henry Weinstein will be on KCRW's Which Way, L.A.? tonight at 7 pm talking with host Warren Olney about the effects of buyouts at the LAT. Weinstein...

Radio week at LAO

Mark Lacter and I were just on "Airtalk" talking with Larry Mantle about the buyouts at the Times and other local papers. You can hear it in the archives at...

More bloggers on radio

Celeste Fremon is expected to guest on "Patt Morrison" on KPCC at the top of the 2 pm hour, to talk about the fake Margaret B. Jones "memoir" and what...

The blogger-journalist distinction

Madness has swept KCRW and they're letting me host Politics of Culture today at 2:30 pm — a half-hour of live radio on the blurred lines between journalism and blogging...

And the Dodger Talk host is...

Emmy winning writer, director, producer and blogger Ken Levine will do the post-game honors on KABC 790 AM this season. Levine has done play-by-play gigs for the Padres, Mariners and...

Regarding Sam Zell

Inspired by Zell's comments last night at the Hammer, my LA Observed segment on KCRW at 4:44 pm wonders why anyone sees him as a potential saviour of journalism here...

Mirthala Salinas is back on L.A. air

The onetime rising star at Telemundo whose career burned up in the wreckage of an affair with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has taken the familiar post-TV route — AM radio. Tomorrow's...

Times brass on with Olney

L.A. Times publisher David Hiller and editor Russ Stanton both guest on tonight's Which Way, L.A.? with Warren Olney, at 7 pm on KCRW. Presumably Hiller will talk about why...

KCRW today

I switched my LA Observed commentary subject to the Randy Simmons funeral. In it I wonder why there were no mainstream media clips on him while he was alive. KCRW...

Eclectic guest list on Obama-mania

Joel Stein and his mother, Clinton supporter Rosalind Byrd-Leszczuk, were guests on today's "To the Point" episode examining the support for Barack Obama. Others talking with Warren Olney on KCRW...

All in the family

Native Intelligence contributor Deanne Stillman has the cover of the new Los Angeles CityBeat with a nice piece on the Mojave Desert portion of L.A. County. Photos by Mark LaMonica...

Hiller and O'Shea as drama, redux

That dramatic reading of the collected works of David Hiller and Jim O'Shea didn't air as billed on the Jan. 26 edition of "Deadline L.A." KPFK's transmitter was knocked off...

Teddy Kennedy feted on El Piolin **

The most popular radio host in Los Angeles — and probably the nation — gave Sen. Edward Kennedy the royal treatment this yesterday morning, before Kennedy's pro-Obama appearance in East...

O'Shea weekend on L.A. airwaves *

While the battered denizens at the L.A. Times wait to hear whether their next editor will be a patsy for the publisher or an actual respected newsroom leader with independence...

In praise of The Urban Man

In his Monday afternoon commentaries on KCRW, Marc Porter Zasada takes more creative chances and fashions many more gems than a certain other radio talking head I could name. Today,...

John Ziegler fires at 'John & Ken'

John Ziegler didn't just go away at KFI. He went away mad. Ziegler has put up a website called The Real KFI "dedicated to telling the totally true story of...

AP's news of Britney

John Rabe of KPCC's "Off-Ramp," inspired by Frank Baker's memo to the Los Angeles bureau, ponders how the AP might incorporate more Britney news on the wire. Guess which dispatch...

Germain running out of letters

Marc Germain, the talk radio host formerly known as Mr. KABC and Mr. KFI, has been let go as liberal-talk KTLK's Mr. K. "A total surprise and not my choice...

Golden Mike winners

KNBC Channel 4 leads the TV stations with six Golden Mikes from the Radio Television News Association, including best newscast writing, documentary ("On the Verge") and investigative story (for its...

Gustavo invades KFI

The OC Weekly's Gustavo Arellano did a guest-host stint last week on KFI — yes the same AM shout station where John & Ken live in fear of the Reconquista...

Mitchell Harding, L.A. radio fixture was 79

Mitch Harding co-created (with Mike Hodel in 1972) the long-running science fiction and writing show "Hour 25" on KPFK. Later at KCRW, he was the operations manager and afternoon voice...

KPFK leader speaks

Pacifica radio station KPFK is in the midst of an election that, once again, has divided the staff, show programmers and listeners over politics and personality issues. Rival slates are...

John Ziegler finished at KFI

Last night's was the final show for the talker who came with a bit of a checkered past from Kentucky and had some run-ins here, including with fellow KFIers John...

405 or the San Diego?

Larry Mantle this morning took on one of the lesser issues of our time, but one that's still interesting and perplexing for locals: should we refer to freeways by their...

KPBS in San Diego knocked off the air

The PBS TV and FM station in San Diego is informing other stations that "our transmitter site was engulf[ed] by the fire. We are off the air completely." The FM...

Michael Jackson returns, but not on KABC

The ill-considered move to make AM 1260 a classical music station has officially failed, and owner Saul Levine is planning to resurrect the call letters KGIL and become a talk...

Dodgers return to KABC 790

The Dodgers are going home again, radio-wise. The team announced a deal today to return their games to AM 790 in a package that includes pre- and post-game shows, a...

Never a dull moment at KPFK

The Pacifica FM station in town has found out who the new interim general manager will be: it's Jim Lafferty, executive director of the National Lawyers Guild in Los Angeles...

What Eva Georgia cost KPFK

The Pacifica radio station paid former general manager the equivalent of nine months salary, or $63,268, to part ways, former KPFK hand Marc Cooper reports in the LA Weekly. The...

Tawn Mastrey, metal deejay

Nice post by Deanne Stillman at Native Intelligence on the passing of Tawn Mastrey, once "the voice of heavy metal" in Los Angeles on the old KNAC-FM. Deanne interviewed her...

Gary Franklin...out

L.A. broadcasting fixture Gary Franklin died at 79, at home in Chatsworth. He first became known as a street reporter on KFWB, ending his reports with a signature sign-off "Car...

Roggin and Simers are no more

Phil Wallace mourns the demise of the morning sports talk show with NBC4's Fred Roggin, the Times' T.J. Simers and Simers' daughter Tracy. Dan Patrick, the former ESPN Radio talker,...

'Call Sheet' is no more

KPCC put its weekly Hollywood journalist roundtable segment Call Sheet on hiatus several months ago — not, I hope, because I guested on it a couple of times. Now the...

Christine Daniels on 'Day to Day'

The transsexual sportswriter formerly known as Mike Penner is interviewed by host Madeleine Brand on tomorrow's NPR show. It airs at 9 am on KPCC-FM or can be heard online....

KPFK dramas continue

Directors of the Pacifica station at 90.7 FM expect to issue a statement of support for Eva Georgia, the general manager who faces sexual harassment actions from two women on...

No KCRW spot today

KCRW swings into fund drive mode today, so the LA Observed commentary that usually airs at 4:44 pm on Friday won't be heard. Same thing next week. If you want...

Changes to 'Money 101' on KNX

Ever wonder why KNX Newsradio didn't do much news in the late morning? Wonder no more. Bob McCormick's three-hour block talking about business will be dropped on August 13, in...

Sipchen on the Times

Bob Sipchen left the L.A. Times last month after working as an education columnist, editorial writer (where he won a Pulitzer Prize) and founding editor of both the Current and...

'Which Way, L.A.?' turns 15

The half-hour that Warren Olney hosts on KCRW at 7 pm Monday through Thursday "remains an abiding presence in the landscape of local news," Sean Mitchell writes in a freelanced...

Chris Stanley out at KNX reported that longtime news reporter and anchor Chris Stanley was escorted from the radio station last Thursday after "a major blow-up of some sort." KNX program director David G....

Holiday radio

KCRW (89.9 FM) has turned over most of its schedule today to specials on American music, leading this morning with the stories of Sly Stone and Paul Simon, followed by...

Affair goes national

I will be on NPR's Day to Day this morning talking with host Alex Cohen about fallout, if any, from the Villaraigosa-Salinas relationship. I think there will be some, for...

L.A. "at crossroads"

Don Barrett has been informing and entertaining local radio buffs at for ten years, but it sounds as if the thrill is gone. He posted last week that while...

On the road to Tulsa

L.A. folk historian Charles Phoenix and National Public Radio producer Steve Proffitt are driving to Tulsa, Oklahoma in Phoenix's 1961 Pontiac Bonneville and filing reports for "Day to Day." Their...

Tom Hatten out at KNX

Longtime L.A. radio and television personality Tom Hatten left KNX Friday after delivering the entertainment report for many years. He became familiar to a generation of Southern California kids as...

LA Observed on KCRW

KCRW has invited me to join the roster of commentators that air in the afternoons during NPR's "All Things Considered." General manager Ruth Seymour, who has been mentioned here more...

Christine Daniels interview

The Times sports writer formerly known as Mike Penner is scheduled to be interviewed live tonight at 11:30 on Sports Byline USA. She will chat with local journos John Woolard...

Ulin on books

Books editor David Ulin is scheduled to discuss the changes in the Times Sunday Book Review, the situation at the paper and this weekend's LAT Festival of Books with host...

Howard Larman, FolkScene host on KPFK

Howard Larman and his wife Roz started their folk music show in 1970. Folkscene may be the oldest program on Los Angeles radio. Howard passed away over the weekend. Roz...

KCRW changes up midnight lineup

Bunch of new talent is being unveiled at KCRW 89.9 FM and, some of them with station connections. Leaving are longtime KCRW figure Tricia Halloran, whose "Brave New World"...

Imus radio show cancelled

CBS drops him effective immediately. There has been much discussion of the effect language like this has on our young people, particularly young women of color trying to make their...

More art talk about KCRW

Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes had a lengthy conversation yesterday with KCRW general manager Ruth Seymour about his coverage of critic Edward Goldman's potential conflicts. In his latest post,...

On Edward Goldman on art *

Last week the New York Times ran a piece calling KCRW's Russian-accented art critic Edward Goldman highly influential and barely mentioned that in addition to teaching beginners how to collect...

Martin Schall on KPCC

This afternoon at 2 pm Patt Morrison will have on the German photographer behind, the best website of Los Angeles architectural photos. He blogs about his recent trip to...

Banned by O'Reilly and loving it

We told you last week that radio personality April Winchell had blown Bill O'Reilly's cover as a man of the people by exposing his rant about croissants that were not...

Free to skewer O'Reilly

Now that talkjock Marc Germain has left KABC 790 for the left side of the radio politics spectrum (and the right side of the AM dial at KTLK 1150), he...

CHP mini-scandal brewing

KFI News' Eric Leonard reports on his blog that at least two California Highway Patrol officers assigned to the Newhall station were placed off-duty during an internal investigation of allegations...

Chill descends on KCRW *

A ruling on Friday by a committee of the Library of Congress means that and other websites that stream music could have to pay royalties each time a song...


Marc Germain, who recently departed his talk radio gig as Mr. KABC, begins Monday as the afternoon drive-time talk jock on a newly revamped AM 1150 — which drops its...

Scratch another classical music station

K-Mozart at FM 105.1, the area's last commercial classical music station — and one of the few left in the U.S. — switches Monday morning to country music. It's actually...

Mr. KABC is out

Marc Germain and KABC could not come to agreement on a new deal so the popular night-time talk show host has left. LA says the network wants KABC to...

Radio Antonio

Mayor Villaraigosa gave the Democratic Party radio address this morning and said, with regard to the war in Iraq, "it's time for a new direction." Bipartisanship was the bigger theme,...

NPR's Karen Grigsby Bates Q-and-A

Karen Grigsby Bates, who interviewed me last year for NPR's "Day to Day," gets the Q-and-A treatment from Kate Coe at Bates is an L.A. correspondent for the show...

New art magazine

Former LA Weekly-ians Charles Rappleye and Tulsa Kinney have reappeared as publisher and editor, respectively, of Artillery, a new Los Angeles-based art magazine distributed mostly in galleries here and in...

Handel apologizes and sits a week

Catching up with the fallout from KFI shouter Bill Handel's tirade on Jamie White's morning show last Friday, says that Handel will sit out a one-week suspension when he...

Handel drops f-word on the air

Radio hype or actual anger allowed to get on their air? Never can tell with KFI. Morning angry man Bill Handel did not like that 98.7's Jamie White shooed his...

Upheaval at 'Weekend America'

Barbara Bogaev is out as co-host of the American Public Media program heard here on KPCC. It sounds as if a number of Los Angeles producers for "Weekend America" (and...

Synergy at KPCC

National Public Radio reporter Daniel Zwerdling spent six months investigating a story that is billed as an exposé of the mistreatment by the Army of soldiers with psychological problems. It...

Weinstein on the LAT and Pacifica

L.A. Times legal affairs writer Henry Weinstein, in New York to pick up his John Chancellor Award, dropped in on lefty Pacifica Radio's "Democracy Now" for a chat with hosts...

Times talk on KCRW

I will be on live talking with Warren Olney about LA Observed's coverage of Dean Baquet's ouster tonight between 7:20 and 7:30 pm. Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah Ellison, who...

Election talk

Among all the election roundups and wrapups that will come your way before Tuesday, this one sounds different. Saturday's "Deadline L.A." on KPFK will extend to an hour and preview...

KCRW's world reach

A story in today's Wall Street Journal leads with the anecdote of an American woman in Beijing who has become a fan of Warren Olney and KCRW via iTunes. [She]...

They want their LR&C

By popular demand, KCRW is moving the replay of Left, Right & Center back to Friday evenings at 7 pm. The politics talk show starring Matt Miller, Robert Scheer, Arianna...

El Cucuy de la New Yorker

Dan Baum goes along for the ride with L.A.'s star Spanish-language radio deejay, Renn Almendrez Coello, for last week's New Yorker (with audio at the magazine's website.) Almendrezs morning show,...

Dead air

An LA Observed reader emails that KNX 1070 was off the air for about ten minutes this morning, starting at 7:15. Technical difficulties was the explanation when the station came...

NPR's Marimow experiment over

Bill Marimow had been the editor of the Baltimore Sun and in 2004 was brought in to head National Public Radio's news operation, with the idea that he would give...

Rod Bernsen arrested

Former Fox 11 reporter and KFI fill-in host (as well as retired LAPD sergeant) Rod Bernsen will be charged in federal court Tuesday in connection with "an investigation into alleged...

Tavis is everywhere

"Being a TV host is the least of what I do," the Crenshaw district-based media force tells Patrick Goldstein in Sunday's LAT Calendar. The smooth-talking 42-year-old journalist and social activist...

Add 'News and Notes'

Along with the changes made by NPR at "News and Notes" reported here yesterday, Nicole Childers becomes Executive Producer and the show takes on more of a multimedia flavor. Memo...

Changes at NPR's 'News & Notes'

Expect an announcement later today that the ratings-challenged News & Notes, produced at NPR West in Culver City, will survive for now. Sources say, however, that New York-based host Ed...

Great balls of fire (* update)

There'll be a whole lotta shakin' going on Thursday morning when Jerry Lee Lewis drops in on the KCRW studios. I'm told he will be the guest of Nic Harcourt...

Cutting to his personal chase (* update)

SoCal talk radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt's message and worldview can almost always be reduced to a simple statement: Republicans good, Democrats bad. On yesterday's nationally syndicated show, he...

Free music at a price

Celia Hirschman, KCRW's resident music industry expert, doesn't like yesterday's deal between SprialFrog and Universal Music for ostensibly free downloads. At first glance, the SpiralFrog deal seemed like a huge...

Gems in the weekend radio desert

Martin Miller in the LAT's Calendar Weekend section says that radio offerings on Saturday and Sunday used to be richer, but he found some programming he likes. On his list...

They heard the news today, oh boy *

"Breakfast with the Beatles," radio's longest-running Beatles show at more than twenty years, will air on 97.1 KLXS for the last time the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Host Chris...

John Rabe gets a show *

KPCC will debut "Off-Ramp" Saturday at noon and run it biweekly until October, when it goes weekly. John Rabe, a reporter at the station who is a veteran of public...

Bellman gets his say

This all began back on July 21 when longtime ACLU member Joel Bellman released an open letter to Ramona Ripston, head of the Southern California ACLU, protesting an award to...

Spanish-language radio gets newsy

KPCC's Adolfo Guzman Lopez surveyed the local radio en espaol scene today and finds news and talk on the rise, especially on the AM dial. Hunger for information about the...

Where's Kitty Felde?

Funny you should ask. The former NPR reporter and KPCC host is in Kenya with a delegation from St. Monica's Catholic Church in Santa Monica (home parish of the Schwarzenegger-Shrivers.)...

Douridas pleads no contest

The KCRW host returns to court August 15 to be sentenced on a cocaine possession charge, the only prosecution to come out of his June 6 arrest on suspicion of...

Curses, foiled again *

KCRW thought they had U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad all lined up to guest with Warren Olney on "To the Point" at 1 pm, but the station regrets to...

KPCC cuts 'Pacific' adrift

Pacific Drift hosted by Ben Adair has run on Sunday nights at KPCC for a year and a half. The final show aired last Sunday, a week after PD picked...

Douridas charged, but not what you think *

KCRW music host Chris Douridas will NOT be charged with kidnapping or a sex crime in connection with his arrest on suspicion of drugging a 14-year-old girl at Santa Monica's...

Connections help

On KPCC right now, Patt Morrison has on Times Washington bureau chief Doyle McManus talking about their paper's decision to run this story disclosing secret U.S. government tracking of banking...

Friday desk-clearing

Well I lied; my desk is anything but clear. Here are some final news notes from the day though. Have a good weekend: The Times replies to this morning's...

Hollywood meets the Prairie

This weekend's "Prairie Home Companion" on American Public Media was taped live last night at the Hollywood Bowl. Meryl Streep, John C. Reilly and Virginia Madsen make stage appearances, and...

A decade in Los Angeles

Blogger Michael Schneider has lived here for ten years now and over at Franklin Avenue he marvels at the changing cityscape. When I got here, no one was talking about...

Nice byline

If you had a character in your novel or screenplay who is a female journalist in multi-cultural, coastal SoCal, tell me you wouldn't want to call her Gidget Fuentes. But...

John & Ken vs. Tony & friends *

Updated below The on-air feud that erupted during Monday's march coverage between KFI shout hosts John & Ken and Fox-11's Tony Valdez is heating up behind the scenes (at least—I...

Good company or odd bedfellows?

What, you might ask, does Arianna Huffington have in common with George W. Bush, Pope Benedict, Hugo Chavez and Matt Drudge? They are all among Time magazine's "100 people whose...

Ask Chief Braddock

Speaking of mispronouncing City Hall names, I listened tonight to the audio stream of LAPD chief Bill Bratton taking calls on the "Ask the Chief" segment on this afternoon's Patt...

Friday desk-clearing

Light posting this weekend, but first... ♦ Michael Sonnenschein exits as co-editor of FishbowlLA. He bids farewell on the blog, and Claude Brodesser gives marching orders for the new regime....

Patt Morrison takes over at 2 pm

Just as I was posting the last item on KPCC, the station sent word that Times columnist Patt Morrison is the new host of "Talk of the City." Kitty Felde...

More Ellies nominees

In addition to the Los Angeles magazine profile by Jesse Katz, National Magazine Awards finalists of local note include three pieces of criticism on the subject of parenting that Sandra...

The Douridas question

People have been asking what ever happened with the arrest of KCRW's Chris Douridas. Monday's Los Angeles Times reports the DA hasn't decided whether to charge Douridas, pending the results...

Felde's new job

KPCC has named Kitty Felde a Special Correspondent: "In that new role, Felde will be responsible for in-depth reporting and special coverage of a wide variety of issues in southern...

KFWB promotions

Better late than never—here is the internal memo from KFWB News Director Andy Ludlum: From: Andy Ludlum Subject: Exciting News!!! I have some exciting'll see several of your colleagues...

Kitty signs off

During the opening of "Talk of the City" on KPCC at 2 pm, Kitty Felde urged listeners to stick around to the end: "As promised, we will have a very...

Kitty Felde out at KPCC

Tomorrow is the last Talk of the City on KPCC with Kitty Felde as the live host. She was removed by program director Craig Curtis and has been offered a...

Ken Starr takes to the air

On the eve of the scheduled San Quentin execution of convicted killer Michael Morales, his lawyer Kenneth Starr talks about the case with Warren Olney on Which Way, L.A.?. Tonight...

First thing Friday, 2.10.06

An exclusive on the new boss at "California Connected," a $15 million payday for three LAPD cops, Rocky's legal memo to the police commission and more Barry Munitz farewells—plus the...

Way back before Paris

John Stodder blogs about a time when Elliot Mintz flacked for John and Yoko, not Paris, and was one of the hip voices on the late, still-missed FM station KPPC....

NPR names a news head

Bill Marimow, the former editor of the Baltimore Sun and a protege of departed L.A. Times editor John Carroll, got the nod today as Vice President for News at National...

First thing Friday, 2.3.06

Jack Weiss makes his ambition more or less official, Anthony Pellicano comes back to town, the Ambassador gets a proper send-off, Channel 13 News adds a comic, more bad news...

Media matters *

Updated with new entries at the bottom ⇒ Copies of the first West magazine issue were seen at the Times' Travel Show over the weekend. The cover piece in the...

Handel offers to apologize—with strings

KFI morning host Bill Handel apparently offered on the air this morning to apologize for comments he made about the Council on American-Islamic Relations—but only if the group rejects terrorism,...

Interesting comparison

Mark Kroeker, who used to be a senior guy at the LAPD and was a contender for chief, said today on the Public Radio International program The World that Haiti's...

Filibuster on Wilshire

Here's one more thing you can't do on regular radio but can on pay radio. The Young Turks, which airs from here on Sirius Satellite Radio with hosts Cenk Uygur,...

Morning media tidbits

⇒ Three Los Angeles-based blogs—perennial number one Boing Boing, plus The Huffington Post and Crooks and Liars—are in Technorati's Top 10 based on link popularity. ⇒ Remember the USC cheerleader...

It's Golden Mikes time

The Radio & Television News Association of Southern California (RTNA) handed out the year's Golden Mike awards on Saturday night. Here's the full list. A small sampling of highlights: News...

KPCC twists in the wind *

High winds are taking a toll up on Mt. Wilson. KPCC was temporarily knocked off the air last night—and again this morning—by a transmitter outage. Also, at about 2 am...

Chick and Hilburn

City Controller Laura Chick is profiled on tonight's Life & Times on KCET at 6:30. Longtime LAT pop music editor and critic Robert Hilburn, who is stepping down this month,...

Pawel on KPFK

Miriam Pawel, the reporter on this week's L.A. Times' series on the United Farm Workers union, will be on KPFK's Deadline L.A. Saturday at noon at 90.7 FM. Barbara Osborn...

KNX's Ed Pyle to go *

A reader emails an internal memo sent this morning by David G. Hall, head of the Infinity AM stations in Los Angeles: "After 45 years in this business, starting at...

Friday media mix *

Newest adds at the bottom... ⇒ KNX 1070 reporter Michael Linder's website details his background as a KTLA reporter, creator of "America's Most Wanted" and "The Jesse Jackson Show" and...

Wednesday mishmash

⇒ Only in L.A. quote of the day: "Just 2,200 square feet—it's practically an apartment" — Screenwriter Naomi Foner, mother of Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal, complaining in the LAT that...

Shots fired outside Tookie's funeral

Neither the L.A. Times nor the Daily News mentioned the gang tensions at Tookie Williams' funeral yesterday, but KPCC's Frank Stoltze did. His report included audio of some arguing between...

The FBI's John Lennon files

UC Irvine historian Jon Wiener has been suing the government under the Freedom of Information Act since 1983 for complete access to the voluminous John Lennon FBI files. J. Edgar...

L.A. countdowns is marking off the shows that Howard Stern has left on 97.1 FM—that would be fifteen, including today's. The charmingly noir 1947Project is counting down to the January 15...

To quell a rumor

Robert Scheer will not be heard on today's Left, Right & Center on KCRW. But ScheerNation shouldn't get all protesty and throw up a picket line on Pico. He is...

Scheer out as of December

Here's an update to my exclusive post last Friday on the end of Robert Scheer's column on the L.A. Times op-ed page: He went on KPCC's "Airtalk with Larry Mantle"...

KPCC bound

I forgot to include this in the morning roundup: I'll be on KPCC with Kitty Felde this afternoon at 2:30 to talk about Wilshire Boulevard: Grand Concourse of Los Angeles....

McCain likes Larry *

Sen. John McCain was on Airtalk with Larry Mantle (and John Rabe) during this morning's fund drive and was almost effusive in his praise for KPCC. Sure he was pitching...

Adam Carolla is official

Infinity Broadcasting said today that Adam Carolla will replace Howard Stern on FM 97.1 beginning January 3. Stern's last live show before he moves onto satellite radio will air Dec....

Nose to nose with Saddam

KPCC's Larry Mantle aired an interview this morning on "Airtalk" with Basam al-Hussaini, an Iraqi-American from San Dimas who confronted Saddam Hussein during a break at the first day of...

Jennifer is back

Jennifer York, KTLA's airborne reporter for thirteen years until 2004, has an honored place in the lore passed down to the new recruits around the spacious LAObserved suites. She...

First thing Monday, 10/10

Since Columbus Day is not one of our two dozen company-paid holidays here at LAObserved LLC...  ♦ The Supreme Court hears oral arguments this week in Garcetti v. Ceballos, the case...

First thing Friday, 10/7

 ♦ Mayor Villaraigosa nearly filled the Tom Bradley Room on the top of the City Hall tower with media there to hear him recite the accomplishments of his first 98 days...

Auletta on 'Airtalk'

Ken Auletta will be on KPCC to talk about his New Yorker piece on the Times and Tribune during the first hour of Larry Mantle's Airtalk today. The show comes...

KCRW drops 'Day to Day'

NPR's big L.A. produced news show will be axed from the lineup on powerhouse KCRW on Monday, Oct. 17, the station just confirmed. It's a blow to the pride of...

'Women who rock'

Some of the female voices who shaped L.A. music radio will be on hand at the Knitting Factory tonight to talk about the good old days and the scary new...

First thing Tuesday, 9/27

 ♦ St. Vincent's did a liver transplant on a Saudi national who was #52 on the waiting list, collecting $339,000 from the Saudi Arabian embassy and screwing a patient at UCLA...

Sam Fields, jazz DJ was 55

This is posted on the website at KJAZZ, the station at Long Beach State (88.1 FM): "We at KJAZZ were informed at noon on Friday, September 23, of the passing...

Brodesser breaking out *

The Business, which airs in about thirty minutes from now on KCRW (every Monday at 2:30 pm), is going national. It will be sent to affiliates of National Public Radio...

KCRW adds a pundit

Nick Madigan, who recently left a contract gig with the New York Times L.A. bureau to become the media reporter for the Baltimore Sun, will join the KCRW afternoon lineup...

Getaway afternoon shorts

   • More former press deputies in the Hahn administration have landed jobs. Elizabeth Kaltman is now the communications director for City Council member Wendy Greuel, and Sahar Moridani is director...

First thing Friday, 9/2

Some appetizers:    • Marc Cooper of the LA Weekly and the Nation will be the guest host on KCRW's Left, Right and Center, today at 2:30 and 7 p.m. It's his...

Rutten's take on talk radio

Tim Rutten's Saturday column in the LAT, nominally about the declining audience for Republican radio, posits that "While the political talk-show hosts and right-wing bloggers claim to have a quarrel...

Hacksaw cut back

News on the local sports talk scene. Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton, who moved to XTRA Sports (570 AM) when it subsumed what used to be the Tijuana-based "Mighty 690," has lost...

Killer King on KCRW

Tonight's Which Way, L.A.? with Warren Olney looks at the issues of race and class in the fight over King-Drew Medical Center. Elected county Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky and Yvonne Brathwaite...

Thursday shorts

• The last radio station to be located in Hollywood leaves Friday at 11:05 p.m., Bob Pool says in the LAT. • All the high-profile ankling from The Firm, the once-hot Hollywood...

Connections help

Rikki Klieman, the Court TV legal analyst and wife of LAPD chief William Bratton, is guest hosting for the vacationing Bill Handel on KFI this week. Her marquee guest on...

Learning curve

New L.A. councilman Bill Rosendahl from the Westside is interviewed by Howard Fine in this week's L.A. Business Journal. Rosendahl says that he has created an "Ambassadors Club" to tap...

Bookworm gets ink

Michael Silverblatt, the host of KCRW's weekly Bookworm, has been devoting the program to a ten-part series he calls "Escaping the Cage: Identity, Multiculturalism and Writing." In a piece in...

'Day to Day' turns 2

The NPR program produced in Culver City has been on the air two years today. Jeff Rogers is the show's third executive producer in that time, but the hosts are...

Quick looks ahead

• Mayor Villaraigosa plans to announce his appointments to the airport commission Monday morning. They will be introduced at a photo op at Lincoln and Sepulveda—good for visuals, not so much...

Howard names a successor

Howard Stern said on the air Monday that his Los Angeles replacement on FM 97.1 will be comic Adam Carolla, but the people at Infinity Broadcasting, who would have to...

New show at KPCC

"Past Sunset" will air from 7 to 9 p.m. on a pilot basis weeknights from July 25 through August 5. David Cruz of NBC4 will be the host. Here's what...

Bernsen lands at KFI

Rod Bernsen, the ex-LAPD cop who reported for FOX 11 News until last year, is handling fill-in talk host duties on KFI (640 AM). He sits in for John Ziegler...

Pod happy

KCRW says their daily podcast traffic jumped tenfold to 100,000 when Apple released the new iTunes on Tuesday. The latest version of iTunes lets users easily subscribe to podcasts. Unique...

Krikorian off the air

Long Beach Press-Telegram columnist Doug Krikorian has been doing sports talk on L.A. radio since 1992. On Monday, he got the axe at KSPN (710 AM). His radio partner, Joe...

Monday shorts

Mondays are always so busy... • This news won't help the layoff jitters sweeping the LAT's newsrooms this week. Tribune Company stock was downgraded Monday to "neutral" from "buy" by brokerage...

Brown leaves 'Marketplace'

David Brown is stepping down as host of American Public Media'a Marketplace, the daily business and finance show produced here in L.A. Brown says, "I am very excited about starting...

Kurtz chats with Stephanie Miller

Howard Kurtz's column this week in the Washington Post visits with Stephanie Miller, the L.A.-based host for Air America, the talk radio-for-liberals service. As recently as 2000, Miller hosted a...

Weekend shorties

An evolving post, with the newest items at the bottom: • If true, this will open up some movement in local politics. According to email from a senior staffer at City...

Media and blog shorts *

• Bob Hertzberg, chairman of the Villaraigosa transition team, will be on KPCC's Talk of the City Friday at 2 p.m. with guest host Jon Beaupre. • Mayor-elect Villaraigosa has signed on...

Ziegler off the hook

A jury in Louisville sided with KFI evening talk guy John Ziegler, ruling that a former TV anchor who he dated then told tales about on the air did not...

Wednesday shorts *

• Longtime Channel 7 weatherman Johnny Mountain joins the rival Channel 2 news on May 8. He will work the news at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. He left KABC in...

Weekend shorts *

New items added at the bottom • Dawson's Books, the oldest bookseller in Los Angeles, celebrates its 100th anniversary this month with an exhibit at the store and Michael Dawson Gallery...

'Investigative comedian'

That's the term used for KCRW's Harry Shearer by Lloyd Grove in today's New York Daily News. He says that on last weekend's "Le Show," Shearer played an audio tape...

Morning media notes *

It's Pulitzer showdown day between the Times and OC Register: both have series up for the Public Service medal. The prizes start posting at noon L.A. time. Also: Some new,...

Media notes

Catching up with some reading and email after a slow online day: • Venice gets the 36 Hours treatment in Friday's NYT Escapes. Janelle Brown has the gig and visits the...

LAT Magazine moves

You might remember we told you on Feb. 14 that Rick Wartzman will be the new editor of a relaunched Times magazine. He's more than a month from taking over,...

Ex libris hizzoner **

David Kipen of the San Francisco Chronicle, "Day to Day" and KCRW asked each of the Big 5 candidates for mayor to name their favorite book and also recommend one...

'Le Show' on demand

KCRW has added Harry Shearer's Le Show to the list of programs that are available as podcasts. (Here's my Feb. 23 post announcing the move to podcasting.) So if you're...

KNX & KFWB to stream on the net

Starting March 14, Infinity Broadcasting will make available streaming audio of 11 news and talk radio stations. In addition to KNX (AM 1070) and KFWB (AM 980) here, 1010 WINS...

Indie 103.1: "nothing will change" *

Local blogs and the Times have been running with speculation that FM Indie music station 103.1 will die once its relationship with Clear Channel ends on April 1. got... back on the air

Don Barrett's pay site that follows Los Angeles radio has recovered from its system crash. The first email published Thurday is from Charlie Cook: "As long as you are unable...

KCRW embraces podcasting *

Starting March 1, much of KCRW's original programming will be available as podcasts. From the release: Podcasting, a growing grassroots phenomenon thats captured much media attention in the past month,... didn't back up...

And now the site is down, possibly all week, following a total hard drive crash. Don Barrett draws every day on his rich archive of Los Angeles radio facts and...

KCSN comes over the hill

The public radio station at Cal State Northridge is difficult to tune in outside the Valley, but it has fired up a new transmitter beaming toward the city in a...

Hendrie yanked early

In the first segment of his final show on KFI, Phil Hendrie apparently had too much fun at the expense of his replacement starting today, John Ziegler. The rest of...

Phil Hendrie off KFI

The most creative showman in local AM talk is moving to the new all-sports XTRA at AM 570—where his 7-10 p.m. spoof-within-a-talk-show will be delayed several hours on Lakers game...

Weekend shorts *

Updated through the weekend Lesbian chic: Screenwriter and "L Word" creator Ilene Chaiken is profiled in Sunday's NYT Arts section. "In 1999, after writing a magazine article about same-sex couples...

Blankley tells his side *

Tony Blankley, who we revealed on Jan. 25 is the new Mr. Right on KCRW's "Left, Right & Center" talk show, explains in today's Times why he took the challenge...

Quick notes

Finishing off Monday's queue and looking into Tuesday: • LA.comfidential takes a look at the pro-Bush, anti-Hollywood billboards that Citizens United is buying near the Kodak Theatre in time for the...

Golden Mikes

Members of the Radio & Television News Association of Southern California dined last night in Universal City and handed out this year's Golden Mike awards. Best news broadcast honors went...

KNX going to Vietnam

Anchor Dave Zorn (Marines) and assistant news director Ronnie Bradford (Army) both arrived in South Vietnam in 1965 and saw action. They are going back together next month at the...

KPCC to launch 'Pacific Drift'

Sunday night at 9, KPCC begins a new hour-long weekly arts and culture program. "Pacific Drift" is created, produced and hosted by Benjamin Adair, who had produced The Savvy Traveler...

Choosing Mr. Right

KCRW has decided on Tony Blankley, editorial page editor of the Washington Times and former Newt Gingrich press secretary, to hold the conservative seat on Left, Right & Center. They...

Air America returns

Oops, forgot to click the "publish" tab on this one. Air America, the liberal radio network, returns to the air in Los Angeles on Feb. 3. Its hosts will be...

Sandra Bullock steps up

The actress donated $1 million to the American Red Cross for tsunami relief efforts in Asia and Africa. She had previously sent a million to the Red Cross after the...

Catfight at Channel 7 *

On her blog, radio personality and voice actor April Winchell has posted an MP3 file of an on-air tiff (audio she wants you to listen to it from her blog,...

26 miles across the sea

KPCC's Kitty Felde is taking Talk of the City over to Catalina today for a live broadcast. One of the topics will be the coming roundup of 100 island buffalo...

Wednesday notes *

* Updated with newest posts at the bottom • The February issue of Hustler will carry the story by Michael Collins and Mark Cromer that liberal critics of Rep. David Dreier...

NPR makes it official

The good news for Renee Montagne is that, as of today, she is no longer the interim co-host of NPR's Morning Edition. She and Steve Inskeep were announced Saturday as...

Looking for Mr. Right

KCRW tried another conservative on today's Left, Right & Center: Michael Murphy, Republican media consultant for John McCain and others and adviser to Gov. Schwarzenegger. His agency for speaking engagements...

Blume on Sunday

Given recent events in the LA Weekly newsroom, this is interesting: fired Weekly writer Howard Blume will sit in for regular Deadline L.A. host Barbara Osborn this Sunday on KPFK...

Pacifica marathon

KPFK and the nation's other Pacifica stations are preempting normal programming on Thursday to raise money for preserving the Pacifica radio archives. From 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., KPFK will...

Notes for a Monday

• Milton Bradley did it again. The volatile Dodgers outfielder was cited for disorderly conduct after allegedly interfering with a police traffic stop near Akron, Ohio. The winter baseball meetings are...

Exit Tavis Smiley *

The Los Angeles-based radio and TV host announced today that he's dropping his nightly NPR show aimed at African Americans. In an email to NPR stations posted at Romenesko, Smiley...

Arnold's anniversary

A year since Gov. Schwarzenegger took over in Sacramento, KPCC's road-traveling talk host, Kitty Felde, takes Talk of the City to the capital on Friday from 2 to 3 p.m....

Monday notes *

• Remember that MVP buzz around the Dodgers' Adrian Beltre? Didn't happen. The amazing Barry Bonds won his seventh trophy (no one else has more than three) and became the oldest...

Hahn hits the airwaves **

Mayor Jim Hahn is wasting no time swinging into campaign mode. He spoke up for expanding the LAPD on Warren Olney's Which Way, L.A.? Monday (audio here). On Tuesday he's...

Jake Jacoby, reporter was 89

The LAPD press room at Parker Center is named for Norman "Jake" Jacoby, who reported on the cop beat from 1935 to 1991 for City News Service, the Los Angeles...

Today on non-shout radio

It turns out that, despite his group photo with the rest of the gang, Byron York is not the new conservative on Left, Right and Center. KCRW is still seeking...

Byron York may be on KCRW *

It appears that KCRW's Left, Right and Center has quietly added Byron York, White House correspondent for the National Review and author of next year's The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy,...

KFI newsman retires *

Ken Gallacher, a 20-year KFI guy who does the news during the morning show with Bill Handel, is retiring from the station at the end of the month, says

Ross Porter's end may be near *

KSPN-AM reports that the Dodgers could announce Ross Porter's disinvitation from the broadcast booth as early as Friday, the same day he begins co-hosting a sports talk show on the...

Thursday on KPCC

The Pasadena NPR station manages to work alot of journalists into the week's news programming. Today at 10:30 a.m., during Larry Mantle's Airtalk, the subject will be Orange County. Guests...

Clifford May out at LR&C *

After last week's tension, Clifford May is not on today's "Left, Right and Center" on KCRW, and no explanation was given on the air. The show website mentions that regular...

Patt Morrison goes PM

KPCC is giving Times op-ed columnist (and regular station fill-in) Patt Morrison a two-week run with her own talk show at 7 p.m. "PM with Patt Morrison" will air for...

Media get to park at City Hall

The Radio and TV News Association and councilman Dennis Zine have negotiated 20 parking spaces for media vehicles around City Hall and Parker Center. RTNA president Steve Kindred tells

Tension at LR&C

I only caught the end of their exchange on Friday, but it didn't sound like the new guy on KCRW's "Left, Right and Center" panel was playing nice with station...

Howard Stern meant it

He's been threatening to move off plain old on-air radio to escape the FCC's crackdown, and today Howard Stern confirmed that he'll take his show to Sirius Satellite Radio in...

KCRW gets a new 'Right'

The Right seat on KCRW's Left, Right and Center is a hard spot to keep filled. Newest to try, starting with this Friday's show, will be Clifford May, president of...

Author time

Dennis Ross, the Middle East peace negotiator whose new book is The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace guests on the first hour of...

Sy Hersh on KCRW *

Seymour Hersh chats about his book Chain of Command with Lawrence O'Donnell on The Politics of Culture Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. on KCRW (89.9 FM or live on the web)....

New radio station

At noon today, the Spanish-language music station at 93.5 FM flipped over to hip-hop, proclaiming itself the successor to the late KDAY, the first stop for hip-hop on L.A. airwaves....

Rather and Carroll

Talk radio ideologue Hugh Hewitt has a long blog piece seeking to compare the controversy over Dan Rather's probably fake documents about George W. Bush to that anti-Fox speech given...

Ken Minyard to retire *

KABC's morning talk show anchor has been doing L.A. radio for 35 years. He announced on the air yesterday that he will leave the station Oct. 15, quipping: "It's been...

Media notes

KCRW is moving Marc Porter Zasada's weekly commentary "The Urban Man" from Sunday (the old Sandra Tsing Loh slot) to Monday at 6:44 p.m., the slot currently filled by Ricky...

Labor Day shorts

Updated all weekend, newest at top    • In the Hat: The website that tracks Mexican Mafia killings is unhappy with the media, especially the Times.    • James O. Page: The former L.A....

More talk radio 'genius'

The Times' sports columnist-provocateur T.J. Simers notes today that Scott Kaplan, who co-hosts the morning sports talk on AM 1090, said of the teenager who accused Kobe Bryant: "This girl...

Send more swag

Hollywood producer Rob Long is in New York to do up the RNC alongside Warren Olney at KCRW — the station's Republican analogue to Harry Shearer, who went to Boston....

On location in New York

After a night of parties, the Republicans get going today in New York. KCRW's Warren Olney goes on the air from the convention at 1 p.m. with "To The Point"...

Playing catch up

Some things to note from while I was gone:    • Larry McCormick: The co-anchor of the KTLA "News at Ten Weekend Edition" began at channel 5 as a weatherman in 1971....

Sunday shorts

   • They're out there: George Noory sends "Coast to Coast AM" into the overnight air from a studio on Ventura Blvd. (LAT Mag)    • Business as usual: Mayoral candidates still raising money...

Friday media shorts *

New entries added at end    • Former LAT publisher David Laventhol is writing the history of Times Mirror for Public Affairs. The company's former chief exec, his working title is A...

New stunt from "John and Ken"

KFI's "John and Ken Show" is holding five local Republican members of Congress hostage in a fashion over illegal immigration. The talk show hosts are mobilizing their large-for-radio audience to...

Green card TV

The headline is from Franklin Avenue, the blog by Michael Schneider and Maria Villar that is having a good week. Their top item today is about this morning's L.A. Times...

Thinking ahead to NYC

One of the best things about Boston so far is that Harry Shearer has gotten to reprise his Bill Clinton voice alongside Warren Olney on KCRW. For the Republican convention,...

ManfromTroy with a blog

While local blogger BoifromTroy enjoys his stint as the guest Wonkette, the starting quarterback for his favorite football team has begun to blog. Matt Leinart's website reports on media day...

Bob Edwards drops the other shoe *

The ex-host of "Morning Edition" is leaving NPR to do a morning program on the XM Satellite Radio system, according to NPR. Edwards hasn't confirmed or denied it. An earlier...

Those rumors about Slate

Yes, Microsoft is talking about selling the online magazine to the Washington Post, the New York Times or a handful of other potential buyers, the Post's Howard Kurtz reports. Microsoft...

Convention planning

Both of the big NPR stations in L.A. are going into the field for next week's Democratic convention. At KCRW, Warren Olney will broadcast "To The Point" live from Boston...

Michael (the other) Jackson lands at KNX

The staff at KNX Newsradio just received this email: MICHAEL JACKSON RETURNS TO L.A. RADIO TO PRESENT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS ON KNX 1070 (Los Angeles, CA July 16, 2004) Michael Jackson,...

Dated shorts

Tuesday's "Politics of Culture" show on KCRW is devoted to Isaac Bashevis Singer, who would have been 100 on July 14. Ruth Seymour will discuss Singer's writing and life with...

Bruce leaves KCET

Philip Bruce, news director at Channel 28's "Life and Times" program, takes over as supervising editor for California at NPR West, the Culver City operation of National Public Radio. He...

Sunday on 'Deadline L.A.'

Host Barbara Osborn talks to Douglas McCollum of the Columbia Journalism Review about how "the Iraqi National Congress hoodwinked the American press" with the stories of defectors. McCollum spoke with...

Bloggers and politics *

KCRW is turning over tomorrow's "Politics of Culture" program to Slate blogger Mickey Kaus, who will talk about "politics, the Internet and blogs" with Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds, Wonkette's Ana Marie...

Remember Lance Orozco?

The Times has a story out of Ventura County today on Lance Orozco, the news director (and only reporter) at KCLU-FM (88.3) who was named one of the L.A. Press...

Crying time **

National Public Radio will send out a feed from the Ray Charles funeral tomorrow at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church on South Harvard Boulevard. KCRW will air the service...

And in bigger NPR news...

Romenesko has NPR's press release (dated tomorrow) on plans to hire 45 new reporters, editors and producers in three years, a 15% increase. There will be more foreign bureaus, more...

New Exec Producer at 'Day to Day'

Having a National Public Radio studio in Los Angeles (well, Culver City) and "Day to Day" produced here has raised California's profile on NPR immensely. L.A. writers, commentators and stories...

OC writer on 'Day to Day'

Gustavo Arellano of OC Weekly delivered a commentary on today's NPR show "Day to Day," saying that despite the scandals that have hurt the Roman Catholic Church in recent years,...

The face of Phil Hendrie

Paul Cullum in the LA Weekly is the latest writer to seek to explain Phil Hendrie, the KFI talk host who relies more than most AM talkers on his callers...

Buzz for Indie 103.1

Franklin Avenue notes that Rolling Stone has a story this issue on Santa Monica-based FM station Indie 103.1 and calls it "America's coolest commercial station." "It's a little band of...

'American Taliban' *

| 41 Comments | 1 TrackBack
The controversy over the ACLU pressuring Los Angeles County to remove a small cross from the official county seal (which was designed by the father of Mayor Jim Hahn) is...

Elvis won't be in the building*

Peter Rainer, the New York magazine (and ex-L.A. Times) film critic — and regular on KPCC's "Film Week" — will be the guest host for Elvis Mitchell on "The Treatment"...

Sunday on "Deadline L.A."*

Greg Mitchell, the editor of Editor & Publisher, will be the guest on "Deadline L.A." on Sunday at 1 p.m. (KPFK, 90.7 FM) to discuss with Barbara Osborn the four...

Other KCRW changes

Besides the addition of Rob Long, reported earlier today, KCRW's new program grid makes room for what the station calls the first broadcast show devoted to obituaries. "Final Curtain" preempts...

Rob Long joins KCRW lineup

The forthcoming KCRW program guide will show writer/producer Rob Long with a new slot in the commentary lineup during "All Things Considered." His four-minute spot on Hollywood to be called...

Just when you thought it was safe...

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That spat between Sandra Tsing Loh and KCRW boss Ruth Seymour from a couple of months ago is back on the media radar, in the form of a piece by...

Air America blew it

Media blogger Jeff Jarvis on the botched opportunity that was Air America: It's too damned bad that Air America came out in the hands of such incompetents. We do need...

Air America closes L.A. office

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With no station here to sell ads for, there's no reason to keep a presence, Radio&Records reports. The trade reported yesterday that the staff in L.A. had not been paid....

Dueling for Bob Edwards

Bob Edwards continues to seem more celebrated in his ex-host phase than when he was at the mike for NPR's "Morning Edition." He'll be in town this weekend to push...

Flu$h time$ at NPR

There must have been some smiling faces around the National Public Radio studios in Culver City when the memo from COO Ken Stern arrived. Regular staffers are getting a one-time...

KCRW to air Gen. Taguba

Tuesday's Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the abuses at Abu Ghraib will be aired live on KCRW starting at 6:30 a.m. Gen. Antonio Taguba, who wrote the Pentagon report...

OK, this is just getting sad

Air America Radio's chairman Evan Cohen isn't talking big plans any more. In fact, he quit today, along with his vice chairman and investment partner Rex Sorensen. The network also...

Edwards: It was time

| 1 Comment
Now that he's off "Morning Edition," NPR's Bob Edwards tells Terry Gross on today's "Fresh Air" that on balance he's happy they "pried" him out of the host's chair after...

Ciao, Bob

| 1 Comment
Today is Bob Edwards' final day as the host of "Morning Edition" on NPR after 24 years. L.A. Times radio reporter Steve Carney weighs in. His final days have been...

This can't be good

Air America Radio CEO Mark Walsh said Monday he has left the liberal radio network. The Chicago Tribune, which seems to be covering the Air America experiment more closely than...

Stations on the move

The L.A. Business Journal reports (subscribers only) that five of Infinity's seven local radio stations will be moving to the former E! Entertainment (originally California Federal) tower on the Miracle...

Iraq war debate on KCRW

From 2 to 4 p.m. today, the station will air the war debate that occured yesterday at the Times Festival of Books between Robert Scheer, Christopher Hitchens, Mark Danner and...

Still angry after all these years

Radio artist and playwright Joe Frank teamed up with Sandra Tsing Loh in an anti-Ruth Seymour stage performance back on April 9, and he vents on his website about his...

Barbie meets Kitty

Today on KPCC's "Talk of the City," Kitty Felde will have on ABC's Cokie Roberts and Greg LaVoi, the author of Barbie Loves L.A.: America's Favorite Doll Sees the Sites....

Amy Goodman does L.A.

The strident host of Pacifica Radio's "Democracy Now" show brings her book tour to Wilshire Boulevard tonight, but first the Times' Greg Braxton weighs in with a Calendar section (meaning...

Air America won't be back at 1580*

It's official: the liberal radio network of Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo and Marty Kaplan won't return to KBLA. Air America announced today that it's in talks to get back on...

Rosenberg is back, sort of

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Retired L.A. Times TV critic Howard Rosenberg appears in today's Broadcasting and Cable with the first of what will be a recurring guest column on the editorials page. Today's topic:...

Franken still not on L.A. air

Here it is Monday morning and Air America's old spot at AM 1580 is still being filled by Spanish-language news and talk. The liberal radio network's website offers no clues...

Air America standoff *

It doesn't look like the business dispute keeping the liberal radio network off the air in Southern California and Chicago is going away. Air America's brass continues to insist the...

Air America off the air here *

The liberal talk network bounced a big check and owes more than $1 million to its radio outlets in Los Angeles and Chicago. KBLA, the dim-watted outlet Air America rented...

Awards to LAT, KPCC

The 2003 Sigma Delta Chi Awards for Excellence in Journalism, from the Society of Professional Journalists, include prizes for the L.A. Times and Ilsa Setziol of KPCC (89.3 FM). She...

Spalding Gray on KCRW

A tribute to Spalding Gray will air on KCRW (89.9 FM) on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. The half-hour special by independent producer Jon Kalish features excerpts of interviews he did...

Becnel on 'Deadline L.A.' *

Barbara Becnel, the journalist who has reported on and collaborated with Crips founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams, is the guest this Sunday on Barbara Osborn's "Deadline L.A." media show on KPFK...

Kaplan defines indecency

| 2 Comments | 1 TrackBack
The "One Question" feature at I Want Media asked Marty Kaplan of Air America and the USC Annenberg School to define "broadcast indecency." His answer: "Indecency is the right wing...

Liberal radio not there yet

| 1 TrackBack
The LA Weekly's John Powers gives Air America a try and says liberal talk radio has some growing pains to get through. Air America has a long way to go....

Talkers gather to, well, talk

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Thursday night on California Connected (KCET, 10 p.m.), host Lisa McRee will guide a discussion about talk radio among John Kobylt of KFI's "John and Ken" show, Marc Cooper of...

KCRW to go live with Condi

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National security advisor Condoleeza Rice's testimony before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States will be aired live Thursday morning on KCRW (89.9 FM). The coverage anchored...

Adieu, 'Savvy Traveler' *

The Los Angeles-based show from Minnesota Public Radio aired for the final time today. Host Diana Nyad announced on the air (on KPCC) that "The Savvy Traveler" could not survive...

NY Observer does Sandra

Alexandra Jacobs summarizes the recent Sandra Tsing Loh dustup in her "Palmy Days" column. The only factoid I recognized as new is that KPCC will pay Loh $175 a week...

Bore America

Lonewacko is looking for co-bloggers for a new project: "We occasionally listen to Air America so you don't ever have to."...

'Morning Edition' host may be in L.A.

One of the changes under consideration by NPR to replace Bob Edwards, the longtime host of the cornerstone news show "Morning Edition" who was dumped last week, is to put...

Boomer's lament

| 8 Comments | 1 TrackBack
Former network news anchor and reporter Linda Ellerbee writes on the LAT op-ed page that NPR's removal of Bob Edwards after 25 years is more misguided broadcaster bias against aging....

No more news at KKJZ reports today that KKJZ, the Long Beach jazz station at 88.1 FM, has dumped its entire five-person news staff. The station will instead air music-related "news notes" and pick...

More Loh down

Numerous updates have been posted to yesterday's entry on the KCRW-Sandra Tsing Loh (now KPCC) situation. Go there....

Another Loh shoe drops *

| 25 Comments | 3 TrackBacks
And you thought the Sandra Tsing Loh episode was fading away. KCRW General Manager Ruth Seymour has apparently had enough of being bashed by Loh over their much-publicized split. Seymour...

The other Loh shoe...

Sandra Tsing Loh is taking her axed KCRW commentary across town to rival NPR outlet KPCC. She'll be doing a weekly gig starting in June. Everyone's happy in today's press...

The other Michael Jackson

Al Martinez' column (subscribers only) in the L.A. Times Calendar section Monday visits with the other Michael Jackson, the longtime local radio host who has been off the air for...

KPCC voice returns

Steve Julian had been the NPR's station's local host during "Morning Edition" until leaving in January for Chicago. But he's coming back to his old slot on Monday, says

Designated hitter

Cathy Seipp goes to bat for Sandra Tsing Loh in her fight with KCRW one more time in today's CityBeat. The problem at KCRW wasnt really that Big Brother was...

Greater meaning to Loh affair?

NPR Ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin thinks that KCRW's firing and reinstatement of Sandra Tsing Loh -- and her decision to reject the offer -- raises larger issues for the network. He...

KCRW tweaks lineup

Ricky Jay and San Francisco Chronicle book critic David Kipen are among the additions coming to the local commentary slots during NPR's afternoon "All Things Considered." Starting in April, the...

KCRW's email to listeners

Following yesterday's release of her joint statement with Sandra Tsing Loh, KCRW general manager Ruth Seymour sent a missive to the station's email list: Dear Concerned Listener: [Joint statement omitted]...

KCRW backs off Loh's firing! *

She won't return to the air, but the radio station and Sandra Tsing Loh issue a joint statement: KCRW RESCINDS DISMISSAL OF SANDRA TSING LOH SANTA MONICA, March 15, 2004...

More Loh down*

Backlash continues from KCRW's dismissal of Sandra Tsing Loh. The hometown Santa Monica Mirror's editorial this week, titled "Loh Blow," blasts the station and general manager Ruth Seymour. Like almost...

Et tu, KPCC?

The Pasadena public radio station yanked the series "The Plays the Thing" from its lineup because of a couple of banned words spoken during a Feb. 7 rebroadcast of the...

Kaplan on at Air America Radio

The program schedule for the liberal talk show net that takes off March 31 is out, and as reported in December, USC's Martin Kaplan is on it. "So What Else...

Meanwhile, at KCRW...

Variety's Claude Brodesser discusses the hot movie of the moment, The Passion of the Christ, on The Politics of Culture, Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. Tonight on Life & Times (KCET-TV,...

Loh ho ho*

Those following the end of Sandra Tsing Loh's six-year run as a KCRW commentator may want to tune in Marketplace this afternoon. Cathy Seipp says that Loh (who also comments...

Chatting with Aristide

| 1 Comment
The Pacifica Radio show "Democracy Now!" phoned up the exiled Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide this morning in the Central African Republic. The show re-airs between 9 and 10 a.m. on...

Rush and Sandra, together

On the L.A. Times op-ed page Sunday, Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Tsing Loh both expound on the radio decency issue. You'll know which is which: So are we now going...

'Loh Life' axed by KCRW*

Sandra Tsing Loh's Sunday morning commentary "The Loh Life" has been taken off the KCRW air, apparently over her use of a bad word. [See updates at end of post.]...

Emmis goes clean

| 1 Comment
Emmis Communications, which owns top L.A. radio station Power 106 (as well as Los Angeles magazine), has joined Clear Channel in banning on-air indecency. Says an exec in the Indianapolis...

Uproar at 101.9

There was a big to-do in Spanish-language radio on Friday, say and La Opinin (in Spanish but free). "El Cucuy," the afternoon DJ on KCSA whose billboards are all...

Now batting for the right...

John O'Sullivan joins KCRW's Friday afternoon show "Left, Right and Center" as the regular in the right seat. He is Editor-in-Chief of The National Interest, senior fellow at the Nixon...

Rick Dees done with mornings

The long-time personality did his final KIIS-FM morning show today and read a statement saying "it has been decided" that he give up the slot. On the air he explained...

We join the Dees hype

Rick Dees has vowed to make a "life-changing" announcement tomorrow on his morning show on KIIS-FM (102.7). He's been in intense negotiations with Clear Channel over a new contract.'s...

Sunday on "Deadline L.A."

Coverage of California prisons, with L.A. Times reporters Jenifer Warren and Mark Arax. Sunday from 1 to 1:30 p.m., KPFK (90.7 FM)....

Dodger blogger meets Olney

Jon Weisman, who writes the Dodger Thoughts blog, will be a guest on "Which Way L.A.?" with Warren Olney tonight at 7 p.m. on KCRW (89.9 FM). The topic: Frank...

Larry Elder goes TV

The KABC radio talk host has a deal for a show to run on CBS or UPN in the fall, the Hollywood Reporter says. Elder's site....

In radio highlights...

Today on Day to Day (KPCC 9 a.m., KCRW noon), Xeni Jardin profiles a guy who's a little tech crazy -- he has 11 video screens in his SUV. On...

Kerry and Bones

"Democracy Now," the national show hosted by activist Amy Goodman that airs mornings on Pacifica Radio's KPFK, fixated yesterday on John Kerry and George Bush both being members of Yale's...

Checking out Indie 103

Kate Sullivan in the LA Weekly likes what is happening at 103.1 on the FM dial. I haven't listened to the new Indie 103, but a couple of e-mail correspondents...

Wednesday in L.A.

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On the air: Day to Day, KPCC 9 a.m./KCRW noon - President Bush's proposal to change immigration laws. Fresh Air, KPCC 1 & 7 p.m. - David Cay Johnston, New...

In radio news..

| 2 Comments | 1 TrackBack
Items: * reports that KNX 1070, which axed the nightly Drama Hour saying it wanted to concentrate on news, has raided KFI for non-news weekend programming. The station has...

Freelancers' lament

L.A. radio freelancer Emmanuelle Richard makes her living feeding the hunger of French stations for breaking news from here. So it's a bummer professionally speaking for her to be home...

KFI adds a talker

John Ziegler will come to Los Angeles in January and work the 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. shift "live and local," as they say, reports LA Ziegler was recently...

More of 'The Reagans'

After Showtime ran the much-debated docudrama on the Reagans, the network followed it with a televised discussion among historians, biographers, and others. Today at 2:30 p.m., KCRW is re-running the...

Paging KLXS

From Don Barrett's members-only today:Who Goofed, I've Got to Know? KLSX runs the Howard Stern Show live from WXRK-New York beginning at 3 a.m. and then starts the show...

Quid pro vinum?

| 1 Comment
Hugh Hewitt collected his prize this week for being an early and vocal adopter of the Schwarzenegger campaign -- the governor came on his radio show (KRLA AM 870, 3-5...

John & Ken & Arnold

They were all together Thursday at Galpin Ford in the Valley, rallying the troops. The KFI team led the charge, but it was Galpin boss Bert Boeckmann who had to...

KPFK airs the past

KPFK (90.7 FM) is devoting all day today to a Pacifica-wide marathon airing of audio tapes from the network's half-century of radio archives. It starts at 4 a.m. with an...

Radio drama lives on

Good news for all of those Drama Hour fans who keep adding comments to the KNX post from Nov. 3. Don Barrett's LA reports that starting tonight, KSUR (AM...

| 1 Comment
A listener upset with KNX 1070's cancellation of the nightly Drama Hour has launched KNX Revolt!, hoping to put pressure on advertisers. Comments continue to come in at our original...

Big Macs for everybody

Joan Kroc, widow of the McDonald's founder, left almost $200 million to National Public Radio. She listened to KPBS in San Diego before she died last month. "No one saw...

They want their radio dramas

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Don Barrett at LA says the response he's hearing to KNX dropping the Drama Hour "has been swift and mostly negative." He calls it "Post-Dramatic Shock Syndrome." Skeptical observers...

KNX drops radio drama

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KNX 1070 has been airing nightly dramas for three decades, but the run ended Friday night with "War of the Worlds," LA reports. The "all news" station is going...


Michael at Franklin Avenue compares and contrasts the fire coverage at KPCC, which has invested in a local news operation, with KCRW, which has gone in other directions. Warren Olney,...

Screeners get The Treatment

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Elvis Mitchell pulls together a pretty decent panel to talk about the screeners issue on The Treatment this Wednesday, 2:30 p.m. on KCRW (89.9). Says the KCRW release: New York...

KFI loses a listener

Garrison at The Aesthetic writes: Alright, that's it. Now that we're spending more time in the car, we've found ourselves listening to no small amount of AM talk radio, even...

Bucks not flowing at KPFK

An internal source reports that KPFK's first big fundraising drive since the station made over the program lineup to please the lefties is not going well. The pledges aren't coming...

Montague is on the air

The Magnificent Montague and L.A. Times writer Bob Baker were on "Day to Day" Monday talking about their book on the early days of black radio in Los Angeles, Burn,...

About that talk radio wave...

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If I'm reading these ratings from correctly, the recall obsession wasn't good for KFI. The talk station's summer ratings were down slightly from the spring book, and down even...

More on screeners

Kim Masters, who seems to be everywhere these days, will host tomorrow's edition of KCRW's The Politics of Culture on the issues raised by the MPAA's ban on free DVDs....

Radio weekend

The subject on Deadline L.A. on Sunday (KPFK, 1 p.m.) is the coming grocery wars triggered by Wal-Mart's non-union move into town. The guest is Robert Greene, who wrote about...

Kim Masters joins NPR

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Kim Masters, the Esquire columnist and former Vanity Fair contributing editor, jumps from Marketplace to cover Hollywood in the National Public Radio operation here in Culver City. Says the memo...

Sunday on 'Deadline L.A.'

Journalist and author Amy Wilentz and Jim Sterngold, the San Francisco Chronicle's man in Los Angeles, talk about the recall with Barbara Osborn. Deadline L.A. is on every Sunday at...

Bad day for Rush Limbaugh

He quits as an ESPN football commentator over his remarks about a black quarterback, then the National Enquirer reports (via the NY Daily News) that he recently had a bad...

Less design, more music at KCRW

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Sam Hall Kaplan's "City Observed" commentaries on local architecture and design are off the weekly schedule at KCRW. In a note emailed to architects and others, Kaplan writes that he...

Olney goes Indian gambling

Warren Olney's Which Way L.A.? plans to look at the Indian tribes and the role of their money in politics, today at 7 p.m. on KCRW (89.9)....

More stimulating Rutten column

Tim Rutten thinks that Schwarzenegger's use of AM talk radio contributes to his gender gap with women (along with violent movies and the Oui article). Rutten's LAT column today lets...

Frank and Sam, round II

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Those enjoying the Frank Gehry-Sam Hall Kaplan spat over Disney Hall may want to hear Kaplan's "City Observed" commentary tomorrow (Wednesday) on KCRW. In the advance transcript, Kaplan reviews the...